Deadliest Hero #1: Vision V.S. Wolverine

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Wolverine raced through a jungle, his rough, manly look stained on his face, all claws unsheathed, and rage in his eyes. Logan began to slow down, his heartbeat slowly decreased to its normal speed. Logan sniffed the air, picking up a scent, the scent of a machine.


( Hello, This is Deadliest Hero! A series I will be doing featuring two heroes battling it out. And most of these are my opinions, so please do not argue in the comments below. Also There will be another called Deadliest Villains, which should be up sometime after this, ENJOY!)

A red beam shot directly at Logan, who then rolled out of the way, allowing the blast to speed past him burning through bark on a tree, then allowing it to crash down between the two, Man and Machine. The smoke from the blast covered Vision who hovered a ways away from the tree. Logan began to sprint, placing one foot on the broken down tree, kicking off, allowing a roar to escape his mouth.


Vision came into view, his cape flowing in the wind, no expression. Vision slowly raised his hand as Logan was in mid air, His robotic hand gripped Wolverine's throat, then threw him to the ground beside him, his yellow and dark blue mask tearing on the gravel below.

Name: Wolverine -James"Logan" Howlett



-Adamantium Claws

-Healing Factor

The words where displayed in Vision's view, gathering all the Intel he needed to defeat The mutant Weapon, wolverine. Logan began to stand, slowly popping his neck, then turned around, a growl escaping his mouth before he spoke.

"Bub, we're not done yet."

Vision prepared a blast on his forehead, the jewel like gadget began to glow brighter. The blast released, Logan raised his claws to block, the force pushing him further away. Vision stopped, sinking into the ground, as Logan tilted his head. Logan looked around in the forest, then backing into a tree, with arms up, ready to kill without hesitation. A yellow hand appeared from what seemed coming from inside of the tree. The hand gripped tightly on Logan's shoulder. Wolverine was thrown to another tree, his back slamming against the bark. Vision removed himself from the inside of the tree. "I am yet a vision of what's to come." He spoke, releasing a blast onto wolverines chest. the trees caught on fire, smoke began to fill the air, the red beam turns into a large orb around wolverine. The blast stopped, and the beam slowly faded, leaving nothing left but a body sat up against a tree, it's organs visible, half of his face melted off, and lifeless.

Vision began to hover away slowly, his cape flowing in Wolverines direction. The smell of burning wood filled the air, the forest fire expanding.

" I'm counting on it."

A dark voice spoke in reply to Visions previous statement, Vision now had a suprised look, turning around immidiatly to only see three claws removing it's head from torso. The body fell from the ground, with the Head of Vision rolling towards The healing Wolverine. His foot stomped down on the robotic head, and his eyes narrowed out into the forest, staring blankly. He had won.

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@DickGrayson: So a fan-fic battle, nice idea