Death Master (The Beginning)

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The characters belong to me they are patented already, please feel free to comment.

I was high when i wrote it so be carefull of certain is grusome.

I need someone if interested to do a script polish and submit some art to go with..that would be nice but here is a taste.


Panel 1: Man in trench coat running, from what we don’t know, running through an alley, we can see through a view in which you can see the man running passing through the alley and we can see a rat sitting on a rusty dumpster.

Caption: [top rite] this city is rotting I can smell the decay, the rotting corpses and swelling of tissue.

Panel 2: Puddle of water, in it you can see the man.

Panel 3: Mans runs into puddle of water and trousers get wet.

Panel 4: View of his eye, in it you can see blackness.

Caption: [top rite] the city is ready to be eaten.

Panel 5: View of eye, you can see a skull begin to form in it.

Caption: [top rite] Darkness

Panel 6: Man is running you can see him from the top.


This page is divided into 2 Panels in which both Panels share the page.

Panel 1: Man runs into alley tunnel, we can see him running into the tunnel as he looks back while running.

Panel 2: He finds himself at dead end.

Caption: [top rite] this is a man who has murdered and killed innocent people and for what a couple of dimes and and a credit card. I only have a word for this....

Caption: [bottom left] HATE.


This page is divided into 2 Panels once again.

Panel 1: the view shows the man’s hand in an explaining gesture, at the end of the tunnel you can see a black hooded figure.