Dear Sweet Viola Chapter 4 (A Witch's House Fic)

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Well, for March 16th, I'm getting the last of the four chapters I have done on Dear Sweet Viola. As I've said in previous posts of this, this is a fic that will have seven chapters. The fifth still needs to be planned out, and I need to get back to working on that. This is part of the reason that it takes a while to do one of these. It takes time to plot out the chapters while playing the game, taking certain aspects of the game into account. With that said, please enjoy chapter four.

Standard Disclaimer

Attention: The Witch’s House (Majo no le in Japan) is property of the people who initially created this game. This will not be something for the weak hearted. Part of the inspiration for this fic comes from watching playthroughs on YouTube by both PewDiePie and MarkiplierGAME, as well as playing the game myself.

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The Deal

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The Helping Hands

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The Halls of Death

Dear Sweet Viola

Chapter 4: Lethal Love

The blonde finally reached the top of the steps, and she did not seem surprised to see the cat there. The feline seemed as unnatural as the house. Of course, something in her told her that this was as it should be. She then looked around the small little room the stairs delivered her to, and she saw only one door. She noticed the wall opposite the door had a blood stain on it, one that was level with her head.

She froze at the door, looking back at the blood stain. She thought of the room that had been two floors down. That blood stain had been the sign of a trap, and she avoided stepping on it then. No doubt that this spot was the sign of a similar trap, and she needed to be careful. With that thought in mind, the blonde opened the door.

The second she entered the room, she was greeted by a sight she didn’t expect. A shiny silver knife came flying at her head. It was so shiny that she felt her eyes drawn to it as it came at her. That had been a mistake, since the blade quickly made its way right into her skull. As her vision faded, she had trouble placing the name to what was embedded in her head. Those were the last thoughts she had, though, since she didn’t feel the warm fluid now oozing down her formerly unmarred face.

She had paused when the vision hit her. It had been so vivid like the last one, and she knew what it was trying to do. It was trying to warn her of some danger; one she had forgotten about. The house didn’t have to do that, but she kept that in mind as she entered the door.

She heard it before she saw it. The knife came flying at her. She reacted in time, dodging out of the way. She then saw a second one come flying at her. The blonde girl reacted again, dodging another knife. She rushed forward, trying to make it to the end. She heard the sound of another knife coming at her, but she couldn't see it. That told her one thing; it was coming from behind her.

She dove to the side just as the knife would have hit the back of her head. She then heard more knives fly, but her dive had taken her to the opposite door. She quickly opened the door, and jumped through it. The second she was through, it slammed shut, and she heard the loud thunk of a knife embedding itself in the wall. The blonde stopped to catch her breath, inwardly cursing those knives. She never had to worry about them before.

After a moment, the blonde noticed that there was a burlap sack by the door she had just come through. She took a look in it, and she found a dead cat inside. She wasn't horrified by the sight. She just accepted the sight for what it was. Another part of her smiled at the thought of another cat joining the pile.

After that she moved down the hall, passing a door on her right, and notice the cat she had seen earlier. It was sitting there, waiting for her. She walked right up to it, and it just said to her, "By the way, you know this is a witch's house, right?"

A part of the blonde was mentally rolling her eyes. She knew it was a witch's house. She then walked past the cat to a door that was near it. She felt it was the way she had to go, but as she tried the door, it was locked. She rattled the door knob again, and left it. She was certain that the way to unlock the door was near here.

She continued down the hall, and she saw a switch near the far end. The only drawback was that it appeared to be at the end of a silver line. As she neared it, she noticed that the silver line was actually the only way to the switch, since it was in the middle of a huge hole in the hallway. The blonde looked down at the silver line, contemplating its strength for a moment.

After a few seconds, the blonde decided to try and cross the line. She had practiced tightrope walking before, and she was confident she could get to the switch. She slowly stepped onto the line over the gap. The first few steps went easy enough, but before she even got halfway to the switch, the line broke. She was plummeting down into the darkness of the hole. It was a lot deeper than she suspected, and before too long, she hit the bottom. It was a brief, but very painful, experience, since the impact shattered her bones, and they punctured all vital organs. The blonde was dead seconds after impact.

She paused just as her foot would have touched the line. She now knew walking out to the switch would be a bad choice. She needed to find something small and light enough to the switch. She turned around, and headed back to the cat. For a moment, she thought about having the cat do it. She dismissed that idea, however, since she had a feeling the cat was a lot heavier than it looked.

The blonde then remembered the door she had passed earlier. As she walked back, she passed the cat, and reached the door on the other side of the hall. She listened at the door, not hearing anything in the room. It could be that there was nothing in there, but she felt that was unlikely. Something in her just told her the room was safe, at least it was for now.

She entered the room, and she was right about it being safe. The blonde saw the room wasn’t big, but contained a small pool, like an atrium seen in paintings of ancient homes. In the pool, she saw a small frog sitting in the middle of it. That animal would be small enough to get to the switch. The blonde was certain of that.

She approached the frog, and instantly, she knew it would do anything for her. She also saw a note on the north wall. She quickly pulled the note off the wall and read it. ‘DO YOU LIKE FROGS?’ She looked again at the frog, and saw affection in its eyes. Part of her was disgusted by the thought of that, while the other part knew what she had to do. She just nodded at the frog, and it jumped up into her hands. Again, the part of her that was disgusted wanted to just throw the frog, but the other part over ruled it. She could get rid of the frog after she was done with it.

She quickly made her way back to the thin, wiry bridge, and placed the frog down right at its start. The frog looked at her, and then she looked at the switch. She pointed at it, and the frog understood, affection watering its eyes. It would do anything for her.

In two light, quick leaps, it was at the switch, and even triggered it. Once that happened, there was an audible unlocking sound, and the blonde knew the task was done. She turned to leave, and then stopped. She looked back at the frog, which for the moment looked almost heart broken, but was overjoyed when she waited for it. Soon, it was in her hands, and she tucked it into a pocket in her dress. She then headed back to the door that had been locked earlier.

For a brief moment, the blonde saw another girl there. It was the purple haired girl. It was only an instant, and at that moment, they appeared to pass one another. The blonde, for a moment, thought she recognized the figure, but something in her said it couldn’t be possible. She turned to look at the girl, but she saw no one there. This caused the blonde to worry on some level in her mind, but the reasons for that worry were unclear to her at the moment.

She put the encounter out of her mind for the moment. She had to continue on. She had to figure out how to get out of the place, and the only way that made sense at the moment was the door she had just unlocked. Focused on that, the blonde walked past the cat, and opened the door.

When she entered the room, the blonde found herself in a room that was divided by a slight partition arch. She walked through the room, taking everything in. Teddy bears were on cabinets in the corners. Each half had tables in them. Pictures adorned the northern walls. Each side had three chairs in it, and in one of the chairs sat a frog.

Once she was done looking over the strange room, she moved to the door opposite the one she came in. She was determined to move on, but to her chagrin, the door was locked. There had to be a way to unlock the door. She just had to find out how to do it.

She looked over the room again, and finally noticed a note on one of the walls. She walked over to it, and read the simple instructions. ‘MAKE A MIRROR IMAGE’. She closed her eyes for a moment, pondering the meaning of the words. It had to do with the room, and the almost symmetrical nature of the room.

The blonde almost smacked her face when she realized it. She had to make the room symmetrical. The right side had to mirror the left side. She knew where she had to start, with the only item that was a singular item. The small cabinet in the archway.

She opened it to find a piece of cake on a plate. For a moment, she felt hungry, but then she realized it wasn’t real. She glanced over at the one table, and she saw an exact match on the corner. She pulled out the cake piece, moved to the table in the other side of the room, and placed the cake in the corner so that would mirror the other piece.

She then looked at the plant near that table. It wasn’t in the same place as the one on the other side. It took her a few moments to judge the proper place to move it to, and did so. She was surprised how heavy it was, and moved it into place. Once she did that, she took a moment to try pushing the other plant. She wasn’t surprised that it didn’t move.

She looked over things for a moment, and then noticed a flower on the table, just laying there. The other table didn’t have a flower on it. She did, however, notice several vases with flowers in them. This led her to think the flower belonged in one of the vases. With that in mind, the blonde picked up the flower, and walked around to all the vases, comparing them with the same vase on the other side of the room. Eventually, she found the vase that was missing a flower, and put the flower in it.

Once that was done, she looked over the room again, her eyes landing on the six chairs in the room. Only one was occupied, the one she saw the frog in when she entered. At first, she figured the best thing to do was remove the fake frog. When she tried, however, she was surprised to find that the frog was stuck to the chair. After discovering this, she walked over to the matching chair on the other side, she pulled out the frog, and sat it on it. As she did that, the blonde indicated that it wasn’t to move.

The blonde looked over the room again, and some things still looked wrong. The stuff in the back of the room seemed wrong. Each side had a china cabinet, but the contents on each looked different. They were the same items, but in different configurations. It would take her a few tries, but she eventually got them looking like mirror images of one another.

Once that was done, she looked at the pictures. They were both different, but she discovered a switch molded into the frame of the one. By pushing it, the blonde saw the picture change slightly. This also took her a few tries to get the images to reflect one another, but she had done it. She then waited, certain she had everything right, but she never heard the click.

The blonde looked at both sides of the room, and scratched her head. Everything matched, just as the note wanted. Then she looked at the note on the wall. It was the only thing that did not have a mirror image. Sure, she could rip it in half, and somehow write the note in reverse, but that was too complex a solution. The best solution here was the simplest one. She grabbed the note, and ripped it off the wall. Once she did that, she heard the door unlock, signaling she could move on. She made her way to the door, pausing long enough to look over at the frog. The frog, in blind obedience, jumped of the chair and joined her.

In the next room, she saw a desk in the corner. She made her way to it, noticing the open book on it. It was another diary, written in the same hand as the others she had seen. This one read like this:



The blonde step back from the book, letting the words sink in. While one word was blurred out, she knew what the word was. It was something they had deserved. All the while the blonde thought that, she was clenching her fists hard. She was so mad, she went to the door, ignoring the note on the wall next to the desk.

The second she entered the room, she saw a knife flying at her. It happened so fast, she didn't have time to duck. It didn't matter, though, as the blade past right through her. It had not been real. Several more flew at her, and then through her as she neared a wider section of the room. She didn't understand why this happened, but she didn't question it. Once she reached the wider part of the room, she noticed some bookshelves there, and decided to check them out. For a moment, she hesitated, but then she went to the one bookshelf.

She reached it without incident, and pulled out the first book that called to her. It was titled ‘Demons and Witches’. The title of the book alone intrigued the blonde, and she opened it. She was quickly captivated by the words on the page. 'Demons feed on human souls, but demons are without physical form, so they cannot kill.' This fact seemed to put part of the blonde's mind at ease, until she read the next part. 'Witches offer souls to demons. In return, demons give witches magic. A human that makes a pact with a demon is referred to as a witch.'

The blonde almost closed the book, cautiously looking around the room. Part of her had never considered that a demon might be about. It could explain every thing that was happening, but not who the witch was. She wondered for a moment if her friend, the purple haired girl was the witch, but she knew better. That wasn't possible.

She then noticed the page sticking out of the book. It had obviously been tore free of the book for some reason, so she pulled it out. On the page, she read something that seemed familiar to her. 'Unlike charms cast on oneself, it is no easy task to cast spells on two people. This is because the target of the spell needs to have sincere consent. Thus, a bond of trust must be built for spells like this type to succeed.' Something in the blonde's mind told her she knew that, and had received that. She then shook her head, wondering where the thought had come from.

After that, she tossed the page aside, and went over to the desk. On top of it was another diary, written in the same handwriting as the others, with some of the words blurred:


After reading those lines, the blonde girl felt a presence. She glanced to her side, and for a moment, she could have sworn the cat was there. Then, after she realized what she had read, she felt an urge to run down to the library. That was the first place she had read anything about the house, and she was certain there was going to be something important down there.

With a goal in mind, she dashed through the various rooms of the floor, and down the steps to the second floor. She was thankful nothing triggered a vision, but a part of her feared that this demon was watching her. Was the demon the owner of the house? Part of her didn‘t think so, because if that was a case, how could her friend be safe? Another part of her dismissed those thoughts, as if it already knew the truth.

She had put those thoughts aside when she entered the library again. A quick glance at all the shelves told her nothing had changed, but something had caught her eye over where the invisible person had been working. It looked like the rope had been tied to the ceiling, and something was hanging from the noose, like a figure had been hung. Had someone been there, the might have seen a sinister smile crossed the blonde‘s face, as if she took delight in the sight.

She was broken out of that thought, however, when something else caught her eye. A table had moved, even though no one was near it. She stepped away from it, and managed to catch a glimpse of the mirror in the room. For a second, she could swear she saw the purple haired girl behind her, but part of her could have sworn that the images was combined with her own. It wasn‘t something that was possible, was it? Before she could think about it more, the mirror cracked. The blonde girl fled the room, not wanting to be the target of the bad luck that was sure to come because of a broken mirror.

She quickly ran back up to the third floor, and had almost made her way back to the room she had found the last diary and book. There had been a note on the wall. She walked over to it, and read it, recalling briefly that she hadn’t bothered to look at it last time. It read, ’THROUGH THE NEXT DOOR, AND LET NOTHING DISTRACT YOU.’ She thought back to when she first entered the room, remembering the knife that passed harmlessly through her. She knew she didn’t have anything to fear from the knife. So she returned to the room, and started down the hall again. Again, a knife flew right at her, and she didn’t plan on moving.

At the last moment, however, she stumbled, falling to her side. The action, while not intended, did more than take her out of the path of the knife. It had caused her to be transported into a small room with no exit. As she looked around, trying to find an exit, she had a sense that something big was coming. She had been right, as in mere moments after entering that little room, a rock came down from above. This rock literally filled the room, smashing anything under it. Her death was swift, and painful, as she ended up a bloody smear of gore under the rock.

The blonde blinked again, realizing what would happen if she had moved out of the path of the blade. She even felt checking the bookshelf again would lead to that same place she saw in the vision. Straying from the center of the room would mean death. To that end, she walked down the center of the room. She kept that goal in mind as she ran towards the door.

She quickly reached the door, and got through it. This resulted with her in a room similar to the one with the note on the wall. This room was different since it was barren, except for a note on the floor, and a door with a slot in it on the one wall. It was the only feature, and the blonde wanted to check the shelves again, also wanting to see if the cat was still there. This dull room could wait.

She opened the door she had just come through, and to her surprise, the room she had just run through was no longer there. The blonde could no longer check that room, so she returned to the new room, and read the note. ‘HE‘S HUNGRY‘. She thought about those words, and looked over at the door. The slot could be a place to put food, but who exactly was he? Was he this mysterious demon?

She slowly walked over to the door, and listened for a moment. At first the blonde thought about heading through the door, but she resisted. She would have to get through the room, but how long would it take? She momentarily placed her hand on the knob of the door, debating about making a run for it.

She quickly opened the door, and ran inside. Before she could get past the door, however, she was pounced on by the room‘s occupant. It was a giant snake, one that was hungry. Before she could scream, the snake unhinged its jaw, and bit her. Its two poison fangs pierced her body, and in seconds, she couldn‘t move. It didn‘t matter, since the snake opened its mouth again, but this time, it swallowed her. As her body made its way into the snake‘s gullet, the blonde ended up being consumed by the snakes digestive system. It was a fatal experience.

The blonde blinked her eyes again, and took her hand away from the door. It was another vision, and now she knew what was in the room. She needed a way to get the snake to leave. It was hungry, so she needed to feed it. She then looked down at the frog, it still staring at her with love in its eyes.

An evil grin crossed her face, and it looked wrong. All of a sudden, the frog showed a bit of fear. That didn‘t bother the blonde, and she opened the slot on the door. At first the frog fought her, but she pushed it in. She made sure not to let her hand go through the slot, especially as she pushed so hard, that the frog was sent flying into the room. She then slammed the slot shut. After that, she heard a large crunch, and some movement in the room. In seconds, the room was silent, and the blonde chanced opening the door.

Inside the room, she saw a huge fissure in the northern wall. For a second, she heard a slithering sound in the fissure, but the blonde knew better than going near it. She then headed out the door to the south. She wasn‘t going to waste time in the room. As she left, however, she caught a glimpse of the frog, but it was transparent. That wasn‘t possible, however, since the blonde knew animals didn‘t have souls.

Once outside that room, she saw a hallway full of cat statues. She had a feeling that this was all that was left of the floor, and so she made her way down the hall, passing each statue. Eventually, as she passed, she heard one say in a familiar voice, “A cat statue. Kidding. Don‘t ignore me.” She paused, looking at it again. She knew there was something more about this cat, but she wasn‘t going to dwell on it. She needed to get out of here. She then continued down the hall, to the steps to the next floor.

As she passed the last statue, she managed to see the last statue spin its head. She didn’t think much of it. What she didn‘t see, however, was that someone had manipulated the head. The person seemed to be invisible, but it was actually the image of the purple haired girl. The purple haired girl had done this for a reason. The very reason why the blonde girl had to make it to the room. The purple haired girl wanted the blonde to remember the deal.

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