Epic X-Men #22

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Epic X-Men #22: Destruction From the Past

*X-Mansion; that same night*

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"Jean, we are gonna get caught", Scott laughed as she dragged him down the hall of the dorms on the women's side.

"Maybe, but maybe not. We won't take long. I just want some alone time with you and they won't find us with me screening us", Jean says with a mischievous smile. she opens the door to her room and pulls Scott inside and locking it behind her.

"Alright, Ms. Grey. What do you plan on doing with me?", Scott smirks.

"Well, I might start with a kiss or two, before the real fun begins. I also have some.....other thoughts about what we could do....", Jean says in a playfully vague way as she steps to him while putting her arms around his neck.

"Oh? What kinds of thoughts?", he says as he steps to her and wraps his arms around her waist.


"Huh? Did you say something, Scott?", Jean asks confused.

"Yeah. I said what kind of thoughts did you have in mind for us to do?", Scott repeated, not initially catching her confusion.



"Logan? Not....not the first thing I thought you would say......", Scott says as he tries to figure out what to say about what he thought she was suggesting.

Logan, what's wrong?, Jean asks with her thoughts to the man calling to her.

"Thank god. It worked! Jean, you gotta get Scott and yourself away from the school if you two are there! There is a dangerous meta-human headed your way and is aching to trash the place and that Xavier guy", Logan says in her head through their connection she had just forged that moment.

"Jean? What's wrong? Does it have something to do with Logan?", Scott asks with more worry after seeing Jean's silent concern expressed on her face.

Show me your thoughts, Logan. Who is coming? What do they want?, Jean tells Logan.

"....Alright, Red. I will let ya have a look, but don't waste too much time. There isn't a lot of time", Logan urges.

Don't worry, Logan. I won't pry too deep and it won't take but a second, Jean reassures as she delves into Logan's memory.

"Oh my god!", Jean says as her panic begins to set in.

"Jean, tell me. What's wrong?", Scott says after she expresses her fright.

"I will give you the rundown telepathically, but we gotta suit up! The Professor is about be in danger!", Jean briefly explains as she begins to run out the room.


*Subbasement: War Room*

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"You can't seriously think this is a good idea, Professor!", Jean exclaimed as the she and other students followed Xavier and Moira in the subbasement to the War Room. Xavier does not answer, but rather turns on the large monitor to put on different news casts that centered on a giant muscle-bound villain tearing through the town and fighting different supers that come his way.

"Please, child, you must understand. Charles and I want the lot of ya to live long healthy lives. Juggernaut is not like any villains you have come across. Not even like Magneto", Moira explains as Charles looks through all the news on Juggernaut's progress.

"But you just explained that Juggernaut's helmet is psi-proof and that he is nigh-unstoppable physically. How exactly do you plan on stopping this guy?", Scott interjects. Moira stays silent as she looks to Charles worriedly, knowing Scott is right about that particular detail.

"I understand your concern, children, but it is me that Cain wants. Its always been that way for the two of us when we were little. Marko cannot be reasoned with, no matter how you try. He thrives on the power he has and will flaunt it over you and enjoy every moment you suffer. You all have been wonderful students and I will cherish all the memories-"

"No!", Orroro interrupts Xavier's speech. "You are our mentor, true. You decide what's best for the school. Not our lives. We won't abandon you in this critical time, Professor."

"And what do you plan on doing to stop Marko? Please, just think about what ya lot are putting at stake by facing Juggernaut!", Moira defends.

"We are trained super-powered young adults, Ms. Mctaggert. I am well-assured we can come up with a plan with minimal casualties with proper cooperation from all sides", Hank chimes in.

"Besides, this is our home, now! We should be able to defend it!", Bobby says after Hank finishes.

"I agree with everyone else. We have the resources, the power, and the smarts to take on this douche! You guys just gotta trust us!", Warren says. It was at that moment that Xavier unmutes the news broadcast.

"....And here we have what looks like the Hulk taking on this newly revealed villain that is reported to be dubbed 'the Juggernaut'. Though Hulk seems to not be letting up, this Juggernaut character appears relatively as unaffected by every punch thrown by the Hulk. Will this Avenger defeat this terror on New York? Stay tu-"

Xavier mutes it once more before turning to the group, who all now have wide-eyed, shocked expressions.

"Well.....that's scary, but we are more than one super! We are a team! We can-"

"I'm sorry, Warren. But it should be clear by this that any plan to stop Cain is a useless endeavor. Your mission now will be to get Leech and Artie to safety. Moira and I will handle the Juggernaut", Xavier explains.

"This is so stupid! You stand a better chance with us. We can't just let my dumbass father get away with this!", Lorna gripes as the helplessness sets in.

"I know, and I wish there was another way. I trust that each and every one of you will be sterling examples for mutants long after your leaving", Xavier says thinking this would be the end of the matter. Little would he know that Emma would give Jean a look that would be the only sign of a different conversation that had taken place...until it is too late. It was then that Moira falls unconscious.

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"Moira?....Emma. Don't do an-"

"Sorry, Charles, but its been decided. You aren't in charge this time", Emma says with arms crossed as she already sets up intricate sets of mental restraints put on Xavier's powers.

"Do you really believe that you can do this to me, Emma? I taught you these tricks. I groomed you to the extent that you could do something this impressive. It doesn't mean I had given you every bit of my knowledge", Xavier says as he begins to with expertly unweave her traps. As he begins to drill at the mental wall, he finds it is suddenly being propped up by an unseen force, yet a familiar one...... "Jean?"

"I'm sorry, Professor. You left us no choice. Scott, we will keep our eye on the Professor. You start making your plan. Emma and I will keep tabs on our parts of the plan", Jean says as she lends Emma a hand at combatting their teacher.

"You heard them, team! Let's get moving!", Scott says after he nods to Jean.


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It is sun rise after a long night of preparation. The plan was set, with the exclusion of Beast, who was told to take Moira and the kids away from the mansion. If what Xavier had said was as true as it seemed, Hank would only be put in needless danger. So, after some back and forth, Hank agrees to leave with only the promise that everyone stay safe, specifically Bobby. Bobby scoffed at what he assumed was mistrust, but Scott saw something else. Something that was familiar to him. There was no time to dwell though with such limited time.

"Everyone in position", Scott said through the telepathic link set up by Jean, Emma, and Charles, whom eventually came around to helping after some fighting with Jean and Emma.

"Everyone looks to be in position up here, Cyke", Warren states as he survey's the area for signs of Juggernaut, while checking on Storm and Iceman.

"Remember, Angel-"

"I know, I know. Don't go near the big guy. Only swoop in to get our people out if they are injured", Warren says with a slightly annoyed tone.

"Very good. Marvel Girl?", Scott then turns his attention away from Angel.

"We are all ready, Cyclops", Jean confirms from the subbasement. "Stay safe."

"Same to you", Scott says with a smile before going back to his serious thought process. As everything falls into place, Scott suddenly catches wind of a distant thumping that gradually shakes the mansion grounds.

"Chuck! Guess who's home!", Juggernaut shouts as he breaks past the gate of the mansion. "Come on out and give your big bro a big ol' hug! We have so much to catch up on!"

As he walks forward, destroying any shrubbery, tree, rock, anything in his path, the plan commences. Starting with the general mansion defenses, from the very lawn, a turret opens fire on Juggernaut, to no effect visibly being made on the man.

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"I guess we're doing this the hard way. Good", Juggernaut says as he points his hands at the turrets and magical energy blasts shoot out and destroy the turrets.

"He shoots energy beams?", Iceman asks in shock.

"The powers of the Crimson Cytorakk are many like any magic from other dimensions. The power to wield magic though is entirely dependent on the imagination of the user, which as you'd imagine Cain has very little of. He prefers showing his strength over bettering himself, so you have little to worry about in regards to potential other abilities, but do keep in mind that he isn't only close range, Robert", Xavier says telepathically.

"He will note it, Professor. Storm, looks like you're up", Scott says through the connection as Juggernaut continues over a small moat.

"Really, Chuck? Is this the best you got on stopping the unstoppable? Might as well give yerself' up now. Make this easier on the both of us", Cain taunts as he casually stomps his way through the water. Before he could take a step out, the sky grows dark as thunder booms and lightning flashes.

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"Juggernaut! You have threatened our home and other innocents in your irrational bid for revenge! For this, you will face the wrath of mother nature herself by my hand! Face the true power of the STORM!"

As she made her pronouncement, Storm strikes the wet-footed brute with strings of lightning! To an outside observer, they would see a continuous flash like a twinkling star in the night sky. With such power, who would be able to escape?

"Not bad. Thor does this better, so how's about we just put a stop to this?", Cain says before shooting a magical energy beam into the sky. Thankful for Xavier's warning, Storm uses her winds to outmaneuver the beam. With his attention on Storm, Cyclops and Iceman come out from hiding and run on different sides of Juggernaut. Scott starts with simple optic beam at the helmet in attempt to end this quicker than usual.

"Ah, another brat coming in to defend you, Chuck? Pitiful", Cain says to himself before attempting to attack Scott. Before he could Iceman freezes his foot, halting him completely before he moves. "What the-"

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"Sorry, for the icy greeting, bud, but I can't let ya hurt my friend. Ready, Storm?", Iceman comes in from behind as he freezes the other foot to immobilize him briefly.

"As I ever will be, Iceman. Follow my lead and concentrate!", Storm commands as she reaches out to the water molecules in the air and in the moat beneath Cain's feet. Together, they quickly lower the temperatures until they froze Juggernaut solid.

"Hey, would ya look at that! We won! Now, how are we gonna get that helmet off?", Bobby says as the three gather around the frozen giant. Before anyone could give an answer, the ice begins to crack, the only warning before a wave of magical energy bursts forth, freeing Cain from his icy prison and knocking away all three X-Men .

"Was a good try, but no dice", was all Cain said as he continued down his path towards the mansion. He comes up to a series of ice walls set up by Iceman. With but a single punch, he knocks a hole in the first wall before moving on to the next. As he does, Cyclops and Storm groan as they wake back up from consciousness.

"Storm, how is Iceman?", Scott asks as he struggles to regain his balance.

Storm manages to get up and check on the still unconscious Iceman. She checks his pulse and looks him over for any major injuries.

"Still unconscious, but alive. No significant wounds, but they will still need to check him for a possible concussion", she answers simply before turning to the hulking brute pounding away at the ice walls.

"Angel, retrieve Iceman and take him to the nearest hospital. Storm, you and I will have to slow Juggernaut as much as possible, with the secondary goal of getting that helmet off", Scott says to the two of them through the psychic link.

"You got it, boss", Angel confirmed before swooping down and picking up Iceman. After he took off, Scott ran around the side of the ice wall, a little detail that Juggernaut did not think of due to his one track mind, to a side entrance into the mansion while waiting inside for the inevitable confrontation of the Juggernaut. Destroying the last wall, Juggernaut treks forward, only to stop at a lightning bolt landing in front of him, signaling Storm's arrival.

"If you think you I will simply stand by and let you destroy my home, you are more deluded than previously anticipated, villain", Storm says with high winds blowing her hair and cape wildly.

"It would be smarter if ya did back off. Look it was fun playin' with ya when ya first arrived, but now yer just gettin' on my nerves. Be a good girl and get outta the way", Cain says irritably.

"So long as I draw breath, Juggernaut, I. Will. NOT!", Storm yells as she summons a high winds to blow Cain back. He remains unmoved, but he found that taking a simple step forward had become a challenge by the high velocity of the winds.

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As she attempts to blow away Juggernaut, Scott comes out from his hiding place and starts unleashing optic blast after optic blast directed at the helmet in attempt to get it off. He tries to temper it to pin point where it will blast it off, making his shots stronger and more targeted with each time he closes his hands. Seeing the optic blasts not budging the helmet, Storm summons bolts of lightning from her hands on the helmet to help Scott get the helmet off.

"Okay, this is impressive. Thor was always real direct about our confrontations, but you? Heh, yer just doing everything in yer power to keep me away, with every power ya got in yer arsenal. Its futile, but I respect ya. Still, I have a job to do", Cain says before putting his arms out and quickly bringing them forward with a thunderclap.

The thunderclap is massive, managing to destroy the entrance of the mansion and knocking Orroro and Scott out cold. With a shake of his head from within the dome, Juggernaut continues to survey the mansions main and top floors for his step-brother......

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*down in the subbasement*

"SCOTT!", Jean cried out as she became alarmed at the sudden silence from above telepathically after she heard a physical boom.

"Keep your head in the game, girl. Cain will eventually find his way down and it will be up to us to get the Professor out as Polaris deals with him", Emma says as they hear another boom.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!", Cain yells, signalling his arrival to the subbasement.

"Emma is right, Jean. Until we get that helmet off, we cannot allow Juggernaut near any of us. I wish you all could have listened to me, but in the end, you all were right about my chances. Still, this result is exactly as expected. We can only hope that Scott will be fine", Xavier tells Jean as they wait for their cue as they watch Juggernaut on the monitor.

Meanwhile, in the hall, Cain had just arrived into the underground place, admiring the view of the shiny walls.

"Pretty sweet diggs. I see now where all the money went into for this place" Cain says to himself. As he is about to start searching the rooms, Lorna walks to the middle of the hall with a proud smirk on her face. "Oh great. Another one of you. Alright, what do you do, toots?"

"Win", was all Lorna says before making a simple gesture towards Marko. When she does, the walls creak and bend before attaching themselves to Juggernaut's body. Tries to fight and pull at the metal platings, but Lorna raises her other arm towards Juggernaut and the metal keep coming. "If you think you can change that, lughead, follow me!"

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As Cain pulls the metal off of his body angrily, Lorna runs inside the Danger Room. After running inside, she takes the moment to set up the Danger Room. As she finishes, Juggernaut crashes through the door.

Okay, Professor. Go!, Lorna says telepathically as she starts using her powers to throw more metal platings at Juggernaut to hold him off.

"You're clever, but ain't nothing gonna keep me from finding Xavier! Ya hear me?!", Juggernaut yells as he throws the metal at a turret, destroying it. Lorna then takes that opportunity to throw the debris from the destroyed turret at Juggernaut. It was at that moment that some metallic cords are shot out to wrap around Cain's wrists. Cain pulls them out of the walls, overpowering their pull. When he does, the cord whips at Lorna out of nowhere.

"Lorna!", Jean says aloud as the three are waiting at the emergency exit. "I'm sorry, Professor, I-"

"Go, Jean", Xavier tells Jean before she could apologize fully for her next choice. Jean then leaves Emma and Charles at the elevator and into the Danger Room. The sight she sees is Juggernaut raising his hands over his head in the middle of a destroyed Danger Room, ready to crush Lorna recovering.

"Stop!!", Jean yells as she uses her telekinesis to catch Cain's fist. "Lorna, run!"

Lorna looks up to see Juggernaut right on top of her, and follows Jean's advice to run to the exit, but not quite leaving Jean.

"How many of you twerps are there?!", Cain says after turning to see who it was that stopped him.

"Enough people who care about Charles Xavier. If you would simply get past your pain dealt by your own father, you would see-"

"Shut it! You have no idea who I am! What I been through! I am about at my wits end with you weaklings, but I don't want to deal with you suckers. I am gonna give ya a choice. Walk away, or get crushed!", Juggernaut says with clenched fists.

"You can go to hell!", Lorna says angrily as she begins to tap into the electromagnetic energy from her surroundings.

"Don't say I didn't warn ya", Cain said frustratedly.

"You are gonna regret coming here", Jean says as she rises off the ground.

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*On the surface*

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"Scott. Scott, wake up! Come on, kid", Logan says as he shakes Scott, who does not respond. The anxiety was unbearable when he saw Cain run on water toward New York. He should not really have cared what happened to this man or his girlfriend, but the guilt pierced through the exterior even after him giving a warning to Jean earlier. Granted, he should have figured out that neither would simply leave their school. He saw firsthand from both how stubborn they could be in standing up for each other and for what's right. It was admirable as much as it was completely foolish.

"Step away from the man, slowly!", he heard from behind him. He was caught off-guard that someone could sneak up on him, though to his credit, he had yet to face anyone who could fly. Turning around was none other than the man the media called Angel. "Who the hell are you? Are you with Juggernaut? The Brotherhood?"

"Yes, to the second, but no to the first. His name is Logan, also referred to as the Wolverine. He is also part of the reason Marko is running around smashing our home", Emma Frost says wheeling Professor X across the debris.

"And you have come to finish the job, huh? Well, you're out of luck. We X-Men look out for our own", Angel says with threat not so thinly veiling his words.

"Which is just as well, Angel, since he isn't here as an enemy", Xavier interjects as he studies Logan the entire time.

"Why would a member of the Brotherhood care about anyone who wasn't their own?", Angel asks, not quite believing even the telepaths words.

"Things are not quite as black and white as we see, is it Logan?", Xavier asks Logan. The man does not answer, or even look at anyone other than Scott and the exit off the school grounds.


*back in the lower levels*

The battle rages on as both women try their best to stop this raging madman smashing past every single one of their strategies. As the battle is prolonged, it becomes more and more clear of one simple fact that Jean wanted to believe wasn't the case. Xavier was right. Juggernaut could not be stopped and both Jean and Lorna had found that through some bullcrap magical excuse, his helmet was firmly set on his head. Until they could figure out how to loosen its grip and get it off, their lives were in great danger. Jean wouldn't allow someone else to fall because of her foolishness.

"Lorna, I have a plan and I need you to trust me", Jean says as she telekinetically maneuvers away from Cain's swipes at her.

"I really don't like the sound of that statement, but I am open to ideas", Lorna says as she shoots more metal at the brute.

"I need you to leave the area", Jean says bluntly.

"What the hell are you going on about? I am not leaving you with this guy? He is tearing through our defenses and ignoring our attacks. You can't seriously think I would leave you at this point", Lorna exclaims.

"I figured as much", Jean mumbled before reaching out to Lorna's mind and controlling her to run off as Jean blasts Juggernaut with telekinetic bolts to distract him. "I'm sorry, Scott."

With that whispered apology, Jean's eyes light up with power as she begins to hold Cain in place telekientically.

"You....think this will hold me, girlie? I am the Juggernaut, Chosen Avatar of the Cytorrak! You are way out of your league and I will show each and every one of you punks of how far out of your depth you truly are!", Juggernaut says as he glows with magical power. With that pronouncement, he starts to aggressively emanate waves of magical energy to extend his aura shield into a beam of energy working against the force of Jean's telekinesis. Jean assumed she wasn't coming out of this, so her plan was a last bid to give them a chance at ending this. With full determination, Jean reaches with telekinetic tendrils to the base of the helmet and pulls as she holds down the Juggernaut, trying to accomplish what none of the others could do. With a final yell, both unleash a blast of magical and psychic power mixed together in a single explosion.......

No Caption Provided


*on the surface*

"JEAN!!!!", Scott cried out suddenly. He then looks up to see Logan standing in front of him. He is confused for a moment before the panic sets back in. "Logan, its Jean, she...she..."

"What is it? What happened, Scott?", Logan says kneeling down to his level to check over him.

"No....Cain, you have gone too far, this time....", Xavier says with eyes closed and a tear falling down.

"Can someone please tell me what happened?! What's wrong with Jean?!", Angel bursts out worriedly.

"She was being a damn idiot!", Lorna says as she falls to her knees behind them, coming out of her trance-like state from Jean's manipulation. "She forced me out to deal with the Juggernaut herself. I didn't mean to....I didn't want to...."

"Professor....please tell me it isn't true. Tell me-", Storm pleads before the ground behind them begins to crumble on top of the subbasement where Jean and Cain had fought.

"NO, JEAN!!"

Logan holds Scott back as the man tries to resist and run to the pile of debris and destruction.

"This can't be happening. This can't.", Angel mumbles before taking off to survey the damage and search for Jean. Storm joins him in the air summoning her winds to lift certain debris from the area. As they continue their search, they hear moving chunks of broken wood and metal.

"Jean?", Scott calls out hopeful that maybe Jean survived.

"I am not sensing anything, Scott", Emma warns him, stopping him dead in his tracks as they watch the figure rise from the destruction. Stepping out from below the mansion was none other than Juggernaut, dragging Jean with him.

"No", Scott said under his breath as he watched Jean hang motionless by the grip of the man's massive hand by the hair.

"Scott, I sense a heartbeat and slight, yet slow breathing. She is still alive, but will need absolutely some medical attention", Logan says with a hand on his arm. For the moment, Scott felt a huge wave of relief before it morphs into pure anger.

No Caption Provided

"You....you absolute scum! How dare you......how dare you harm a hair on her head", Scott says with a trembling voice.

"Hey, I warned the girl-"

"SHUT UP! You don't have any right to speak to any one of us. You did all this to get revenge on someone for something they had nothing to do with. How much more despicable could a person be to blame another person for something that wasn't their fault and going around hurting everyone to get to that one person!", Scott yelled at Marko. The only response he got was a smirk of amusement. Cain then turns his attention to the man he had been searching for the entire time.

"There ya are, Chuck! I have been lookin' everywhere for ya. Quite the welcome party ya set up for your dear ol' brother, huh?", Cain says casually to his step-brother.

"....Cain, for too long you have been nothing but cruel to me my entire life. I had always hoped that one day you would see that what happened long ago was not my fault. I had hoped you would turn around and become a better person. I didn't want any of my students involved because I knew this was what would have resulted. Yet, they stuck by me because they knew it was wrong to just throw me to the wayside at your mercy. This stops now! Do you hear me?! From this point on, no one else is gonna be harmed by your hand!! You wanted me, brother?! Have the full-strength of my mind, you pathetic bastard!!", Charles yells as he sends out a blast of raw telepathic power. the power was so great that on physical level, it forces back Juggernaut briefly and it feedbacks off the helmet onto the other students.

No Caption Provided

"Gah, Scott.......... get everyone working together! I am blocking our minds from the psychic feedback.....but....the Professor is putting out as much output as he can, but the helmet is still blocking the psychic power. Get it off and Juggernaut is done!", Emma says telepathically to Scott.

"Angel, get ready to get Jean out of there! Storm throw Cain off balance with your winds. Wolverine, Polaris, I need you two to help me pry that helmet off his head. Just enough for me to blast it off of him", Scott tells them through the link.

So, the X-Men take off to commence Scott's plan. As Scott directed, Storm summons a great wind to blow Juggernaut off balance with assistance from the force of Xavier's telepathic blast. As they do that, Emma shields Logan's and Angel's minds as they approach the Juggernaut. Before they reached him, Polaris focuses her powers on moving different strands of metal and digging them into the base of Juggernaut's helmet. With a bit of force, she sees that to some extent, Jean succeeded in budging the helmet a bit, but not completely. So, she tries to pry it, only to find the metal bending from the force of her pulling and the immovable nature of the helmet sitting on Juggernaut's head.

It was then that Wolverine jumps from behind on Juggernauts back and digs his claws into the helmet. It takes a few swipes, but he manages to catch the tip of his claw between the part that separates the helmet from the armor, managing to dig his claws under the helmet a bit. Sensing the metal of Logan's claws, Lorna reaches out to the claws and helps Logan begin to pry open the helmet.

"Hey! What do ya think yer- GAH! Get away!!", Cain yells as he starts to feel bits of psychic pain from the opening. As he tries to reach Logan, he finds his endeavors are nearly futile one-handed and he ends up releasing Jean from his grip as he reaches behind him to grab Logan and tossing him away. It was that brief moment that Angel swoops in and carries Jean away.

"Juggernaut, you are gonna pay for the suffering you caused for everyone. This is for JEAN!", Scott yells as he unleashes the full energy of his optic blast at the helmet of Juggernaut. With the helmet finally loosened enough, the force of Scott's optic rage blows the helmet off. Cain begins to panic and charge forward to stop Scott, but can't seem to find a way forward as the culmination of Storm's winds and Scott's optic blast at full-power holding him back. On top of it, without his helmet, Xavier and Emma invade Juggernaut's mind. With no way of defending himself on a physical and psychic level, Juggernaut falls to the ground as he succumbs to the will of Emma and Xavier.

The X-Men won....but as they look at the destroyed mansion, it was a moment where they asked themself: "At what cost?"


*the next day*


Jean sees Scott enveloped in sunlight be the first thing she sees from her rather unfocused vision. She then looks around to find just a couple steps behind, right by the door, Logan watching the two of them.

"Logan? What are- what happened?....Juggernaut, what-", Jean stops as she tries to get up, only to feel a sharp jolt of pain.

"Easy, Jean. You're fine. Everyone is fine. After you did that really stupid thing, we managed to finally stop the Juggernaut, with Logan's help", Scott explained gently.

"You came to the mansion?", Jean asked the man behind Scott. They did not answer, though he did give a smirk and a wink before walking out of the room. Before Logan could leave completely, Jean sends a telepathic thank you to him. "So, what happened to Cain?"

"Well, after we defeated him with our collective powers, S.H.I.E.L.D came in and alerted us of a plan to send Juggernaut to a new facility Reed Richards had been building in an alternate dimension called the Negative Zone. It was also reported that Doctor Strange had traveled to Cyttorak's dimension to make a deal with the entity. The details are fuzzy, but basically, ol' Juggs won't be getting out to wreak havoc anytime soon. Even if he doesn't though, this encounter gave the Professor a wake up call to start integrating this kind of threat to our training regime", Scott explains.

"Good....speaking of threats, what are we doing about Magneto. He sent this threat to kill Charles, or at least distract him from something big. We aren't gonna let him get away with this right?", Jean asks worriedly.

"We will deal with it, but as you get better. So focus on resting and leave the planning with Magneto to those of us still capable of walking", Scott says with a smile.

With no further arguments, Scott kisses Jean on the forehead, which allowed Jean the cue to go to sleep.


End of Chapter