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Great, looks like it's finally my time to metaphorically "shine" right? Well hello, readers my name is Lunaire and I probably going to die so fast you won't care enough to be invested. Usually, I sleep while listening to music using special headphones of calming music to soothe me. However, my doldrums was abruptly disturbed by the idiosyncrasies of a quotidian period called "morning." I crawl myself out of bed as the light harshly crept onto my pale skin. Tis a beautiful day to cry havoc and let loose the hellhounds of war on this fair morn. Ugh, sorry for the bad quote I'm a bit of a literary geek, so I tend to quote whether I like to or not.

Lazily I get out of my sanctuary. And out of nowhere, I'm hit the emotional tsunami of the people of the Beterano. You see an aspect of darkness is that it allows one who' unlocked it to feel the pain, the suffering, the desperation, the negative emotions of a person. And right now I felt a Tsunami of fear from the people. The reaction was understandable as today is a culmination of our near week being here. The Goblin King Vicioso, with his terrifying power, has acquired a weapon that was legendary power. And if we don't intercept him right now, it could be the end of everything. How could we hope to ever get out of this? How can we? I quickly push the wave of emotion and damn myself that I let that happen again.

I then merely did what I'd always done and put my headphones on as I carry out my daily activities. You see all the specialists have been a hotel all this time so as I made my way to breakfast another salvation. Immediately I'm exhausted by the hustle and bustle around the area. Everyone was eating like it was there last meal. And again I realize the poor choice words and curse at myself. Then suddenly I'm blindsided by a truly horrifying sight. Mai comes in and grabs my hand pulling me towards her table where my teammates were.

As you've probably hypothesized by now, I would be considered a little bit of an introvert you'd be right. Let's say I didn't join this war to be friends with anyone and for a valid reason. Still here grip was infallible. I would have phased, but if there was one rule, I wasn't going to break, it was using my element in cavalier ways again for a valid reason. She finally pulled me towards a small table with all of my favorite foods. Oh, yeah, and my teammates.

"We were wondering if you are ever going to get up considering the day I felt like you deserved some calm before the storm," her cheery smile was blinding.

I shifted my attention slightly to teammates. Brandon is practically choking on sausage (Gosh darn it not again), and protein shakes as fast as a jackhammer. Aphele had been eating a mixed meal of mostly fruits looking toward it with intrigue but mostly indifferent demeanor. And Deon with his arm now recovered was delicately eating a pancake-like every bite was like a grand conquest to put in his autobiography. Overall it was a lively group. Since I've spent the most time around them, I've begun to get waves of their little secrets. Like looking at people inside the fast-moving train. Collectively they all seem to have something to prove to themselves or others, a little chip that drives them. Aphele and Deon were exuding rivers of that. But Mai she was different her darkness was a small wisp with only one particular emotion: guilt in an almost silent whisper.

"You didn't have to do this."

"Well, since Deon and I are 100% yet I just wanted to make sure you 3 know we have the best of wishes."

"Exactly that is why I'm giving you the same gift I gave Aphele and Brandon. I humbly present you this," Deon said.

He pulled out his archive and started to send me a text, and soon I realize he had given me about 350.00 credits.

"No need to thank me."

Then I realize what is about to happen and all I can think of was.

"Thanks, Deon, if we survive this I'll be sure to use this," I said bluntly.

I enjoyed my tea and fruit (BTW I'm a vegetarian).

After our meal Mai hugged each of us whether we wanted or not as Deon simply wished us the best, we made our way to the square to go over the plan as Dwarf wanted to go to the square again to go over the plan. As we turn into the square with hundreds of specialists. But then I suddenly find an only thing more terrifying than even our current situation. Dwarf and Inferna had set up a wooden stand for themselves and on top of that connected a microphone to a bunch of amps. And Dwarf was about to speak. As I wonder what sadist would come up with an igneous torture method, I put my headphones on and blare my music, but it was all in vain as his first words were spoken.

It was so loud that nothing could be heard but eventually he "lowered" his voice to the point where it could shatter every window in the vicinity and only then did it finally lower to his usual excoriating voice.


And thus with our morale skyrocketing to our highest levels Aphele, Brandon and I charged with faction two like the heroes you've read in all those fantasy books. Guess our final climax was about to be set off.

Dwarf POV

Looks its time for me to take the reigns of this narrative. To keep things short, my name is Dwarf, a pure specialist with a simple goal. We rode on the back of salmandrians almost four at of time as we blitz our way into Vicioso's forces. However, before we charged into the battle, I decided to discuss with Inferna. Over the past few days, our interactions have been all business. It was understandable our first impression was bumpy, to say the very least. Plus I understand the fear of being a monster in the spirit province. Over the years, I had gotten pretty good at noticing the look. The visceral look of intolerance for a foreign existence unlike their very own and hating what they can't understand. It pains me some time to see that look, but I've learned to cope.

"So how does it feel to work alongside us pitiful specialists?"

"Nothing unites opposing forces quite like a common enemy. But it's only a matter of time before we go back to feuding."

"It doesn't have to be that way Inferna. If this war proves anything is that we need to stop being held back t the past. If we survive, Beterano still needs to be rebuilt. And I know working with you will make it so much stronger. "

"And how can you be so sure? What gives you the right to speak for them? "

"Because I was raised by humans and if they taught me anything if you look past the differences and fear. You'll find more in common then you think."

The comment gets to here as we ride on in silence. The silence is quickly broken as we are hit with a volley of blaster fire. Desperately I wanted to take out as many as possible, but I already know what I need to do. I use my hammer to block the lasers as the salmmandrain completely tramples the goblins and soldered ever forward. Inferna fired a host of fireballs into the crowd of goblins to make a path for us. Finally, we get to a vast blockade set up. On top of the colossal barricade was a powerful cannon that fires straight at my slammnadrain. It tries almost in vain but the sheer its upper right leg gets in the blast, and I find myself tumbling to the ground. Before another blast could hit me Inferna blasts a huge fireball destroying the turret, she then sets up a wall of flame between the goblins and me. As I recover, both of us face the group of goblins.

"Well at least we get a little exercise before facing Vicioso," said Inferena with an infernal smile.

At that point, I was more scared of Inferna then the actual goblins. Still, I only hope my secret weapon may turn the tide of the battle ahead.

Lunaire POV

One of the most underrated battles in the grand war was the battle for Polis (dust in Catalan) in the wind province. An army from the earth province was going to strike it so they could get to the wind capital. Polis was a small shantytown. The earth province is the biggest in all Terra with an army that is nearly unrivaled. Polis was outnumbered 3 to one. All of the specialists in Polis fought with every fiber of their being and managed to make the earth province give up they're frontal assault at the cost of Polis's destruction. Through grit and determination, they managed to defy the odds. I hope we can do the same as well.

Throughout our ride towards Vicioso, everyone had their elements just licking to get out. Unfortunately for me, I've never had the privilege of having my element be a part of me. Only a power I must call on. And call on I must act soon as when the blockade breaks down a volley of grenade launchers. Using darkness, I fade into the ground to avoid confrontation and instead spring back up from the ground summoning spikes to quickly subdue the shooters. As I saw them in pain, I feel a twinge of guilt, but I still stuff the sympathy down. Before the goblins could remobilize, two officers ranked specialists crumbled the ground beneath the oncoming threat and created a 20ft wall. Our bomb expert then gave out new orders.

"F1 Has sights on the Ravager! Let's go, F2!"

The Officers then performed a technique that was all too common in Terra. 2 officers one used darkness and one wind created a spiral shadow that again clears us a path towards the Ravager. Somehow through the chaos of it all, I stupidly trip, but out of nowhere Aphele and Brandon pick me up as we run. And then we finally see it: the weapon so dangerous that it was dubbed the: "Terra's wrath" in the "100 most dangerous weapons in history" by Dan Pine. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you our impending doom. And I realize how incredibly true that statement is as a sudden surge of mana appeared out of nowhere like some dominating predator. Spiked vines burst out of the ground to morph into a giant rose. And out of said rose stood Vicioso the Goblin King. Everyone on the battlefield stood paralyzed like they saw the arrival of a true king. He walked out of the rose with all the confidence in the world. He raises his hands with a cocky smile that makes me grimace with hate.

"I'm honored that so many have come to greet me on this beautiful day. Now sit back and bear witness as I bring the race of goblin to victory unsurpassed!"

To answer his claim, a rogue hobgoblin fired a fireball straight at Vicioso's head! He merely stood there as a wooden helmet covers his head. The fireball hits it, but he brushes it off like nothing.

"And to think I thought you hobgoblins at least had proper manners," he said sarcastically while waving his hand.

And with that motion vines burst out of the ground and started to strangle the hobgoblin! Everyone stood in vain as I sensed their fear, but suddenly Brandon and Aphele were about to step forward. Before I could even do anything, the vines are burnt to a crisp as Dwarf and Inferena stepped up to the plate. And as the three combatants stood in front of each other and they started to flare up their mana. Not to stare each other down, but to warn everyone around them of the impending battle.

Dwarf POV

Inferna had her entire body lighting with flame as Vicioso directly looked on with a cruel visage. Which made me more than a little worried but at least now the odds were in our favor. Vicioso then regained his regal composure and soon quieted down his mana to a much more pleasant and inviting aura.

"Aw, Inferna, and Dwarf, this day truly cannot get any better. My sworn enemy and my general nuisance all in one place! Come, let us discuss our current matters away from here. Lest you want the cannon fodder to interfere."

We both accepted, not wanting to continue the fight with the ravager buzzing and charging with power. Inferna looked to the specialists in the area and said.

"Fight on with everything you have. It's up to you," she said with unwavering determination.

"Don't worry Inferna they will be plenty occupied by my elite forces that shall arrive any second now. But you have a whole new set of worries now," he said with glee.

The 3 of us then move ever deeper through the forest far away from the seemingly endless series of battles. Along the while, Vicioso started covering himself in his earthen armor. We soon stopped as we realized the distance would be more than sufficient. The plain soon quieted the wild woods filled with monsters we had entered and further soothed by our footsteps. We continued our approach until we were all uncomfortably close with each other with weapons ready: my hammer, Inferna's sabers, and Vicioso's spiked club. Vicioso took in his surroundings.

"I wonder what the historians will say when they speak of the greatest goblin king ever to live."

"Hahahahahha! The mere fact you consider yourself a king is truly pathetic. The only power you have is that silly branch. And without that, you are nothing. You hold no real power," Inferna said mockingly.

"Trust me Vicioso this is just another battle, and you're just another villain, "Dwarf said.

His mana started to rumble like a volcano. I'll give you this his control over mana was exceptional.

"Power, by definition is the ability to make a change. And I've spent my entire life in pursuit of it. But I learned the absolute truth of power long ago. I realized in this unfair world; power can only be taken not obtained. It took every single cell in my body to obtain this title this power as my very own. And when you filthy hobgoblin sees my face as your last. Know that was my blood, my sweat my very spirit my Yggdrasil inventory was the thing that bested you utterly on your final day on this earth."

With his speech shaking us to our very cores, silence overtakes the forest again. Amid that silence, we struck at each other with our weapons in less than an instant as the resulting clash caused an echo that will be etched into Terra itself!

Lunaire POV

We, fortunately, can handle the rest of the goblins as our saboteur went to work. I decided to accompany him in the effort. He stomped on the ground and caused the field beneath the Ravager to dissolve like sand on a beach. Considering how slow the Ravager can be already, it's almost entirely immobile. However, my general worry wasn't eased with its cannon was glowing orange with blue electricity emanating from it. The true scope of our mission hit me hard. My breath grew shorter, and little wisps of shadow started to build up in my body — only the sound of a sturdy wall of the earth being summoned breaks out of my breakdown. After the wall is set up through our saboteur was heaving.

"You shouldn't be spending your mana like we still got a fight to win, "I said dominantly.

"Just making sure that our side has the best start possible," he said charismatically.

"Fine, then at least let me give you a hand."

I shot out a tendril of shadow to lift us to the top of the Ravager. In the aftermath I could hear the We opened up the hatch to the Ravager and kindly ejected the goblin driving it outside. As saw into the dark chamber as the officer got to work. As I saw him tinker around with the machines minutes turned into seconds as he out of nowhere grew frustrated and ending this by saying.

"Damn it!"

"What's wrong?'

"This Ravager has been tampered with! We can't shut it down while it's activated without a goblin here. And we only have 15 minutes left before Beterano is vaporized.

Dwarf POV

After our clash it ends in a stalemate as all of our weapons didn't give any of us ground. We soon break off each other, and he used his club to propel himself back 40ft. Vicioso's club disappears and raises his hands.

"Yggdrasil inventory : Multi splinter spear barrage!"

She fired a volley of wooden spears than Inferna, and we are barely able to parry. Each one that touches the ground it creates a small crater. Inferna gives the signal, and with my hammer, I launch her into Vicioso's direction!

"Yggdrasil inventory:multi layer bark barrier!"

Three 20ft tall walls made of wood were summoned while pressed against one another. Inferna sailed on in the air with her mana flaring up to meet the challenge.

"Swirling inferno!"

Inferna spiraled into flame, creating a tornado of fire that meets the barrier! An explosion takes place as I make my way towards the goblin king, but I saw that Inferna was lying on the ground with Vicioso's splinter spears about to dive it into her head. I go into overload as I employ the heavenly hammer arts: Fling Fury! I tore through the bark barrier and used the debris to end Vicioso. He summons another bark barrier, but that gives Inferna time to parry his spear and stab his helm.

"Turning your attention away from me will be your undoing Vicioso!"

He then summons a host of vines from the earth to pull her back. She cuts through them quickly and guards against a stab which sends Inferna into the barrier. Before Vicioso could finish off Inferna with a powerful pierce. I finally break through the wall to divert the path of the piercing. We exchanged into a multitude of pierces with each parry forcing my hammer to spin even faster. It all comes to a head as I get to the position. The hammer finds itself resting on my shoulders with my muscles being pushed to the absolute limit as I unfurl one of my aces in the hole.

"Revenge strike, "I said solemnly.

The hammer flies off my body, and like an extra limb, I control all the power of Vicioso and unleash it on his right shoulder right back at him. The blow is as loud as thunder, and it sends the goblin flying with the sound of a few cracks. Most satisfying home run ever. After Vicoso stops tumbling, he gets right back up with him howling in pain as his body; I could physically hear his bones cracking. When he recovers, he looks back at me with a pained laugh.

"I was hoping to save my mana, but your strength is truly daunting. I guess I'll have to start getting serious."

"That was only the first of many Vicoso, "I said.

"True but then again, conquest is not savory without any challenge. Yggdrasil inventory Shrub club and Excalibranch!"

His armor morphed a club and sword and with his regal demeanor vanishing he rocked off towards us with a murderous edge!

Lunaire POV

I heard a terrifying howl coming from outside the Ravager. I'm then hit with a sudden wave of rabid hunger and untamed wrath. I then went to a terrifying conclusion.

"What was that? Sounded like a Lupi(wolf in Latin)."

"This is bad! Those bastards had one last trick up their selves!"

"What are they doing?"

"I think they captured some of the strongest beasts in the forest and turned them rabid and starved and drugged them. I feel their pain; it's like a tidal wave of mindless anger."

Wisps of darkness started to form. The technician then approached me and said.

"Hey, Hey calm down we're going to survive this. I need a cool head to work on the ravager for me, and you seem like you got a good head on yours."

I started to calm down as my mind almost automatically pulled the embers of information I had acquired in the book I came up with a conclusion that might work.

"Would it be possible to mess with the cooling vents of the Ravager? Maybe I could make the Ravager overheat?"

His mind pondered over my statement, and a smile grew over his face.

"I would kiss you right now if we didn't have a town to save."

We made our way out of the Ravager and towards the top of the canon which was shaking with tremendous untapped power. Along the way, we had seen a good look at our allies on the battlefield. It was going bad. A squadron of Lupi, basilisks,stymphalian birds were entirely gaining an advantage. Aphele and Brandon were running like madmen like a couple of officer level specialists were holding them off, but it was too hard to tell. Their sheer ferocity was distracting me like listening to a loud house party a couple of yards away.

"Okay, you need to follow my instructions to the letter. You need to use your darkness to help me find the vents and exhaust ports plus use them to destroy the wires to overheat it."

"Wait for me? I'm going to stop the Ravager? But."

"Lunaire we got like 12 and a half minutes now is not the time to argue!"

I relented, but before that could happen, He suddenly pushed me out of the way of 20 sharp feathers from a rogue stymphalian bird. Awe fell towards the earth only for me to use my darkness to give us a safe landing. I saw that his body was a mess. He had taken five daggers like feathers 2 in his back one on his hand one on his arm and two on his abdomen. I wanted to tell him how stupid he was for doing that, but I knew the truth. Between the storm of emotions and my distraction, there was a good chance that I would have gotten hit. It was in that moment I gave in to the madness as my entire body enveloped itself in umbrage horror.

Dwarf POV

Using his club, the avaricious king propelled himself to kick me, but I guarded against it. He turned his attention to Inferna, who dodged a volley of blows. He hit the ground so hard that it created a little smokescreen, but she was still able to counter an oncoming pierce with a fireball and stands her ground. I was about to slam my hammer down, but he parried the strike and knocked it away with his club. He followed with an oncoming slash about to come and chop my head off! However, I didn't get to be a specialist for this long without having a trick or two to fall back on. I stomped the ground so hard that it dissolves and use the momentum to flip out of the sword slash and spin myself around to knee Vicioso!

He sadly blocks the blow with a predatory glint in his eye. He waved me off, forcing me to back up, but unpredictably he hit batted his sword right into left shoulder! My body erupted in pain as I stumbled. Each throb made me hiss in pain as Vicioso was no done with me. Like a mere animal, he walked over to me with a hungry look of bloodlust. There was no eloquence, no festivity he was fighting as desperately as possible, and that honestly did scare me. However, before I could fight until my last breath, Inferna used the time to unleash another one of her powerful techniques.

"Fireball barrage!"

Four huge fireballs turned Vicioso and the entire surrounding area to a canvas of ash. The intensity of the flames roared with fury and even made my skin sweat and blood sear.

Inferna approached over to me.

"Are you all right. That looks bad."

"Yeah, nothing a little tune-up won't fix," I lied.

"Fine, then I'll take you-"

She stops as I feel what she is feeling. Amidst the fire, we saw an orb that was starting to poke out mana that looks like green flames.

"How much power is in that branch of his? And are those vines?"

Her observation was proven correct as Vicioso unwraps the ball with such speeds it blows away the flames covering them. They were far longer and stronger than the others, but they had thorns. We could now see that his mana was now visible in the form of a flaming green hue. He was kneeling from the sheer exhaustion that the heat provided but with pure willpower he got back up as his now glowing green eyes displayed pure raw certainty. Like everything he surveyed was within his grasp to attain. But he spoke out a couple of words that brought fear to Inferna and me.

"A valiant effort but not good enough. Now disappear. Yggdrasil inventory: VIOLENT VINES BLOSSOM!"

Fighting through the pain, I get up and jump as far as possible with Inferna wrapping a chain scythe around us to keep us connected. As we tried to escape the wrath of 8 spiked vines that whipped around as fast as a tornado demolish everything around us.

Lunaire POV

The only way one can obtain the element of darkness is to walk the path of tragedy. I should know better than anyone. I don't remember exactly what happened but a group calling themselves the Phantom Pirates invaded my town. The entire darkness province was a slum area. They stole a couple of the populace and forced us in slaves. I was like six maybe 7 when that happened. The only thing I had learned was to keep my head to the ground and work hard, but all it took was a tiny mistake, and I was back at square one. The only thing that kept me sane was a woman called Haven. She was a bit of a troublemaker, but she made a lot of those moments fun.

That came to a turning point when she framed me for stealing something from the pirate's captain. As punishment, he made an example of me. He put me in a well to starve to near death. I repressed it a lot, but I still remember the scars it's left on me. Hunger, desperation, fear, despair, anger revenge. And not only did I unlock the power of darkness but became submerged in it as I entered the state known as Feral eclipse. When the users of the darkness are pushed to the emotional extreme where they step into the abyss. And some never make it back out.

Next time I wake up I find myself away from that awful place with nothing but screams in my head for so long. Eventually, a roaming specialist found me and got me adopted and using what little info I could manage to bring down a good portion of the pirates. I never saw Haven again or my parents. It took a couple of months, but I found some foster parents who took me in. I loved them dearly as if they were my very own. But I was distant, afraid I would go into the abyss once again. I buried myself in facts and figures because they were cold, detached, absolute.

And now finally you're probably left with one question. Why would a broken girl like me strive to be a specialist? That answer was simple because I was tired of being afraid of keeping up walls. Because I thought I could find strength in the journey and find darkness. But now it seems I'm on the very cusp of the abyss once again when an entire city is teetering on the edge of destruction. A part of me wants to go into the abyss, but then I remember the lesson that my parents taught me.

"Whenever you feel like your world is falling apart use others for inspiration. Lunaire your power can be a gift in disguise. So many people face hardship every day, but through that pain, they become stronger people. You get to see so many of the stories that you love to read in motion. Draw strength from that, and you will be so much stronger than you can even imagine. Remember Lunaire."

I remember the guilt and frustration of the chips and flaws of my new teammates. But I also see the good they want to achieve their strength, kindness, and ambition. I grab on that tether and pull myself back

Dwarf POV

When I regain consciousness, I still feel pain. It felt almost like days, but I gain a full view of my surroundings. I was buried beneath woods and trees with only a little light right above me. Small cuts stung my body as I finally have time to pull the now broken sword from my side. It was about as painful as you'd imagined. With that, I knew that I was too injured to continue fighting Vicoso so I instead whisper to Inferna in hopes we can plan and strategize.

"Inferna, are you here, are you okay?," I said weakly.

"Barely, my left arm is basically useless now, and my entire body aches but can't fight properly. Plus my swords are gone. That damn goblin."

"I'm not much better, but I think I got something that might help."

"And you choose now to unveil it!"

"Hit me later, but I usually didn't have the time to use it. Last time I used it I got hurt a little. My hammer has an incendiary weapon that can be launched from its tip. If we're lucky and if we blitz him we can win this day. Just get me to it."

"Fine, giant like I have a choice anyway."

Summoning our remaining strength, we then burst out of the ground as we stood over the aftermath of Vicioso's attack. It had utterly torn to shreds a couple of yards of the forest in front of us. We met Vicioso as I made a desperate run towards him. Every step in my fragile race caused twinges of pain, but I moved ever forward. Inferna using her chain scythe ignited it turning it to an almost lively demon and used it to distract him through a couple of strikes. The Goblin King in return used his vines to try catch Inferna, but they were slower giving her enough time to avoid them. It seems Vicioso was on his last legs as well. Still, to keep the pressure up, I grab a huge tree that was cut down and used it as a bat to hit the goblin king! He then turned his predatory eyes toward me. Crap. He uses the vines to pull me towards him and slams my boot against my chest.

My head is seeing stars but using a desperately I grab a rock and throw it at Vicioso's helm. I also use the last remaining strength in my arms to push myself out of his grip and jump back revealing that Inferna had finally secured my hammer. Vicioso prepared to kill me with a splinter spear, but Inferna threw the hammer to me, and I block the blow. I roll to grasp the hammer and wield it to reveal the tip of it that was about to be fired. In one fluid motion, I aim it straight at Vicioso's heart! The tip embeds itself in his armor and soon explodes. Before I could be caught in the mayhem Inferna took control of the flames and controlled them. The flames swirled around him in a ball that condensed violently while finishing off in a grand gesture that causes the swirling flames fire to trail off.

Smoke billowed from the resulting attack. Minutes passed, and I thought the battle was finally over. Inferna and I started to laugh from the relief of victory, and the vanquishing of our opponent. As we laid there hoping that our comrades in arms would destroy the Ravager in silence.

However, that silence was interrupted as almost automatically my body moves to protect Inferna from 2 splinter spears that enter my backside!

Lunaire POV

With newfound found determination and a plan, I use my phasing to save Brandon and Aphele from an oncoming snap of a Lupi's jobs. And bring them to the forest. I immediately grew tired as phasing numerous people was exhausting. Through my vast gulps of air, I explain my orders.

"Aphele, we've got 7 minutes before that Ravager explodes I need your element to scan the Ravagers vents so I can delete them. Brandon gets this man to a medic fast."

"I don't know if I can do that. I can barely make constructs as it is how do you expect me to."

I gave him my most challenging look, and he relented. A Brandon moved it didn't take long before Aphele, and I are back on the Ravager, and we discuss the way we can prevent Beterano toward evisceration.

"Aphele listen to me very carefully. Whatever that is that makes you create metal. I want you to hold on to that feeling. Break down that feeling and simplify it until it was ordinary. To the point like it's like everything else. And focus on those similarities and tell me every little detail. Can you try and do that?"

He nods as he does what he does while closing his eyes. Every minute ticks by like an eternity until Aphele says he got it and points towards the locations. Using my darkness, I instantly sever the cords that stopped the Ravager from overheating. Almost immediately Like a tea kettle in a stove, the Ravager grows so hot that it nearly burns through my clothes. The energy goes completely haywire as it loses its shape. With the rumbling of tremendous power, I was able to come up with an accurate conclusion — time to jump ship. I use my darkness to grab Aphele and dive straight into the earth.

Phasing through the ground is like diving into a black ocean. You don't know where you're going but just a sense of places. Sometimes it's comforting in a way just being submerged within your small domain but ever still I feel the trembling of the Ravagers destruction, and as I made my way up, I knew I was going up to a successful mission completed.

Inferna POV

In my youth to become queen, I've been taught many a lesson. To be brutal never to stop to always aim for the top. I was taught never to relent never to regret your actions. And so far in my life, this is my 5th regret. Dwarf almost instinctively used his body to shield me from the attack of the goblin king. And as he laid there coughing and struggling like a bug after being stomped by a boot. This ally I barely knew that I thought had merely used me for my power bled for me. And as my tears turned into wrath, I now knew who would also bleed for me.

I turned to Vicioso whose armor was nothing more than burnt wood now. I decided to give him a lesson more painful than death. In one fell swoop, I kick his armor in which he used what power he had to shift the armor to where I hit as he crashed deeper into the forest. With his pathetic branch shattered, I grabbed one of the swords that I had lost in the middle of my struggle and unleashed my attack.

"Infernal tempest!"

My sword turned into a flaming tornado, and I slashed it across his right hand! Vicioso screamed in pain with his eyes crying with hate and anguish as he goes into shock. I didn't bother checking if he was alive as I went to help Dwarf into recovery. His safety was more important than that filth and with his branch gone Vicioso was a threat no longer.

Lunaire POV

By the time the day was done we had a total victory. The goblins were defeated utterly, and most of our supplies were taken back. We had our major fatalities as well, and we honored our dead. Dwarf was alive, and Vicioso had escaped but just this once I decide to look on the bright side. With our victory I partied like I had no regrets, dance like nobody was watching and thought about the what if. And next time I wake tomorrow I decided to do what my parents told me. I decided to make a journal and write my own story. Something tells me that it was going to be a special one.