Deathstroke vs X-23

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Chapter 1. The Contract

Location Blackgate Prison

A Heavy Thunderstorm Roared outside the super prison as a Limousine approached the entrance.Once the vehicle came to a full stop a large bodyguard stepped out the driver's seat and made his way to the back of the limo as he opened the door a figure in a full black business suit stepped out into the rain.

'' Miss Waller'' are you sure this is the right prison'' the bodyguard said as he opened up a umbrella

''Yes he was sent here last month after the Assassination of Warden Sharp'' Amanda Said confidently

''Do you think he is the right man for the job Miss Waller.....not to doubt you're judgement but i lost all of my crew chasing this women down in Canada what makes you think that this one man can do this contract when 10 couldn't The Bodyguard said in a almost demanding tone

* Flashback*

Location: Task Force X Facility

''Gentlemen my name is Amanda Waller i'm head commander of the organization called Tasked force X as you may know all of my primary members are currently in a predicament so you ten soldiers are my next best option'' you're target is this women.....all ten soldiers turned their attention to the large screen in the room as a picture of a young women appeared she has long dark black hair dressed in dark blue jeans and a pitch black hoodie with the hood up in her hand seemed to be folders with the Word Task Force X written at the top.

''She's kinda hot'' One soldier said jokingly

''How much trouble can she be why do you need all of us Another soldier said with a curious look on his face

Amanda gave a stern look to the crew 'This Women broke into this very Facility and stole important documents she disable all of the security systems we had why she stole these documents is unknown but these documents contain members of every past,present,and potential member of Task force X and i need them back'' Amanda said in a calm yet intimating voice

Where do we Start our search Miss Waller another soldier said with a determine look on his face

I currently have to f-15 silent jets tracking her movements she is currently in the woods moving towards the boarder You can't let her reach it her location has been sent to you're driver he will take you straight there

All the soldiers stood up and gave a salute to Amanda We Won't Fail Miss Waller

A grin appeared on Amanda's Face One more thing to assure you're victory i assigned my own personal bodyguard to lead this assignment he is former military he will go with you

As Amanda finished her sentence a large man walked in the room wearing combat boots,camo pants,black turtleneck tucked in,and a large coat Soldiers My name is Rick Flag is everybody ready to roll out the sooner we find her the sooner we can get back whats ours LETS Move!!!! All the soldiers and Rick Flag headed to the truck assigned to them and left.....Amanda had a somewhat worried look on her face as they did

Location: Canada woods

As the Military Truck pulled to a stop all the soldiers hopped out Rick Flag was the Last one to leave the back of the truck as they all observed their surroundings they made they way deep into the woods.

Its Cold as hell out here One soldier said

How can one girl survive out here its cold and full of things that are trying to kill you Another soldier said

While Rick is leading the men the some of the soldiers start talking about how can one woman steal from one of the worlds top buildings,others speaking on how could she even survive out here as the rambling continued Rick came to a full stop

Shut the hell up everybody look Rick pointed at the ground there everybody saw footprints small but definitely human footprints the crew began to run in the same direction until Rick saw a small figure in the distance it was about 10 meters from where they was

Everybody Stay quiet Rick Demanded

Everybody look ahead there is our Target on my mark engage

All the Soldiers Readied they're weapons as they did the Target turned around seemingly knowing that they was there dropped to one knee like she was storing something away and then darted towards them Fast!

Fire Now!!!!!!! Rick Yelled

The Group of soldiers unleashed Clips after clip on the women she dodges the machine gun fire flawlessly as she reaches the group she ducks under one set of machine gun fire trips the soldier stomps on his face after then back flips out the way of some more sets of Machine Gun fire

''Don't Let Her Get Close Keep Her at Bay Keep her at Bay''!!!!!!! Rick Yelled

''Oh my God She's To Fas''.... the sound of a body hits the ground

''She got Charlie She's coming my way'' another round of gun fire is heard before another scream

''Jesus Christ i see her a she has Knives Die Bitch!!!! gun fire and then another scream is heard

The sound kept repeating all around Rick while he helplessly tried to find the target until he heard the last scream and when he turned around the target was there in front of him her long black hair flowing in the wind her face filled with rage

''My Teammates you killed them all!!!!! You'll die for that'' Rick pulled out his hand gun and fired multiple shots which she dodged effortlessly when she jumped behind him she gave him two kidney punches and roundhouse kick to the back of the head Rick was sent flying to the ground with blood trickling down his nose and mouth he pulled out a large hunting knife

''So that's how you wantit Well Come on and bring it then'' ......Rick screamed as he held up his knife ready to fight...the target noticed and tightened her fists as she did two long blades came out of each as they lunged at each other the target swung first toward ricks head with her left hand which rick blocked with his right one but at the same time the targets right came and cut rick's chest followed by a knee to the chin...bleeding heavily he tried to throw a punch at the target which she caught she held rick by one of his wrist and then in one swift motion broke it followed by a kick to the face rick was left flat on his back

Rick laid there in extreme pain as he stared at the sky his chest bleeding heavily his vision of the sky darkened into silhouette of the target towering over him she looked down at the broken body of a man close to death and with one drove her right hand into the chest Rick screams in agonizing pain she then goes for the kill shot aiming her left hand towards rick's face the sound of two helicopters are heard alerting the target she runs off and rick slowly loses consciousness

Present Day

Amanda almost let out a chuckle...''I'm guessing you forgot to read his file that i sent you'' well you know about the batman right.the man that broke you're brother's ribs in four places lets just say he has enough skill to actually kill him''

The Bodyguard remained silent as they both entered the Super Prison as Amanda walked through the large corridor large rushes of cold air hit her face.She could hear the inmates voices coming from all corners of the prison the walls were paper thin she had a thought on which is the worst hell to spend the rest of your life in Blackgate Prison or the infamous Arkham Asylum.

The thought quickly disappeared as she approached the main office desk where she saw a blackgate security guard typing on a computer as the security guard glanced away from his computer the sight of Amanda's bodyguard almost made him fall out of his chair.

''Oh hello there Miss Waller you're here for the Transfer of prisoner 2144 right''?

''Yes i am'' a calculating smile appeared on Amanda's face

''Yes Right away i'll escort you both to his floor its only a floor up from here Miss Waller The Elevator eerily made its way up to the first floor.....''His cell is the last one on the right Miss Waller '' the guard said after Amanda and Rick stepped out making her way towards the cell Amanda passed all the remaining cells full of inmates their faces filled with disgust,anger,fear she knew she wasn't welcomed here as they approached the last cell they both saw a large man with a eye patch on his left eye doing push ups intensely...a small grin showed on Amanda's face.

''Slade Wilson'' Amanda said sternly.

the man said nothing.....

''Slade Wilson'' Amanda said again


''Hey Jackass'' Rick said angrily yelled as he kicked the cell door

while still in push up position Slade glared at Rick then back at Amanda then continued his push up exercises

''Mr Wilson my name is Amanda Wall...''

''Waller''Slade said cutting Amanda off mid sentence ''You're Amanda Waller the founder of Task force X i know Exactly who you are'' Slade said Calmly.

''So you know why i'm here then Mr Wilson ? Amanda said Sternly

''You know my Occupation i'm assuming you have a contract for me''

''Yes it is Mr Wilson this probably the biggest contract that Task Force X has Received and you are the best and most skilled person for the job Amanda said almost proudly.....Rick reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a photo and tossed it in the cell in front of Slade Causing him to completely stop the photo was a young women with long black hair wearing a black hoodie walking into a bar in Gotham

''her name is Laura Kinney she has something of importance she has documents on every past,present,and potential,member of the Task Force X I need her found and eliminated and the documents brought back to me their is 50 million in it if you do this Mr Wilson do we have a Deal ?

Slade glances at the photo and then back at Amanda....Where Do you need me......

Amanda Smiled.......

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NOOOOOO! Don't leave me hanging what happens next?

Good job tho. I like how you put Batman, Slade and Arkham Asylum in this.

Your doing a real good job. Keep going. I want to know what happens :)