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Hi, elemental readers Donnie here, and this is my author's note. This will be a particular segment that will put a hold on whatever stories I'm doing to explain a concept that I believe would impede with the pace of any stories I'm working on. Right now we're focusing on elementals precisely the term known as elementist. I have thrown around the word a lot in my stories but I think now it's an excellent time to explore and elaborate on the term fully and the lore it has in the elementals universe. I swear I'm not running out of ideas.


In simple terms, an elementist is an umbrella term for anyone who gains an elementist license and is officially authorized to wield his or her element. The reason why it's an umbrella term is that there are as many jobs that can come from this. They can be workers, carpenters or most notably apart of the military. However, a small sizeable portion of elementist become specialist who is localized but highly respected members of the military that can be used for simple tasks and have much independence though they are specialists, who do get bumped up ranks or positions to serve the military best. However rogue elementist or more commonly called "rogues" are criminals that are often given jail time or time in the forbidden realm. Young people who discover there element(Usually at age 5 or 6) can use their elements but only in front of licensed elementist.


Thousands of years ago when the Terra was still young the provinces of Terra were much more separate than the way it is now. However, because of the rise of different monsters and criminal groups, the provinces decided to train several soldiers with their elements to combat this. When the time grew regulations and rights were added, and the concept became much broader.


As Aphele said in the second chapter usually the average elementist takes a full month of learning and training for two months. This time varies due to the circumstances of the assignment hence the low time for Aphele and the other Rangers (Terra such a lame name). To be fair to this only the best of the best got to go so all is fair. You can retake the course any time for some times. All around you have to be at least 18yr old and have a high school education (Brandon lied while being 17). They also need to be in a healthy condition. After the course usually, there is a graduation day for the class where their license will be submitted, and you say the oath.

"I promise to use my elements in service of Terra to and use it to help the citizens on her great land. I promise to devote my life to bring my light to this world to help make it better for future generations. "

Specialists, in particular, have permission to bear arms, kill, avoid paying the damage and even kill on special occasions through the intensity of these rules depends on their ranks.


There are thousands of schools to gain an elementists license. In the realm of the military, there are plenty of bases for recruitment and other purposes usually in the Earth and sprit provinces.While the light province have prestigious schools but unfortunately have a very limited accepted rate. Finally, there are three schools in the Spirit province as its famous for training new specialists. There are St.Leon St.Aquila and finally St. Baleine(Lion in Spanish, eagle in Latin and whale in French). Further education is highly suggested to take online classes and tests on the side on their archives to brush up their skills and keep their license.


While specific jobs have different ranks some of them apply to lots of jobs. For simplicity's sake, we'll talk about the military. For the sake of specialists usually a superior will give you rank directly or indirectly based on how well one completes missions and has grown overall. For specialists and some elementists go to certain schools to help gain a new rank.

Cadet-People who take the elementist classes the classes are very varied depending on the job.

Rookie- Like the name implies this is used in newbies who don't know much about their profession and are allowed only to perform menial tasks and e rank missions. Still, they have the fundamental rights of an elementist and specialists. They also must heavily memorize the manuals and online tutorials on their archives each day.

Deputies- a more advanced rank where they can compete in d and e rank missions and get special privileges. However, they must answer to superiors and must also be more active in at the UTF. It's a pretty strong and common title for elementist.

Officers- This is a particular tier where many people in Terra have an eye on. Officers are the most common specialists class and can take on c to b rank missions and can sometimes gain more fame and recognition for their deeds. This tier can be used to fight higher tier enemies and acquire the most responsibility. Usually, officers work on more significant missions with other teams and superiors. The privileges of specialist are at there highest are here. For those who will probably ask yes, the police aren't called officers they're called po-po or police. This is where elementist classes end as many tycoons work at this class.

Elite- Some of the most famous and powerful heroes make this class. They are extremely powerful and have much authority over their juniors. They also have more responsibility and duties to perform. A good example of this is Hybrid Cerberus. They also play multiple roles in the workforce with high prestige and fame.

Elemental- An almost pseudo-class in the world of Terra. The elementals are the most powerful and famous class. They are known for the fame and power and various immense feats of heroism. They were only 11 people to gain this status, but they are only ten known by most (it will be revealed later).

That is pretty much all I have to say on the elementist I will probably have more of these authors note for other stories at a later point. Thank you all for taking the time to read my work. I promise I will work hard on the next chapter of elementals any day now. So tune in because the Rangers(still a dumb name) newest quest will shock and amaze you and also possibly hurt Deon. Later guys and I hope you enjoy your day. This is Donnieboy16 signing off.