Earth In Chains - Part 7

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This Fan-Fic is rated T, also if you havent checked it out here is Earth In Chains - Part 6  If this is your first time reading E.I.C. go here>>> 1


 (Beneath Gotham City – Abandoned Batcave)

A light miraculously came on, illumination the cave. "Where in the hell am I?" Tommy looked around at the many walkways all over the cave. Then there was a swift wind, and he was struck down by a multicolored blur.

"Ah!" Tommy grabbed the blur as he fell, and whipped it onto the ground with him. He and another boy collided onto the concrete. The other boy was on his feet first, but Tommy kicked his kneecaps and put him on the ground again.

Tommy then grabbed the boy by the collar and rammed against a wall, holding his knife against the guy's throat. "Who are you?" He demanded.

"Chill out man!" The red-haired guy pleaded. His hair was spiked back, and his eyes were a bright, energetic blue. He was extremely thin, but had long legs built for running. He wore a silk red and yellow sports jacket over a pair of blue jeans.

"What is this place? Who are you? Why did you attack me? Answers, now!" Tommy barked.

"Well put the freakin' knife away and I might be a little more cooperative!"

"Fine." Tommy slid the knife into it's holster and took a step back. "Now, answer me."

"Ok, good." The red haired boy seemed to size Tommy up. "You don't seem to be have any Apokoliptian training. If you did you never would have put the knife away. But you don't have any ID tattoos, so you aren't a citizen either. What exactly are you?"

"I asked you first."

"Look dude, you should be answering to me. I live here."

"Small world." Tommy muttered, knowing he had spent his entire life living in a cave.

"The name's Jesse West." Jesse extended his hand.

"I don't shake hands." Tommy refused, staying completely still.

"Ok, then. Mind telling me your name?"

"Tommy Gray."

"Alright, then we've already knocked off the 'who' question. How'd you get down here?" Jesse raised an eyebrow.

"The elevator." Tommy nodded toward the wall.

"Really? Huh, I've never been able to use that thing. It says I'm not recognized in it's memory or some crap like that. How'd you find it?"

"I was running from the secret police." Tommy shrugged.

"I like you already." Jesse grinned.

"It's not mutual. I don't really like people."

"I can tell." Jesse turned and plopped down on an old filthy couch. "So where'd you come from? Before you were running from the cops, I mean."

"Nowhere important. What is this place?"

"It used to be the Batcave. You know, before the invasion. Then I found this secret entrance one day, and well, it's been my home for a couple years."

"You live here alone?"

"Well…" Jesse's face darkened. "I had a sister."


"She died."

"Oh." Tommy didn't ask anymore questions, but he got a feeling that her death was somehow Jesse's fault. "So how do you survive on your own here?"

"I steal everything I need. I'm a master thief, not to mention one hell of a con artist. It's my passion."

"Interesting. So, do you mind if I crash here for the night? I think I busted some ribs, I need to rest up."

"Sure thing bro. My casa, something in Spanish, you're casa."

"So… that's a yes?"

"Yeah, dude. It is. Hey, I should warn you about something though."

"About what?"

"Me. Don't expect to walk out of here with all of your possessions. Like I said, thievery is my passion."

"I'll watch for that." Tommy headed over to the other side of the cave. By now he had caught on that Jesse must have been Wally West's (The Flash's) son. That was the second new league kid he had met that day. He wondered how many more there were, running around the globe fending for their lives.

He laid down thinking about this, and began to doze off. No sooner than Tommy had fallen asleep, he was woken up by a violent rumbling, like an Earthquake.

"What the…?" Tommy sat up, and was immediately grabbed by Jesse.

"Take him!" Jesse yelled, and shoved Tommy right in front of a squad of parademons. Jesse sprinted off toward the door in a blur.

"Thanks a lot West." Tommy grumbled, reaching for his knife. He was shocked to find that it was gone. "My knife? Where's my- uh! Jesse!" He realized.

Laser fire immediately lit up the cave. Tommy ducked behind a pedestal and shot a grapple up into the rafters, and pulled into the shadows, throwing baterangs down and killing parademons consistently. Soon they were flying up after him. Tommy drew his battle pole and began beating them away with it, but each hit only did minimal damage, and he was barely managing to keep them at bay. He smashed a smoke pellet onto the floor and was immediately swallowed up in the haze.

When the smoke cleared, Tommy was gone.


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 Earth In Chains - Part 8
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Oh Jesse. You sneaky little runt, you. =P

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Awesome stuff! It's a good thing I was tied to a chain on the chair. Now whom I have heard that before? :P

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Oo, West is gonna get itttt, lol.

Awesome issue! -continues on rambling and praising and then clicks next link-

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Nice work! I love the veiled Batman reference dropped by Tommy, who we all know by now is the son of Geo-Force and Maxima, :)

@Project_Worm said: These bits below were my favourite bits

"I don't shake hands." Tommy refused, staying completely still.

"I like you already." Jesse grinned.

"It's not mutual. I don't really like people."

"I can tell."

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Jesse's such a scoundrel! I think you really nailed some of Wally's classic humor.