Elementals Deputy ch 6: The Wonderful World of Terra

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Welcome, all to Part 2 of this fabulous miniseries! Last time we focused on the history of Terra, and now we will be focusing on pretty much everything else this fantasy world has to offer. Let's not waste any more time and just jump right in.


Before I describe each of the provinces in length, I will be going into basic trends all across the board. Going into the full differences of every province would take way too much time, and I feel like under this current era, the world is far more connected, plus this is at the end of the day a basic overview. Of course, I'm not saying that all the provinces are lame (in fact I hope after this I do a far better job of bringing flavor to the various locations I make) it's more just the fact that in the Era of the Elementals a more unified Terra means a more unified world. Speaking of that, I just want to say thank you all for reaching this point with me as I try to further evolve Elementals to the best story it can be.


For the most part, Terra has fauna that is more akin to what you see on Earth that is unique to each separate province of Terra. However, a couple of plants across Terra do have mystical properties. Some plants have even fallen under the monster category itself though many of these fundamentals can be explained in my description of the Nature province.

Across the board, though, a monster is primarily a very narrow-minded description of every nonhuman group in Terra. Some humans have even gotten into heated arguments on the subject of the classification myself. While monsters are also capable of wielding the elements (most using it as more of a part of their biology than an actual power), only the strongest of creatures have been able to access the elements. Even then, it's' less likely to have the fluidity or control of a human. It was only really during the Awakening Period it took many decades and explorers to classify monsters into separate forms properly. Back in the Early Terra, many animals looked like many of the Earth-like animals in your world, but evolution took a very direct turn here. Mainly the two biggest distinctions of monsters can be brought down to 2 categories: sentient and animalistic.

A great example of these two types, respectively, can be found in the Hobgoblin and Salammandrian's relationship. Animalistic creatures have been known to be used as a form of cloth, food, rare item, pet, steed, etc. While more sentient creatures have an intellect above or below a human, allowing them to think, strategize, and 9/10 speak to humans. Because of the sudden change, it was only a matter of time many humans unfairly discriminated against sentient monsters, leading to a string of bloody interracial conflicts that peppered the Granius and Elemental Era. Eventually, this left the overall monster community fractured and vulnerable group that held only the smallest of territories.

After these two categories, monsters are further split up into four categories based on their shape or origin. Beastial monsters are by far the most common of the types. They effectively manage to display animalistic like traits in their body, whether they have a serpentine body, four-legged, avian-like, etc. Humanoid monsters are self-explanatory. These species closely resemble or are the size of humans. Ethereal monsters are the rarest type as they have no physical body or form to call their own, instead of being powered by their spiritual energy. While he is human, Alihain can be a great example of what ethereal monsters are one. Finally, there are artificial monsters or simply put human-made creatures similar to the chimeras.


In this current era, the Elementals are the leaders of the Terra, with control of their respective provinces varying between the province. Most of the time though they have a hierarchy of political figures to better represent and speak for the people.


Despite the origins of Terra, many people still debate on the existence of one true god. This has naturally led to numerous religions being made over the centuries, specifically 4. Terranity believes that Terra was originally a god who died to create this world, PolyElementa says that our universe was made by the elements personified in flesh and blood with Terra (the world) being their magnum opus in which they watch over every day. From the mystic province Liberteas( freedom in Latin), a philosophy that tells one to live life how you want it. The belief, in particular, was made by Trik after his exile from the Mystic province. Finally, there is the light province's religion: Purism. The belief stems light to be the apex of all elements, to the point of radicalism. In order of popularity from greatest to least is: Terranity, PolyElementa, Libertas and Purism.


Currently, the main currency of Terra is called units. While there are mainly digital credits in general precious metals and gems can still create a very nice profit, though.


Another one of the great benefits of the Grand War is that it vastly advanced the overall technology of Terra. General communication is held by archives that serve as phones. All of these transmissions are connected through the Mass communication Hub(or MCH for short), which connects to servers all over the world to give free wifi and clean communication to all parties.

Transportation in Terra is mostly done by speeders, a blanket term for automobiles in Terra. Most vehicles within Terra are powered by a myriad of energy sources (whether it be through etherium or your mana in some cases, etc) o.verall. However, most vehicles have a small hovering technology to give a more offroad experience. While hover speeders and boats are often used, hover jets are some of the rarer and more experimental vehicles in Terra. More rugged areas like the Nature province and Water province also use steeds to better transverse certain areas.

Like any period of conflict, The Grand War caused the manufacturing of dozens of weapons. Modern items like crystilia used to be a terrible poison, while weapons like the Ravager caused legendary tragedies. While many weapons come with their ammo, any specialist worth their salt has often used mana force to enhance their weaponry further. Many individuals have even used modified weapons as a way to better focus their elements through a medium.


Okay, I think that's just about it for this entry of Elementals Guide. I hope you enjoy my final entry of this 3 part series as this adventure continues ever forward.