Divine Forces #1 and #2

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Setting:Space with a sun and several planets circling around it.

You see 6 glowing figures fighting blasting away at each other. These beings are the Divine Forces of the Universes. (The Force of Order looks Bluish, Force of Chaos looks Orangish, The Force of Evil looks blackish, The Force of Good looks whitish, Force of Nature looks Greenish, and the Force of Destruction looks Reddish. )

These beings are fighting in this universe. They are throwing planets at each other and using stars as cover. Four of them are locked in a energy fight trying to beat the others. All 4 fire beams and they connect and a huge explosion is seen taking out a chunk of the galaxy. The blinding light goes away and they are still fighting.

Slowly everything in the background fades away. A humanoid glowing being (you never see its face and it is composed of all the 7 major colors) appears and YELLS “STOP THIS!”

Setting: We see a skyline of Earth’s with the statue of liberty in front of everything.

We see Manchine flying blasting at some armored flying monkey men, they have armored wings on the back. Sonic Soldier is running past several of some

armored grounded monkey men, without wings, that have a machine gun attached to there shoulder. Earthlord is taking hits from what appears to be armored monkeys with large cannons on there arms. Animal Teen is dodging fire from the machine gun monkeys. Seige is seen in the background protecting civilians with a force field.

A Monkey wearing armor without the Machine Gun on the shoulder says. “This is the first step to the Illuminate world conquest. We Apex. will destroy this Iconic symbol and the world will know nothing is safe from….”

White Knight cuts him across the chest. “Oh just SHUT UP!”

Minutes later we see all the Apes lying on the ground. Animal Teen, Manchine, Earth Lord, Seige, White Knight and Sonic Soldier are near each other. In the background you see helicopters and armed men leading some Apex’s away. Animal Teen Says “Man I hardly even worked up a sweat from that. They really need to upgrade these henchmen to….”

Animal Teen and Earth Lord disappear in a green light. Manchine says “What the? Energy readings were….” White Knight disappears in a white light.

Seige Ask “Guys whats going on?” As a blue light appear around Manchine and Sonic Soldier and they disappear. "Guys?"

See more info on the Global Defense Force here. http://www.globaldefenseforce.com/

Setting: Las Vegas

Green Lantern (Hal Jorden), Batman, and Wonder Woman are fighting against the Royal Flush Gang. Ace is fighting Wonder Woman. Batman is dodging Jacks eye laser, while throwing batterangs. One of the batterangs knocks the sword out of Jacks hands. Green Lantern has 3 Trapped in a energy bubble King, Queen, and Ten.

“Hit it all you want you 3 are not getting out of there.” Green Lantern says. All 3 of them are banging on the Shields.

Batman gets close to Jack and uppercuts him, knocking him to the ground. Batman looks to the side and throws a Batterang and sticks in Aces left leg. fly out of the wound.

“No need for the help Batman this male is strong,” Wonder Woman says “but not stronger then me!” She knocks him away causing him to crash in a group of cars. Wonder Woman picks up her sword and says. “What manner of Man is that …..” She disappears in a blinding white light.

“What happened to Wond….” Green Lantern Said as he disappears in a blue light. The 3 Royal Flush Gang Members fall to the ground.

Batman looks around as the Ace pulls himself from the wreckage. With Jack standing up looking at him and the others are coming at him from the other direction.