DCRC Underworld Unleashed: CADMUS #1

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Belle Reve Penitentiary




"Hell yeah!"


"Do you even need to ask?"

Gray Man

"If this is my destiny..."

Turtle Man




Neron frowned as he hovered in the air. The stale stench of decay and death reeked from his body. He stared down at the small figure before him.

"What?" Neron's voice echoed. Cheshire looked up at him with uninterested eyes before calmly sitting down on her bed.

"No." She repeated. Neron's eyes widened as he became agitated.

"I don't think you understand what I'm offering... girl." Neron spat. "Power beyond your endless dreams! The ability to generate your own poisons! The power t-"

"I've met your kind before." Cheshire interrupted. "It always backfires." Neron shrugged. A green smoke generated around him. Cheshire didn't look impressed.

"So be it." He muttered. "We'll see how long you last." He disappeared into thin air as Cheshire lay down on her bed and began to rest. Neron reappeared in the prison's cell block overlooking all of the captive criminals. With a click of his fingers the cell doors opened. "Go!" Neron yelled. "EAT! DRINK... and kill EVERYONE!" He vanished into a puff of foul smelling green smoke.


Grant Wilson smiled as his fist smashed into Guillermo Barrera's face. He fell back against the railing as he tried to reposition himself.

"It's funny." Grant muttered as he wiped his fist clean of Barrera's blood. "Of all the assassins that my father talked about... he NEVER mentioned you." He paused as Brutale pulled himself up off the floor. "I wonder why that is." Grant said as he gave off a hearty chuckle.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Brutale screamed as he charged forward. Some kind of magical dagger sprouted from his wrist as he aimed it towards Grant's heart.


Brutale yelped in pain as Grant broke his wrist. He staggered backwards in an attempt to find some sort of safety and slumped across the railing once more.

"I made a list." Grant muttered as he slowly walked towards the cowering mercenary. "My father made me do it. A list... in MY opinion of the world's greatest assassins." Grant pulled his mask from his face showing off a cocky smile. "Let me tell you this... Brutale."

"Wilson do-" Brutale yelled just as Grant's boot smashed into his chest, knocking him through the railing and sending him falling towards the ground floor below. He screamed on the way down.

"You didn't even make the top twenty." Grant muttered as Brutale hit the ground. He smiled at his handiwork before noticing a beeping sound coming from his mask's HUD. He switched it on.

"Wilson! Get to the control room! Now!"

Grant nodded as he stepped over the deceased body of one of the inmates he'd encountered earlier.


The Control Room...

"Well... this is problematic." Grant Wilson watched the security footage from the prison's hidden cameras. To his side and sat in an armchair was Amanda Waller. His boss. "What's the plan?" He asked.

"This isn't right..." Waller mused to herself as she watched the screens with unwavering eyes. "This... is cell block 5. The criminals stashed there are either low level metas or villains without powers." She paused as a security guard was thrown across the screen. "You need to get there." She pointed out.

"Alone?" Grant asked. "Look Waller! I'm not going to be able to do much on my ow-"

"You won't be alone." Waller said as she entered a command into the computer keyboard. Three words popped up on the screen.



"Bloody hell. What a bloody mess they've made."

Grant twitched with annoyance as he carefully stepped over the body of a dead guard. His sword was drawn and pointed towards the way the group was facing. Three other people flanked by Grant's side and slowly Grant stopped so he could reevaluate their position. He turned and stared at the Suicide Squad with displeasure.

No Caption Provided

Killer Frost


Manchester Black

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No Caption Provided

Each of these people were wild cards in Grant's mind. He'd never met any of them before. However Amanda Waller had stated they could be trusted. Probably because of the bombs in their necks.

Then again Grant didn't trust Waller.

"Would you stop complaining Black?!" Anarky moaned. He had several molotovs attached to his belt. Grant could only imagine where he'd found them.

"Talk to me like that again kid and I'll make you EAT one of those molotovs, you keep thinking about using!" Manchester Black yelled angrily. "I don't like wandering around half cocked with no idea where we're going!"

"Boys..." Killer Frost sighed as she calmly strolled by. "So... immature." She seemed to have touched a nerve as Black marched forward and grabbed Grant by the shoulder.

"What the hell are we doing here?!" Black yelled as Grant stared up at him in disinterest.

"You tell me." Grant said coldly. "You're the leader." Manchester seemed surprised.

"I... I am?" He asked. A small smile forming around his lips.

"No." Grant said as he pushed Manchester off of him. "You're an idiot." He pointed out. "Waller's the leader. I'M your den mother... and the three of you? You're just a trio of Kindergartners!" Grant smiled. Manchester Black was teething with rage. Anark didn't seem too bothered. He was used to the insults. Killer Frost on the other hand...

"What's our mission, Glorious leader?" She asked with a frozen smile. Grant smiled back. She couldn't see it. But he smiled back.

"We've got several Metas holding the Kitchen Staff hostage in the Canteen. We're going to-"

"Uh... boss?" Anarky said awkwardly.

"What?!" Grant snapped. He'd been enjoying his role of leadership and didn't like being interrupted.

"Behind you." A voice said. Grant stiffened as he noticed golden claws hovering over his chest. Grant frowned as he dropped his sword to the floor.

"Cheshire." He growled. He heard a laugh echo from behind.

"Hello Grant." Cheshire said as she held Grant by the neck. She was prepared to make the deadly cut if he made any sort of movement. "Ready to play a game?" She purred.

To be continued!

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