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Good morning Ice Falls! Our word of the day is vast. "The desert is vast yet whispers tell of snow beyond the dunes." And now the news. Today a visitor came into our humble quiet town, how exciting! What does he want? How long will he stay? Who will be the first to tell him about our strict anti-smoking laws? Only time will tell neighbors and it is quite exciting indeed. Today Jon Stewart the farmer over at the foothills of mount Brisktall saw a cloud! He said and quote "It came from beyond the mesa with a howling scream of lost languages and dark secrets, it moved with urgency in the shape of an eye and thoughts of suicide sounded mighty pretty." wow, hopefully this cloud moves a little south so we can get some shade from the mucho hot sun! Here's a bit of music for your drive to work Ice Falls we'll be back with you soon!

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Ice Falls, ironic name for a town in the middle of a southwestern desert. I arrived here last night a bit late after the long taxi drive from the university. The man at the counter had deep sunken in eyes and red almost raw lips, he was dead eyed and answered with a yes and a no every once in a while. His balding head was scabbed and grey with blotches of brown appearing around the wrinkled contours of his cranium. Must have been a politician before deciding to go into the more complicated career of managing a shitty motel. Hopefully I won't find anything in this deadpan, and move on to follow those rumors of a werewolf cult in Alabama. Werewolfs, now there's something I could get used to they make sense unlike all the bull I've heard about this place. I guess will find out how long i'll be checked into this psycho recreation tomorrow...

This is a teaser for a oc series inspired by H.P Lovecraft which will have a full issue tomorrow. Hopefully this got someone a little hyped for my poop writing, I swear it'll get less mediocre.