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Yes, I finally got a title for this! Granted, it's a pretty basic, meh title, more of a placeholder than anything, but at least it's something!

Issues #1 and #2


PAGE 1 (Five Panels)

1. A team of five GUARDS runs down a corridor of the facility. Other guards are down on the floor, unconscious. Their weapons have been scattered, disassembled into pieces. Above them, a series of pipes run parallel to the ceiling (this is important because it correlates with a later page).

Guard #1: Go! Go! Move!

Guard #2: Where is she?

2. As they sprint down the corridor, one of the GUARDS looks to another.

Guard #1: She's in subject storage!

Guard #2: Ah, shit.

3. The GUARD team reaches a sturdy, metal door. However, the door has been bent, twisted, and is halfway open, revealing only darkness beyond.

Guard #3: Don't screw this up, guys. Boss will have our heads.

Guard #1: Alright, get into position. And remember, non-lethal force only.

4. The five GUARDS form a semi circle in front of the door, pointing their stun guns forward at arm's length.

Guard #1: Alright, get ready to breach.

Guard #2: Hold on, do you hear that? What --


5. Splash panel. The metal door suddenly bursts off its hinges, flying straight forward. It crashes with shocking force into the lead GUARD, as the others spread out in a panic.

Guard #1: AAAGH!

Guard #2: Oh shit!

Guard #3: Look out!


PAGE 2 (Splash/Title)

Title page. REI MIURA is standing there in front of the now fully open doorway. One of her arms is outstretched, hand up and fingers splayed. She looks pleasantly surprised at the damage she just caused. Behind her, the other successful subjects look on in awe. This includes BRIANNA REID, HECTOR RIOS, MICHAEL DANVERS, CHRISTINE WILSON, and DIANA TOMPKINS. There should be four others there with them, though their design is fully up to you. They should be of varying ages, though. All of them, however, are wet, having just been removed from their stasis tanks.

Rei: Okay, that was awesome.

TITLE: Extraordinary Persons

SUB TITLE: Genesis: Part 3

CREDITS: Credits go here.


PAGE 3 (Five Panels)

1. The GUARDS have recuperated, and are now pointing their stun guns at REI.

Guard #2: Take her down!

2. REI waves her arm upwards, causing their weapons to fly out of their hands. They look down at their now empty grasps in shock.

Guard #3: What the hell?!

3. REI waves her arm back across her body. This time, the fallen metal door rockets straight at another one of the GUARDS, slamming him in the gut like a missile.

Guard #4: Oof!

Guard #2: Shit!

4. The door spins at another GUARD, knocking him through the air.

5. The door slams into the final two GUARDS, taking them out.


PAGE 4 (Six Panels)

1. REI stands above the unconscious GUARDS, surveying her work. The others are still mostly in shock at what they've just seen.

Rei: I don't think they'll give us anymore problems.

Hector: Madre de Dios...

2. Close up shot of CHRISTINE. She is utterly dumbfounded, mouth hanging agape.

Caption (Christine): This is isn't happening. This can't be happening. I mean, it's insane.

3. REI and the others start running down the corridor, careful to step around the unconscious GUARDS strewn about.

Rei: Come on!

Michael: Don't need to tell me twice.

Caption (Christine): I shouldn't be here. This shouldn't be happening to me. I'm Christine Wilson, from Sacramento, California. I'm a cheerleader for crying out loud!

4. The GROUP turns a corner in the hallway. REI is at the lead, with BRIANNA right next to her.

Brianna: How on Earth did you do that?

Rei: I... don't know, really. I just think it and it happens. It's hard to explain, but I can feel the metal around me. I can... I can move it.

Caption (Christine): And yet, I've been kicked out of my house, drugged, held prisoner, experimented on, and put inside a tank full of some kind of disgusting slime.

5. The GROUP stops outside another set of doors.

Brianna: What, you're tellin' me you're some kind of superhero? Like those fellows in The Vanguard?

Rei: I don't have a clue. They put me under, sedated me... next thing I knew, I was... well, you saw.

Caption (Christine): And then there's this girl. Rei, I think her name is.

6. Close up on REI.

Caption (Christine): I'm grateful and all that she got us out of those tanks, but she freaks the hell out of me. Levitating objects with her mind, or whatever she's doing... that's not natural. It can't be natural.


PAGE 5 (Five Panels)

1. The GROUP looks around at each other, questioningly.

Michael: So, where do we go from here? There's bound to be more guards coming.

Subject #1: We have to get out of here!

Subject #2: I just want to go home!

2. A shot of DIANA and CHRISTINE here. They're panicked, afraid. They wants out of this place.

Diana: Yeah, let's get out of here. Now.

Christine: You can get us out of here, right?

2. All eyes are on REI now. She looks nervous, unsure of herself.

Rei: I... I don't know. I mean, I'll try...

3. Focusing on HECTOR and BRIANNA now.

Hector: But what about all the others? The ones still back in their cells?

Brianna: He's right, we can't just leave them here.

4. Now we're focusing on the unnamed members of the GROUP. They're in agreement with CHRISTINE and DIANA here, just wanting to get out of this facility.

Subject #3: But we don't even know if we can make it out ourselves!

5. A shot of MICHAEL now, contemplating. He doesn't like it, but he knows the others are right. We can see REI looking at him, just visible from the side of the panel.

Michael: They're right. If we get out of here right now, it'll be a miracle, let alone trying to free everyone else.

Rei: So what, we just leave them behind?


PAGE 6 (Five Panels)

1. MICHAEL is looking back at REI now. REI holds her head in her hand, dejected.

Michael: I'm not saying we abandon them or anything. I'm saying we go get help, come back with the cops or something. But you're the super powered chick here, so hey, it's your call.

Rei: No, you're right... we have to get out here.

2. Looking back down the other end of the hallway now. Another team of of GUARDS is running after them with weapons drawn.

Guard #1: There they are!

Guard #2: Take 'em down!

3. REI holds an arm up over her head. The metal pipes above her burst from their fixtures.

4. A shot of several pipes spinning through the air at the GUARDS.

5. The pipes smash into the GUARDS, knocking them off their feet.

Guard #1: Aagh!

Guard #2: Look out!


PAGE 7 (Five Panels)

1. REI is running through the doors in front of them now, as the GROUP follows.

Rei: Come on!

2. Simple shot of the GROUP sprinting down another hallway.

3. REI and the others emerge through another pair of doors into a large cafeteria, with a high ceiling. A series of catwalks snake their way above them. We can also see windows now, too, allowing in bright sunlight.

Diana: Look!

4. A close up on the windows. We can see the tops of several trees through them.

Diana (O.P.): I can see outside! The exit has to be close!

5. DIANA races across the cafeteria floor, through the rows of tables. REI is holding an arm out, as if reaching forward to stop her.

Diana: Come on!

Rei: Wait, hold on!


PAGE 8 (Five Panels)

1. A full body shot of DIANA here, but she's cast completely in silhouette. She's falling, head whipping backwards with a projectile firing directly against her forehead.


2. A reaction shot of the others in the GROUP. They're in shock, horrified.

Rei: Diana!

Christine: Oh my god!

Michael: NO!

3. DIANA lies motionless against the floor, but there is no blood. MICHAEL is running towards her, as the others look on.

Brianna: Is she dead? Tell me she's not dead!

4. MICHAEL kneeling at DIANA'S side now, lifting her upright.

Michael: No blood?

5. A close up on HECTOR, looking upwards in surprise.

Hector: Uh... guys?


PAGE 9 (Five Panels)

1. Splash Panel. We're focused on one of the catwalks up above. Standing on this catwalk is the mystery man from the last page of the previous issue. He's aiming down the sights of an assault rifle, the barrel still smoking from his previous shot. He's wearing the same sleek body armor as he was in his last appearance, including a sword on his back, a pistol on either hip, and a tactical utility belt around his waist. This is NOAH WALKER, otherwise known as LANCER. Caption here should label him accordingly.

Lancer: Quit ya worryin', she'll be fine.

Caption: Noah "Lancer" Walker. Mercenary.

2. Close up on MICHAEL. He's pissed, glaring up at LANCER.

Michael: Fine? She'll be "fine"? You shot her!

Caption (Michael): Damn it, things are getting out of control now.

3. Back on LANCER, aiming his weapon at MICHAEL.

Lancer: Rubber bullets, mate. She'll wake up in a while. Assumin' her brain ain't hemorrhagin', that is.

4. Focusing on MICHAEL again.

Michael: She's just a kid! Same as most of us! That how you get off, by shooting teens?

Caption (Michael): My name is Michael Danvers, if you didn't know. I'm no one special, really.

5. And again on LANCER. His finger is on the trigger, and a large smirk snakes across his face.

Lancer: Want to find out?

Caption (Michael): But even I know a sadistic b**tard when I see one.


PAGE 10 (Five Panels)

1. Still on LANCER. He's looking away from his sights now, instead down at the catwalk he's standing on. The walkway is beginning to bend and twist.

Lancer: Now what's this?

Caption (Michael): I'm guessing this guy is supposed to stop us from escaping, just like those other guards.


2. The catwalk rips apart now into pieces. LANCER falls from the broken platform, dropping his weapon as he plummets towards the ground.

Caption (Michael): Fortunately...

3. Close up of REI, concentrating intensely with her hands outstretched.

Caption (Michael): ...we have little miss magnet girl on our side.

4. The broken pieces of the catwalk crash violently to the floor. In the middle of the debris, LANCER lands nimbly on his feet, in a crouch.

Lancer: Well that's interestin'.

5. LANCER is standing straight now, staring at REI. She still has one hand held forward at him.

Lancer: So, you must be the one they told me about, the one who already went and developed her power. But what is it, I wonder? Some kinda telekinesis maybe?


PAGE 11 (Six Panels)

1. LANCER starts walking towards the GROUP. He reaches back behind him to grab hold of the sword on his back. The GROUP is in a panic now.

Christine: Do something, Rei! Throw him around or something! He's wearing armor!

Rei: I'm trying!

2. LANCER has his sword fully drawn now. A look of revelation comes over his face.

Lancer: Ah, my armor is made of synthetics... so that's it.

3. The sword suddenly lurches out of LANCER'S grasp.

Rei: Okay, plan B!

4. The sword swings horizontally. LANCER easily ducks below it, a smirk on his face.

Lancer: It's metal. You're like some kinda human magnet, that it?

5. The sword thrusts at him this time. LANCER sidesteps the attack with continued ease.

6. The sword swings again, but LANCER flips backwards out of the way.


PAGE 12 (Five Panels)

1. REI looks back at the others in the GROUP. They look at her in surprise, uncertain.

Rei: Don't just stand there, keep going!

Brianna: What are you talkin' about? We're not just gonna leave you.

2. Same shot, but REI is looking forward again.

Rei: If you don't, this guy is going to take us all back.

3. We're focusing back on MICHAEL again. He's standing now, holding the unconscious DIANA in his arms.

Michael: She has a point. We can't just stand around watching, we have to move.

4. Another shot of LANCER evading the attacking sword.

5. Wide shot, showing the the GROUP starting to run towards the doors at the end of the cafeteria. BRIANNA is still looking back at REI as they go. We can see LANCER continuing to dodge the sword here.

Brianna: Fine, but catch up to us once you stop this guy!


PAGE 13 (Six Panels)

1. LANCER crouches low, avoiding another swing of the sword. His hand goes to his waist, brushing over one of the pistols at his side.

Lancer: You mates are way off base.

2. LANCER is standing straight now, his body turned to evade another sword thrust. He points his gun straight forward, firing.

Lancer: You ain't goin' anywhere.


3. Full body shot of Rei. The rubber bullet collides squarely with her stomach, rushing the wind out of her lungs. Her eyes are wide, practically bugging out of her head in shock.

Rei: Oof!

4. REI is on the ground now, curled up with her arms clutched tightly over her gut. She's in pain, a lot of pain. LANCER stands over her, grinning. He's placing his pistol back into its holster.

Lancer: Guess you can't stop a rubber bullet.

5. The fleeing GROUP stops partway to the door, looking back in surprise.

Brianna: Rei!

6. LANCER turns to the others now, hand reaching into one of the pouches of his utility belt.

Lancer: Now, then...


PAGE 14 (Seven Panels)

1. LANCER throws a small flash bang grenade at his targets.

Hector: Look out!

2. The GROUP recoils from a blinding white flash, trying to shield their eyes as they stumble around blindly. Somewhere in here, we should be able to make out BRIANNA through the flash, burying her face into the pit of her elbow.

3. The flash is gone now, but nearly the entire GROUP is stunned. They rub their eyes, trying to clear their vision. Some are on their knees. BRIANNA, however, peers over the top of her arm, having been able to shield her eyes in time. Important to note here that DIANA is back on the floor, still unconscious, while MICHAEL is nowhere to be seen.

4. LANCER leaps into the middle of the GROUP, leading with a kick to one of the unnamed individuals' head.

5. LANCER delivers a brutal elbow strike to another of the unnamed's jaw.

6. LANCER attacks the third unnamed subject. He's grabbing the victim by the back of the head, pulling down and driving his knee upwards into the person's face.

7. LANCER finishes off the last unnamed individual with a vicious palm strike to the face.


PAGE 15 (Five Panels)

1. LANCER turns his head, attention called by a voice behind him.

Brianna: Hey!

2. A shot of BRIANNA throwing a punch at LANCER. Her attack is blocked, however, as LANCER holds his arms up to guard against it.

Brianna: Lay off!

3. BRIANNA throws a kick this time, but LANCER ducks below it, pushing up on her leg with his arm.

4. Another punch this time, but LANCER catches BRIANNA's arm.

Lancer: You're good.

5. LANCER turns his body, throwing an explosive palm strike to BRIANNA'S face, breaking her nose. Her head whips back, blood spraying from her nostrils.

Lancer: But ya got a lot to learn.

Brianna: Aaagh!



PAGE 16 (Five Panels)

1. LANCER turns back to CHRISTINE and HECTOR. He's smirking, still. HECTOR is taking a step back, defensive. CHRISTINE is panicking, in tears.

Lancer: Just three left.

Christine: Stay away!

2. Close up on LANCER'S face. He looks confused.

Lancer: Wait... where's the other one?

3. Close up on the back of LANCER'S boots now. We can see transparent fingers starting to poke up through the floor.

Caption (Michael): Okay, I don't know what the hell is going on.

4. Same shot as previous. This time, a pair of transparent hands are poking through the floor, fingers curling around LANCER'S ankles.

Caption (Michael): But you know what they say about a gift horse.

5. Splash panel. We now see MICHAEL'S whole torso, completely transparent, rising up through the floor. His arms are yanking upwards, pulling LANCER'S feet out from under him. LANCER falls forward in surprise, arms springing out to break his fall. CHRISTINE and HECTOR watch in shock.

Caption (Michael): So I think I'll just roll with it.


PAGE 17 (Six Panels)

1. LANCER is on his hands and knees now. Michael, still transparent, looks down at himself, thoroughly awed.

Michael: This feels... so weird.

Caption (Michael): I'm not even going to try and wrap my head around how I could grab hold of this guy while remaining intangible.

2. LANCER is starting to get back up now. He's frustrated, annoyed.

Lancer: Little punk...

Caption (Michael): Or how I can stand on solid ground without, you know, plummeting straight to the center of the earth.

3. LANCER throws a punch. MICHAEL flinches, but the fist travels straight through him.

Caption (Michael): Instead...

4. With LANCER'S arm thrust through his intangible opponent, MICHAEL delivers a punch of his own that hits solidly, whipping LANCER'S head to the side.

Caption (Michael): ...I'm just gonna kick his ass.

5. LANCER recovers quickly, kicking viciously at MICHAEL. Once again, the attack passes straight through him.

6. MICHAEL connects with a second punch.


PAGE 18 (Six Panels)

1. Close up on LANCER. He's wiping a small trickle of blood from his lips, but he's grinning.


2. Focusing on MICHAEL now. He looks confused. He's also completely solid now.

Michael: What are you smiling at?

3. Shot of LANCER delivering a thunderous kick to MICHAEL'S gut. MICHAEL'S eyes widen in shock and pain.

Lancer: You're solid, mate.

Caption (Michael): Shit. Didn't even notice.

4. MICHAEL is on the floor now, doubled over and cringing in agony. LANCER has his pistol drawn again; he's pointing it at CHRISTINE.

Lancer: Alright, no more messin' around.

Christine: No, please!

5. Close up of LANCER smirking.

Lancer: Heh, I like the ones that beg.

6. Close up of CHRISTINE falling backwards, turning her head and raising her arms in a futile defense. Her eyes are shut tight in panic, not looking as the shot goes off. We should be able to see a soft purple glow coming from somewhere off panel here

Christine: NOOO!!!



PAGE 19 (Five Panels)

1. Still focusing on CHRISTINE. She's on the floor now, arms still raised in front of her. Her eyes are open, though. She's surprised, confused.

Christine: Huh?

2. Pull out here so we can see both CHRISTINE and LANCER. A dome of purple energy surrounds CHRISTINE, protecting her. She stares at it, eyes wide. HECTOR is standing nearby, too, watching in continued surprise.

Lancer: The hell is this?

Caption (Christine): Okay, I am officially freaking out now!

3. LANCER fires his pistol again. The bullet deflects harmlessly off the barrier.

Caption (Christine): This is insane. This is impossible.


4. CHRISTINE is standing now, pressing her hands against the energy dome.

Lancer: Well... looks like I ain't gettin' to ya just yet.

Caption (Christine): What is this? Some kind of... force field?

5. LANCER turns to HECTOR now, pointing the pistol at him.

Lancer: Guess I'll just have to take care of this one first.

Hector: Hey, wait a minute!

Caption (Christine): I can feel it, same as I feel my heart beating. I wonder what would happen...


PAGE 20 (Splash)

CHRISTINE pushes her arms forward. The force field grows rapidly, bursting across the ground and colliding into LANCER with stunning force. HECTOR ducks for cover, arms held over his head.

Caption (Christine): ...if I gave it a little push.



PAGE 21 (Five Panels)

1. LANCER flies across the room, crashing into the far wall and tearing straight through it in a shower of debris.

2. A shot of CHRISTINE looking utterly flabbergasted. Beside her, HECTOR is in equal awe. The force field is gone now.

Christine: Did I do that? Me?

Hector: I think so...

3. HECTOR is now helping MICHAEL back to his feet. In the background, we can see BRIANNA on her knees, holding a hand to her bleeding nose.

Hector: But we can't think about it right now, we need to get out of here.

Michael: He's... urk... right. Grab everyone who can still walk and let's go. We'll come back with the goddamn National Guard if we have to.

4. BRIANNA is next to REI now, helping the girl up. REI is still in a lot of pain. A massive bruise blotches across her abdomen.

Brianna: You okay?

Rei: Been better...

5. The GROUP begins to head towards the doors at the end of the cafeteria. HECTOR and CHRISTINE are in fine condition, while MICHAEL walks hobbled over. REI is forced to keep an arm around BRIANNA in order to stay on her feet.

Michael: The exit has to be around here somewhere.


PAGE 22 (Three panels)

1. The GROUP pushes through the entrance doors of the facility. They're outside now, finally. We're looking straight at them, unable to see anything in front of them.

Christine: Oh my god, fresh air!

2. Same angle as the previous panel. The GROUP finally sees what's in front of them. Their hopes instantly diminish, demoralized.

Sophie (O.P.): Our little escapees...

3. Splash panel. We're looking forward now, at what the GROUP is seeing. A massive team of GUARDS have formed a semi circle around the front entrance of the facility, all pointing their weapons at the GROUP. These aren't the usual stun guns, either, instead real guns. SOPHIE BELMONT stands in the middle, at the head of the team. Her arms are crossed, eyes narrowed.

Sophie: Stand down at once, or suffer the consequences.

Caption: To Be Continued...

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Very interesting... so we have magnetism, phasing, and force abilities, and Hector will probably end up a tank of sorts with the biosteel stuff. Another great chapter! I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of old Deathstr-- I mean, Lancer!

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@Joygirl: And just wait until you see what Brianna can do!

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Bunp. ^_^