Dracula 2012: Chapter 3

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Dracula sat in a giant glass room his arms and legs bound by silver. His flesh burned at its touch but he had lived for over 2,000 years which gave him time to help build up a tolerance of its pain. It still burned but not as much as it used to. He looked around at the Agents placed strategically around the inside and outside of the glass room. He then looked over at the man who had awoken him and placed these very annoying chips inside his head that hurt every time he thought about ripping out everyone’s throats and basking in their blood. He finally looked over to the two very familiar faces placed on both sides of Director Coulson. Mary Van Helsing and Simon Sheppard, both played a major part in his apparent death. He felt nothing towards them which was a sign that he had moved from his interest of Mary making her nothing but a mere human to him. And there was of course Simon Sheppard who he would love nothing more but to impale him on a pike the size of a skyscraper. Dracula had been killed in 2000 at its earliest which meant he had been dead for 11 years not counting 2012 because the year had not ended. Apparently many things change faster in the 21 century then they do in past centuries. Now they had all this technology, very advanced technology that could even be used to take down creatures of the night such as him. He listened on and on to Coulson’s detailed explanation of how much time has passed and the major changes the world has went through in just eleven years. Apparently humans with extraordinary abilities were beginning to emerge. He even told him of this alien who looked human but had the powers of a god. What Dracula would give to sample his blood, be not for the chips and the chains that bind him. Next was Coulson’s agency the Initiative which dealt with the supernatural, mainly Vampires, Were Wolves etc…etc. The most intriguing part was the end where Coulson finished off with.

“We would like you to join a team that we are putting together a team of supernaturals, and we would like you to be a part of that team.” Coulson said while looking to him for a response. Dracula only smirked and looked at him.

“And why would I join this team of yours? From what you are telling me I would be forced to kill my own kind. That is exactly the opposite of my goals… Phil.” Dracula mocked using his first name. “I am the First Vampire, turned by the Lord himself. My power is unequaled and unmatched. I could kill you before you could even blink. Tell me why it is I shouldn’t be gutting you or the two on either side of you hmm? After all they are the ones who nearly succeeded in killing me permanently.” He looked to Simon and then to Mary, his eyes lingering on her to make her feel very uncomfortable. She scowled at him and looked away. Dracula would call that a victory for now.

“ Because Mr. Iscariot.” Phil taunted right back gaining Dracula’s attention again. “We have the one thing you desire most.” Dracula tilted his head as Director Coulson.

‘The one thing I desire most?’ Dracula repeated inside his head. He smirked thinking of the answer which no doubt this Coulson has come to the same conclusion.

“Blood, you have blood.” Dracula said looking at him.

“Yes we have blood, your life essence. With the violence inhibitors implanted in your brain, you are not allowed to feed off or attack humans. So how will you get your blood?” Coulson asked rhetorically. “Sure you could feed off of animals, but everyone knows that the “Great Count Dracula” is too proud to feed on a lesser food source. “ Dracula didn’t like the tone in Coulson’s voice. He was too arrogant for his own good.

“What are you getting at Director?” He asked while changing names for him.

“The Initiative has hospitals all over the country that supply us with blood bags. You work for us and we will supply you with all the blood that you need to sustain yourself.” Dracula though skeptical was intrigued by this man’s offer, though he still would rather enjoy the thrill of the hunt and of the kill. However with these violent inhibitor chips in his head that was next to impossible.

“Your offer is generous and fair Coulson, but I am an old fashion vampire, the old fashioned vampire to be exact. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt but most of all, I relish in the kill. What will you do about that?” Dracula ask waiting to hear Coulson’s response. Coulson got up from his chair and placed his hands on the table. He looked down at the seated Dracula and formed a light smirk.

“I was hoping you would ask that.” He says to him before holding his middle and index fingers up to his left ear.

“Send them in.”