Epic X-Men #32 Volume 1 Finale

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Epic X-Men #32: Attacks on Three Fronts

*unknown location in the middle of the wilderness*

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The jet disappears into an opening in the tall trees of a forest. Behind Scott were the mix of mutants who would assist him in taking down this base for good. His mind wandered to Jean for a second before dismissing it, going into full drill sergeant the second they touched down.

"Alright, team. I know most of you have been in opposition to me since before this all had started. Hell, as far as I know, you probably still do. Yet, I will remind you all only this once that there are innocent mutant lives at stake. If we don't stop the production of these mechanical weapons, our species is doomed, as well as the people we know and love. So, by authority of Magneto and Charles Xavier, I am in charge of this mission with Mystique co-leading the operation, in case you are uncomfortable with y leadership", Scott told everyone on the plane as they began to unbuckle and exit the plane.

"Where is Mystique, if you don't mind my question?", the man whom Scott learned was called Colossus asked.

"From what the Professor had told me, she was gonna scout ahead into the base to ensure we have an entrance to sneak through. We are to wait for a signal of some sort before heading inside, since Mystique has mental defenses that keep even White Queen and Kwannon out of her head", Scott explains as they walk down the plane's ramp.

"Both of them? Aren't they supposed to be top tier telepaths, or somethin'?", Pyro asks.

"I am, Nicky dear. Our dear Kwannon though? That can be a matter of opinion that I have no time to go into detail on", Emma states with a smirk at the purple clad woman. The woman does not react, opting to concentrate at the mission at hand as she had been trained to do.

"So, what is this signal we are looking for, Cyclops?", Havok asks. His answer comes without warning through a loud explosive boom in the distance. "Asked and answered."

"Alright, team. Let's move now!"

The group of mutants run forward, wasting no time to get to a building hidden among the trees with the roof covered in leaves and branches to give the aerial view a camouflage to glancing eyes from above. Scott went over in his head the abilities of his team to capitalize off of when they run into a group of security for the base.

"Emma! Kwannon! Can you all sweep through them?"

"They seem to have telepathic shielding installed in either the facility, the surrounding land, or the suits. It would take too long to break through and locate them. At best, I can quickly break through and defeat several, but I am doubtful it will be enough", Emma states as they hide behind cover.

"Then we go for a more physical approach, with Cyclops blessing", Kwannon suggests as she looks around for the best way to outmaneuver the aim of the guards guns.

"I can attack from afar, but going up-close and personal with them is a risky maneuver, Kwannon. Even with those shields up, you and Emma are perhaps our best resource in winning this", Scott says thoughtfully.

"Then, we give them something to concentrate on. Petey here has an impenetrable metal body, Sabertooth and I have healing factors that shrug off bullets, and Kwannon is an expert assassin with training to avoid these kinds of situations" Logan chimes in.

"And I have been aching to get my claws sunk into some nice soft human flesh to rip apart", Sabertooth purrs menacingly with a rumbling voice.

"We are not aiming to kill, Sabertooth. We are here to destroy the robots and the equipment", Scott scolds firmly.

"Speak for yourself, boy scout! I am here some good ol' fun and you have too little options to risk not having me", Sabertooth boasts smugly.

"I am with Toothy' here. I ain't looking to be shot down by humans who won't hesitate to see that I am as good as dead", Pyro said in agreement.

"Don't worry, Scott. I will see to it that the boys behave", Emma reassures telepathically.

With a relieved sigh, Scott nods to Logan to signify his agreement with the plan.

"Alright, Wolverine, Colossus, Saberooth, you all charge forward. Pyro, Havok, and White Queen, you two will hang back with me and take down whoever you can, while Kwannon and Quicksilver will go with a run around flank to take any one we don't see. We will be in constant telepathic communication, so any deviations or decisions should be run by me first! Okay, mutants, move!", Scott shouts as he begins to blast at one soldier after the other and ducking for cover when gun fire is directed at him.

As planned, Wolverine, Sabertooth, and Colossus charge through to give the soldiers something to focus on and away fro the long-range fire and, most importantly, the psychic assassin and fastest mutant on the team, who scaled the walls and trees when they spot sniper fire from high heights. Havok made sure to aim for the surroundings around the soldiers to let the force and rubble hit them all instead of the searing heated plasma blasts that these individuals would not have any real defense against. Pyro caused a controlled forest fire to prevent any escapees from leaving the area, with Emma's quiet supervision telepathically as she breaks past shield after shield. Quicksilver quickly runs up the wall of the building and ko's each sniper as he dodged bullets from the trees above. With their attention on the mutants below, the snipers in said trees fail to realize the ninja woman sneaking behind them as she scaled the tree and hopped from branch to branch to stab them each with a telepathic psychic knife. It was a relatively easy confrontation in the mutants favor until they hear the only indication of incoming danger from within the complex. Quicksilver checks out the opening at the roof of the building and runs back to Scott after getting a good glimpse of what's inside.

"What is going on, Quicksilver?"

"We got robots. Big giant robots", Quicksilver points as three Sentinels fly from the top of the building and one extra crashes through a part of the building wall to surprise the mutants.

"Evasive-counterattack! Don't hold back team! Emma, diamond form, now!", Scott yells out as the team scatter away from the Sentinels before proceeding their attacks.

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Back on the island, the Omega's battle with the death machine continues. Had there been onlookers, they would sit in awe at the display of power a single on of them displays in the battle, let alone all ten. Such as the Master of Magnetism himself, who called forth the older Sentinels he previously took down to aid him in battle. A genius maneuver if he said so himself where the human's weapons would be their downfall.

"My mutant brethren! Take note that it is not just power that we are superior in! Our powers our based around what we imagine them to be! Hold back nothing in both innovation and strength, for even the mightiest humans had brilliant minds to back them in their wars! So shall the future dominant species on the planet prevail further!", Magneto says as he uses the extra metal material as weapons to destroy one Sentinel after the other while his own Sentinel fights other Sentinel units.

"Hey, Psylocke! Mind giving me that bit of Magneto's imagination?", Polaris asks as she blocks laser blasts with her magnetic shield. It takes no more than seconds for the images to fall into place in her head as the psychic Omega constructs the blueprint copied directly from Magnetos mind. "Much obliged!"

"Don't ask for too many of those favors. I may be good, but it is not easy to pierce his helmet and magnetic shield, as your Marvel Girl can probably attest to herself. I needed a bit of her strength to accomplish it under the conditions the dampeners set", Psylocke explains telepathically.

"Don't worry. I won't need to", Polaris says as she expertly reconstructs a Sentinel of her own as her father had. With her new friend, Polaris follows her fathers lead further by blasting Sentinels left and right with magnetic pulses while her Sentinel blasted others around her with its own weapon systems.

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On the ground at the base of the city, Iceman and Magma stay nearby each other as they work together to watch each others back in fighting Sentinels blasting from above. Ice shields, lava barriers, ice spears, and fire boulders! All ways of attack they had trained to do in their lifetimes paying off for theirs and everyone else's survival!

"Hey, Bobby?"

"Yeah, Amara?"

"I am gonna need ya to give me some distance", Magma says as her lava overtakes another Sentinel.

"Wait, did I do somethin' wrong?", Iceman asks confusedly.

"Nah, but I will soon-ish. Hopefully it pans out", Amara says as the ground beneath them begins to quake. Taking that as his last warning, Iceman makes an ice trail to slide away from. "By the way, make sure to let Xavier know that I appreciate this new X-Men uniform. It's nice to have some clothes that won't burn when I turn to lava or fire."

Looking back though, he witnesses Amara create a giant lava wall below her and another mountain of sort behind her that seeped lava from within it. "Wow", was what Iceman said when he witnessed her spewing rocks and fire from her makeshift wall and mountain at one Sentinel after another. Not slowing down a second as she blocks one laser blast and destroying a Sentinels abdomen with a newly created stalgmite shot from the base of the mountain at another Sentinel.

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Meanwhile, in the skies above Storm is striking Sentinels with lightning bolts connecting with multiple Sentinels when she is able to. She has to be precise with her aim though after a run-in with a Sentinel using it to power its systems. If they get to close, she would summon a wind large enough to stagger them while she gains more distance. Though her power is great enough for some to compare her to the likes of even Thor, her physicals were nowhere near that of godhood.

"Target acquired."

It was then that she saw the Sentinel that had spoken those words before it launched two missiles from each arm. With expert control, she turns sharpy in a different direction and throws lightning bolts at the missiles as she tried to keep dodging laser blasts from Sentinels around her.

"You mechanical abominations will not overtake me! Not with mother nature herself here to defend me!"

After making that remark, she turns and unleashes multiple lightning arcs streaming from a single lightning bolt to take out multiple Sentinels on her own. Sadly, she had neglected to watch her own back as evident by the giant Sentinel rising and grabbing hold of her body. She electrified her body in efforts to destroy the machine.

"Mutant entity apprehended! Identity: Storm. Threat Level: Extreme. Mission Order Received: Destroy", the giant robot said in a monotone voice that one would expect from a robot. As heartless and unfeeling towards mutants as the people that created it, Storm thought to herself as she awaited her end. Before it could get the chance to, though, she hears creaking from within the machines inner systems before it completely tears apart from an invisible force.

"Fear not, Storm! I shall be as much of an Exodus for you as I have been for Magneto's people before! No Sentinel shall stop my power!", Exodus called as he zoomed forward in telekinetically propelled flight.

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With that proclomation, Exodus reaches forward and crushes multiple Sentinels telekinetically, while having a shield up around himself and Orroro, who needed the time to recover from nearly being rushed by a giant mechanical hand and expended power on multiple Sentinels, who had described her as a top priority threat alongside Iceman, Scarlet Witch, Marvel Girl, and Magneto, all individuals who were frequently seen in the limelight.

"Despite our differences, I do appreciate the assistance", Storm says hesitantly, not feeling all to comfortable having her life in his hands of all people.

"Nonsense. Storm. We are mutants! The most powerful of our kind, I might add! It is honor to fight alongside ones whose powers are as great as our gracious savior, Magneto!", Exodus said proudly, prompting a sigh from Orroro before she took flight once more.

"Marvel Girl, any word from the Professor?", Storm asked in her head.

"Afraid not. I have been keeping an mental ear out for anything from Scott, Emma, or the Professor, but thus far, nothing has come in. We can only hope things are going well", Jean says in Storm's head as the batte rages on ever more in Genosha. Opting to save on energy, Storm lowers herself onto a building and summons a collection of wind, clouds, and lightning to overtake the Sentinel while disrupting its targeting systems.

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*Washington D.C. press conference*

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"Someone call the Avengers to apprehend these villains!", Trask yelled as Beast and Kurt dealt with the Sentinels attacking them.

"How I wished Cyclops or Jean were here to help", Beast said as the Sentinel he was riding on top of flew in a haphazard way to try to shake him off of it. "Got it!"

He pulled the wiring from within the Sentinel and it quickly took a nosedive after deactivating fromt he loss of its connection to its processor. Beast quickly jumped off of the robot and onto a flag pole pertruding from one of the surrounding buildings, as he gazed at the setting.

S.H.I.E.L.D were beginning to funnel in and shoot at another Sentinel as Kurt teleported around a Sentinel, seemingly teasing it as it kept missing its shots at him.

"Look, Teddy! Supers!"

"Mama said those were the dangerous muties they always talk about on the news, Charlie."

"The scary ones?....They don't look very scary to me. In fact, the blue one looks awesome!"

"You mean they are all supers?"

"Well, they are protecting us from the big robots that the scary man is yelling about. And they keep saving anyone who goes near. like the bad guy on stage!"

"Wow! Real superheroes", the child said in wonderment.

Beast looked at Kurt again in astonishment as the boys words sunk in. Not everyone of the humans felt the same way. From a youthful perspective, the children had trust that they would protect them all. As far as they were concerned, looks hardly mattered. Hank remembered how children would make fun of him in comparison to today. He always felt everyone was out to get him if he didn't fit their mold, but perhaps it was a certain group? Whatever the case, Hank resollved not to fails them!

"Kurt! Set the Sentinel up like I told you before!", Hank yelled in the distance.

"Ah, I suppose now is the time for my final performance! Behold, all, as the Amazing Nightcrawler, deals with our nice volunteer efficiently", Kurt gestured to the Sentinel before jumping on the machine and teleporting it underflagpole Beast perched on, allowing Hank to pounce on the back. Kurt then ported the both of them high into the air away from the crowd. The crowd then watched from a distance as the robot struggled in mid-air before falling limp. Two puffs of smoke later, Kurt teleports the Sentinel down to the ground with a loud thud as he ported again to avoid impact.

"Ta-da!", Kurt said before bowing and teleporting as soon as the first boo rang. Hank watched as Kurt ported next to him. "Phew! It's been awhile since I had such an outrageous performance like that!"

"You....okay, Kurt?", Hank asked the man. Though he appeared energetic and chipper, Hank knew the effects other peoples actions had on others and himsef when it came to their perception of looks.

"Da, I am perfectly well, Mein Freund! Come, let's deal with the next one!", he said before porting away to the robot S.H.I.E.L.D struggled to take down.

"Worry not about him, Hank. I have been in deep conversation with him about the state of things regarding mutants. He is a rather hopeful individual who understands the effects fear has on a person. There is actually a strong possibility hhe may join the X-Men. His reservations though has not to do with our cause, but with the people he is connected with on Genosha", Xavier says in Beasts head.


"Ones like his apparent adoptive sister, the one called Rogue, and his new friend, whom goes by Colossus. I apologize, but I showed him what you heard from those children. Evidence of the open-minded next generation coming should we continue our efforts. Such a glimpse has been rather uplifting to him", Xavier expains apologetically.

"It amazes me, as well. I would have figured the children would take in the knowledge of their parents going forward, making our job at least more difficult", Hank admitted.

"They are, but they have also been exposed to long-time friends they had known all their lives, close family they no onger see, and the actions of the X-Men today. As much as we disregard the children of today, sometimes we forget how close-minnded we are at times, overly reliant on our own ways of thinking without having the sense to listen and look into the other perspective", Xavier says as Hank looks to other children pointing and smiling at Kurt's acrobatic displays, while the older adults either hold them close or shout their profanities.

Meanwhile, from the safety of a S.H.I.E.L.D.'s safehouse set up away from the conference, Xavier took this time to monitor around the city as the world's heroes endeavored to protect mutants world-wide. Helping wherever he can telepathically about the information he knew of the Sentinels. The one place he had trouble breaking his mind into though was a voided barrier where Genosha was supposed to be. He kept trying to reach inside, but could not reach inside....until someone else reached to him instead.


"Jean! Thank heavens you are alright! What is the status on Genosha?!"

"It....it's madness, Professor! Everywhere we turn, Sentinels upon Sentinels keep attacking. They had been preparing for us and-"

"I know, Jean. Do not worry. I have been monitoring Scott's team, as well. They have made it to the base and are making way to shutting down the production", Xavier said, choosing not to add the fact that Scott's team had run into some trouble on the way in.

"That's good. Make sure to give Scott my love, Professor. If anything were to happen to me, I....."

"Now's not the time to think that way, Jean. Stay strong. You will all make it out fo this alive. Have faith in your team, Scott, myself, and most importantly, yourself, Jean", Xavier implored his student.

"I will try....thank you, for everything, Uncle Charlie."

The connection breaks, leaving Xavier feeling warmth and dread at the same time as he is reminded of just what Jean was to him. The daughter he never had, but always dreamed his children would be like.

She will make it through. They all will.

"Beast! Nightcrawler! I am sending reinforcements to help you as you two will be assisting multiple heroes across New York dealing with these Sentinels", Charles announced to the two of them.

"Who, may I ask, Professor, will be assisting us?", Hank asks aloud.

"Well, who better than your 'Friendly Neighborhood Spirder-Man'!", a voice said coming from a man in a red and blue costume with curved black lining that resembled webs al over the red parts of his costume.

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*Hidden Sentinel Base*

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"Yo, Scott! We kind of are being taken down here!", Alex calls out as he focuses his blasts on each Sentinel he can see.

"Keep it up, Havok! And it's Cyclops in the field!", Scott directs as he takes down another Sentinel with his optic blast.

"How about we drop the codenames and talk like we know each other beyond this job! Seriously, Scott, I am worried about our chances. And if we don't win, then Jean and Lorna-"

"I know, Alex! That is why we will keep going until we win, just like they will!", Scott says.

"You chumps can either keep complaining or stop being damn pansies and destroy these things!", Sabertooth says irritably as he takes apart another Sentinel.

"You are not thinking strategically, Sabertooth", Kwannon says as she drives her katana into a crucial part of the Sentinels head and rides it down to the ground safely. "We may be taking out these Sentinels, but more keep coming. Machine's limitations are based on capability individually, not in mass production. If they keep churning more Sentinels, we may be eventually overtaken."

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"Well, it is gonna take more than metal scrap to tire me out", Sabertooth grumbles.

"Not everyone has our physical stamina and durable bodies, Sabertooth. We must consider our friends as much as we do ourselves", Colossus admonishes as he throws a piece of a demolished Sentinel at another one still standing, effectively destroying its head when it makes impact.

"You all are bloody crazy if ya' think we lot are stikin' around for losin' battle", Pyro says.

"We won't lose if we stay together! Keep pushing forward!", Scott yelled as he blasted a couple more.

"Mind if I give y'all a hand?", a female voice yells from on high as a blur crashes through multiple Sentinels and flies back up into the sky, leading multiple Sentinels following it.

"It seems our dear allies have forgotten that we aren't the only people we brought on this mission", Emma says as Pyro and Sabertooth watch Rogue in the sky punching through multiple Sentinels cores and Mystique controlling a stolen helicopter to damage the other Sentinels coming after her.

"Now is our chance, team. Wolverine, Colossus, Havok, Sabertooth, and Emma stay here and help Rogue and Mystique. Kwannon, Quicksilver, and Pyro, you all are with me. We are trashing this place here and now!", Scott says as he takes off into the Sentinel factory.

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They run into more resistance, but no Sentinels as they scour the facility, destroying everything they see. Quicksilver runs through multiple rooms, burning papers, knocking over furniture, and then running back when he comes across one particular room that would signify exactly what they need to take down the whole operation.

"Hey, Summers! Ya gotta take a look at his!", was all he says before running off. He runs back and forth to ensure they don't lose him, considering his brisk walk can outpace their full run. When they finally enter a large room what catches their eye first and foremost has them going wide-eyed in slight intimidation to its size.

"Wow, THAT is a big Sentinel", Pyro says as they gaze upon an oversized Sentinel far larger than any ever encountered.

"A little too obvious as the main controller of this whole operations, donn't ya think, Cyclops?", Quicksilver asks rhetorically as he runs all over the giant body to analyze its different parts to find an opening.

"It matters not how large our opponent is. Our goal remains tthe same", Kwannon says as she wields her katana tightly.

"Kwannon, is right. Pyro, aim your flamethrower at those gas tanks. Quicksilver you check the rest of the facility and get any other workers out. Kwannon, destroy the computers. I will deal with the big one", Scott says as he watches the giant robot, looking for its weak point.

"Mutant Entities detected in chamber 15: Master Mold. Initiating Self-Defense Protocols Delta", the giant robot states as within the room appears multiple turrets and a Sentinel comes through a giant open door, though still dwarfed by the ever bigger variant sitting on its throne in the large room.

"Watch your backs, team!", Scott warns as they scatter about with their missions while destroying whatever security weapon or opponent that comes their way. As planned, Pyro destroys the fuel tanks with his flames before aiming at another Sentinel with his fires encompassing the robot. The robot ignores the flames and fires at Pyro his blaster. It hits Pyro with enough force to ko him.

"Mutant neutralized. Initiating detainment protocol", the robot says as he reaches toward Pyro who begins to rouse himself back awake. Before he can reach the man though, it shutters and falls over while Kwannon rides on its back down.

"Do not underestimate them, Pyro. You must target their weak points", Kwannon says before telepathically showing him the points to aim his flames. The man nods and continues as instructed to fight off more Sentinels and destroy what his fires could.

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*Washington D.C.*

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"What are you all.....you are all idiots! Don't any of you realize those scum will destroy the society our forefathers worked so hard to build?! They are the enemies!", Trask yells as S.H.I.E.L.D Agents begin to apprehend him.

"I disagree, Mr. Trask. If I am not correct, these 'scum' you talk of are American citizens born of human parents with the goal to prove themselves assets to not just SHIELD, but to the U.S. as a whole. They have been saving lives where your Sentinels have caused more property damage chasing innocent mutant citizens. It is for this reason that you will be under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do or say will be held against you in the court of law. You've a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one shall be provided to you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?", Nick Fury said as SHIELD Agents took him away.

".........You all will thank me for this. I am not done, yet. Not by a long shot until every mutant is done for! Sentinel Protocol Initiation: MM2GA. User Authrorization: Bolivar Trask", Trask yells to the Sentinel Beast, Spider-Man, and Nightcrawler were fighting.

"Anyone mind filling in what that is supposed to mean?", Spider-Man asks as the Sentinel halts in its tracks to process the order.

"Authorized Command Accepted. Initiating Protocol: Master Launch Sequence.....", the Sentine utters as its lighted eyes blink.

"Xavier, what the hell did he just enact?", Fury asked Xavier aloud.

".........Its a launch code. He......Sentinel Protocol MM2GA stands for <Master Mold 2 Genosha Annihilation>. He is sending his premiere Sentinel to Genosha to wipe out the mutants on Genosha!", Xavier says telepathically to all of them.


*Sentinel Factory*

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"CYCLOPS! You must destroy Master Mold, now!"

"Gah! Professor? How did you know it was called-.......no.....NO!"

Scott fires intensely at the giant Sentinel as it detaches its latches to its thrown and begins to stand. The roof above their heads begins to open as the ground shutters from Master Mold getting ready for lift off.

"EVERYONE! Take down Master Mold, before it escapes!", Scott yelled in his head for both telepaths to relay to everyone.

They all concentrate their attacks as best they could on Master Mold as it puts up an energy shield to reflect the most powerful atttacks. Scott fires his optic blast at full intensity. Havok from outside unleashes a full blasted plasma beam. Pyro his flames. Rogue charges multiple times at the Sentinel. Its flight path does not waver. The destination is set.

Master Mold is free and heading for Genosha.

".........Scott, what the hell was that thing?! Where is it headed?!", Alex asked aloud and in his head simultaneously. "Scott?!"

Scott does not answer as he speechlessly watches the Sentinel disappear over the horizon alongside its army.

"What do we do now, oh fearless leader?", Pyro asks sarcastically.

"I swear to god if anything happens to Wanda?", Pietro says threateningly. Kwannon stands in the man's way before he can manage to get his hands on Scott. He could easily maneuver around her, but would he be able to reach Scott before she shut him down? Was it even worth it?

"......The plan remains the same. Destroy this facility, so that no more Sentinels head to Genosha. After we finish........we are heading to Genosha", Scott utters as he starts shooting at the machinery.

"We aren't going to ask Xavier first", Emma asks telepathically.

"Let him know if you want. Whether he gives his blessing or not, we are going back to save them", Scott tells Emma as the team continues to destroy the factory. As he does though, he feebly reaches to his broken connection to Jean, hoping she can feel his fear and worry seeping............

"Jean......please, stay safe......"



"Scott?", Jean utters next to Psylocke as they duck behind some cover from battling the Sentinels for so long. They were exhausted but not quite out. She was relaxing her feelings, trying to focus her powers when she heard a murur in her head. So faint, yet desperate to reach for her. "Oh my god! Everyone! Prepare yourselves."

As the cry is made out to everyone, they begin to see legions of Sentinels fly across the city in orderly formation, lights beaming down on the ground to locate their targets.

No Caption Provided

"Bright-lady", Orroro said as she watched them fly by and land at different spots of the city.

They were everywhere, no matter where you looked, a Sentinel was destroying buildings. They were searching for their prey.

"I guess we are done with the preamble", Exodus says as he begins to toss multiple scraps of destroyed Sentinel at the newer units dropping from the sky.

"Polaris! Help me rebuild more Sentinels like we did earlier!", Magneto yells as he creates Sentinels from the scrap.

"What's the plan for the bigger one?", Polaris asks as Master Mold descends on the city, towering above every Sentinel, every building, every mutant.

No Caption Provided

"Aw, fu-", Bobby says before a Sentinel blasts the ice slide, causing him to be tossed aside from the impact.

"Brace for impact, bud", Blink says when she opens portal for Iceman to fly through.

"Ow, I am gonna be aching all over tomorrow. Thanks, Clarice", Bobby says as he shakes off the landing.

"No problem. My job remains to keep you all out of trouble if things get too heated. Though judging from Amara over there, she may not totally mind the heat to begin with", Blink says as she looks to Amara blasting every Sentinel she sees with hot lave spewing from her hands.

"Clarice, I need ya to teleport me to the top of Krakoa's mountain", Amara says suddenly throught the telepathic link.

"Roger that, ma'am!", Blink salutes as with a circular gesture from blinks finger causes a portal to appear for Amara to run through. When the Sentinel tries to reach her through the portal, Blink closes it and cuts the hand of the Sentinel off. "Brace yourself again, Bob!"

Without further warning a portal appears under Iceman and Blink to allow them to fall through to a different location as a Sentinel attempts to step on them with its giant foot.

"Whoa!", Bobby exclaims before conjuring a slide down to the ground for the both of them.

"Whee! Uh oh, here we go again!", Blinks says as she conjures another portal to slide into with Iceman when a Sentinel tries to stand at the end of the slide to trap them.

No Caption Provided

"Your power comes in rela handy, Clarice!", Bobby says after the slide into the portal ends for the two of them. They are ducking inside a building for time to recover as tey hear booming footsteps and explosions outside from the battle.

"Glad that I am so usedul despit my limits being stretched. I have not only been porting us around the city, but Psylocke and Jean have been having me port everyone around whenever they require it by way of telepathic images of the area and person. Its split second reaction timing to get them out all out with my powers. I prefer to physically move to activate my abilities or harness them in a pure state of energy, but this entire battle has me working my powers mentally", Clarice pants as she sits down to rest. Before they can relaxe further though, a group of Sentinels blow a hole int he roof.

With quick thinking, Blink creates a portal above herself and Bobby to catch the rubble and has the portal lead to above the Sentinels heads to damgae them. As they are pelted with rock and rubble, Iceman puts up a tough shield for the rubble ot bounce off of and to block laser blasts as best he could.

"I think its time we dip out, don't ya think, Bobbo?", Blink asks before opening a portal below them to port them to a different building.

No Caption Provided

"Ooooh, what's this thing supposed to be?", Blink says as she circles around a device blinking in the middle of the room under an open hole. "Never seen this thing before around Genosha. You think it belongs to the humans?"

"Not sure....Hey, Psylocke? Jean? You guys seeing this?", Bobby asks as he keeps his eye on it.

"It appears that not one of us knows what it is. Not even Magneto.....Send Storm your way, Blink!", Psylocke answers telepathically.

"Okay-dokey!", she says peppily before a portal opens for Storm to fly through whie dodging a stray laser coming from the portal.

"What have we here?", Orroro says aloud as she analyzes the device.

"We found it randomly here after I ported us away from the fight. Right now, we are near the Hammer Bay of Genosha", Blink explains.

"It seems to be emanating the same energy that surround sthis island before the Sentinels got here......I think it and wherever the rest are the reason why are powers are being dampened.....", Storm says thoughtfully before shooting a bolt of electricity at the device, destroying it completely.

"Hey! That feels a little better actually........Indeed. It would seem it has cut off contact with a device in the same position above Earth's atmosphere. I have seen similar energies around the island. Blink, I think it is best if you take me and Robert around to destroy these infernal things once and for all", Storm resolves for the three of them.

"YES! We actually have chance here!", Bobby exclaims happily.

"That's the spirit you two! Onward then!", Blink says as she opens a portal to the rooftop. "Where to first, Storm?"

Storm takes a look around in the distance, analyzing the energies that encase the island.

"Start with the volcano over there", Storm points in the general direction.

"We don't have a volcano", Blink says confusingly.

"You may have one now. I think you sent Magma that way, didn't you?", Bobby points out to her.

"Oh, so that's what she was plannin'. Alright. Let's head over!", she exclaims as she conjures her next portal to the tip of the mountain, where they witness random rock monsters and tree guardians fighting Sentinels as the volcano spew fire rocks at Magma's command.

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"What are you guys doing here?! It's not safe around here!", Magma yells as she spouts a tentacle of lava at flying Sentinel.

"We are looking for a device in this general area that is messing with our powers, Amara", Iceman quickly explains as he concentrates on keeping the temperatures bearable for himself and Blink.

"Worry not for us, Magma. Mine and Robert's control over the temperatures will keep us safe from the intense heat.....it would appear the device has been embedded in the mountain", Storm says as she looks intot he crater of the volcano where lava boils and spews.

"I can get to it guys, but you all will need to deal with these Sentinels. Ever since I have been here, they have been swarming me!", Magma says.

"Expect that in each of the locations guys! It appears they are making sure to put extra security in those particular places on the island", Psylocke states telepathcially.

"We shall handle things here, Amara! Destroy the device and our powers will grow again", Storm commands her as she unleashes lightning form the volcanic storm created by Magma's eruption at the mountain. With that permission, Magma dives into the lava pool and finds the device t destroy.

"Blink...Magma.....get away from the surface of the tip of this volcano. Me and Storm are gonna be trying something dangerous", Iceman says in his head through the telepathic link. "You see what I am thinking Storm?"

"Don't have to tell me twice", she waves as she drops into a portal below her.

"Affirmative. Be careful. You are not quite used to your upper limits, similar to Jean", Storm warns.

"Yeah, and I have talked to Jean about it. We came to the agreement that we can't afford to hold back. But if I am gonna do this, I am gonna need ya to make it a little easier by lowering the temperatures for me while I let my mind wander", Iceman says before stretching out his hand. Pointing to the open area where Sentinels are starting to move past the island monsters from Krakoa, his mind imagines a mountain so cold....frozen in snow and ice........just as the picture in his head take shape, the Sentinels slow to a halt as their gears and limbs begin to freeze with the landscape. The monster retreat away from the mountain as Iceman blankets the area in frozen icicle structures. The rest of the Sentinels flying bove the landscape are then pierced by shooting ice spears forming from ice stalagmites along the surface fo the mountains, while Storm strikes the with lightning bolts.

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"For the moment, it's safe!", Bobby says.

In response, Blink ports in as Magma erupts her lava at the ice cover over the crater. She stands on a spewing lava column as she converses witht he three of them.

"Anymore nearby I can smash? I am feeling a fiery hell of a lot better!", Magma says with a wink.

"No thank you, Amara. This is actually a good spot to maintain. If you can, I would like you to creat an underground safe haven in case we need to retreat. Have Psylocke help you converse with Krakoa about it so that you two will colaborate. Then head into the city to help the others", Storm instructs before walking to Blink.

"See ya later, Amy! Where to next, Storm?", Blink asks.

"Head over to that beach next. We shall destroy that one. I am alerting the others of the locations fo the others", Storm explains.

So the psychic alert rang across the city to the other Omega's. Psychic beacons created to lead them to the dampeners based on what Storm could see with her energy perception.

"Telekinesis. Mind over all matter. That is my ability", Exodus said to the robots before destroying the machine the middle of them. "That means anything can be broken by my power, with no one capable of standing in my way. Least of all, you monstrosity's."

After he powered up enough, he unleashes a telekientic wave that takes apart a group of Sentinels without effort. The Omega's were gaining traction with the destruction of each machine. And it felt damn good to be nearing their limitless potential.

On another part of the city, buildings crumbles, Sentinels explode as Scarlet Witch strolls through the street, enveloped in an aura of chaos magic. She walks up to a building and out of nowhere, an out-of-control car makes her entrance. Sentinels shoot at her, but a wave of her hand repels them back at the robot hunters. She is nigh-unstoppable in this state.

"Where, oh, where are you? Ah, there you are~", she says. With another wave of her hand, the machine combusts. "There. Now what to do about the rest of you......."

She raises her hand to the sky. Gravity becomes inconsequential to her, as does every law that tries to run her existence. She cannot be tamed. She won't be held back. From her hands, lightning bolts of pure magic hit their targets dead on, destroying them within seconds of impact. She looks elsewhere and sees Polaris blasting away at Sentinels charging for her. Even though she should have been stronger than when she started out, she had been pulling the most weight alongside her father in destroying these contraptions. She had to have been tired after going through possibly hundreds of robots.

"Family sticks with one another. Even estranged family! It's time thought that I stop keeping my distance, Lorna, and be the sister you deserve to have!", Wanda utters as she destroys multiple Sentinels around Lorna. Lorna watches in awe at the power her sister wielded as a simple wave her hand signaled the end of every opponent.

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"........Thanks", Lorna said bashfully. Wanda gave her a smile before putting up her chaos shield to protect the two of them as Polaris caught her breath.

Elsewhere, Psylocke and Jean hid to keep their focus on directing teams and protecting the supplies of Genosha. Granted, they managed to get most of it off the island when they prepared, but it felt unwise to take all the resources off the island completely. So, given Psylocke's relative vulnerability, Jean opted to stay behind to protect Elizabeth should trouble come their way.......though it was apparent to those who knew Jean that she was merely avoiding confrontation in order to not use her powers as they were supposed to. It felt cowardly in some ways, but in others, it felt safer for everyone else. If she were honest though, it probably would have been best to test herself, see where her limits were at the point she was now......To what end though? To see if she were still as uncontrollable as she had always been? Or to see if she were weaker than her fellow mutants, needing to push her powers to grow in ways that scare her?

"Mutant targets located", a Sentinel uttered as it and a battalion crashed through the wall. Jean would apparently not get a chance to dwell. Her time had come and she would not run. She never had before and she wouldn't now.

"Psylocke, get in the storage room", Jean said to Psylocke as she geared herself for a fight.

"Sod off! I'm not useless. Nor will I be hiding", Psylocke said as her head began to glow with purple-ish pink psychic power. She admired Betsy's bravery, but worried for what would happen in this. No room fo rargument, the battle begins as the women take telekinetic flight. Jean grabs one Sentinel telekinetically and tosses it at another, destroying them both in a single move. Betsy concentrates on amping her telekinetics, especially with dampener fields now weaker than previously. Her telekinetics powerful enough to rip through metal with a thought could be put to use in this. She imagined butterly wings carrying her weight, butterfly thoughts flying at the metal bodies and tearing through and destroying her targets.

These were two of the premiere psychics of the planet. Women whose thoughts followed their greatest wishes. For Betsy, it was to prove herself every bit as powerful as her peers, most importantly, her brother.

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"Wathc your back, Grey!", Psylocke called as she used a telekinetic bolt to destroy a Sentinel coming up from behind Jean.

"Thanks. How long have you known about the X-Men, by the way?", Jean asks as she throws telekinetic bolts to destroy Sentinels.

"Well- AH!"


Jean cries out in horroro as reality begins to come apart. She opens her eyes and finds herself in the same place she had been, with Psylocke blasting Sentinels like before.


"Watch out, Psylocke!", Jean shouts as she conjures a tk shield around Psylocke to block the laser fire that would have killed Psylocke.

"I guess the favor has been repayed in full. Thank you! As for your previous question, I have seen you a couple times on the news, but never good things with those bigots talking of mutant dangers. You all did good work and after hearing about what happened to Genosha, I just about had it with the sitting around helping people who didn't want it, despite my brothers pleas not to get involved", Betsy explains.

"You realize we still do help humanity as much as mutants. We are advertising peace, not just for ourselves", Jean says.

"I know. That is what kept me from jumping at the first opportunity. Eventually, Xavier wore me down enough to hook me. Now I am an X-Man, full-time!", Psylocke says.

"Well, in all sincerity Psylocke, you will be a well-valued member", Jean says kindly before unnleashing a telekinetic blast that tears apart a Sentinel in front of her. As much as it scared her to let loose like this.....it felt good to be what she was at her rawest emotion. Power incarnate.....

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"I have confirmation on all dampeners being destroyed!", Psylocke confirms suddenly as they fight a legion of Sentinels.

"All the better because Scott has alarmed me that he and the team are heading towards you with the factory being fully shut down for good", Xavier says sauddenly, giving Jean a sense of relief of him watching over her.

"And it's about time we end that giant Sentinel, once and for all", Scott says in the link, causing Jean uneding joy and relief...for the moment. Another moment, the plane explodes before reality breaks apart again to the same moment. Ruining Jean's mood to an angry one as she flies up and blocks the full blast from Master Mold at the X-Jet. "JEAN!"

"I am fine, Scott, but you all need to land now! It's too dangerous up here", Jean says seriously as she sends multiple Sentinels away from the jet.

"Right", he affirms and lands in an open area. The Omega's gather with the other team to get the rest of the plan.

"Most of the Sentinels have been dealt with, but Master Mold prevails. It is quite clear that our best bets will be from Magneto, Polaris, our psychics, and Blink. With that in mind we will have two teams set up between us and Storm. Storm's team will lead the attack on the leftover Sentinels flying around. Assisting her will be Iceman, Rogue, Mystique, Pyro, Havok, Blink, White Queen, and Sabertooth. The rest of us will consist of me, Marvel Girl, Magneto, Polaris, Quicksilver, Sarlet Witch, Psylocke, Wolverine, Colossus, Magma, and Exodus, who will all work to take down Master Mold directly. This is our final stand, together, as mutants! Let's give everything we got", Scott says as he points forward to signify the moment they charge. And charge they do.

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Storm's team concentrate fully on the fleet as Storm unleashes a full-blown hurricane contained to the upper atmosphere. Iceman launches giant ice spears while Magma launches flaming boulders. Blink ports Sabertooth and herself up there to tear apart the robots together.

"You are enjoying this way too much", Blink says to the man.

"And you are barely doing anything, squirt", Sabertooth growls.

With a simple snap though, most of the Sentinel fleets heads are cut off by Blink's portal closing around their necks, disabling them all without even batting an eye.

"You could have at least added a little more pizzazz to your kills", Sabertooth grumbles.

"You use the word pizzazz?", Blink asks with amusement plain on her face.

"It's a word! Just get us to the next Sentinel!", he yells.

"'Kay", was the only warning before they fall through a portal onto another Sentinel and repeats the process. Meanwhile....................

"Hey, Emma?"

"Yes, Havok?"

"How is Lorna?"

She shifts out of diamond briefly and stands there before shifting back and running for a kick that punches a hole into the foot of a Sentinel.

"She is exhausted, but determined. Let her concentrate and she will be fine", Emma placates him. He nods as he blasts another Sentinel from mid-air. Panning around the battlefield, you can get a glimpse at many sights and plans taking shape. Wolverine scaling Master Mold claw by claw, Magneto and Polaris restraining the giant robot despite their exhausted state, Kwannon stabbing a Sentinel with her katana, Cyclops aiming at different spots on Master Mold, Psylocke, Marvel Girl, and Exodus throwing multiple objects with their telekinesis. We will contrate though on Mystique who attaches an explosive to the back of one Sentinel before jumping off and getting caught by Rogue.

"Mama, are y'all sure Irene said that we would win this?", Rogue asks worriedly as she sets Mystique to the ground out of sight.

"I trust her word, Rogue. You have seen her visions come to pass and Magneto and I had ensured that our path remained on one that would lead to victory. Have faith, my daughter", she encourages before pulling out a gun and shooting at a Sentinel behind Rogue. Without a moments hesitation, Rogue flies through the Sentinels abdomen and lands back in front of Mystique, the woman who had takem her in when she had no one.

"What else did she say would happen in the future?", Rogue asks curiously.

"Nothing she yet understands, Rogue......", she says cryptically. "What little I do know is that they will be events involving the world.....and select mutants that fight with us today."

"Mutants like who?"

She didn't answer.

"We gotta keep moving, Rogue. We can ask Irene after all of this is said and done", Mystique says as she morphs into a bird with Rogue flying close behind.

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"Okay, Cyke. I'm at the back panel like we saw in the schematics. I'm going in", Wolverine said aloud and in his head. Before he can get a chance to carve an opening in the back, the Sentinels head turns 180 degrees and blasts him with eye lasers. Wolverine falls hard, but is not out, thanks to his incredible healing factor. "Okay, now I am pissed."

"Try to get back up, Logan. It seems Master Mold is countering our powers with it's energy shield. Our best bets seem to come from Magneto and Polaris' efforts and yours and Colossus physical attacks. Thus far, he is repelling everyone elses attacks", Scott says through the link.

"I will see what I can-"

He doesn't get another chance to speak before Master Mold stomps onn him repeatedly until he is ko'd and kicks Colossus a good distance away, while directing its Sentinel army to target him.

"Hyaaaaagh!", Magma cried out as she covered Master Mold's feet with molten lava that quickly cools on her mental command. "That should hold it until we come up with somethin' else."

"Magneto? Polaris?", Scott asks.

"No, good, it has systems installed to counteract our magnetics. Father thinks the shield is emanating a specific magnetic field powerful enough to block us. If we were 100% full-strength, we would probably push through, but it a sit stands, we are already at our limits now", Polaris says through the link.

"Damn it! We need to take down that shield somehow.....", Scott says thoughtfully.

"Perhaps I can do something about it?", Wanda volunteers.

"What do you have in mind?", Scott asks.

"I don't know. My powers are incredibly unpredictable...but I can generally direct what kinds of effect they have. If I concentrate on taking the shield down, I may be able tocause my powers to disrupt it....or at least create an openning of sorts?", Wanda shrugs.

"We don't have much of a choice.....okay, do it. Quicksilver, get ready to get your sister out of there if things go south", Scott instructs Pietro.

"Don't gotta tell me twice. Careful, sis'", he warns Wanda.

"I will be fine, brother. I just need to focus", Wanda says as her hands gow once more. Her hex hits the shield. What makes this attack different from her others is that her focus is clearly on the shield and not the robot. All that matters is taking it down. So it is what she does. With utmost concentration, she manages to disperse it in an explosion of energy, which has the unintended effect of causing an explosive force that throws everyone off their feet. Pietro regains his bearings and catches his unconscious sister before she can hit the fround hard. The rest of them get abck up and charge again at the vulnerable machine.

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"Do not let up! Attack together!", Scott calls out as he uneashes the full force of his optic blast in tandem with the team of Omega's. Magneto and Polaris magnetic pulse beams, Psylocke, Jean's, and Exodus telekinetic concussive waves, and Magma's lava blasts. The material is tough, but its limits are exceeded by the combined might of the mutants within seconds. The next moment, Master Mold explodes taking the entire city with it.....or so Jean had thought.

"Do not let up! Attack together!", Scott calls out. This time was real. This time was gonna signify their end if she didn't do something. No time left to warn. Only react at the speed of thought.........

It was a sight to behold. A dome of fiery energy encased in a globe of psychic power, the only thing keeping it contained was Jean, struggling with what little strength she had left to contain it.

"Exodus! Magneto! Polaris! Psylocke! Help Jean! Blink, we need you over here!", Scott called out quickly.

"What's up, one- whoa!"

"We need you to port that far, far away from the Earth! The farthest you think you can ever port. Further even!", Scott stresses to the girl.

"I....okay....", she says weakly before taking a deep breath. The next moment, she creates a huge portal that creates a vortex that sucks everyone and the energy dome in it.

"GRAAAHHHH!!!", Jean cries out as she extends a second telekinetic field to ground every one in the vicinity for the duration until the eneregy burst is completely through the portal leading into the dark void of space. At that moment, Jean felt a different euphoria than before.....coming from somewhere on the other side of the portal, further out into the void.....something familiar. Warm.....Powerful.....

"Jean? Jean?! What's happening to her? Someone patch me to her!"

"I-Scott, I can't seem to- AAAHH!", Emma screams, alongside the other psychics that get into contact with her mind.

"Emma! Emma, what happened?!"

"I....can't say for sure, but.....she is connecting to something....alien out there in space. Far more powerful than anything we have faced before Scott.....we can't reach her", she says worriedly as they watch her glow with a fiery energy in her trance.

"JEAN! Jean, please! Please, come back!", he yells as he grabs hold of her. He is then hit with a surge of psychic energy that flings him a good distance.

"The hell?!", Logan exclaims as she remians unmoved.

"Professor....please....", Scott asks tearfully in his head as he tries to reach his mentor. No response comes, for Xavier himself is working to get through the ocean of light to Jean after sensing the very second she dove into the connection to....whatever it was she felt.

No Caption Provided

"Jean! Jean, this Uncle Charlie! Please, Jean, answer me!"

No response..............


He screams further into the light as his senses are assaulted with images Jean has seen before in her thoughts. Whatever this thing was had a connection so intricately deep, no one, not even her or Jean herself knew of its existence in her mind. The most perplexing thing about it is that, somehow, it is so ingrained in Jean from somewhere out in space. He had no idea how he figured or how it was possible, but somehow, he knew....or maybe it was Jean that knew this and he learned through her....

"You don't belong, Xavier. But, you have done well in rearing her potential, so I will say this.....she is almost ready and it is thanks to you....", Jean's voice said from within the light.....no, not Jean. Something else. Something speaking with her voice.

"Who are you? What do you want with Jean?", Xavier asked. He gets no answer as he plunges back to reality by an invisible force so great he can't resist if he tried.


*Genosha; the next day*

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"Oh, Scott", Jean chuckles as Scott hugs her closer to him. They are in a break room of sorts on the couch with other mutants, watching the news go on about mindles babble as far as they are concerned. After Jean snapped out of her trance, Scott had been attached at the hip to her. She honestly did not mind. The details were hazy to her, but she had a sort of dread for things to come, despite the victory they just had.

Genosha was celebrating the champions of mutantkind who fought against the iron giants sent by humanity. Thus, with the help of Beast and Nightcrawler, good word spread among the younger generation about mutants assisting Superheroes from the evil robots attacking New York.

The government had been instituting laws against prejudice where mutants were concerned. People were still unhappy, but no one had the courage to say anymore so far about it after Trasks stunt. Trask was found guilty of mass genocide and there have been investigations on the rest of his compatriots wherabouts, with help from Emma and the Worthington's after they had their funeral for Warren prepared.

"What you thinking about?", Scott asked while rubbing her shoulders. She sighs contently as she described what was on her mind.

"Just thinkin'....about the current state of things.....Warren's family.....Emma's leaving...", Jean says as she stares at nothing.

"I understand your concerns, too. I knew Emma better than anyone, outside of Warren and perhaps the Professor. Yet, these days, she seems to have moved on from us and the dream she helped build. I just hope she won't hesitate to come to use for anything.....and make good choices going forward with her life", Scott said as he thought of her on that cliff looking over the horizon before they left for their Sentinel mission.

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It was no sooner that Xavier called them both telepathically to meet in Magneto's quarters, especially Jean. They walked into the room where they catch sight of Magneto, Xavier, SHIELD Director Fury, Mystique, Rogue, Wolverine, and a woman in a blue suit.

"Ah, Scott and Jean, I am glad you can join us", Xavier welcomes them.

"What's this all about, Professor?", Scott asks curiously.

"From what I am told, there is something that will be happening soon that involves us, particularly Jean, the heroes on Earth, and myself. This woman is named Irene Adler, also known in the mutant community as Destiny. Her ability is that of precognition", Xavier explains briefly.

"You can see the future?", Jean asks astonishingly.

"No one can know the future for sure....but I do see possibilities and I tend to guide down the paths. The timeline is fickle and anything can happen to drive it off its original course....but some events are so concrete across multiple scenario's that I deem them safe to assume to be what the future holds", Irene explains.

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"And you think one of your visions has to do with Jean?", Scott asks tenatively.

"I am most positive. And from what I have heard from Charles, it would seem Jean is pretty sure herself", Irene says she looks at Jean uncomfortably looking down to the floor, away from anyones gaze.


"I....the Professor thinks I have precognitive abilties to go along with my other psionics, Scott", Jean admits simply.

"I am more positive than ever after hearing what Destiny sees", Xavier confirms.

"If you don't mind, child, I wish for us to combine our gifts to have a clearer picture....if that is alright with you", she asks kindly. Jean remains silent.

"Jean, you don't have to-"

"I'll do it....I want to know", Jean says determinedly. Without further argument, Jean and Destiny join hands as she connects telepathically with Destiny's mind. Through their eyes, the world around them multiplies and expands among multiple possibilities. Further and further they see all possibilities and come to the conclusions regarding the future of their world. It was then in a godlike voice that Destiny spoke.......

"..........Mutantkind experience a surgence of growth....."

No Caption Provided

"...........the Rise of those who seek to control it.........."

No Caption Provided

"..........And a rise of those who seek to destroy them.........."

No Caption Provided

"..............Friends thought gone, changed for worse............"

No Caption Provided

"...............While enemies come together as before in times of hardship..........."

No Caption Provided

"............Birth of the future generation.............."

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

"............Under the thrall of madness........."

No Caption Provided

"............Madness from hunger..........."

No Caption Provided

".........Madness for power..............."

No Caption Provided

"..........Soon, history as old as time itself will resurface in our grand universe.................."

No Caption Provided

"...........and face judgement in the fire's of life, death, and rebirth."

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*at the docks of Genosha later that day*

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The man turns around to find Jean and Xavier coming towards him, Jean with a big smile on her face.

"Hey, Red. Come to see me off?", he asks her with a smirk.


"What?", he asks her confusedly. When he sees her glance at the man next to her, it becomes clear to him. "Oh....."

"What do you say, Logan? You don't have to be involved in our-"

"You can save the discalimer speech, Chuck. I am in", he says as he holds his hand out to shake Charles Xavier's hand.

"Very well. Then, it is my honor to welcome you to the X-Men, Wolverine!"

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End of Volume 1

(Thanks to all who made it this far in my story. I am glad it has been getting enjoyment out of it. You needn't worry. I don't plan on ending the series. This is a mere formality for me to note where to bookmark the each sections of the lore I create. I hope you all will continue to enjoy what I have planned. Until then, take care, guys, and be safe)