Death Master (Part 2)

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The characters belong to me they are patented already, please feel free to comment.

I was high when i wrote it so be carefull of certain is grusome.

I need someone if interested to do a script polish and submit some art to go with..that would be nice but here is a taste.

Man: come on man I didn’t meen to kill that lady, it’s just that I needed the money you know these bad times[no response from the other end]for the love of god can’t you just die.

Panel 2: on this Panel we see the man standing by the dead end his facial expression [like he’s seen a ghost], on the ground by his feet there is a black shadowy smoke emerging ready to grab him. Also at the bottom of the page the opening titles.


This page is more complex, it is divided into 4 the first Panel takes up the entire top page.

Panel 1: In this Panel we can see the man regretting everything he has done and pleading for his life, as you can a samurai like sword on the screen in its reflection  you can see a hood and in the hood flashing eyes.

Panel 2: The man pulls out a gun.

Man: you know what who you think you are bringing in a sword to a gun fight.

Panel 3: A very small Panel but in it you can see the eye of the man and sweat dropping from his forehead identifying that he’s nervous, in his eye his pupil is blurred out.

Panel 4: The hooded figure slices his head clean off and the gun out of his hand.


This page is 1.

The Panel shows the body and his head decapitated, surrounding it are detectives and photographers.

Caption 1: [top rite] I haven’t slept in days, haven’t eaten in days, forgotten what a bed looks like for goodness sake, boss tells me to take some day’s off he says it’s the dead bodies, I can’t I just can’t I love this job, putting away douche bags and the bad.

Caption:[bottom of caption 1] today’s case, man with no head can you believe that this city is done, third case this week, the city’s so full of crime the government decided to call it Bad city.

Caption: [bottom left] I think I’m the only good cop in this city me and Fredrick’s that’s my partner. My name is Bruce by the way.