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Part six: Aquaman.

I used to be Arthur Curry, but I now am Aquaman, ruler of Atlantis and of the seven seas.

I had just awoken when a counsellor brought me the news of the Justice League’s death. My friends, with whom I fought against evil numerous times, were dead… all of them. This was the President’s version, at first I thought Cyborg could have boomed them all out of here, but then my spied told me that Cyborg was being repaired at Star Labs.

I had to get him.

The United States waged war on superhumans, which means my people were in danger, and Cyborg, as the sole survivor of the league, was in danger too.

My counsellors tried to warn me:

- It could be a trap

- I expect it.

- Bring a troop with you my king.

- No, this is my quest.

I swam to the surface, near Metropolis, the location of the Labs. I sent a few monsters to attack Metropolis and create a diversion. When I got on the ground, I looked left, and saw the Metropolis army facing giant sea creatures. I decided to let the fight last ten minutes, then my creatures would go back.

My memory served, and I found Star labs easily. The problem was, the military was already there. I entered the labs through he back door, and ended up in a large room, equipped with repairing tech, and scientists were discussing with the soldiers. They were arguing over what should be done of Cyborg. I watched them discuss, and when the soldier’s captain shoved one of the scientists aside, I decided to enter the argument.

I jumped in, and hit the ground with my trident. The shock threw the soldiers aside, some even lost balance and fell. I had to act quick, if the civilians were hurt or if the fight was heard outside, I had lost. With each punch fell a soldier of the five that were here. The two left tried to shoot me, I killed done with my trident, and broke the second one’s neck. I then turned to the scientists.

- I am Aquaman, Cyborg’s friend, give him to me.

- Why would we do this?

- You’re his father? Only a father has those eyes.

The scientist looked down.

- I can send him to a safer place, those soldiers can not reach atlantis.

- I….

He pressed a button, and robotic arms helped Cyborg up. He was uncounscious and fell down. I caught him in my arms.

- I must go, now, make sure they don’t know where we’re headed.

- All right, go now.

Cyborg’s heavy, I was prepared, but I did not think it’ll be this difficult to drag him to the sea.

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I had told the monsters to retreat already, which meant I had no support, and soldiers were dispersed, patrolling on the docks.

I was seen by a patrol, three soldiers. I could not let them aim, I threw Cyborg aside, picked my trident, and charged at them, the surprise gave me an advantage. I impaled one of them with a quick shot, cut deeply another, but the third one shot. This gunshot seemed like an explosion, I thought the whole army was going to come down on me, but only three more patrols, nine soldiers, arrived. I knocked out my third victim and dragged Cyborg closer to the sea. The soldiers instructed me to let Cyborg go, and throw my weapons. I was now close enough to the sea to call a sea wave. The wave threw the soldiers off-balance and left me time to escape. I would have finished the soldiers off if I didn’t see reinforcements arrive. I dived in the sea, but with Cyborg, I needed help.

I called two dolphins to my help, they took Cyborg. The human soldiers on the surface tried to shoot us, but we were too deep.

We entered Atlantis, I took Cyborg on my shoulders and thanked the dolphins. I checked on my friend to see if he was okay, but he had taken a bullet during the shootout in Metropolis. I rushed to the hospital, but Cyborg was a heavy weight. Once there, I instructed the doctors to take care of him and do whatever he wanted. I then asked for my best scientist, to finish the repairs.

After all this was done, I went back to my palace. The war on superhumans was not going to stop here, and I could not afford to let other heroes, friends or not, die.

I called my generals, they are in front of me. My finest tacticians.

- Atlantis is at war….

The declaration is a shock to everyone.

- …with the humans.

This is even harder to swallow for most of my men.

I sit back on my throne, ask my generals to prepare the men, and let myself go. This war is not going to be nice…. But the deaths of my friends shall be avenged, even through blood.

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