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This story is about an evil version of the Avengers known as the Conquerors, like the Crime syndicate of America in DC comics, in later chapters I will introduce their sworn enemies, the good version of the masters of Evil known as the Guardians of Good. The first chapter is the story about how the original members get their powers, so without further a due I give you the Earth’s most dangerous super villains Conquerors!-

Conquerors: Chapter 1

The story of the Conquerors begins in Hungary where a Biochemist Hank Pym, while on holiday witnesses the murder of his wife, Maria Pym. Not being able to handle his wife’s murder, Hank Pym had a mental breakdown, something he never really recovered from. Blaming the world’s evil nature for his wife’s murder he threw himself into his work in hopes of finding a way to turn himself into a weapon so he could get his revenge, this led him to discover what he would call ‘Pym Particles’ which allowed him to alter his size. Deciding to use the particles to make himself grow since he could do more damage this way, he became a highly dangerous super villain, called Atlas.

At the same time that Hank Pym started his criminal career a woman called Janet Van Dyne suffered her own tragedy. While visiting her scientist father, Dr. Vernon Van Dyne, she witnessed him being murdered by an alien brought from another dimension during one of his experiments, the creature then managed to escape jumping through a window. Traumatised by this Janet contacted her father’s former associate, Hank Pym, hoping he would help since to her despite his criminal activities he seemed like someone who would understand her need for revenge, also she doubted there was many people who would help her get her revenge. When she confronted him while he had been robbing a bank she asked for help to get revenge on her father’s murderer, he was intrigued and heard her story. Deciding to help, partly because he saw himself in her when his wife was killed and being attracted to her, he granted her superhuman abilities using Pym particles and a biochemical procedure to get her revenge and after she decided to call herself “Hornet” she and Atlas went after the alien, killed it and decided to stay together as partners in crime.

Mean while, out in a desert in New Mexico a group of military scientists in an army base were creating a new experimental gamma bomb, the project was led by Dr. Bruce Banner who was also dating Betty Ross, daughter of General “Thunderbolt” Ross, the man in charge of the army base. Not wishing his daughter to date a scrawny wimp like Banner, he convinced her to break up with him. This rejection greatly upset Dr. Banner causing his self-loathing and resentment of other people to become more prominent. When he began testing the gamma bomb Dr. Banner saw someone on the test site, he went out to save the person though not before ordering his assistant, Igor Starsky, to stop the bomb detonation. However his assistant was a soviet spy, who detonated the bomb in hopes of killing Dr. Banner so that America would lose one of its top scientists, however instead it transformed him into a monster, a monster whose form was based on Banner’s self loathing and resentment of people which created Fiend. When he transformed he immediately attacked the army base, killing everyone there, including Betty and General Ross. He then continued his rampage across America.

Later on a Doctor called Donald Blake felt compelled to go to Norway, while there he met a Norwegian called Magnus and together they saw what appeared to be scout ship for an alien invasion. The two men ran in to a cavern in fear where they found what appeared to be a stick. Unbeknownst to the two in the cave the stick was really the mystical hammer Mjolnir in disguise and Donald Blake was Thor though he had no memory of this, see after centuries of fighting evil Thor had developed a large ego, wishing to teach him humility Odin made Thor mortal and gave him the identity of Donald Blake, he lived this way for years until he was ready to wield Mjolnir again. Before Donald even came to Norway Loki had discovered the location of Mjolnir and had attempted to lift the enchantment on it that only allowed the worthy to wield it so that he might gain its power, he had been doing it from a distance so he wouldn’t be caught by Odin, he succeeded but not before Donald and Magnus had discovered Mjolnir. When Donald and Magnus entered the cavern and spotted the stick, the entrance became blocked by a fallen bolder. Aggravated Magnus grabbed the stick and struck it against the bolder in frustration; this action transformed the stick into its true form and granted Magnus the power of Thor. After getting over the shock Magnus escaped from the cave and used his new found powers to fight of the aliens but afterwards instead of using his powers for good he decided to use them for personal gain, starting with conquering Norway.

The final piece of the Conquerors puzzle lay in Afghanistan where Tony Stark, the CEO of Stark Industries (a weapons manufacturer) was at one of his munitions plants testing new technology for the military when he stepped on a land mine which blew up, injuring him as well as blowing shrapnel into his chest near his heart. He was then captured by Raza, a local terrorist leader who checked his papers and found out that he was the CEO of a weapons manufacturing company, he also found out about the shrapnel in his chest when is doctors examined his physical condition so when Tony Stark awoke Raza told him to make him a powerful weapon and in exchange he would have his surgeons remove the shrapnel from his chest. Raza gave him an assistant to help, his name was Yinsen, a noble prize winning scientist. Instead of making the weapon Raza wanted the two instead created a suit of mechanical armour they intended to use to escape, however they were found out and when Tony was trying to get in the armour Yinsen hid in the corner instead of helping. Raza saw Tony’s armour and after separating him from it, put it on himself and tested it out. Loving the power the armour gave him he tried to force Tony Stark and Yinsen to make him more, Tony refused to work and ended up being killed by the shrapnel in his chest. Deciding to use the armour to take over the country (having started calling himself Iron Lord), he had Yinsen and other captured scientists attempt to recreate his armour for an army (though they were unable to make armour as effective as Tony’s) as well as make improvements for his which they did, with his armour and his growing army of ‘Iron Soldiers’ he started his conquest of Afghanistan.

Note: if you are interested in what is happening with other superhero teams at this time then read future stories .

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Woo, starting with Hank Pym as it should be. I'm gonna enjoy reading these.

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I like it but the Magnus/Thor needs a tad more clarification I feel. I'm waiting for them to discover a long frozen Nazi who joins the team and wham!

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If you want to see the evil captain america then keep reading.

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Cool. My guess is Magnus is Magneto with Asgardian powers but I feel it needs some clarification. Other than that good job man

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Nice intro! So dose this mean Loki, Baron Zemo & The Abomnation are good guys? This would be an awesome series man, Do it!!!!

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This one...it's good

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good job