Fallen Mutant (Entry for CCC # 69)

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Author's Intro:

Since Character Creation Contest #69 is over, I'm sharing my entry, Fallen Mutant, which was an entry in the Crossover OC contest. It had the characters from the current run of Generation X crossing paths with characters from The Dresden Files series. Since the characters from Generation X are a bit more known in the comic community, I included some links to information about characters from The Dresden Files.

While this entry did not win, it did received two votes. They were from @blueecho and @batkevin74, who both had entries in the contest.

While I am not upset at having lost the contest, I do attribute part of the loss due to more popular fandoms used in other entries. I know @cbishop's entry featured the Xenomorphs who are favorites in the media, and @batkevin74's entry included current pop culture fandom Rick and Morty, as well as cult favorite Judge Dredd. Those fandoms can be hard to compete with.

The title of this piece also references both fandoms I used in this work. Mutants obviously going with Generation X, and the Marvel Universe, and Fallen being a reference to the Fallen Angels in religion, as well in The Dresden Files.

I would also like to note that this idea came to be before the current story going on at the time of this posting, and was even entered before the turn of events in Issue 86 of Generation X.

If you didn't read it in the contest, please enjoy it now. Here is Fallen Mutants


Fallen Mutants (A Generation X/Dresden Files Crossover. All rights belong to the controlling interests of the two source materials)


Jeremy cursed himself again for getting himself in this messed up situation. He had gotten so annoyed by Quentin Quire that he used his powers in a way that he had never intended. He fled the school, and took a step as far as he dared, which was to Chicago.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t been to Chicago before, but this time was seriously different. First off, when he stepped, he almost collided with a man that was flying. Being a mutant, this wasn’t overly unusual to him, but what made this one unusual was the cloak the man seemed to have. It had no substance, and when it went by him, he could have sworn he saw green glowing eyes on it; four of them in fact.

Shortly after that, stunned by the encounter, he staggered away from the step, and into a woman. At first glance, he would have said she was beautiful, almost perfect, but then he saw her eyes. They weren’t human. She also radiated cold, like he had walked into the heart of winter. She grabbed his arm, and he was terrified when it went cold, as if he was being held by pure ice. To make it even more surreal, she just shook her head, saying “If it wasn’t bad enough that I had to deal with Outsiders, now I must deal with a young wizard who just helped someone just as bad as those Outsiders.”

That had been what he thought was only minutes ago. It was hard to tell since when she brought him to her place, a construct that was literally made of ice and snow, his watch seemed to go completely berserk. To make it worse, the place was almost frigid. All the time, the woman paced around, and Jeremy could hear her actually trying to calculate how bad things could be.

Eventually, he saw two individuals arrive, a man and a woman. The woman looked like she was of age, but half the age of the man, and even he looked like he was close too, or older than the woman pacing. Both, however, bowed and addressed her as if she were their ruler. “You summoned, your majesty.” The bottom went out of Jeremy’s stomach then. This was becoming worse than dealing with Quentin’s juvenile actions.

He watched silently, since he had that feeling that he should remain silent in the woman’s presence, as she spoke to the two individuals, although, she seemed to address the man more. “My Knight, it seems that the individual we had to settle things with has had a bit of luck in his favor that we will need to correct.”

Jeremy tuned out the discussion, wondering what the hell he had gotten into. He caught a few words, like the man saying “Hell’s bells,” and the young lady saying “Harry” a few times. He even heard the nameNicodemus mentioned once or twice. Judging by how each of the three people looked at him, he felt like they dubbed him evil, and that was farthest from the truth. He wasn’t an evil person, just a guy trying to learn how to control his powers.

Eventually, the man and the young woman came over to him. The man was obviously the taller of the two, and seemed to favor having some sort of walking staff with him, and wearing a leather duster. He also seemed to have an air of authority about him, and radiated power. The woman also radiated power, but on a different level, but it seemed the man was in charge, especially as he said, in a surprisingly calm tone, “So, you are the guy who inadvertently helped the leader of the Nickelheads.”

Jeremy was puzzled for a moment, especially by the name. “The knucleheads?” Apparently, his response resulted in a bit of laughter from both. He wondered if that was something that might save him from the madness he had entered into her. He took a chance, and said, “If that’s the case, I’m sorry. I was just trying to get away from another knucklehead. I can get us back there, hopefully before that guy causes any problem.”

The statement caused the laughter to stop, as the tall man nodded. “Yeah, that might be best. Hopefully you weren’t gone too long from there. Time can move in weird ways in the Nevernever.” The tall man then looked at the girl, and said, “Grasshopper, what do you feel from him?”

The young lady, who looked fantastic to Jeremy, closed her eyes for a moment, and nodded. “I’m not sensing any malevolence. He’s confused though. Although, he’s not so confused that comes with first exposure to the Nevernever. I think he’s run across some of the supernatural before.”

With that, Jeremy felt both of them staring at him. This was just getting weirder by the moment, and to be honest, he didn’t want to tell them about the school, or at least everything about the school. He just shrugged, and said, “Given what I can do, do you think this is out of he ordinary.” It was, but he didn’t want to let on about it.

To his surprise, the tall man let out a short bark of a laugh. “Kiddo, if you are staying calm like this while in the presence of the Queen of Air and Darkness, in her place of power, you have definitely seen a lot of strange shit.” The man then extended his hand, while introducing himself proper. “Harry Dresden, Wizard, Private Investigator, and current Winter Knight. If it’s any help to you, Mab doesn’t think you intentionally did wrong, but your own powers concern her on multiple levels.”

When he took the man’s hand, he almost froze because he knew the name of Mab. She was as the man had said, but there was more to it. Jeremy had read all sorts of things, and he knew who Mab was. Jeremy had really stepped into a bad situation, and if they were pursuing this guy he had inadvertently let go into New York, was it wise to help them. What he didn’t fully understand was why he didn’t seem to be getting a bad feeling about these two.

As if reading his mind, or possibly his feelings, he saw the young lady approach him, and offer her hand. “Relax. Not all of the Winter Court appears to be evil. I’m Molly Carpenter, current Winter Lady. Besides, I’m sure you don’t want any of the Fallen where you are from.” He knew what the Fallen had to refer to. There wasn‘t anything else they could refer to. All of a sudden, Jeremy had an image in his mind. He would admit that he didn’t think Quentin would team up with something like that, but there were rumors he befriended Krakoa.

He shook his head, and said, “No. Definitely not.” He sighed and then said, “Just put your hands on my shoulder, and step when I say to.” He watched as they both nodded, and then stepped behind them. In an instant, he felt them each put a hand on his shoulder. Once he felt both, he closed his eyes for a moment, and focused on where he wanted to go. Soon, the air in front of him changed, and he opened his eyes to see the outskirts of the school grounds in front of him. “Now!” was all he said, and they all stepped through.

He felt disorientated for a moment, but soon, they were at the school grounds, but something seemed wrong. The other two were looking around, and the girl said, “Harry, do you have any idea where we are?”

Before Harry could answer, Jeremy offered up the location. “We are at the Jean Grey School, in Central Park, New York City.” After saying those words, he heard sounds of spluttering come from both, as if the words had caught them both off guard.

The girl was first to recover, by saying, “Central Park, in New York City. We traveled that far in one step?” There was genuine shock in her voice, and he didn’t understand why.

The man, however, took exception at another thing. “JEAN GREY SCHOOL. You mean you are part of the X-Men, or one of those groups. Hell’s Bells. We didn’t just travel all those miles in one step, we freaking jumped dimensions. No wonder Mab is freaking out. Hell, the White Council will have their collective undies in knots by now.”

Jeremy didn’t understand what that was all about, but he did sense something wasn’t right now. There was an eerie quiet around the area, and that wasn’t normally the case with the school there. He then noticed something coming towards them, and at high speed. It took him a second to realize it wasn’t a thing, but a person. He quickly yelled, “Look out!” as he dived for the ground.

It had been a good thing he did, otherwise, the flying figure would have knocked the other two down right away. Judging by the speed they had flown in with, the figure would have seriously injured one of the two. That impact, however, would have killed the figure, under normal circumstances.

The lady looked over at figure, and said, “Harry, I don’t know who that was, but I don’t think they survived. I don’t see them breathing.” Jeremy knew that didn’t mean anything. While the figure wasn’t his mentor, he has spoken with her enough times to know her own story, and ran over to them.

He disregarded the man, when he shouted, “Hold up, Kiddo. That kind of impact is likely to kill anyone mortal.” Inwardly, Jeremy laughed at the statement, since again, he knew the story behind the individual.

He quickly got to the figure‘s side, and turned their face, while looking them over. He saw no visible injuries to her, but that didn‘t mean she was completely alright. He yelled back to the other two, “Maybe, but she‘s not mortal.” He didn‘t look back to check their reactions, but he wanted to make sure the figure was alright. He took a chance, and lightly slapped her face, addressing her as urgently as possible. “Miss Lee. Miss Lee.”

Before he could say anything else, or even slap her a second time, she grabbed his hand, and he took a sharp intake of breath. He forgot how strong she could be, given her condition, but was thankful she hadn‘t tried to crush his hand. Her tones, however, hinted that there was something serious going on. “Jeremy, you know better than to try to rouse me that way. I‘ve cautioned all the students about that.” He helped her get up, and he heard sounds come from the other two: sounds of utter shock. The sounds, he noticed, drew Miss Lee’s attention, and she was almost ready to attack them. “Don’t tell me these two attacked you.”

Jeremy quickly jumped in front of Miss Lee, holding up his hands, knowing full well that they wouldn’t stop her. “No, Miss Lee. I sort of ran into them with my powers, and in the process, sent a danger here that they can help with.”

While she didn‘t stand down, Jeremy could tell Miss Lee was being more cautious than normal. He would have liked to know how she ended up being thrown into the area, since he was certain she couldn‘t fly. After a moment, she finally said to the individuals “What‘s your experience when it comes to someone with mouths on their hands?”

Jeremy watched as the tall man stepped forward, at little on guard, and responded to her question. “I‘m familiar with those mindless constructs. We just need to find the summoner, and cut him off from his magic.” Jeremy blinked when he heard that, but noticed that the man still seemed on his guard.

The stand off might have lasted longer, Jeremy realized, had not another voice entered the mix. This one sounded a bit rough, as if the speaker had his throat crushed at one point. “That may not be so easy, Dresden.” Everyone, Jeremy noticed, turned to look at the figure. It was the same man who had passed him when he had arrived in Chicago. He was still in a dark suit, with his shadow literally acting as a superhero cape. It was then that Jeremy noticed the thing around the man‘s neck was a noose. In the brief moment he saw him before, he thought it was tie of some sort.

It was the tall man, Dresden, who spoke first. “I heard you had come here, Nick. I suppose this is going to have to be done the hard way, before you hand off another Dinari to some unsuspecting soul.” To Jeremy‘s shock, he saw a smirk cross the flying man‘s face, and Dresden straightened up in shock, which include him saying, “Crap.”

Just then, another figure flew into view, one Jeremy knew only from the records all the students had to read up since the curfew was set. The figure was that of Monet St. Croix, who definitely didn‘t look dark-skinned as her Algerian background would dictate, but grey-skinned. There was a look of pure malevolence on her face, making her black outfit look more sinister. It also didn‘t help that her hand had mouths on them, with long tongues lashing out of them. She spoke, however, to the flying man, and her voice was mixed with a malevolent male voice. “So this is one of the people you warned me about. He doesn’t look like much of a challenge. Of course, the matter that Jubilee‘s vampire nature combined with a wizard will just make this a more entertaining encounter.”

The last statement cause a side glance to go between Jubilee and Dresden. Jeremy had a feeling that Dresden was a bit more wary of Jubilee now, but before he could ask, she said, “It‘s a long story, and I will explain after we take care of the gruesome twosome. Maybe you can explain Monet‘s new trick while we take care of the two losers.”

Jeremy saw Dresden look at M-Plate, and ask, “What…” It was then that they all saw four more eyes appear on M-Plate forehead, all glowing green. Something about them radiated an ancient evil. Dresden finally spoke, changing his statement entirely. “Crap. Just what we didn‘t need. A freakingFallen Angel teamed with a malevolent mutant.”

Jubilee spoke again, talking to Jeremy this time. “Once we get this taken care of, Jeremy, you, Jono, and I are going to have a talk about where you‘ve been the past week. As for right now, we need something to tip the odds in our favor.”

Almost in an instant, bright lights flooded the area. It caused both threats to shield their eyes. The figure that was M-Plate was quick to say in the grave mixed voice, “I thought she lost her powers, prior to becoming a vampire.” That puzzled Jeremy as well.

He looked back, only now remembering the young lady in their group. She had apparently disappeared, but he heard her voice come out of nowhere. “That‘s the power of the One Woman Rave. Go get ‘em, Harry.” Obviously, she had already been preparing for this, possibly thinking at first that Jubilee would have been the problem.

Jeremy started to hang back, hoping he could find her, and realizing he would be no good in this fight. As he did, he heard Harry say to Jubilee, “Not sure if the old customs still apply here, but a truce until we get this all settled and can talk?” Jeremy could tell they both saw one another in the light show, and he saw Jubilee nod. He then saw Harry point his staff towards the duo in the air, and then shout, “INFRIGA!” With that, a blast of ice went flying at the duo, and the battle was on.


Author's Note:

While I never plotted out how the battle would play out, my own belief is that Jubilee, Dresden, and company won the day. If you liked this entry, and want to give your own spin on the battle, feel free. I'd like to know what you, the reader, thinks.