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#1  Edited By The WeatherMan

This one is a bit more evil. Do comment if you read it. Enjoy.

Village was set on fire/

Many men, attacked in black attire/

His mother screamed, her eyes gleamed, pierced with a spear/

His father hit with a sword, he could die alone from fear/

The father’s last word… “Be a good boy,” he disappeared in his tears…/

His heart was tub, father’s blood was the filler/

He took a dagger, turned to face the killer/

A boy of eleven, he stepped away from heaven and struck the dim-wit/

The watched him drown in his own crimson li-quid/

”My father was a good hearted fool”/

The boy said when he finished school/

Only fifteen, when sixteen he tasted his first slaughter/

Destroying a small tribe, while walking on water/

They shot dark darts/ He used dark arts/

They fought his with bows, he throws energies/

At all his enemies/

Then rips out their skeletons/

Next week, he disconnected all the world’s telephones/

While acquiring a hell-a-zones/

”Be a good boy,” – his father told/

If he couldn’t conquer, he didn’t bother and sold/

Never too troubled/ If he couldn’t sell, he smuggled/

Nothing stood in his wake, all crumbled/

One day, upon the heroes he stumbled/

Mightiest fighters stood against one/

”Either you’re evil, or you’ll be turned to none!”/

He gave a warning/ On that faithful morning/

No one listened, so he benched their stand/

With only one clench of his hand/

He enslaved them all, tortured the rebellion/

Terrorized the world on his demonic stallion/

Settled down later, acquired a wife/

Calmed his life, which soon became a strife/

He always dreamed of his mother’s screams, nightmare/

”Life doesn’t fight fare, and sometimes is seems/

Nightmares go hand in hand with living our dreams”/

He told his daughter and son/

But despite the family he always felt as one/

Alone, his power drove him to insanity/

People called him an error and a terror to humanity/

But he stayed strong, fulfilling his dream/

And if you looked at him wrong, you got the guillotine/

Death was on his breath, until Living Tribunal, by his deeds had awaked/

The Earth shacked and quaked/

He didn’t even bow his brow, and then…/

”This universe, you disrupted it’s flow!” Do I give a damn?!”/

He showed no fear, “You dare defy me?!”/

”Try me!” he answered/ Next second, his powers were cancelled/

”Dumb human,” “But… I can… still win…”/

”Heaven won’t take you, you’ve done too much sin/

As you can tell, you’re going to hell!”/

He walked back to his room/

Felling the doom, he took his sword/

”I’ll… I’ll still defy you!”/

He struck his wife, “Die you!”/

”You can’t control me, God. Hello kids, isn’t this odd…?”/

He was now a deranged stranger/

Landing slaughter on his son and daughter/

Even his dog remained bark less/

Crumbled, everything he gained… But he… remained in darkness./


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#2  Edited By Mighty Magneto

Dude yet another great piece of wrok man.

You make a great evil story.