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Welcome dear reader to my fantasy. My world. Welcome to the land of Terra where if you're born you can master one of 10 elements. Fire, water, earth, air, light, darkness, Spirit, Mystic, Galaxy and Nature. In this world, you can go on epic quests, fight giant monsters and become greater than even your greatest heroes. What would a world like that be? Let's find out as I bring you a legend beyond imagining. Enter the Elementals: the leaders of this world would send Terra's greatest evils to a place called the Forbidden Realm. However one day a portal opened up in the sky and all the villains were released. The Elementals decided to recruit thousands of young specialists to fight in the war. Enter our main heroes: The New Elementals, 5 teenagers without a clue. But soon they'll realize that they'll be on the adventure of a lifetime.

Chapter 1: Start of a legend

Chapter 2: Dream Team

Chapter 3: Elementals Guide : Elementist

Chapter 4: Fooolish Glory

Chapter 5: Same Coin

Chapter 6: Endgame

Chapter 7: A story of Coronation

Chapter 8: An iron will

Chapter 9: Training Days

Chapter 10: Synchronicity

Chapter 11: Tales of Terra Part 1

Chapter 12: Tales of Terra Part 2

Chapter 13: Basic Straining