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Thinking about getting involved in writing fan-fic! Been wanting to for quite some time, but haven't had the free time to do so. However, now that I do and my mind is somewhat cleared, I'm desperate to start my own fan-fic collection. Any suggestions on my first topic? I really want to write about an Aquaman story, not specifically about Aquaman, but maybe about Tempest and Dolphin - Tempest, being King Aquaman's first in command and his devotion to the army and the complex relationship Dolphin and Tempest have, as she feels she'll loss Tempest in battle and never see her love again.

Another story line I want to make is about Vulko being an overall leader of an elite team in the Atlantean army, having Tempest be in command of The Others during battle and adventures underneath the ocean floor. Topo (8 legged Octopus), King Shark, Porm and other aquatic sea life will form their own group as part of a reinforcement/backup team for Tempest and The Others; having Porm being the most wisest to lead the team. Dolphin also plays a role in this book, as she tries to hang onto her relationship with Tempest which is falling apart due to the fact that she's worried about his abilities and strength to withstand the brute nature of the deep waters. To answer the confusion of why Tempest is leading The Others; well 'cause Aquaman asked Tempest to command the team while he takes the responsibility to be the King of Atlantis. Tempest and The Others are apart of an Atlantean army elite squad, first in command to protect the throne of Atlantis and the life of their rightful King.

Last, but not least I'd most want to do is write a fan-fic about Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and touch up more about his early adventures as a street-level vigilante before meeting Raphael and the rest of the Ninja Turtles. I really want to add something to depict his softer side and throw in some kind of relationship in the mix of it all. Not sure if he'll meet April O'Neil or find another yankee to fall in love with, but I'll try to imply this while writing about him 'cause I still want to expand on his badassery and also explore his deeper feelings and emotions, as well.

If you're a expertise in this particular aspect of writing and is willing to give a rookie of fan-fic some pointers, let me know because I am more than happy to take in any suggestions and extra knowledge I don't already know of from those that have been in the game longer than I have. I mean, I do love this style of writing and have been doing it all my life, but with all these top-notch writers here on the forums, seems like I'm the one reading the stories instead. Keep up the good work to all you guys that write fan-fic stories on the reg...you're my heroes.. and the rest of the fan-fic crew I forgot to mention!

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@joshmightbe said:

http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/how-to-write-fan-fiction/685546/#86 You will find this helpful

Niceee, thanks bro! lol, pretty much has all you guys working on this "project". Great Idea on creating this thread for those that are stuck in a pickle like myself. It's either I don't want to write fan-fics 'cause I love reading all the ones you guys throw up, or it's because I'm too lazy to start my own fan-fic; from the prologue all the way to the epilogue of the story. Sooner or later I'll snap out of it though and start posting up some of my own stories. Thanks for the link man, really helped me out!

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@ckuakini: You'll definitely find no shortage of folk in here willing to give you help in any way you might need it. But i think everyone would advise just jumping in and getting started . The best way to learn is to do and then just be open to let the other contributors in here to help. Nothing to be scared of, just have fun with it and don't be afraid to ask if you are looking for help :)

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@feebadger: Sounds good man. I agree with you on the part where I just have to jump in and start writing; and jus take in all the feedback given that will help contribute to my success in writing fan-fic stories. You see I'm a critic myself, but dislike someone else criticizing my own work, which I think I'll have to get used to if I want to be apart of such community like this one.

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@ckuakini: Need more Aquaman stories here! What you have is a good premise, write it up and I'll happily read it

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@batkevin74: Agreed. I was scrolling down the forum and really wanted to see a fan-fic relating to an Aqua story, but seemed to not find one. There's a thread on the Aquaman forums talking about writing a fan-fic book, but no one was ever mentioned doing one. I'll probably look more into this and start some sort of a prologue to one of the three story line's I've mentioned above; most likely one of the two Aquaman fan-fics first. For me I want it to be precise, edited & polished, so I'll probably take some time to make the write-up; unless it's my self-esteem and laziness doing all the taking again. But if I do, that would be super sick if you can help me out with he continuity from the prologue and give me pointers along the way. Thanks again and much appreciated bro!

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It'd be nice to read a good WW fic or a Flash fic too. Anyways, if you need feedback on your work, just pm when you publish. There's also some amazing groups of writers here over at the Group Collection Thread. You should look there if you want to work with other talented writers.

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This is the great sounding premise. The only advice I can give is to write something everyday even if you think it's crap.

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I can only echo what everyone else is saying really but one extra thing I'd like to add is write what you love and once you've decided what it is then research the hell out of it.

My first ever fan fic story was Superman while it was by no means a masterpiece one thing I learned from it was second read throughs of comics you've read before help you pick up on things you may have glossed over the first time. Also if you've the ability to it doesn't do any harm to read some new recommended material on the character to get a fresher take since while Comic Vine is great for telling you major things that happened in a character's life it can't tell you how a character acts or sounds like which is really important when writing.

BUT this is just fan fic so you don't need to stress yourself out too much and sometimes like feebadger said you need to get hit in the head every now and then to figure out what goes where and how you can find that out is by taking on people's criticism's and trying your best to improve. It's something even the "pros" have to do.

Anyway I hope I didn't scare you too much and WELCOME TO COMIC VINE I'm looking forward to your Aquaman story or what ever you write.

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@Irishlad: Thanks for all the help. I fully understand when writing about a character, I should be in complete knowledge of his/her mythos, personality, morales, emotion, and overall character to depict a great fan-fic story arc, and not one that's a complete different individual; and as for the criticism, like i said I'll just have to get used to the feedback given and not take it as a personal note, rather as a helpful hand.