El Diablo of the DC universe as portrayed by Jay Hernandez

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So still organizing my thoughts on everything for my fanfictions though the headache is gone so this is easier now. I'm trying to understand El Diablo a little better. I saw Suicide Squad a few years ago and fell in love with the pyro. The fanfic I'm going to be writing takes place in an alternate universe where Amanda Waller dies in the crash and El Diablo survives the fight with Incubus. I know I want him to save my leading lady and kinda have an idea how just not why she needs saving. (My mind instantly kinda goes to Meg from hercules there). I know I want him to use full body contact when he saves her. I know it's going to happen either on a moving bus or a moving train. I haven't decided if I want her to be a metahuman like him or just a "normal" human. The hardest part is figuring out like what kind of partner he'd be.....like in and out of the bed, especially after the events of Midway City.