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I'm 12 years old, and a writer I guess. Bored at home so i wrote this:

Part one: The life that I have had maybe not be as bad as others, but leaving home at 15 was hard for me and my father. Being his only son he expects me to be the next great king of Chelia. Leaving the job to my sister, must've really pissed him off. But I have to say it's worth, I found a happier life here in New York then i ever did on Chelia. And I plan to live here very long even if that means hiding who I really am. Anyway, back to my main point, of righting in this journal. I traveled back to Chelia, to find that my father had died. Even as Zeatlas began to tell me what happened, I shut her out and walked out of the door. I know it wasn't the right thing to do, in her time of need I was suppose to comfort her but instead I didn't even care a damn about her feelings. It was kind of the same when mom died, but then agian we still had dad. but now we have neither. I just wish I could talk to him once more in the 10 years we haven't see each other. I guess I have no chance of that ever happening!

please leave comments about my first fan-fic or email if you want to here more or have a problem about what I have written at
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