Endless Theory (Fullmetal Alchemist/Dark Avenger)

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This takes place during the weeks that Osborn spent his time recruiting.  Edward is the last member to join.


The constant knocking startled the man awake from a dreamless sleep. The dishevelled man, tired and annoyed slowly got up to look at the clock with a sigh.

"It was almost seven in the morning...", He mumbled with a groan. The silver sheen of metal could be seen underneath his clothes.

"Edward! Open up, yo!" He could practically feel the grin on the other side of the door.

The man, who looked barely over twenties didn't even bother to open the door, knowing the Agent would just let himself in. The apartment building of four stories was barely standing. It was an old place, standing in the dirty side of . Gangs, violence and dirty cops were the least of Ed's problems. His apartment only had a single bedroom, a kitchen and a small living room. It was enough for his basic needs. As he dragged his feet to the washroom, he heard the distinct sound of the door unlocking and the footsteps of a heavy set man could be heard walking his way.

"You look like hell," His black eyes shifted to look at the man behind him from the mirror, before looking at himself. Indeed, he did look crap, bloodshot golden yellow eyes stared back, barely open. From the constant glare of the sun, his skin turned dark shade of brown, hiding bruises and past scars. Blond hair that went all the way to his shoulder blades is messy and uneven.

However the most notable features is his right arm and left leg. Metal prosthetic arm and leg of unknown metal gleaned against the well lit bathroom, replacing his lost limbs.  

Overall, he looked like he ran through a crazy cat lady’s room with his pockets filled with cat litter. It was to be expected from the little sleep he got last night.

"Go away, seth." Ed muttered.

Seth was a head taller then Edward but stocky, and extremely built.

"You got two hours to get ready," Seth replied with a grin. "And you better make it by the time I’m done, can't miss the meeting." He eyed Ed for a second before he left without a second glance, knowing he would make it.

Edward grunted and glared at the retreating back. Seth was one of his only so called friends in this world, and he was to go to this 'meeting'. This world was alien to him. So different and complicated but he survived and adapted. As any lost former Alchemist should. His mind came to a grating halt at the thought.

It has been a long time since he became normal.

Getting his hair done after a quick shower, a small breakfast was eaten along with a cup of coffee. Locking the door behind him, he went down the old stairs and out the front door with his duffle bags stuffed with changes of clothes and other assortments. An old car was waiting for him, along with Seth behind the wheels.

"Right on time," Seth smirked and started up the engine. “Read for your new job?”

Edward didn't dignify that with a response as he settled in the passenger seat, a permanent frown etched in his face.


"So, what did you find out?"

"Nothing. And everything."

"Please explain, Miss. Hand." A trace of annoyance leaked behind his words.

"He didn't exist. He never existed in this world."

"Then perhaps he was from another dimension like..."

"Possible. I tested his blood sample during his flu shot.


"He isn't even human."

"So, he is an alien? A Skrull?"

Victoria Hand was at her limits as she stressed over this new predicament. She was an extremely calm and level headed person. However even she was at her wits end.

"A Skrull could imitate almost anything down to the last detail. But he is not a Skrull. He isn't a mutant either. Nor is he any alien life form that could be identified. This...Edward, he isn't human yet he is human. He looks exactly like a human should down to the last DNA but, his very structure is made of something else."

"Calm down, Ms. Hand. Judging from what little ability shown from the security tape, he could be extremely useful. And judging from his appearance, I know just what kind of type he is."

"Are you thinking of recruiting him?" She asked, a little curious.

“If he is useful,” Osborn, the head of H.A.M.M.E.R. gave a smile. 

“Then should I send someone?”

“It’s already been taken care of. We’ll be having this meeting shortly afternoon.   


“So when’s the meeting taking place?” Edward asked, a little annoyed with the lack of information.

“You just enjoy yourself, yo!” Seth replied as he paid for the motel room. “Strap on, enjoy the ride. It’s , man! When was the last time you enjoyed you’re time with the ladies?” He laughed light heartedly and handed him the keys to his room, leaving Edward to his scowl. 

His eye twitched, a little pissed off.

It was only next morning did he get the instructions from Seth. He knows someone is recruiting him. And they probably know what he is capable of. What he could be capable of. So that meant he got careless. It didn't matter.

Following the instructions to the letter, he walked towards the interview which took him thirty minutes from a cab.

And as he got closer, it was when he realized he was heading towards the largest building in . The former Avengers headquarters if his memory was right.

He was let in without a single problem. The security didn't even give him a second look before they let him in. They knew he was coming without a doubt. Edward smirked, a little curious. It wasn't long before he went up the elevator and through the door.

A quick glace was all he needed to absorb everything in sight. It was extremely large. Spacious lounges, a mini bar, pool table, a kitchen. It was where the rich lived and loved every minute.

However that wasn't what interested him. It was the people in it. And he thought the Armstrong was weird. These guys look batshit insane dressing up like weirdoes with colourful clothes. Sure, he saw many of them on action through the television. But to actually meet these guys only deepened his scowl.

It was of little interest to him since he could feel rather then see the swelling power, the oceans of powerful energy that some had, far surpasses his imagination. Especially the yellow costumed freak and hairy guy with an Axe.


Edward licked his lips and shivered from anticipation.

It was a large man with a symbol of white skull on his armour who first turned to face him. Narrowed sharp eyes watched him with an unreadable expression. The same kind of impression Scar often wore when something challenges his territory.

The one wearing the expensive suit, red headed and well turned to me with a charismatic smile. The woman next to him turned to Edward as well with a frown. Soon the entire occupants of the room looked at the new arrival with mixed expressions.

"You made it." The man spoke, assuming the red haired man was the big boss.

Edward’s scowl only deepened.