Dracula:2012 Chapter 4

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Dracula watched curiously as four individuals walked in to the glass room escorted by more Initiative. The first to walk in was a man who wasn’t that out of shape and looked to be in his late 40’s earlier 50’s. You could tell by his eyes that he had seen a great deal of things. After him came a red headed short haired girl. She smelled of nature and Dracula knew that smell all too well, she was a witch. She was much younger than the man but her eyes showed experience as well. Next a tall muscular tan man in his late 20’s who also had a beard walked in. He smelled of dog, and Dracula knew only of one being who smelled like dog, and that was a Were Wolf. Finally the last to walk in was… Dracula paused his eyes widening in surprise. “Tatia?” He whispered breathlessly. The woman just looked at him and smiled with a hint of a smirk. She smelt of Vampire. But Tatia had died at the sacrifice. Dracula had watched it with his own eyes.

“No actually, I’m Katherine.” She introduced herself flirtatiously. Dracula’s hope dropped. This must be the doppelganger turned Vampire that Klaus was obsessing over in the 1500’s.

“Dracula I would like to introduce you to the team, meet Bobby Singer Hunter in all things Supernatural, Willow Rosenberg our resident Witch in all things magic, Alcede, our own Were Wolf and tracker, and finally Katherine Pierce also known as Katerina Petrova, doppelganger turned Vampire. Katherine pulls her shirt up an inch bowing mockingly. “Mi’lord” She says sarcastically. “It’s an honor to meet you Lord Dracula, though truthfully I thought you a myth.” Dracula did not know whether to kill her or to fuck her. Maybe he could do both. She was nothing like her great grandmother. She was a Slut, though Tatia also never managed to stay tide down to one man, at least she didn’t act like first class bitch.

“Katherine is that any way to treat our newest addition to the team? Director Coulson scolded her. He then looked to at Dracula.

“You enjoy the thrill of the hunt Dracula, so I offer you this. Join us as an agent of The Initiative and as a member of this team. Do this and I shall let you hunt all the Supernaturals that you want and supply you with all the blood bags that you will need to sustain yourself. You may not be able to hunt and feed off of humans anymore. But at least this way you can sustain your need for the hunt and the kill by killing the monsters that you created as well as the other ones that threaten the safety of humans. Consider this a chance to atone for your sins.” Coulson finished. Dracula knew one thing and that this man was good with words. He may not be Shakespear or Abraham Lincoln but he could talk and make you believe what he has to say none the less. So he had two choices. Agree to the humans terms and work for the Government in killing Vampires and other monsters that threaten their race. Or try and kill them all even though the chips in his head prevent that from happening. Hmm decisions decisions. He began weighting the pros and cons. One pro was that he could still hunt; one con was that it could not be humans, another pro was that even supernaturals had blood, another con was that human blood was the best, another pro was that he would be supplied with blood bags, another con was that it wouldn’t be from the source, but who cares, blood was blood and there was nothing more Dracula cared about than his own survival. Dracula looked up at Director Coulson, his same arrogant smirk still plastered on his face.

“I guess I have no other choice Director, besides something tells me you would not take “no” for an answer.” It was Director Coulson’s turn to smirk.

“No I would not.” Coulson admitted. Dracula chuckled at being right.

“Then I guess the Lord of Vampires is with you Phillip Coulson” Dracula says using Coulson’s full name. Coulson only smirked at that.

“Then welcome to Task-Force S, Judas Iscariot.” Coulson fired back. The other four members looked at Dracula in shock, for they did not know that he was the Fallen Apostle, the betrayer of Jesus.

“Oh and just to make sure you stay in line, Simon Sheppard will be your Liaison so Miss. Van Helsing knows you are staying in line.” Coulson added. Simon who was in the room as well let out an outraged