Dracula 2012: Chapter 6

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Dracula held the vampiress known as Katherine Pierce with his right hand pinning her up against the cold metal wall.

“I hope you have a reasonable explanation for your intrusion upon my quarters Miss. Petrova.” Dracula uses her real name staring down at her for a reply. It took Katherine a moment to get her bearings. She was usually ready for when other vampires or even were wolves would try to get the drop on her but she had always remained one step ahead of him. But this man was even faster and stronger than Klaus and he was now a hybrid. Katherine smirked back at the vampire before her. She came here to get answers and he was no different than any other male vampire that she had seduced or trick. She looked inside his deep blue eyes and almost got lost. His eyes were beautiful, no incredible. It’s like she was almost being compelled. She had to look away to regain herself. She shook her head to clear it of the effects his eyes had on her. That only amused Dracula as he watched her curiously.

“I am waiting my dear.” Dracula spoke once more. Though he did not mind her company seeing how attractive she was, he was still rather famished from his awakening and just wished to get some rest. After all, being what he would call “neutered.” gave a crushing blow to his pride as a vampire so he just wanted rest. Finally getting ahold of herself, Katherine smirked through his hold on her neck.

“Curiosity, nostalgia, etc,ect.” She remarked smirking with deviousness. Dracula actually let out a chuckle. This Katherine Pierce was quite entertaining even though she was clearly trying to be a nuisance. Releasing the hold on her throat Dracula turns around and walks backwards. He then faces her again with his arms behind his back.

“You may be one for mind games my dear Katerina and believe me any other time I would be more than happy to oblige you. But alas this is not one of those times so I shall ask once more and if it is not answered then… Well I’ll let you be the judge of that.” Dracula smirks stepping towards her. Katherine who is taken aback by his implication unknowingly quivers. She looks at his blood red lips to avoid looking in to his eyes. She then looks up in to them for a brief second and smirks.

“And hear I thought Dracula was supposed to be a gentleman vampire.” She pouts. “Guess that proves that Coulson is not who he says you are.” She bravely steps up to him. Dracula who had taken a minor interest in Katherine on first glance was now beginning to become more and more interested with each word she spoke. Though she was wrong about him Katherine had a certain way with words and meanings that impressed the prince of darkness. Dracula smirks and raises his index and middle fingers together to gently stroke the hair on the right side of Katherine’s head.

“I am exactly who Coulson says I am my dear there is no mistake about that.” Dracula says softly. Katherine closes her eyes in pleasure at his touch. “But you are correct in assuming that I am a supposed to be a gentleman.” Dracula looks away as if in sorrow. He looks back at Katherine who now has her eyes open and is looking at him in wonder and curiosity. He smiles and coups her chin.

“It’s just tonight has been very confusing as well as exhausting, and like any good vampire I need my rest.” He says leaning in closely. Katherine leans in to his touch; she bites down to stop a moan from escaping her lips. His touch was ecstasy personified.

“But if you desire my company that much….” He is silenced as Katherine crashes her lips down on to his. Dracula is surprised at first but quickly recuperates the kiss while quickly pressing her to a wall. Katherine lifts her legs up and wraps them around Dracula’s waist, she holds on to the back of his neck as they are locked in a fiery embrace. Both sets of fangs protrude as they become their true selves. Their eyes change from their normal colors to blood red save for the black retna’s. Black wavy veins sway just under their eyelids in unison. They pulled a part and looked in to each other’s eye beautiful brown and blue eyes. Desire filled them both, Dracula because of having longed for the touch of a woman sense his imprisonment, and Katherine for the rejection of every male she had ever loved. But most of all, they were drawn to one another like a bee to a pollen. As they were about to sink their fangs in to one another to engage in the sacred bond of blood sharing Coulson’s irritating voice entered their minds.

“Dracula, and Agent Pierce, kindly join the rest of the team in the debriefing room.” Coulson ordered. Dracula was the first to pull away wondering how Coulson had gotten inside his head. He reverted back to normal followed suit by Katherine. She unwrapped her legs from him as he set her gently back on the floor.

“Did you hear that?” Dracula asked with a curious eyebrow raised. Katherine who was still recovering from their passionate kiss looked over at Dracula and smirked.

“The chip or in your case Chips have little radio’s installed in them that allow for you to hear Coulson and for Coulson to hear you.” Katherine explained while heading towards the door.

“Are you coming?” She playfully smiled before exiting his room and walking off in the direction of the debriefing room.” Dracula’s lips curved in to a devious smile.

“This just might work.” The Lord of the Dead smirks to himself before following after her