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~Seeing that the outriders have been arguing and confused for many weeks on changing many foundations of the clan, he left the town of maverick to finally bring an end to this ongoing conflict with the brood.

This is it, It has to be done, i dont want more of my people to die. Even if this means to sacrifice my own life for it.

He hears the steps of one lone figure approach, it is ES' lieutenant, Jason Redfield.

ES' turns around to meet with his fellow OutRider.

What do you want, Jason?

"Logan, what are you doing out here? its dangerous with the constant threats about!"

ES looks down,

Jason we have all changed since the war with the Brood, maybe it was the defeat, maybe it wasnt. No matter what it was that changed us, it made me doubt every single action i have made. From fighting our arcryn brothers and sisters to moving to louisiana i have been feeling regret.

"Different experiences have affected us all but we move on, we adapt, change is what is happening to us and yes we dont like it but we have to face it dead on or we wont survive."

Yes, but what if i dont want to be a survivor? running, fighting, barely eluding danger. That has been my purpose since escaping the government facility years ago. I want all of this to end even if it means my demise. I want the Arcryns to survive through you and the OutRiders because it is our responsibility for almost making our people extinct.

"wow, Logan you are actually ready to die. So this is the redemption that you have been seeking for all your sins."

Yes, I want you and the others safe, i will approach the human leaders first, then the brood to make a deal.

ES walks up to jason and whispers in his ear, he turns, and walks away leaving Jason shocked at what he has heard.

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~After many days of walking, ES finally finds himself at an airport. He buys a ticket to Washington and enjoys the flight for it will be his last.

This is enjoyable, tenant?

a young and attractive flight attenant walks up to ES,

"What can I do for y...."

The plane suddenly shakes and rocks side to side.

a bell rings and the intercoms on the plane turn on,

"This is your captain, one of our engines have just caught fire, we will be crash landing, prepare for impact"

ES unlike everyone else stands up and walks up to the pressure door, he looks out the window and his thoughts were exact.


He stares right into the eyes of the bug and it flies away.

ES walks right into the cockpit and grabs a parachute,

thanks for the flight

"Holy shit! its the ElusiveStorm! Dont Kill Us!"

ES gives out a small chuckle,

No, the ElusiveStorm you remember is dead.

He walks out the cockpit and back to the pressurized door, he concentrates for a second and charges his right hand with kinetic energy and releases a kinetic blast which blows away the door.

Before he is sucked out into the air, he looks at the people and whispers,

I'm sorry

two minutes later, He opens his parachute and looks back at the plane and sees dozens of humans flying out of the hole he created sealing their fate.

ES lands in the middle of a battlezone, the humans and Brood fighting like wild animals then suddenly look at the unexpected guest.

ES rises up from the ground, looks around and smiles.

He charges his hands with kinetic energy, releasing massive kinetic blasts that kill many of each faction.

ES reaches for two pistols, holsters them, reaches once more for an assault rifle and a bulletproof vest.

Lets get this done, I have a date with Mr. president
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