Estonian Trickster

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Sofia Kask is a 16-year-old in Estonia. One day, she is having a party, and she speaks with her friend about something in this world.

Sofia: You know, Sasha, there's something I have to say.

Sasha: What's wrong?

Sofia: It's just... Too much evil. I want to help. I've got a plan.

The after the 2 Slavic blondes discussed, Sofia revealed her purchased arsenal: A baseball bat, knife, and handgun.

Sofia: I'm slaying criminals, and vampires. This world needs help.

Sasha: Yeah, but are you sure you're ready

Sofia: Positive. Stronger than the average female, better reflexes than an Olympic athlete, and I have my arsenal. I mean, a baseball bat might not sound like much, but it is more when you get hit in the pelvic area. Plus, I got someone who can help me

As Sofia pointed at a wizard, Sasha responded...

Sasha: Who is he?

Merlin: I am Merlin. I am from the UK. A genius wizard, in math, science, and magic

Sasha: Well, I've seen everything there is to be seen.

Sofia: Ok, Merlin. I want to help fight evil. Any signs of trouble

Merlin: Well, this man... He calls himself "The Chameleon". He uses skin pigments to turn invisible. Skilled martial artist and he uses smoke bombs.

Sofia: I will take the name: Trickster

The blonde Slav arrives at the Chameleon's new hideout in Estonia.

Chameleon: Who are you?

Trickster: The Trickster and I am here to stop you

Chameleon: You can not find me

He said as he quickly changed pigmentation.

Trickster: I can still see his shadow.

The Trickster walked up to the shadow, then hit him in the pelvic area

Chameleon: Lucky shot. Next time, you will not be so---

As he is about to finish, she shoots the ceiling, making a pipe fall on his head.

Chameleon: Another lucky shot

As the Russian criminal turns invisible, Merlin shows up for a surprise and uses his sorcery to put handcuffs on him

Chameleon: What? How?!

Chameleon: I heard legends, but I didn't know Merlin was a real wizard. Mere luck, Estonian. Having a wizard on your team

Trickster: Luck's not part of it. Strategizing is.

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@dantekesha: A baseball bat, knife, and handgun, and she's fighting international crime? Oh wait, I forgot the wizard conveniently following her everywhere. Riiiiiight. Strange one.