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Chapter 1

The Great Yellow Impurity

Part 1

The Mission

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Abin Sur

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Sector 3998....Outer Rim Division - Tughead Cruiser

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Sitting in his high arch command chair, an equine humanoid stares out into the blackness of space, watching the shiny white stars slowly streak into long lines as the ship enters into ‘Light Speed. Letting out a snort of foggy air from his wide horse-like nostrils, thick fog lifts up around his snout as he stands up from his seat.

"Larfleeze, we successfully hit light-speed. But you still haven’t given us specific coordinates." says a deep voice from behind.

Standing at 8 feet tall, the equine humanoid named Larfleeze, slowly looks over his shoulder to the crew of four behind him. His small black eyes full of drive and determination look upon his fellow crewmates, also of equine species.

They were muscular, big-boned and their dirty matted golden fur slicked against to their skin like a wet fur. Like him, they all had the short white bony tusks coming from their upper temple down to their equine chine. Yet, despite all the similarities that identified them as a long-lived and rare species, these crew members were shorter, pudgier, lacking in the strength and burning desire that was a hallmark of their species. These were broken down. These were followers, not leaders. They didn’t strive to reach the unreachable or dare to defy death for glory and greatness. Nodding at them, Larfleeze turns around to face the view of passing stars before him, but looks down to a brown aged paper in his triple jointed hand. Carefully Larfleeze unfolds the paper in his large hands to view its writings.

“Take us to the Outer Rim. Then, take us to the first planet that is one Parsec away from its edge. There is only one planet along the entire Outer Rim. " Larfleeze orders.

Everyone looks at each other in confusion before turning back to Lafleeze, “Bu-but that’s…there is no mapping system for the Outer Rim. How do you know?”

“Flob…” Larfleeze growls to the gray colored equine on his left, “….No starship, no Hall of Records, or Think Tank would have this location....except for the Guardians, which stands to its truthfulness." he states, "Those are the coordinates,GO!.” he shouts.

“Yes sir!” Flop exclaims nervously, turning his to the control panel but another member of the crew steps forward. Larfleeze simply turns away from him and sits back in his commander chair, ignoring his other crew-mate as he looks down upon a small map.

“What do want Chattle?” Larfleeze asks, his voice tinged with irritation.

“Larfleeze, we just performed the greatest heist in the universe!" Chattle states, "We have been pillaging and pirating space cruisers and trade ships for several entire moon cycles…” Chattle adds as Larfleeze still refuses to look at him, “…and now you want us to go to the Outer Rim? Where…”

"WHERE WHAT!!" hollars Larfleeze. His intense gaze upon Chattle makes him immediately step back as the rest of the crew shutter at his outburst. Grabbing Chattle by the shirt, Lafleeze pulls him close, inches away from his face, "HAVE YOUR INNARDS GROWN COLD CHATTLE?!" he yells, spitting on Chattles face with each word before pushing him away,"It seems your thirst for 'more' has failed you. ALL OF YOU!” he accuses.

“No-no..." denies Chattle says, almost choking on his words as other crew members nodding at him, "It’s not that..." he continues, "...Larfleeze it’s…”

“It’s just what Chattle!” Larfleeze interrupts.

“It’s that we're in Manhunter territory." Chattle confesses, "...and we are the last of our kind. And as you, I seek vengeance for being forced to watch our planet become a burning cinder because the Guardians deemed our species as unnecessary viruses and sent there the bloodthirsty Manhunters androids against us…

“But…” growls Larfleeze

“But...Chattle continues, "...that said, we 'are' the 'LAST' of our kind.” Chattle emphasizes, “And I wonder, as the rest of us wonder, if we are going to the Outer Rim, unmapped Space, where only Manhunters roam, the same androids responsible for our species extinction, what are you planning exactly? “ he asks.

“We rob, we sell, we extort, we blackmail, we treasure hunt…." Flob exclaims, “…that is our purpose and we are rich now thanks to you Larfleeze." he says, "But do you mean for us to die before we can even spend our fortune? What riches are you seeking that requires such a risk? Its not like we're going to rob Apokalips!” he states..

Larfleeze lets out a groan but doesn’t turn to Flob or Chattle, but keeps his black eyes fixed on the passing stars, "You short sighted fools believe you only live for what you can steal and raid but I want more. I can feel it, somewhere out there something greater than all the riches we've come to know. Something so great, even the Guardians have locked it away." he says.

Flob and Chattle look at each other in shock as Larfleeze tone remains eerily serious.

“And what's that?” Chattle exclaims.

“Yeah Larfleez…” Flob asks, “…what are we going after this time?

Larfleeze smiles an eerie grin at Flob and Chattle, “A ring.”

Meanwhile....on Oa

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Inside a tall tower of smooth white rounded walls, blinding green light emits from the base of the tower into the sky, filling the inside of the tower with intense green light while 8 blue skinned men and 2 blue skinned women, all of them short in stature wear red robes descend inside the tower.

As the encircle the beam of green light , the Guardians of the Universe watch from the base of the floor emitting green light, ribbons of pink, blue, violet, yellow and red light swirl up along the beam of green like, swirling around it like snakes around a tree. As they surround the green pillar of light while other colors swirl around it, they watch as in the green pillar of light images of different planets, sectors of space and various locations appear and constantly change before the Guardians who float around the light as if sitting at a camp fire.

"As Guardians of the Universe..." exclaims Reegal, one of the male Guardians, "…we have an obligation to prevent chaos.” He says, noticing a flash of orange color amongst the other glowing lights, “I believe now we need to act.”

“Your statement sounds true Reegal.” says Zalla, one of the older female Guardians, as she peers into the swirling of colors of light below while images of Larfleeze ship hurling through space towards the Outer Rim appear, “We should extinguish his life.”

“Extinguish the last of his species?” Gurion exclaims, “Perhaps the destruction of his ship is more ideal and placing Larfleeze into a hibernation state will be more ideal"

"I believe we are acting presumptuously.” exclaims the female Guardian Sayd, who extends her short blue arms forward, expanding the green light as it brightens with intensity, revealing stolen items within the Green Lantern database, “Larfleeze is not a most intelligent creature, especially for one as old as he. Yet while what he is planning is not apparent, I do not think it is meant to endanger the universe itself. I believe he has, more simplistic ambitions. And forcefully placing him in a hibernated state is not the answer.”

“It is the answer if we say it is the answer.” Reegal exclaims, “We are Guardians of the Universe, we are the wisest.”

“Agreed, however, as Guardians we are the most cautious.” Sayd replies to Reegal, whose blue face frowns at the reply, “How do we know he is not trying to attract us to him? That could be snare unto itself.”

"Larfleeze is a parasite with the intellect of a scorched rock.” Zalla exclaims, “He cannot conceive of such a matter, is it not why we destroyed his species? To protect the remaining universe from their symbiotic drain that they were, for greed is all they know.”

“And because of us…” Sayd interjects, “…he now knows hate. I do not believe events are what they appear to be.”

“They are not.” Gurion says, “What we do know is that Larfleeze his purposefully going to the Outer Rim, he has pillaged objects have challenged GreenLanterns sector by sector. He has made himself known. He is responsible for the death of three Lanterns, and I believe that for him to enter Outer Rim territory will only stir chaos with the discarded Manhunters, it is time we destroyed him before he accidently releases the yellow imperfection.”

“What do you think Ganthet?” Sayd asks,

Ganthet quietly floats overhead, staring at the images of space in the green light, absorbed in deep thinking, "I believe my fellow Guardians we are the perpetrators of this situation. Larfleeze hate to us was spurred by us after we destroyed his planet which has led him into the darkness he is now in. The error of the Manhunters creation is now finally at hand and Larfleeze, as his intention I believe is not the destruction of the universe, but that of the Lantern Corp.”

“So what do you propose?” asks Zalla.

“Assign me the entire Lantern Corp to stop Larfleeze and more importantly, prevent what I believe he intends to do.”

“Surely the entire Green Lantern Corp is not necessary for Larfleeze!” Reegal exclaims, “It is preposterous.”

“Three Hundred and ninety Lanterns for is not necessary…” Ganthet exclaims in a loud voice, “…for Larfleeze nor the Manhunters, yet to deal with the Yellow Imperfection, I would call on all living things to assist me in its destruction if I could do so. We should get a location of all the lanterns before we implement any actions."

“Would that include Abin?” Sayd asks.

Everyone including Ganthet sighs and rubs his temples, “I do indeed hope, that out of all the Green Lanterns, that Abin Sur, somehow fell into a hot sun.”


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Stretched out comfortably on a sandy reclining seat as 4 distant suns slowly rise in the white sky over the Desert Planet Cha'kool’s horizon, a naked pink skin humanoid named Abin Sur, remains stretched on the beach chair like sand mold. Enjoying the intense heat radiating down from above, contently absorbing the sun rays as he holds a reflective mirror under his pink color face, the warm sun tans his face a dark pink as the heat rises from the sandy landscape like heat from griddle.

“This Cha’kool Sun is wonderful at this Moon Cycle, Blok.” Abin states, sipping glowing blue liquid from a rocky crystal cup, “Indeed most Wonderful.”

“If you like the sun you’ll like the Dryad females. Would you like me to summon any?” asks Blok.

A grin comes across Abin’s face as he turns to his left, looking at the muscular humanoid lying down in the hot sand beside him. His grey stony skin simply sizzled in the heat as Blok turns his head towards him and raises a arches his brow as a smile comes across his face.

“Really Blok?” Abin replies, “The Dryadian made of Rock Skin has a soft heart for females? I’d arrest you if I wasn’t in so much shock.”

“I do what keeps me occupied, is that a crime too?”

deet deet - deet deet

Sinestro raises his tanned pink hand to his face, “Crimes are what they Guardians say they are Blok, it’s why I’m employed.” He mumbles, looking at the Green Lantern ring on his finger flashing again with another *deet deet* sound emitting.

“Can’t you turn that fodders thing off?”

“We can, Guardians call it Death.” Abin sighs, slowly sitting up from his sand bed as white sand granules adhere to his muscular pink back and legs, “Yet I’m afraid that even in death I will not enjoy the quiet and serenity I feel as being your guest.” he says.

“You’re welcome any time Abin." Blok replies, "But then again you don’t ask for much. It’s not like tanning naked in the Galaxy’s second hottest desert planet is a luxury out here.” Blok huffs, watching Abin look at him with a pencil thin arched eyebrow, “But if you really need to get away that badly, you should consider working for other people, you are your own legend ya’know.”

Stark naked under the oppressive bright scorching hot suns, Abin smiles at the comment. Walking along the sizzling white hot sand, Abin Sur turns to Blok and raises his hand over his eyes from the overhead glare, “I love what I do Blok, you know that.” Abin replies, raising his glowing green ring on his hand before balling a fist.

“The question is…” Blok says, watching ribbons of green light burst from Abin’s ring and quickly wrap around his body, clothing him in a black and green styled uniform, “…do they love you as much as you love that ring?” he questions.

Smirking at his question, Abin nods respectively while lifting his arm over his head, hearing his ring crackle with green energy, “Don't you know Blok?” Abin asks, slowly lifting off the ground, “Nothing loves anyone as good as Tamaran.” he jokes.

Blok smirks and waves his heavy stony hand as Abin rockets into the sky with a boom before a ring of clouds explodes around him as he breaks through the atmosphere and into space.

Streaking through the hot air as Mach 6, Abin Sur narrows his glowing green eyes as the hot winds howl in his ears. Zooming over miles of desolate white sandy desert, dunes and craggy mountains, Abin draws in a deep breath as he looks up to the blindingly white sky overhead. In a burst of thunderous speed, cloud rings rapidly explode around Abin Sur as he breaks through the sound barriers, hurtling through up through the air until all the white sun light slowly fades away as the hot temperature drops.

Speeding out the atmosphere and into Space, Abin Sur halts his speedy flight and looks down at the rotating tan planet below, decorated with clouds and old meteor impacts. Letting out a sigh, Abin Sur turns around to the stars and sees the floating white ship hovering over the planet, The Manifest.

“Back to work.” Abin mumbles as he soars through space towards The Manifest.


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Sitting in a white chair, the pink skinned humanoid, decked in a green and black Green Lantern uniform stares into stars, his eyes fixed on the desert planet Dryad below as four moons slowly obit them.

"Sinestro, set course for Sector 1208. Light Speed." exclaims a voice behind him.

Glancing over his shoulder, Sinestro looks over his shoulder to Abin Sur standing behind him and wiping his face with a cloth.

“As you wish Abin.”

Wiping the last of the Dryad dirt and sand from his face, Abin slowly removes the cloth from his face, looking at Sinestro from behind sitting properly erect in the white chair that faces the wide touchscreen panel before him. Letting out a breath through nose, Abin Sur slowly walks over towards the co-piloting chair beside Sinestro, watching him set the coordinates.

“Did I take long?” Abin asks, entering information via touchscreen panel.

“No.” Sinestro curtly responds.

"I sense stress in your tone Sinestro." Abin Sur says, leaning back in his chair, his eyes closed and his arms folded as the ship engines warming for warp speed, “Please inform me if you plan to develop a tantrum or engage in a verbal warfare.”

Sinestro looks at from the corner of his eye Abin sitting in his chair, annoyed at his accurate deduction be quickly retorting, "No stress." he repeats adamantly, yet his eyes still lock on to Abin who remains perfectly still that it’s almost hard for Sinestro to determine if he died. Sinestro says nothing further as he turns his head to the view of the stars in space floating about like motionless crystals against the black water before they start to form long white lines as the ship explodes with speeding, hurtling them through space at Light Speed.

With only the hum of the ships engine buzzing in the background, Abin Sur keeps his eyes closed and his arms folded in a very comfortable position. Hearing Sinestro evidently motionless, Abin Sur finally hears Sinestros chair swivel, he was going to walk to his quarters.

"I should know if my pupil is stressed or not. I've been your mentor for two years now...no need to hide obvious feelings. Speak your mind Sinestro." Abin says, opening his green eyes that seem to see right through his pupil standing before, clenching his black gloved fists.

"Why did you visit him?" Sinestro asks, his frustration gripping his voice.

"To find out information." Abin responds, "Why?" he asks, waiting for more to come, there was always more to come with Sinestro.

Sinestro firms his pink face and points at him, "What you did was reckless!"


"And that is a problem!" Sinestro shouts, glaring at Abin with a scolding glare, struggling to contain himself, "The Guardians denounced him! He was banished from Oa! He's a Dryad! All Dryad's have dealings with the League of Super Assassins! And you MET WITH HIM! He was the biggest embarrassment to the founding of the Green Lantern Corps. THE ONLY ONE who was chosen by a ring...whom the ring REJECTED after only HOURS of use! I'm not saying your judgment is faulty..."

"....you’re just saying it’s incorrect." Abin finishes with a smirk as he folds his arms.

Sinestro stands erect, bristled by the smug look on his mentor’s face and remains quiet as he looks at Abin Sur in the eye, "You said it, not me." he flatly, staring back into space.

Clearing his throat, Abin rests his head on his fingers while leaning on his armrest as he looks at Sinestro with a tilted head, "Your right. It was inappropriate."

Sinestro looks at him with wide eyes, nearly baffled by his admittance.

Abin Sur shakes his head and stands to face Sinestro, towering over him, "My relationship with the Dryad race, or in this case his name being Blok, has always been consistent for the betterment of all species. He is the only one in his family that is not in the League of Super Assassins, as much as he says he is involved, he says so to save his own life. Now as much as you may protest and be concerned with how OTHERS may view this, his consistent criticism of the methods and training the Corps and insistence on lethal force, as I recall you once had a problem with, were what lead to his banishment, not his integrity." he says.

"I still don't like it." Sinestro snarls.

"Of course you don’t. You view him as inferior my pupil.” Abin Sur smirks, “That is why you don’t not like him, he is, lower than you. Yet, in order to fulfill your role as Lantern, you must learn that sometimes the Universal Hall of Records, may not have the information you need and must go to cannon fodder, lower life forms drenched in debauchery or, go to Dryad and see if they can give you what you seek for free."

Sinestro looks at Abin from the corner of his eye, as Abin Sur stares right at him, knowing that Sinestro is weighing those words.

“And I found out a great deal.” Abin adds.

Suddenly, Sinestro's ring glows bright green as a voice speaks from the ring:

Attention all Three Hundred and Nine Lanterns. Priority message from The Guardians of the Universe. One on One Hologram sequence initiating

A short blue guardian, dressed in a red robe, appears on the hologram playing from Sinestro's ring.

I give attention to all Three Hundred and Nine Green Lantern Corpsmen. It has come to the attention of the Guardians, the alien space pirate known as Larfleeze, has committed a robbery of the utmost audacity on planet Maltus, the home planet of the Guardians. Among the items stolen are artifacts that are priority for the Integrity of the Green Lanterns as a whole. We have initiated Protocol Emerald. All Lantern Agents must rendezvous at Sector 3900 regardless of your location or immediate preoccupation. Upon arrival at Sector 3900, you will meet Guardian Ganthet, who will lead you all personally to the recovery of the artifacts and the arrest of Larfleeze. Please be charged and prepared for Aggressive Negotiations.


"Well we have orders now so, whatever you made me complicit in his time will have to wait." Sinestro says as he picks up Abin Sur's miniature charging lantern, handing it to him, “Let’s go.”

"We are not going right away." Abin Sur states as he gets up from his seat, and starts punching in the new coordinates, “We’ll let ‘The Manifest’ take us.”


"Calm down." Abin Sur says keeping his eyes locked on Sinestro's sneering face, “We are going to take our ship regardless of orders as it would be foolish to arrive with the potential for a battle with your ring depleted on energy at our point which is in Sector 540."

Sinestro arches his eyebrow, looking at Abin Sur with disgust, "Ever since you started visiting those people on that desert bedrock you've been OVER charging your ring to the point that it’s crackling green electricity. YOUR sooooo slow to battle when you have to fight, ALWAYS doing things at your pace, never listening to ALL your orders...I'm supposed to be YOUR pupil and you DON'T LISTEN TO EVEN DIRECT ORDERS and you leave ME to pick up the rest! We are supposed to an ESTABLISH ORDER AT ALL COSTS! We are Green Lanterns Abin, the military force for Justice, to establish ORDER wherever, WHENEVER, HOWEVER! A TRUE LANTERN..."

Abin points his finger in Sinestro’s face, cutting him off, "A TRUE my pupil, assesses all situations first, rather than blindly going into a situation to get him or others killed. That is the way. We fight when we must and keep it short and to the point. We get what we must get done...done, that is training 101." he states firmly.

Sinestro remains quiet as he just stares at Abins ring overcharging in the portable lantern.

Abin sighs as he stares into the blackness of space as they travel at great speeds, "Sinestro, you must learn if out of all the things I've trained you to do, that the way of the Guardians is secretive though they are not evil, but you must not rush into every single order without assessing things for yourself. The Guardians just called all Three Hundred and Nine Lanterns across the Quadrant, obviously this is not just a recovery of artifacts!"

Sinestro sits in his seat, listening begrudgingly, "But..."

"But nothing Sinestro!" Abin states, "You are my pupil, my responsibility. I have not trained a pupil who has died yet.”

“That’s because they never gave you a pupil.”

“So that means your odds are high.” Abin smirks, watching Sinestro roll his eyes.

“Now listen. Blok enlightened me about Larfleeze.” Abin says, “It has always bothered me that Larfleeze, who has been an enemy of the Guardians for the past two centuries, and with his life-span as long as it is, never amassed riches, never amassed power. According to Blok, which is why we went to that Desert Planet, the League of Super Assassin paid Larfleeze for a job, upon which when he completed, he managed to steal an Ancient Map that was long thought non-existent and something the League of Super Assassins wanted very badly."

Sinestro raises his eyebrow, "What is it?”

"A map from the first Lightsmiths, the crafters of our Power Battery, detailing the whereabouts of the Green Lantern rings true weakness.” Abin replies.

Sinestro stands up in shock, “Our rings HAVE no Weakness! The Guardians….”

“Will you sit down.” Abin states, watching Sinestro looking down at him, “How are you going to know all the things I’m to tell you if you don’t shut up.”

Sinestro clenches his jaw and sits down before Abin as he continues, “Larfleeze has the original map of the Green Lanterns power source. Apparently on the same map, if what Blok says is true, the map contains the location of the imperfection needed to destroy the Green Lantern Corps."

His mind working on overdrive to put together the pieces, Sinestro stands back from Abin in pure shock, “That’s…that’s impossible.”

“Not exactly.” Abin replies, “For years now, I have been researching our so-called, ‘All Powerful Rings’ and there is an imperfection with them, but every time I am close to it, the Guardians have stopped me. I believe that Larfleeze now knows where and what the source is. That’s why the Guardians have called in all of the Lanterns.”

Sinestro looks at him confused, "But it could be a trap even if they get past the Manhunters on the outer rim. We have to warn..."

“No!” Abin Sur snaps, watching Sinestro’s eyes open wide.

“IF WE DON’T WARN THEM THEY WILL DIE!” Sinestro exclaims, “They are already going into Manhunter Territory! They…

“Need us.” Abin interjects, much to Sinestro’s surprise, “If Larfleeze seems to have found the greatest secret in a millennia, The Green Lanterns weakness, then alerting the Guardians the Lanterns to run for Larfleeze to get it, does the Corp no justice. If they get there he Larfleeze has it, they are at risk, but not us, that is if we will take our time, be the last ones there, and while for the first time in all the history of the Corps every last Lanterns descends into one place on the Outer Rim, fight the Manhunters, and search for Larfleeze, we will come in last find Larfleeze he will notice us get close enough to him to kill him.”

“Kill him?” Sinestro says in surprise, “Green Lanterns do not kill.”

Sinestro sits down, looking at his green ring before looking into outer space, “I hope you know what you’re doing Abin.”

“True, but since the Guardians explicit 'No Patrol' sector is where they evidently hid a weakness that will possibly endanger the entire Lantern Corp, compromised us and now are blindly leading the entire Lantern Corp to their possible deaths….” Abin Sur says, walking away from him, “…I see no other choice.”

"It’s WRONG Abin! We’re supposed to be motivated by Willpower NOT Fear!" Sinestro exclaims, watching Abin walk out the cockpit.

“Survival is Willpower my young pupil. If you want to know what fear is, ask the Guardians why they asked all the Lanterns to come when they could do this themselves.” He replies as the glass partition closes behind him.

NEXT PART 12/7/2018

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Chapter 1

The Great Yellow Impurity

Part 2

Show No Fear


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Planet Okaara (Vega System)

Breaking through the thick plumes of purple clouds, the blue skinned Guardian of the Universe member Gantlet, dives out the clouds and hurtles through the midnight air with ease inside his green energy sphere. Zooming over the dark of Okaara, Ganthet looks skyward, getting glimpses of the intense fighting that rumbles like thunder. Halting his flight, Ganthet spreads out his hands and narrows his eyes, watching hundreds of Green Lanterns engaged in aerial fights with the android humanoids known as Manhunters. Watching hordes of green and red laser blast exchange between the two sides fill the sky, Ganthet raises his hand over his head a deafening explode quakes the sky with dozens upon dozens of other Green descending into the atmosphere towards him.

Within moments, Ganthet sees the various Green Lanterns before him. Some female with purple skin and pink hair, others members squid-like with yellow tentacles and glowing green rings, and many more before him, ready for orders while many more remain over the atmosphere, still engaged in battle.

“WELL DONE!” Ganthet complements, but turns away from them and point to the forest landscape, “But do not take rest, what lies ahead of us is more challenging than the menacing Manhunters.” he declares.

"How did the Manhunters know were coming in the first place?!" asks Arkkis, a dog-humanoid Green Lantern.

"Once Lafleeze engaged the Manhunters upon his entry to the planet..." Ganthet explains, "...it caused the Manhunters to identify us as the intruder to their space sector while Larfleeze plummeted to the planet leaving us to engage them for him." he says.

Another Green Lantern with blue tentacles for extremities looks to Ganthet, "That's Impossible! They would..."

“It doesn’t not matter!” interrupts a pink humanoid with purple lips, "We have to stay on point with the task at hand." she says, turning to Ganthet, "What are you orders Sir."

"Thank you Arin Sur." Ganthet nods before pointing down to the planet covered in trees, "This is part of Larfleeze scheme. He is aware we cannot find him quickly if our attention is divided. He is depending on us being preoccupied with the Manhunters for him, thinning our numbers, since he is only a...."

Suddenly a thunderous explosion drowns out Ganthet's voice and shakes the air around them. The band of loyal Green Lanterns promptly raise their eyes skyward. Consecutive green explosion ignite the atmosphere through the clouds with streaks of green laser fire colliding with bright white lasers.

"Search through the planet!" Ganthet orders, pointing to his left, " I want ten lanterns going East, ten South, ten North and another ten West. I want five going North-East, another five going north west, another five going south-east and another five going south-west...the remaining thirty lanterns, including Arin Sur, will come with me. Upon sighting of Larfleeze or any yellow streak of light...”

Everyone nervously glances at each oddly at Ganthet's saying ‘yellow light’ as they have never heard of such things.

“EHEM…” Ganthet raises his voice among the chatter, looking at them sternly "...if you see a yellow LIGHT, communicate as to your location immediately and wait for us to arrive, now GO!" he orders.

Somewhere on the Planet...

No Caption Provided

Deep dimly lit cavernous tunnel, Larfleeze leaves his two equine-crew members in front of the Cave with blasters in hand. Staring up at the raging battle between Manhunters and Green Lantern rage on, the rest of Larfleeze crew proceed into the long dark tunnel.

Bas Flob and Chattle slosh their way through the knee-deep water, marveling at the orange and yellow lightning bugs that crawl on the rock ceiling over them, glowing like candlelight. As they slosh through the murky waters of the cave, the smell of rotten fish, moldy mud and wet rock fills their sensitives noses so much that Flob, vomits into the water behind him as Larfleeze eagerly sloshes ahead at a faster pace.

“I never seen anything like this before Larf." Chattle says, hearing his voice echo down the winding tunnel.

“No one has seen anything like this before.” Flob coughs, wiping his mouth before looking to Larfleeze who leads with the way with a glowing ‘light stick’ in his hand, “Larf, please tell me are we close to this thing? Because once those Green Lanterns are done with those Manhunters they’re going to be all over us.” he says worriedly.

Holding the yellow illumined light stick in his triple-jointed hand, Larfleeze looks over his shoulder to Flob and Chattle sloshing through the water behind him, "It doesn’t matter." he sternly replies, "The Lanterns found us as I hope they would. They are fighting the Manhunters for us as I Planned. And will finally get what I have been searching years for.” he concludes.

“That's all well and good but are you sure about this?” Chattle asks, squinting his small eyes as he tries to peer into the dark water. Suddenly Chattle opens his eyes wide in shock at the sight of all the fish in the water swimming the opposite way from the direction they are headed, “Larf I-I don’t know about this…”

“ENOUGH!” Larfleeze roars, glaring at him from over his shoulder, his eyes full of rage, "I will hear no more of your COWARDLINESS! I know what I am doing. MANHUNTERS are robotic conquerors CREATED and DISCARDED by the Guardians who are responsible for the destruction of our species. They will deal with their 'mistakes' in the atmosphere while we get the key to their righteous destruction. The Manhunters will prioritize the Green Lanterns and Guardians exclusively which means you can SHUT UP AND KEEP MOVING!" he roars.

Chattle and Flob look at him with fear as Larfleeze turns away from them, and climbs over smooth stones that lead them out the water

Flob and Chattle nervously look at each but then notice all the orange and yellow glowing lightning bugs on the ceiling follow after Larfleeze, leaving them in the dark.

Watching the swarm behind them, Flob looks at them with an arched eyebrow, “What the…”

Hastily climbing over the cavernous stones and rock, Chattle and Flob climb out the water and collapse onto the hard stone floor.

“Flob.” Chattle calls.

Catching his breath as the stench begins to subside, Flob looks up to see Chattle staring at Larfleeze in the cavern tunnel with the yellow and orange lightning bugs swarming around him! Buzzing around him as if in perfect synchronicity, yellow and orange lightning bugs flutter around Larfleeze, pulsating their light brighter and brighter. Holding up his arms, Larfleeze watches in wonderment out of the myriad of insects, one lands carefully on his chest. Immediately all the lightning bugs flying about, shut off their light and drop to the cave floor, dying and leaving Larfleeze and his companions in the dark.

“Give me 'MY' torch.” Lafleeze orders, seeing the bug on his chest staring back him.

Frustrated and annoyed, Chattle rummages through his large bag, but they jolt at the sound of a thud against the cavern wall.

“Lanterns!” Chattle loudly whispers loudly, pulling out a weapon.

Hearing a thud again, they all look to the cavern wall, hearing a deep bass-tone hum churning behind the wall.

“That wasn't from outside.” Flob says nervously,

Suddenly a low hum vibrates the rock walls of the cave tunnel. Slowly it grows louder and louder. Trying to keep his balance Larfleeze grabs onto the rock wall to keep his foot as the insect glows bright yellow, but than flickers brightly changes its color to orange. Larfleeze eyes open wide, as the insect flies off him and sets on his the back of his furry hand resting on the rock wall. Suddenly the rock wall splinters and cracks like ice under Larfleeze palm. Powerful yellow light bleeds through cracking rock wall, making Larfleeze squint from its bright intensity, "ITS HERE!" he shouts.

“LARFLEEZE!” Flob yells, turning to run out the tunnel but a massive rock drops out the ceiling slams down in the waist deep water, sealing off their exit.

"WE’RE TRAPPED!" yells Chattle in panic, but suddenly lifts his hand over his eyes as he and Flob watch the rock wall beside Larfleeze crumble apart and collapse with blinding yellow light filling the tunnel as the sun came inside!

Dropping to his knees, Larfleeze holds up his hands to the light, "MY DESTINY!!!” he shouts.

Meanwhile....some miles away

Flying at fast speeds over the forest planet with Lanterns in tow, Ganthet’s eyes scan the landscape as they search for Larfleeze until streaks Arin Sur to his side and points into the distance, “SIR LOOK!”

Ganthet as well as the other lanterns look in shock as tower of massive yellow light shoots into sky, turning all the trees and foliage around it yellow!

Ganthet eyes open wide, "By the stars..."


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Larfleeze cries and laughs hysterically on his knees, bathed the warm glow of a yellow orb pulsating within the cave, "MY DESTINY IS HERE!" he shouts.

However, the lights slowly ebbs, allowing Larfleeze to see that the light coming from inside the rock wall takes the shape of a woman. Stunned, Lafleeze horselike ears stand up straight as he observes her. Her entire almost composed of light pulsates with yellow light. Her skin fair yellow and her hair bright white hair. Opening her sharp yellow eyes, the woman weakly pulls forward but falls back onto her bright yellow stone, restricted by bright orange energy chains around her ankles, wrists, waist and neck.

Shaking with fear in the waist deep waters of the cave, Chattle and Flob hug each other in great fear as Larfleeze remains ahead of them on the risen cave floor before the mysterious woman who slowly opens her eyes. Her irises bright yellow, bats her long yellow eyelashes, and pouts her soft golden lips part open before taking a breath that seems to cause a rush of wind within the cave tunnel.

"You have found me…"

Larfleeze clears his throat at the woman's deep voice that seems to vibrate through his very soul. Licking his dirty palm, Larfleeze slicks back his mangy fur on his head, "I-I am, I mean I have." he says, mesmerized by the humanoid woman.


Larfleeze pays him no attention as the woman who glows so brightly, smiles at Larfleeze, "The Guardians..." she whimpers, "...have confined me here for a millennia's upon millennia's'..." she cries. Bright white tears roll down her pale yellow illuminate face as she sobs, "And now you have brought them to kill me."

"NO!" Larfleezes exclaims, standing on his feet, "I am here to save you.

The men stare in shock as the rocky floor under Larfleeze slowly begins lifting him up towards, without his notice.

"LARFLEEEEZE! GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" Flob yells as they all start calling him

Seeing Larfleeze ignore them, Chattle and Flob get ready to crawl out from the water to get him, but suddenly the walls beside begin glowing bright yellow with insects eating their way through.


Unable to hear their voices, Larfleeze eyes slowly glow yellow as he's entranced by the woman. Floating off the cave floor in a swirl of yellow light, Larfleeze is brought closer to the woman in cave wall.

"Will you free me?"

Completely enraptured by her awing beauty, Larfleeze nods at her as the woman's golden eyes seem to pulsate with streaks of yellow electricity, as does his!

"Yes...my queen." Larfleeze drools.

"Prove your devotion..."

Nodding over to the Flob and Chattle, the woman smiles at Larfleeze

"….refuse to share me."

Immediately Larfleeze drops back to the cave floor, firm on his ffeet and marches to Chattle and Flob.

"WHOA!" they both say at once, holding up their hands at Larfleeze glares at them with angered yellow eyes.


Closing his eyes, Larfleeze takes a deep breath before exhaling calmly. Opening his eyes, Chattle and Flob see his irises have returned back to normal, however, Larfleeze tilts his head at them, "No." he says.

To their horror, Chattle and Flob watch as Larfleeze eyes glow bright yellow once again! Silent, Larfleeze holds nothing back and jumps into the waist deep. Sloshing over to them, Larfleeze hauls off and punches Chattle across his face with all his might, sending him reeling!

"LARFLEEZE STOP!" Flob shouts, jumping on his back.

However Larfleeze, upon seeing Chattle hold his face as he comes out the water, angrily flips Chattle off his back, "YOU WILL NOT HAVE HER!" he hollers, pulling out a knife from his back.

"WE NEVER WANTED HER!" Flob shouts back, "WE'RE THE LAST OF OUR KIND! DON'T DO THIS!" he pleads.

Chattle nods, "GET HER OUT OF YOUR HEAD! LEAVE WITH US NOW!" he exclaims.

Larfleeze tosses the knife between his hands with great skill before snarling at them both, "She's MINE!" he screams, bolting at them both. Skilled and experienced, Larfleeze ducks and blocks their blows before swiftly slicing Chattle's neck, bashing Flob's head against the rock wall and stabbing him multiple times in the gut and chest before pushing his head under the water. Holding him firmly under the water to drown him, Larfleeze yellow eyes glare at Chattle, clutching his bleeding neck as he slides down against the rock wall into the water. Glaring at him Chattle, a muffle crack from under the water startles Chattle as Larfleeze lets Flobs, watching his body float in the water with a his neck now snapped.

"Larfleeze..." Chattle pleads, "STOP!"

Bolting for him, Larfleeze overpowers his friend, forcing him down under the water. Grinning at the sight of Larfleeze stabbing Chattle multiple times, the woman watches as Larfleeze finishes his assault. His comrades now dead, Larfleeze tiredly sloshes out the water, drops the knife on the cave floor and drops onto his knees. Content, the woman yellow eyes lock with Larfleeze.

"You're devotion is proven, break my chains."

Larfleeze sees the glowing orange binds on her neck and arms and waist are transparent and breakable. His yellow eyes glare with anger at them, "WHO WOULD DARE DO THIS TO YOU!"

"The Evil Guardians for they know only Avarice feels no fear."

Her reply makes a heated rage rise in Larfleeze as he looks up at the cavern ceiling, feeling the rumble from the battle outside, "They will pay for what they have done, I swear it."

Grabbing hold of the glowing orange binding, Larfleeze shakes his head, his eyes shifting from yellow to orange as he turns to the glowing woman, "What shall I get in return for my devotion?" Larfleeze asks, as he can now see the woman again. "I have killed for you, caused others much fear and have managed to get all the Green Lanterns here...I WANT something in return." he demands.

The woman smiles, seeing his face eager for her reply.

"With others I sense much fear...but with you, only greed fills your heart. And that's what I shall give you. Something that you want, forever.

Larfleeze smiles evilly, "Done." he says. Grabbing the lit orange chains binding her, Larfleeze pulls at the chains. Tugging with all his might, Larfleeze eyes glow brightly orange as all the chains around the woman, shatter. rips off one of the bindings.

As he continues to rip off the orange bindings around her, Larfleeze pulls off the last, stepping back as he watches the woman look at him with her piercing yellow eyes.

Lifting off the yellow stone, the woman holds up her hands away from her body, floating over cavern floor with the broken orange chains at her feet. Taking a deep breath, she tightens her fists, feeling her power return to her. Opening her eyes, she looks to Larfleeze, waiting.

“Your reward."

With a smirk, the woman lifts her hand up. Hearing the wall rumble behind her, Larfleeze turns around to see the wall crumble apart. Beaming orange light bathes him as his eyes open wide in wonderment. Standing onto his feet, Larfleeze gawks at the sight of the a giant Orange Power Battery Lantern, churning with fiery orange flames and orange chains attached to it.

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Laughing hysterically, Larfleeze covers his face as the woman watches the yellow woman's eyes turn black, "Now I am free." she mumbles, closing her eyes and lifting up her head.

As if having come up for fresh air out of water, Larfleeze turns around and sees the cave now dark. The mysterious woman, nowhere to be found. His friends, face down floating dead in the cavern water. Looking back to the Orange Lantern glowing in the cavern wall, Larfleeze rises onto his feet and steps forward to the crackling Orange Power battery. Ribbons of light burst from the battery and grab hold of him by his arms and legs, steadying him. Bursting out the battery like a small lightning bug, a flicker of light buzzes in the air before landing on Larfleeze furry hand and melts over a portion of his finger, forming a ring.

Hearing a sizzle, Larfleeze grabs his wrist as the ring burns into his flesh. Screaming in pain, Larfleeze staggers about, grunting in pain as the orange ring sprouts a glowing orange jewel in the blackness of the cave. Chuckling, Larfleeze feels a surge of power course through his veins. Orange lines form up along his arm, stretching to his neck and his face. Looking at the power battery, Larfleeze eyes turn black with bright orange irises focusing on the battery. reaches out for the ring as it glows bright orange in his eyes and utters, "Its mine..." he laughs, "ITS ALL MINE!!!!"


Standing inside a blue energy sphere, Ganthet makes hasty flight as more Green Lanterns drop out from space, having finished off the Manhunters and assemble behind him. Three Hundred and Seventeen strong flying behind him, Ganthet narrows his eyes as he looks at the distance ahead tower of yellow light beaming into the sky.

Looking over his shoulder at the Lanterns, Ganthet takes a deep nervous breath as he notices the the massive yellow light blazing in the sky from afar, coming closer on their approach of it. Ganthet communicates using the green lantern rings on the Lanterns.

"Attention all the Lantern. Contain the yellow light without DIRECT contact. Once it has been contained, it is imperative we destroy the ENTIRE area! Any signs of life resulting within the light are to be elimated with LETHAL I repeat, LETHAL FORCE!"

All the lanterns looks at each other in astonishment as Ganthet halts his flight in mid-air, holding out his arms as all the Green Lanterns come to a stop before him. Floating in the air and looks at them all Ganthet narrows his eyes, noticing a cave with an orange glow slowly growing with intensity. Hastily Ganthet points to it, "DESTROY THAT CAVE! NOW!" he orders.

Suddenly, a horrible and echoing shriek of a woman's voice fills the air of the entire planet as all the Lanterns cover their ears as does Ganthet. The shriek, so loud, and so intense, all the Lanterns as does Ganthet, fall downward to the purple high grass of the planet.

Ganthet, on his knees, holds his ears now covered in his purple blood, looks up with a strain as the shrieking comes a to stop. Suddenly, the ground rumbles for an explosion of yellow light engulfs the atmosphere. Rolling onto his back, Ganthet sees his fellow Green Lanterns on the grassy ground, watching the forest around them slowly turn yellow.

"SHIELDS UP!" Ganthet orders. Immediately all l the Green Lanterns rings form green tinted energy shields around them all dark evening sky brightens yellow from a star rising flicking brightly over the land 10 hours early.

Ganthet firms his face as all the lanterns stand behind him in awe as Arin Sur, daughter of Abin Sur, races to Ganthet's side.

"WHAT IS THAT!" yells Arin Sur stunned at the phenomena but then looks at Ganthet who falls to his knees his eyes, struck with fear!

"GANTHET!" Arin Sur cries out to the Guardian who remains on his knees, paralyzed. Looking away from him, Arin Sur raises up her fist and crackling green ring in aim as do her fellow lanterns as the bright star's floats over towards them and slowly descends from the sky, just over the the top of the yellowing trees. Its bright vibrant light ebbs away, revealing the form of a woman, staring at them with a scowl.

"EVERYONE GET READY!" Arin Sur yells. Quickly the sky behind the woman glows yellow while hovering over the trees, staring the horde of Green Lanterns that have amassed.

Arin Sur's gasps. Her naturally pink hue turning pale around her face in shock. Glancing at Ganthet, as doe the other Green Lanterns, Arin stops her feet at him, trying to snap him out of his locked in gaze, "SIR YOUR ORDERS!" yells Arin Sur, trying to snap him out of it.

Ganthet, gulps standing up on his feet, "Sh-show no fa-fear..." he stammers.

Seeing Ganthet paralyzed with fear, Arin Sur grits her teeth, determined for this not to go sideways, "ALRIGHT YOU!" she shouts to the entity, "I, ARIN SUR, GREEN LANTERN OF THE SECTOR SEVEN ONE, AM PLACING YOU UNDER ARREST AS A GALACTIC ENTITY OF TERRORISM. NOW IDENTIFY YOURSELF TO BE REMANDED INTO CUSTODY!"

At that moment, the ground starts to vibrate as the trees start to shake. The woman's hollow white eyes turn bright yellow as a evil smirk comes across her face. Suddenly a massive , parasitic creature slowly stands up from the trees behind the woman. Arin Sur's eyes open wide in horror as all the Green Lanterns behind her step back, as the creature takes up the entire sky.

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to be continued.....12/11/2018