Dracula:2012 Chapter 5

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15 minutes, and a lot of shouting from Mr. Sheppard later, Dracula was being escorted to his room by four Initiative guards. Though he didn’t say anything, Dracula was also not happy about having Simon as his Liaison. Dracula didn’t know what a Liaison was but something about it told him that he would be spending a lot of time with the man who helped re-imprison him for almost a decade. They arrived at a room with a sliding door, one of the guards handed Dracula a card. “Just type that in to the key pad inside your room. And the voice command will activate. Speak anything and it will automatically a tune to your voice and your voice only sir.” The Agent said keeping a calm voice even though he was petrified of the vampire standing in front of him. Dracula could scent the fear all over them. He would have played at it had it not been for the inhibitor chips inside his head. “Thank you, but I can take it from here.” Dracula tried using compulsion but the inhibitor chips shocked him. “Gah!!” He clutched his head. “Curse these blasted inhibitor chips.” He yelled going in to his vampire state. The Agents took a few steps back and pointed their guns at him ready to shoot. Dracula looked at the agents baring his fangs. “Give it your best shot gentlemen.” He taunts them while smirking arrogantly. They are about to open fire when a familiar British accent screams out “Stop!!!” everyone including Dracula looked over to see Mary Van Helsing rushing to place herself between the agents and Dracula. She holds out her hand to the agents signaling them to lower their weapons.

“At ease Gentlemen, he can do you no harm.” She says easing the tension. “Director Coulson would not be too happy with you if he found out his newest recruit was attacked by fellow agents.” The agents seemed to back down while saying this. She looked to Dracula who was breathing deeply trying to calm down. She looked back to the agents.

“Best be going about your business then.” She told them, her British accent showing thick. Agents nodded before turning around to head back to wherever it was they needed to be after dropping Dracula off at his room. She turned around once more only to find Dracula standing over her back to his normal human state gazing down on her with his intense blue eyes.

“Mary…” He said looking down on her. “Appearance wise you haven’t changed. How can this be? I released you.” He stated studying her. She looked away from him and crossed her arms. “You released me from becoming a vampire, however you can’t forget that your blood runs through me as well, it keeps me young, for how long? That we do not know.” She says explaining to him. “We?” Dracula ask in confusion. “Simon and I.” She says scratching her right cheek in awkwardness. “Ah.” Dracula smiled cockily. “So you and Simon huh???” He asked with a smirk plastered on his face. It was Mary’s turn to look confused; however she caught on to his meaning a moment later. “That is none of your business!” She exclaims. Dracula chuckles in amusement. “Ah I have seen this love story before. The beautiful young girl falls in love with the handsome hero who saved her from the clutches of the evil tyrant. However those stories never really had a happy ending when I was involved.” He smiled a sly smile. “Until 12 years ago that is.” He adds in while taking out his room key that he had stuffed in his inside coat pocket while confronting the agents. He studied it curiously wondering how this little piece of plastic could open a solid steel door. Mary rolled her eyes and took the key card out of his hands and slid it through the key hole on the side of the metal wall.

“In case the Voice command doesn’t work or you are just too lazy to say anything this is your second key to getting in.” She says stuffing it in his front black trench coat pocket. “Do not lose or misplace it, know where it is at all times.” She warns before turning around and walking away. Dracula watched her go, he studied every inch of her.

‘My have we matured Mary?’ He thought to himself smugly while staring at her ass. ‘Matured indeed.’ He confirmed to himself before stepping inside his “room.” He instantly knew that something had entered with him as he stepped in to the room. And it smelt a lot like lemons. Going in to his vampire state he quickly grabbed the throat of the intruder and pinned them up against the solid metal wall. Darkness was like light to Dracula he could see clearly who he had pinned.

“So I am not the only one who likes to play rough, am I?” The familiar slutry voice of Katherine Pierce asked.