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Part seven: Constantine.

My name is John Constantine, I am the leader of the Justice League Dark. My team consists of Deadman, Zatanna,Madame Xanadu, Frankenstein….and me. This team is supposed to control the mystical events on earth… but I believe we failed.

I called an emergency meeting of all members, because I have sad news for them.

I am standing in the cathedral, waiting for them.

Zatanna arrived first, she looked like she did not sleep during the last two weeks! Then came Deadman and Frankenstein, none of them watch TV, what I am about to say will be completely new for them.

- It seems everyone’s here…

- Wait… where is Madame Xanadu?

Frankenstein’s loud voice striked hard in my ears. Zatanna looks down, she is ashamed.

- That… is why I called you here…

- No! not this!

Deadman was shocked.

- Our miss fortune… has been killed.

- When?

- Yesterday.

- After the announcement.

Zatanna’s tone is full of fear.

- What announcement?

Frankenstein does not like the fact that we keep secrets; it is understandable.

- Yesterday, the government ordered a chase of all superhumans.

- What?

Deadman does not want to believe it, but he knows I am telling the truth.

- That means we have to get to safety…fast!

I don’t get it… after all we’ve done for this world, they still seem to hate us!

No answer, it means they agree. I have absolutely no idea where to go, but I must not let it show.

- First thing first. Let’s get out of here!

They all follow me through a hidden tunnel that I dug myself, under the cathedral.

We end up in the street on the other side, Frankenstein is easily noticed here…

I put a cape over him and ask him to keep a low profile.

We follow the street until we get to a darker corner. It starts to rain. I look at them.

- So. Anybody knows a safe place?

- I do.

Deadman is the one to answer.

- I know someone… the best is for you to follow me.

- Can’t you tell us who?

- It is someone I possessed once.

- I asked who!

- Deathstroke’s daughter: Ravager.

- You gotta be kidding me.

- It’s the safest place I know, and it’s not far.

- Oh yeah?

- It’s about three blocks from here.

I look at him, angrily. Hiding with the daughter of the worst mercenary ever was not on my to-do list. But it is better than hiding in the sewers like Frankenstein.

- Let’s got then.

I look at the rest of the group. Frank is cold as you may expect, but Zatanna… she looks better… we broke up two months ago, I left her in tears, but it was for her own good. I am not a good man, she is a very good woman. She should stay away from me…she does not deserve that.

We walk past the police centre. I throw a hiding spell to make sure we are not noticed, although with such self-centred people… it’s useless. I do not believe Deadman nor Zatanna have yet recovered from Madame Xanadu’s death, they didn’t see her.

I was going to see her at her “home”, but when I got there… her body was in pieces, bullets had torn her apart during her sleep, her bed was red, and her organs were pouring out. This scene was disgusting, I still can’t forget it!

Deadman indicates the house, and tells us he is going to inspect the place before we fall into a trap. He comes back a few minutes later saying everything’s all right. I knock at the door. I hear foosteps coming down the stairs. Deadman warns me:

- You’ve seen worse.

I don’t get the meaning of this until the door opens. A woman with white hair, one eye missing and dressed in underwear, white too, is standing in the doorway. She has a gun in one hand, and holds the door in the second. I can’t get my eyes off her, she is beautiful!

- who the hell are you?

- That’s not her.

The last statement from Deadman surprises me. I see him going through her, trying to possess her. He comes out a couple of seconds later, he had been pushed out.

- there is someone in there, another ghost.

If I was him, I’d be relieved. But right now, this is a problem.

She is trying to close the door.

- Frank!

Frankenstein places his huge foot and stops the door from closing.

- Deadman, take the other guy out!

I can not even imagine what is going on in there, I have seen incredible things, but never two ghosts fight for one person.

- Zatanna, prepare a prison spell!

- On it!

The door stop resisting, Frank opens it with a push. We discover Ravager on her knees, crying loudly, she is suffering. We can not do anything, we can’t risk to interfere with Deadman’s operation. We stand here for a few minutes until we see a soul coming out.

- Zatanna! Now!

- Ivrea notralor!

The soul is trapped, I can now observe him easier. This ghost is not a ghost, only an astral form. The man is a ginger, funny, it is said that the ginger have no soul…

He is a medium sized man, with his face torn with anger.

Deadman then comes out of the girl.

- His name is Jericho, he is her brother.

- What’s wrong with this family?

Ravager then stands up, picks up her sword and places it in front of my neck veins.

- Three words: WHO.ARE.YOU?

- My name… is John Constantine, and these are my associates.

I smile at her, hoping she will pull back her sword.

- why are you here?

- We are being chased by the governmnent. We need shelter, and I think you can offer it.

- You’re not here for me?

- No, if we were, we wouldn’t have saved you from your brother.

She puts her sword down.

- how did you find me?

- We have a kind of… common… friend, who says he has possessed you once.

- What?

- He is the one who kicked your brother out.

She looks at all three of us, as she can’t see Deadman.

- Come in. close the door.

I close the door, but before following her, I place a spell on the door, to warn me in case of an attack.

- What should we do with him?

Zatanna looks a lot less tensed than back at the cathedral. Ravager answers.

- leave him here, but make sure he does not come back.

- Don’t worry about that, Zatanna and I are very good at this.

By saying this I looked at Deadman, reminding him of our first meeting.

We get to the first floor, and she indicates Frank and Zatanna two rooms, small ones but with one bed each. She then tells me she does not have any more room, and she asks me if it’s fine for her to sleep with me. By looking at her, I understand what it implies. I reply, the most innocently as possible, by saying it’s fine.

Oh hell, Zatanna is so going to hate me for that…

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