DCRC Underworld Unleashed: The Titans #3

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Written by me and tommythehitman.


"Oh, it is a pity I wont be here to see your friends faces, once they realize who they are up against." Neron said

Kaldur didn't answer. His body did what it's new master wanted, and finished by putting on the helmet, hiding his face. It was like he was a passenger in a car. He had no say in what was going on, but he saw and heard everything.

"Oh, you thought you did a noble thing, did you not?" Neron smiled. "You never really thought about why I said I wanted YOU, and not your soul." Kaldur didn't say a word. He was a prisoners in his own body. "You thought I was going to send your soul to hell, and that would be the end of it, am I wrong? But no! A noble soul in hell, burning up for all eternity, knowing he did something unselfish... I may vomit!" Neron spat. His spit burned a hole in the ground. "No, young man, I shall make you my tool. Once the day come, and you will find yourself in my realm, you shall truly have something to regret. And MUCH to regret." Neron placed a hand on Kaldur's shoulder. It was like he burnt and froze his shoulder at the same time. "But why you? Easy to answer: Because you were going to be the greatest sorcerer in the history of both the surface and under the sea. After a great war, you would be the one to restore the glory of Atlantis. Together with Garth, you two would... OH! That's right. I forgot to tell you..." Neron smiled grew wider. "Garth would have woken up from his coma two weeks from now. Now THAT is priceless, isn't it? You are going to personally murder your friends and serve as my soldier for the rest of your life. And for what? TWO WEEKS!" Neron laughed, and if Kaldur could, he would cry. Instead, he jumped down from the building to fight Cyborg and Arsenal.


"...ow..." Cyborg found himself in laying in what was once a brick-wall. He looked up to see who he thought was his friend, about to stab him.


Yet again, Tempest simply grabbed the arrow.


A huge cloud of red smoke came out of the arrow-head. Arsenal, now wearing a couple of goggles, shot Tempest with three stun-arrows. Tempest now unable to see, the arrows hit their target, and Tempest fell to the ground.

"Come on, big boy." Arsenal reached a hand to Cyborg, well knowing that he was too heavy for him to help back on his legs, but it was still a nice gesture. "We dont have time for a break now."

"Is he... okay?"

"Dont worry, it was stun-arrows. He must be brainwashed or something. But until we know what is going on, he should take a nap for some time. I made sure to use arrows strong enough to knock out an..."


"... um... elephant..." Not only were Tempest back on his legs, he had also, by the use of a liquid whip, splinted Arsenal's bow in two pieces. Then, a roaring sound could be heard under Cyborg and Arsenal's feet.

"What the... RUN!"

Not a second to late, Cyborg and Tempest had moved away from a sewer cover, where water now came out with an enormous power. AND an incredible speed, as it was aiming for a not fast enough Arsenal and Cyborg. It was now a question of mere seconds before they were with by the beam.

...And then it turned into steam.

No Caption Provided

"That is enough, Kaldur!"


"Most raw power, he says" Bunker blocked the door, making sure that all the crazy people couldn't get in and kill him. His powers didn't really have a limit as in only so and so much purple a day, but he needed concentration. And DIOS MIO, was he TIRED!


The banging at the door stopped. Bunker gave himself to breath, before he slowly opened the door and see what just happened.

"Oh, DIOS!!!" For the first time that long, horrible day, Bunker allowed himself to smile. "You can't believe how happy I am to see you, Solstice!" Kiran gave Bunker one of her warm smiles. "Wait a sec... Is that a... gun."

"Sort of. I work for this inventor-guy, who works on none-lethal weaponry. It's a glue gun." She pointed at a couple of the Church Of Blood followers, who were now glued to a wall, unable to move. "Now, we have one way to stop them, without hurting them."

"BLOOD!!!" Three men jumped out of nowhere, ready to dig their knifes in Solstice's back. Then they stopped, and started to float in the air.

"Wow! Bunk, did you..."

"No, I create purple stuff, I can't do that."

No Caption Provided

"Then it's a good thing I can!" A red-haired, young man landed from the air on the ground.

"Who are you?"

"Arsenal told me to say Hi. I'm the back-up. Name is Danny Chase. Telekinetic extraordinaire." He send them a cocky smile, as he pushed his glasses into place. The men he stopped was still floating in the air.

"How does Arsenal have all this awesome stuff?! A underground lair, cool arrows, a telepath..."

"Telekinetic." Danny Chase corrected him. "And I just owe him a favor, that's all."

"BLOOD!!!" One of the men in the air yelled.

"Ah, shut up! Alright, so I will deliver these scumbags to the cops, and then I will be back to kick some more ass. Back in a sec." Chase made the Blood believers trapped in glue float in the air as well, and took of.

"... Wow..." Bunker said. "I kinda feel like a noob now."

"It feels like this day is just getting better and better." Solstice said relieved. "Maybe the hell will soon be over with."


"It feels like this day is just getting worse and worse!" Cyborg said as he tied up a couple of hooligans. "Tempest is evil now?"

"Stop whining Stone, and focus." Arsenal made a poor bow out of an blank he found.

"I'm not! I'm just saying that this whole deal sucks!"

"Be glad we aren't in Gotham. Things are apparently worse over there. Something about magic and crap." Arsenal tested his temporary bow. Not perfect, but it would do for now. "Is that the place?" He pointed at a slightly burned restaurant.

"Yup. He is hiding inside a closet."

"... Classy..."


Cyborg pulled the door to the closet off it's hinges.

"What the...?"

"Leave me alone, metal man!" A very angry and naked Brother Blood said. "I'm praying, and need to be alone."

"Oh, son of a..." Cyborg pulled Blood out of the closet. "Don't give me any sh%t right now! You are going to help us stop your mess, RIGHT NOW!"

Blood simply just smiled. "It's hopeless. The day of cleansing has arrived. All shall die, so..."

"SHUT UP! I don't need no preaching, your piece of..."

"Cyborg, stand down." Arsenal pulled a pair of handcuffs out of his belt-bag. "I go this."

He made Blood sit on a chair, then putted the cuffs on his wrists behind his back. "So, what is this?" Blood chuckled. "Good cop, bad coop? I am the head of Trigon, you do not scare mEAAAAAARGH!!!"


"I just cut the tendon between your thumb and pointer finger on your left hand." Arsenal held a knife with Blood's blood on it. "You can get it fixed, but the operation is painful. Should I do your other hand, too?"

"HEY!" Cyborg took Arsenal on the arm, and pulled him away from Blood. "WHAT THE &%/$ ARE YOU DOING?"

"What does it look like, Stone?" Arsenal said irritated, like he was an adult about to explain something simple to a child.

"We don't do that! We..."

"Are in the middle of hell, and the only one who can give us a chance to end this right now is that fanatic over there. And we dont have time for playing nice."

Cyborg just looked at him. Then, he let go of him. "... We are going to have a serious talk about this, once it's over." Then, he went outside.

"Alright, Blood." Arsenal when back to a clearly in pain man. "Where were we?"

Blood bit himself in the lower lib in an attempt to ignore the pain. "I do not fear you, bowman."

"I find that hard to believe." Arsenal cleaned the knife. "You see, I think this is the first time you have been in a situation, where you HAD to bleed for your believe. You probably always knew that you would die for Trigon, but now, actually bleeding for him... it's a little scary, isn't it?"

"I will die for Trigon... gladly!"

"Oh, we aren't talking about you dying, but about how much pain you can take, before you tell me how to stop your gang of fanatics."

"I'm the head of Trigon, and I..."

"Dont really control the hordes out there, do you?"


"You keep saying that. Are you telling me, or are you reminding yourself how important you are?"

"What are yo implying?"

"That all those people out there are brainwashed. Not as in I'm-in-a-cult brainwash, but; someone-is-making-me-do-this kind of way. And you obviously don't have any powers. Who's REALLY in charge?"

"I AM THE HEAD OF TRIAAAAARGH!!!" Blood screamed.

"Relax, I barely touched you this time. That is just a scratch, no biggy." Arsenal pointed at a streak he had made on Blood's leg with the knife. "But if you don't get a little cooperative, we can go on all day like this."

"I'm... I'm-m-m not sc-scared of youUUUUAW!!!"

"And now, I just stepped you over your toes. Your not worth proper torturing!"

"I AM!!! Raven is just my servant!"

"Oh? And who is Raven?"


"Look, Sebastian... And YES, I know your real name, among many things... It's not like a movie, where you can find strength in your sick little religion to prevent yourself from telling me what I need to know. Torture is harsh. So you are going to betray Trigon, you like it or not. Question is... How long do you want this to go on?"

"... I..." Arsenal pointed the knife against his right hand. "... My first priestess... She is in he basement of this building..."

"Thank you. CYBORG! Give me a hand here!"

"Sh-she is just my servant!"

"Yeah, whatever."


"Whatever you say, Sebastian."

Cyborg reentered the room. He stared at Arsenal with eyes that could burn a hole in a wall. As they entered the basement, he couldn't help himself. He was too angry.

"What is WRONG with you!?"


"You just TORTURED a guy, and you act like it was nothing!"

"Oh, that? I didn't do anything serious, just scared the crab out of him."


"No, I TOLD him I cut his tendon. The knife didn't go THAT deep into his hand."

"... What?"

"I read his file on my way over here, figured he was easy to scare."

"... His what? How do you have Brother Blood's file."

"I'm rich, I can get that kind of stuff. Now focus." Arsenal placed an arrow on his blank-bow. "This time, we are facing a super-powered opponent. And she is probably as nuts as the rest."


Cyborg kicked in the door.

But what was in the room was not a nut-job. It was a scared young woman. Or she sure looked scared to Arsenal and Cyborg.

"Please." She said, with tears in her eyes. She looked like hell. "You cannot interrupt me now. I must control the children of Blood, or Brother Blood shall be furious at me."

Arsenal and Cyborg looked a each other, not sure of what to do. Then Cyborg, slowly, went over to the girl, and placed his hands on her shoulders and said; "Don't worry. We will make sure that Blood wont hurt you again."


"Kaldur. What are you doing?"

Tempest mind was in shock as his friend and teacher Garth Minnow stood above him on top of a parked car. But his body was calm and gripped his water sword, ready to fight.

"What. Are. You. Doing?" Garth repeated angrily. He carried no weapons with the exception of a small dagger by his belt. He also wasn't wearing any armor. Just a worn tunic. The same tunic he'd been wearing in his dream like state.

"Everything I'm doing... is for you." Tempest wanted to shout out. "I just wanted t-"

"You're hurting innocents!" Garth yelled.

"AND IT'S NOT MY FAULT!" Tempest thoughts screamed. Garth shook his head with a look of disappointment.

"I thought I trained you better then this..." He said under his breath. Tempest lunged forward and smashed into the car. Garth flipped above his head and unsheathed his dagger from its sheath. Tempest swung his sword backwards in the hopes of catching one of Garth's legs. However it missed completely. Garth stared at Tempest with a look of concern. "How did you do it Kaldur?" Tempest asked. "The poison was cursed, none of the medics, nore the sorcerers could heal me." He paused. "Unless..."

"I SOLD MY SOUL!" Tempest wanted to yell. "FOR YOU!" His hand gripped tightly around his sword, as his body prepared for another attack. "FOR DOLPHIN!"

"I don't want to hurt you Kaldur." Garth said calmly. His dagger held in a defensive position.

"BUT I'M GOING TO HURT YOU!" Kaldur thought desperately, as he charged forward. His jet black armor clanging on the ground. He swung his sword forward aiming it at Garth's chest. However Garth simply stepped to the side. The blade's end missed entirely. "DIE!" Kaldur's mouth screamed as he swung the sword towards Garth's neck. He saw Garth's fingers tap the blade's end sending it stabbing into the concrete.

"Please Kaldur..." Garth begged. "You must fight whoever is in control of you. I don't want t-"

"Ki..." Kaldur was suprised he could manage to, with force, say something. "Ki... KI... KILL ME!!!" Kaldur screamed as his fist smashed into Garth's face catching him by surprise. Garth took a step back as blood dripped from his nose. He stared at the blood at his hands almost as if he was in shock. Kaldur seemed surprised as well. "...Garth..." He though. "I'm so sor-" Garth's eyes flashed bright blue as he dropped his dagger to the ground.

"Big mistake." He muttered as a nearby fire hydrant exploded.

The sewer soon followed.

Later, at the Titans head quarter..

"Alright." Arsenal said, looking at his team. "Everyone is here, except for..."


"... Impulse."

"Guys, the town is saved! All the crazy people has calmed down, and me and the firefighters has has stopped all the flames! We saved the day!"

"... Yeah, but... I have some bad news." Arsenal took a deep breath. "We... sort of lost Tempest."

"WHAT?!" Bunker said. "Tempest is dead?!"

"Well, that's the good news." Cyborg said, not looking like one about to tell good news. "He is alive and kicking."

"It's the kicking pat that is the bad news. Tempest is apparently cursed by magic or whatnot, and has turned into a killer-machine."

"Where... Where is he?" Solstice asked.

In Aquarium Prison, home to the criminals of Atlantis.

"Make sure that he is treated well." Garth said to the guard. "He is not here to be punished, but to make sure he wont hurt anyone."

"Yes, my lord."

" I have made seals on his cell strong enough to hold down his magic, but he is still a formidable hand-to-hand fighter, so be careful. He WILL kill you, given the chance."

"Yes, my lord."

Garth used one last time to look at his friend trough the glass in his sell. Kaldur just sat there, like the emotionless doll he had become.

"... I dont care what demonic entity owes you, Kaldur." He said, unsure if his friend could even hear him. "I will free you, little Tadpole. I swear."

Meanwhile, inside an interrogation room in a police station in San Francisco...

"... Shall we get this over with?" Brother Blood asked, as he itched his bandage on his hand.

"Well, if you insist." The other man in the room said. "You do not seam to be worried about your situation."

"Not really." Blood said.

"There has been an awful lot of accusations against your... church, the last couple of years. But none of them could really be anything but accusations, since there weren't any specific proof that the Church Of Blood made those young girls steal bags and wallets. But this one... The whole church attacking China Town... Now THAT is hard to explain how come all the hooligans just happened to be part of your church, and you being found in the middle of the inferno."

"Can we get this over with? I will tell you everything you want me to."


"It doesn't mater anymore. I have failed my lord. I was weak, and now I will go to jail, being unable to serve his bidding."

"What if... I told you that you have another option?"

"... Pardon?"

"I'm not working for the police, Sebastian Blood. My people would like to hire you. We know about your first priestess... influence on your followers, but we also know that already before her, you had some amazing people skills. Your church may not have been as large as it is today, or at least WAS after today, but you could still make plenty nihilists join your case. And my boss could use some people who doesn't believe in anything."

"... I only serve Trigon The Terrible, not your boss."

"And I wouldn't want it any other way. But your believe is that the Earth shall be cleansed, so that there are room for a new and better one, correct? Then why not just join this little terrorist group of mine? Does it mater HOW destruction is made? You get us sociopaths, we commit acts of terror and make society fall apart. A good deal for all of us, correct?"

"... I must get out of here, so I can serve Trigon. Alright, we have a deal, Mr..."

No Caption Provided

"Darhk. Damien Darhk. Welcome to H.I.V.E, Brother Blood."

To be continiued in Titans #7...

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Wow. Another stellar issue of The Titans. Great job!! It's refreshing seeing Roy as the leader.

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@johnny_blaze: Thanks. He will stay for a while, so more Roy coming up:)

But the next chap wont be up before I have written Blue Beetle.