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CHAPTER 2 - Any Means Necessary

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Written by: TDK_1997

Words by: TDK_1997
Artist: Gary Frank


It was an empty field. The grass was already golden and this was because the season was ending. It was dry. At the end of the field was the small wood of Smallville, the wood that was drawing out the end of the small town. Somewhere around there, near the trees, there was a commotion. Kids’ screams could be heard, laughter. All of this was echoing through the field.

“Yoooooo, that was freaking awesome, MAN!!!” It was Pete Ross whose face was more than amazed. He couldn’t close his mouth shut. It was because of the thing he had seen. “Clark, dude, you should do that again.” There was a smile coming up on Pete’s face as he was trying to approach Clark.

Clark seemed worried. He started scratching the back of his head and a person could clearly see the fear and doubt in his eyes “Are you sure that it’s okay to do this?” He continued scratching his head and looked at the field. The field below them was all black, burnt from something, like it was from fire. “I don’t feel comfortable trying out such things here. This may be someone’s land.”

Pete was jumping from excitement around Clark and was trying to push him, to force him to do the marvelous action once more. “Nooo, this is just a no man’s field. It is just at the end of the town, no one owns it. Don’t sweat about it.”

“Okay. You asked for this. Get ready!!!!” Clark got excited. He suddenly forgot about the fear and the doubt of the action he was about to perform. He bent his knees a bit, his elbows too. He closed his eyes and squeezed his fist and when he opened his eyes a red beam came out of them. It was like a fire vision coming out, he was burning the grass and the soil below it. Everything was becoming black and after a few seconds he closed his eyes again.

“F--- yeah!!! This was amaaaaaziiiing! Man, this thing, this ‘heat vision’ of yours is probably the best thing from your powers so far.”

While the kids were talking, from a safe distance from them, Clark’s father was observing of the ongoing activity. He was a well built man, about 1,80m tall with grey hair. He was wearing a black shirt with jeans and boots. He looked at them for quite a while, now Clark was up in the sky, hovering above the field.

The man turned around and walked away. Got in his truck and drove off.



Jor-El walks into a room, one with large window. The view is towards Kandor’s central spaces. As he is walking through the room a team of maids align one to another in order to serve him.

“Please, shoo. I won’t need anything. I just need to see your boss.” Jor-Ell waves his hand around while he continues to go across the room.

In front of him on a leather couch, a man with a hair as dark as tar is sitting. His body isn’t facing against Jor-El, so Jor can see only that he drinking red wine.

“Is it intentional that you have your back against me?” Jor-El asks angrily.

The man stands up. He is taller than Jor-El, with a regal army uniform, a few medals below his shoulder. His hair seems rather perfect, not a single hair sticking out because of the gel he has put on.

The man turns around to face Jor-El and smiles at him. “Haven’t seen you for a while, old friend.” The man attempts to hug Jor.

Jor pushes him back, puts his hands on his shoulders and presses him down, towards the couch. “Sit, I came for business, Dru.”



Clark enters his home. A tidy two floor house. When he walks inside he throws his backpack on the ground next to the door and starts going up the stairs.

“CLARK!” Jonathan Kent calls out his son from the other room.

Clark comes down the stairs, surprised and he answers back “Yes, Pa?”

His father is eating on the dining table along with his wife, Clark’s mom. A woman with dark hair that is fading away, becoming grayish. “I want to speak with you, son. There is something I must talk with you about.”

“What is it, Pa? Can’t it wait a bit?” Clark is slightly annoyed.

His father stands from the table and starts walking towards him but he passes him and opens the front door. “Are you coming or do you need a special invite?”



“It didn’t go well with my dad I’ve heard. He sent you off. I told you he would not listen. Not to you or anyone else besides his committee.” Zod was getting with each sentence. He stood up from the couch he was sitting on. He walked to the window and started looking at the city with his hands behinds his back, one holding the other.

“We have to do something. Find a better way to prove to him that I am not lying. That whatever I am trying to do here is for the better of everyone.” Jor-El sounded worried.

Zod continued looking to the city. “Hrrm.” A single sound after which a look to the ground below him followed. “I am powerless here. I wish that he would have listened to you. I was trying to tell that man one simple thing for the past ten years but he cast me off, said I was crazy..” The sentence of Zod was cut off by a tremor.

The tremor that occurred was powerful. The whole room and probably, the whole bulding was shaking as well. The walls were cracking and the chandelier fell to the ground. Zod leaned back to the window but when he heard the crack under him he bounced off.

Two people came hurtling through the front door. A woman and a man.

“My love, is everything fine?” As the tremor was fading away the woman asked the question. It was for Zod.

Zod cleared his clothes from the dust that fell upon them. “Yes, Ursa, my love.” Zod made a brief pause and after it, he continued: “Take Null and gather our men. We need to pay my father a visit. We need to clear up a few things for him.”

As Zod said those words Jor-El looked more frightened than ever. He knew he made a grave mistake by including Dru-Zod into this business. He may have been his friend once but his methods were monstrous. He simply had no morals.



Pa Kent and Clark were walking down to the barn. Pa Kent was quieter than usual and that was worrying Clark. He knew that something has happened and Pa Kent will try to give him a life lesson. He suddenly remembered everything that he did in the afternoon, using his powers, testing them, trying to be cool and powerful. He knew that he had made a mistake.

Pa Kent opened the barn and both of them entered. They headed towards the back of the building. Jonathan Kent was still as quiet as before, not saying a single word. When he reached the end of the wooden building he cleared the hay from the ground with his boots. There was a door on the floor. He grabbed the handle and pulled. He opened up the door.

“Come. Take a look, son.” Jonathan Kent invited Clark to go closer.

Clark made small steps, afraid of what he might see. When he got nearer, everything he saw was just something that was covered in white sheets. Jonathan Kent jumped inside the hole in the ground and removed the sheets slowly.

What was uncovering before Clark’s eyes was something he could not describe. It was some sort of a vehicle. It looked like it had “wings” and there was a pod at the front of it. He knew that it probably is not what he think it is, but it looked like a space ship. A blue and red space ship with only one place.

“Now, when I saw you today, burning that field with Pete Ross, I knew that I might have to finally have that talk with you. I knew that the day had come when I have to tell you everything I was just guessing and everything that I actually knew.” While Jonathan Kent was talking he was opening the pod at the front and trying to reach one of the buttons. “I have always told you that you are special, son. Not only because you are my son and I love you, but because of everything you will see right now.” Jonathan Kent pressed the button he was looking for.

A hologram appeared in front of Clark with two figures looking at him. He didn’t know these people but somehow he knew that he knows them from somewhere. Suddenly the male started talking – “Hello, son! My name is Jor-El and I have to tell you a story. This is your mother, Lara Lor-Van.”

Clark was surprised, scared and excited at the same time.



In the Supreme Court of Kandor the Council was working hard as always. Talking about trials and mothers that they should take under consideration. Plans about the expulsion of Jor-El from the Supreme Science Organization was one of them. They were thinking that the drastic, almost zealous, methods and thinking of Dru-Zod had almost brainwashed him. They had no idea what was just happening outside of their conference hall.

Dru-Zod along with his wife Ursa and his right hand man – Nul, had just walked inside of the building. The three of them were dressed in their uniforms, grey military looking uniforms. The uniform on Zod’s body was covered with medals from his many fought battles in the interstellar battles for peace a few years ago.

The security team recognized him and went towards them with the intention of stopping them “STOP RIGHT THERE! Don’t you dare cross another inch of this floor!” The security guard gave a hand command to his colleagues who followed his lead, they drew out their guns and pointed them at Zod and his men.

“Nul, would you be so kind?” Zod asked nicely Nul.

Nul rushed towards them and pushed one of the security guards with his shoulder sending him to the ground. While the other was trying to turn around and face the hostile man, Nul had already made the movement to get nearer the security guard and punched him so hard that he knocked him out. Then he grabbed the gun of third security guard and took his weapon away with force and hit him in the head with it.

“Thank you, my friend. Now, let’s get going.” Zod was satisfied and continued on to the conference hall. The people who were in the Supreme Court were always scared and couldn’t comprehend what they had just seen.

Zod opened the conference hall’s doors and entered with a glorious step. His posture and his body language was clearly indicating how much confidence he had. He knew he was a famous general that was loved and feared by many. After his entrance Ursa and Nul soon followed as well. The posture of Nul was that of a mindless brute, shoulders coming down, stupid dull expression, but that was all a lie because he was in fact incredibly smart.

“Good morning, gentlemen. Father.” Zod started speaking and looked at his father, then he continued “I have come here to express my disgust with you. I am disappointed of your behavior and your attitude towards one of our most renowned scientists and interstellar experts.” As he was speaking he started getting closer and closer to the council until he reached his father’s desk. “He was trying to tell you, show you how we don’t have any time at all, how we are going to die. You did not listen.” He grabbed his father by the throat, while the other council members were looking at him with fear. Afraid to utter even a single word. He picked him up in the air expressing his strength and started squeezing his father, choking him “It’s time to take things into my own hands.”

Zod started squeezing harder and harder while his father’s face was getting purple. While he was doing that the ground below their feet started shaking, an earthquake. “An example of your stupidity.” He dropped his father’s body on the ground, leaving him dead there. Turned around, putting his hands behind his back again and walked towards the door he came through – “Nul, finish them, please.”

As Zod and Ursa were walking out of the hall all they could hear were screams.


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Awesome. Liked it more than the first issue. You're progressing the plot nicely, whilst also adding a nice twist in for General Zod with him being somewhat younger than normal. It's very nice seeing Clark begin to develop his powers as well as his interactions with Pete. It gets a thumbs up from me.

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@tommythehitman: Thank you, brother! Glad you like the issue!

I have to say that I have something big in store for Zod in the near future indeed.