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Gambit sat there wondering if the man in front of him would finally realize he's playing a fools game, the man looked uneasy, sweat trickled down his face, as he looked at his card for what seemed the hundredth time that minute, he looked at Gambit, Gambit looked back and smiled, then man drove his hands through his hair in a nervous manner and then placed his cards down hesitantly, he then looked at Gambit, Gambit smiled and put down his cards slowly while looking at the man, the man looked at the cards, then looked at Gambit, Gambit smiled and said " I believe that makes me the winner, Mon Ami" the man ran his fingers through his hair again, and looked at the keys he had thrown in as a betting chip so foolishly earlier in the game, Gambit looked at it too and slowly picked up the keys, and said " I believe theese are mine, it was a pleasure playing with you, My friend, but if you'll excuse me" he then stood up from the chair, as he did so the man motioned to his guards and said " Do you really think that it would be that easy, Remy?" the men around him cocked they're guns, Gambit looked at them, then at the man, and smiled " No, but... didn't someone say that chance favors the prepared mind" the man's eyebrow raised when Gambit said that, and then all 2 soon, the door behind them broke down, at from it came no other the Merc with a Mouth, the men quickly began to fire at Deadpool, dodged the bullets, and took out the men in a quick succession of movements, the man, ducked under the table and started to make his way towards the door, with each crawl he thought he would pie on himself but he finally made it out the door, he started to run, but in front of him was Gambit leaning the wall in a nonchalant manner, the man took out a gun and pointed it at him in a nervous manner, Gambit smiled and said " You have something i want, Mon Ami" after saying this he quickly threw his arm forward, as he did this a card came out from under his sleeve, and b4 the man could do anything, he was flying backwards due to the card hitting him, as he was on the floor, Gambit walked towards him, picked him up, with one hand, and with the other took out five cards, and charged them, he smiled, and said " The location of the diamonds, friend " But b4 the man could say anything, a bullet ran through his head, Gambit looked to his right and saw Deadpool with a gun, Deadpool smiled and said " Well, if it isn't Marvel's Jack Sparrow" Gambit looked at him and tipped his head in acknowledgement, in his mind, he was mad at Wilson considering he had messed up a key link to the diamonds... but his body language showed a different tale, he replied to Deadpool " What brings you to Las Vegas?" Deadpool smiled and said " Oh yeah! i forgot they said kill you too!.. sweeeeet... now stay reallllly still Purple Puss.. i'm going toooo shoooot you! ok, so where do want it?? i personally prefer it in the head, buuut, taking one look at you i don't think you'll like the feeling much, but theres always a first tiime for everything! what do say eh eh eh?...." Gambit then realized that the hit wasn't on the man lying on the floor... it was on him...

End of part 1