Fallout: From the top. Part 2

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Here we go! It's the second part of the fanfic with Wr3h. Both of our pieces are in the same thread this time.

Frank's story (WhiteSGPlayer)

The Mojave night air was cooler than expected. It was very tranquil, being out in the desert in the middle of the night. There was very little noise out here, compared to the hustle and bustle of The Strip. It was reminiscent of what the desert was like before the war. Of course, Frank wasn’t alive before the war, but he had read about it in the books he had as a child. He’d been walking nonstop for about two days, ever since he was removed from New Vegas by Mr House.

Frank paused for a moment. Mr House. How he hated Mr House. Stealing his well earned money from him. He’ll get his comeuppance one day. Frank was sure of it. But first, he had to get back onto his own two feet again. He had been wandering the roads of the Mojave like a beggar. In fact, he WAS a beggar. He had been asking for scraps of food from the various convoys that had passed by. He was a mere shell of a man now. He had no house, no money, and no food. Every hotel he passed had no vacancies.

No Vacancies. Frank stopped, holding his head in his hands. He was trying to remember something. He snapped his fingers. NoVac. A small town for anyone with big aspirations. Bingo. He’s got a plan. Now he needs to put it into action. A palindrome popped into his head. Another childhood memory.

“A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!”

What a silly thing to think of. He was losing his mind. Now he had something to focus on, he could blow these cobwebs out of his head. He had a good idea of where he was in relation to Novac. He had driven caravans there many times before, in the past. He changed direction and started heading in the direction of Novac. From where he was, it was about two days away.


Two days. Possibly the longest two days in his life. The Mojave Desert had managed to get even hotter as he was walking. Presumably the summer seasons had started. As he walked up to the bridge, he wondered why he had ever forgotten about it. After all, there was a giant dinosaur at the front.

A bullet smacked into the ground next to him throwing up dust and rocky splinters. Frank dived onto the ground, covering his head. After a little feedback, a voice cried out:

“Stop! What’s your name and what do you want here?”

“F-f-frank. My name’s Frank. I need to stay here for a little while. Please let me in”

“Why should I let you in? You could be a Legion spy for all I know!”

Frank marvelled at the effect that the Legion had on people. It was hardly a surprise though. The Legion was the spiritual successor of an ancient civilisation that existed thousands of years ago. The Legion had built up a terrifying reputation as executioners and murderers. But still, how could he be mistaken as a member of the legion?

“No, I’m not Legion. I’m just someone coming into NoVac to find work and get back on my feet.”

“Huh. I suspect the opposite. Do one false move and I shoot you three times between the eyes before your body hits the floor. No, I’ve got a better idea. You’re going on watch with me, right now. Come with me”

What the hell? He had gone from being shot at by this strange man to working with him, all within the space of a few seconds. No matter. At least he was going to get some work. As they were walking down the dusty streets, people stopped and stared. Presumably this man was an important figure.

“Last guy that was with me got rained on by a 10mm. Sad really, he was a good partner. Smoked like a chimney though. Here’s your room, just next to mine. Put your stuff down and let’s go. I’m Boone, by the way”

It was a dingy old apartment. Frank would be surprised if it even had a tap. Frank placed his various bits and pieces that he had scrounged up. A pistol, a cigar, a lighter and a knife. He was wearing everything else.

“By the way, I want you to meet my wife. Carla, come here.”

A young, thin, average height woman strolled into the room. She was beautiful. She was perfect. Boone was a lucky man.

“Hello there, I’m Frank, pleased to meet you.”

She grunted in response. Clearly not the talkative type, then.

“Are we going to stand here all day? There’s a wealth goin on in the desert, and we have to be on point to protect this town, 24 hours a day. Come on. Up to the dinosaur.”

Novac’s dinosaur was an icon of the Mojave Desert. It had been there for as long as he could remember. Dinosaurs are no longer associated with history, but with this town. This also appeared to be the watchtower.

“You ever handled a sniper before, kid?”

“No, I’ve got a pistol, but I’ve never used something like that”

“Then you know how it works, point it at something and pull the trigger. Look carefully over the hills. Some Legion bastards have set up a camp there. As soon as one peeks his head over the crest, I shoot it off. No fuss. It’s your turn, champ.”

Frank froze. Is he really ready to kill someone? The Legion are cruel, ruthless murderers, but is it worth killing them for?

“Don’t worry about it, kid. If you kill them, you’ll save the lives of twenty. These scum aren’t even worth the title ‘people’.”

Boone had read his mind. Presumably it came naturally after working with scores of fresh faced guards. Drawing up the scope, he took a deep breath and prepared to remove one of the only virtues he had left.

He was going to become a killer.

Daniel's story (Wr3h)

The journey to Rivet City was far easier than the first time he went, going through the underground tunnels that once scared him before all those years ago. Rotting bodies were still in the same places when they were killed, with decapitated heads having shrivelled and fingers and eyeballs splattered across the walls.

Climbing out of Anacostia Crossing Station, Daniel could see the aircraft carrier full of activity, with traders going in and out. In came the traders and out came the barrels of caps for them. Delivering barrels of water was clearly profitable. Uncle Roe would be ecstatic.

Rather than going inside, Daniel took a detour.

Walking further away from the bridge and towards a broken bay, rumoured to occupy a man named Pinkerton – a specialist in facial construction surgery. Daniel needed that if he wanted to head out west.

As he arrived to the bay, crossing the rather narrow and broken path, he walked towards the steel door blocking his way.

Nothing a few bobby pins couldn’t fix.


Daniel’s eyes were greeted to the murky and damp hallway of steel. The floor was covered with litter and the lack of light made it very hard to see that many areas of the bow were submerged with water. Turning his pip-boy light, murky waters had a green tinge to it as Daniel walked cautiously towards the end of the hallway. Opening the door he was greeted.

By a shotgun aimed at his face.

The wielder of the shotgun was Pinkerton himself, a crotchety old man with wrinkles surrounding his entire face with wispy white hair. He began to speak.

“This is the part where you tell me what the hell you're doing bothering an old man who obviously wants to be left alone.... get on with it already!”

Slowly raising his hands and fixing his eyes at the barrel of the shotgun, Daniel began to reply slowly.

“I heard that you were the guy...the only guy the can perform facial surgery.”

The old man raised an eye-brow in curiosity and lowered the shotgun, Daniel likewise lowered his hands.

“Yeah...I can” he began to speak with a mixed twinge of arrogance and pride. “What’s it to ya?”

“I’m heading out west” Daniel casually responded, “and I wanted to start my life again”

There was an odd silence as both men stared at each other, the older of two chuckled and began to mutter something about a man named Harkness. He began to put on his gloves and took out his equipment.

“Sure I’ll do it...but I got to warn you, that there’ll be a 35% chance of infection by my hands. You okay with that?”

Daniel nodded. After all, a risk like that is nothing compared to what the wastes punched at him.

“Alright then...now hold still.”


Just calling out the names of people that had read our last parts:

If you missed it, here are the links to part 1:

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#2  Edited By Pyrogram

I know nothing of fall out, but the first one is written amazingly! The second one had a load of game references that I did not understand though xD

Cmon, this is good - Could or Give some feedback :) We want to encourage new writers remember!!

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Love Fallout! My favorite video game franchise ever. Looking forward to all Fallout fan fic.