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CHAPTER 1 - First Steps and Final Days

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An image of Krypton from Space.

Another image of Krypton, but from a closer scale. A closer and closer image with every moment until it reaches the center of the largest city of Krypton – Kandor. The city is bustling, people rush, walk, chaos everywhere, but especially in front of one of its main buildings-the Supreme Court. The place in which the big brains of civilization take all important decisions concerning the development of culture, problems concerning race, ones about religion, science and etc.

A well-build man clothed in a robe with green colours, one that shows his place in society. The robe certainly puts him in one of the higher placed circles of society. The man enters the building while rushing through random pedestrians.

“HEY, WATCH IT!” a random man on the road shouts out loud while the running man passes by him and bumps into him.

“SORRY, I AM IN A HURRY” the running man shouts back while opening the front door. “Hey, Zon-Ar! Please, call them, I must see every single one of them!” the stranger gives the task to security without even stopping.

“Sure think, sir! I will call right in! They will wait for you!” The security guard agreed, opened the elevator door and saluted the man like he was his general.

The running stranger walked inside the elevator. Sweat was coming down his forehead and he was keeping a folder with him. He looked nervous. Something was definitely bothering him. When he neared the floor he was headed for the doors opened and he walked outside of the elevator. He stood in front of the Supreme Court of Kandon and Krypton. A group of 6 people, the ones that rules Krypton stood against him. Some were looking at papers, others were writing down notes, but when he walked in everyone looked at him. All attentions was gathered towards him.

“Jor-El, may we help you with anything?” The court asked in a combined voice and everyone looked at him.



At Smallville High School all kids from the small village went to school. It was your typical high school with its brick-like look. Clark Kent, as well as the others students was enjoying his break between classes. He was a well-build kid with an average height, dark hair and always with the smiling face. He was playing Tag with his best friend, Pete Ross, who was a shorter kid, much thinner looking and with blonde hair. This time Pete was the one who was It and was chasing Clark.

They were coming from the back of the school, from its backyard and they were just making a turn when Clark, who was looking back at Pete, hit a girl that was in front of him,

“CLAAAARK! AGAIN?!” the angry girl was Lana Lang. The third friend of the group and the crush of Pete. She was with ginger hair, had freckles and had red lipstick on. The lipstick was so she could feel as part of the teens.

“Whoops, sorry about that, Lana.” Clark apologized while trying to get up.

“Hahahaah, it’s the second time we did that today.” Pete stopped next to his friends and was laughing and holding his belly. Clark was helping Lana stand up.

“I didn’t mean to do it, Lana. I just wasn’t looking where I was going.” Clark’s face blushed, he was slightly ashamed of his doing.

Lana sighed and started picking up her books “It’s alright, Clark. You guys are boys, you are just clumsy and stupid. It’s in your nature.” Lana laughed and put her palm on Clark’s cheek “And don’t blush, there’s no need for that.”

Lana walked past them and entered the school. Clark’s face blushed even more and he started staring at the floor.

“Hahahaah, did she tell you, man.” Pete continued laughing and touched Clark by the shoulder. “Oh, by the way…YOU’RE IT!” Pete pushed Clark backwards and started running. Clark smiled even wider this time and ran after his friend.



One of the council members, the one sitting in the centre seat was looking at Jor-El with one eyebrow sticking up “Explode? You are trying to tell us that Krypton, one of the oldest planets in our star system, will explode? Do you consider us this old and crazy?” He then closed the folder in front of him, leaned back on his chair and turned to both sides staring at his colleagues.

They all looked at each other, that took a while. While they were doing it, Jor-El was still standing down there and looking up to them.

“Yes, my calculations were done more than a few times. I examined the soil, I send a probe down to the lower layers of the planet, almost to the core. I know what I am talking about.” Jor-El had a stern face. He was trying to convince them.

The centre member leaned forwards, putting his elbows on the desk in front of him “Dear Jor, it seems like my son has driven you finally mad. You listen way too much to him.”

“Sir, with all due respect, Dru has not made me think this or driven me mad. His movement against you and your colleagues has nothing to do with my research.” Jor-El started walking towards the staircase on the side, the one leading to the upper level where the council members were seated.

“What I am trying to do is convince you that we need to think about inhabiting another planet, one that has the same conditions as ours. I…I have found one gentlemen.” Jor-El’s face picked up a smile.

“You found one?” Dru-Zod’s father seemed angry. He was glaring at Jor-El “And who gave you permission to do stellar research? WHO?” He stood up and put his index finger up. The security guards were ready to act.

“No one did. I didn’t think I would require one. This is a matter of life and death, I don’t need permission. I am trying to save you, your family and most importantly – my family! Do you think I need permission?” Jor-El and Zod’s father were looking at each other face to face now.

“Get him out of here. OUT!” Zod’s father pushed back Jor-El and waited for the guards. They grabbed Jor-El by the arms and started dragging him out of the room.

“YOU WILL SEE THAT I WAS RIGHT, BUT IT WOULD BE TOO LATE. YOU WILL SEE!” Jor-El was yelling while being dragged out.

The guards through him out of the building. He dropped on the floor and all of his research scattered all over the ground. He stood up, picked everything up and got into his car.



Jor- El walked inside of the house, threw his research on the sofa and fell on his knees. He started crying and his wife heard. Lara-Lor-Van walked inside the room. She was a beautiful woman with dark brown hair, average height for a woman.

“Honey, what is wrong? Why are you crying?” She crouched right next to her husband and hugged him.

Jor-El fell even lower, he started hugging his wife while laying on her stomach. “They did not believe me. They thought I was some kind of a mad man.”

“It’s alright. You will find a way to convince them. We have the time.” Lara tried to calm him down.

“Enough time?!” Jor-El stood up and started walking through the house. He entered one of the rooms. There was a baby’s crib in the room and a baby boy was standing on his feet laughing at his father.

“There is only one week, Lara. One week. My calculations are not wrong and you know it. We have to save him somehow.” He picked up his son and hugged him.

“Kal will be alright. Everything will fix on its own.” She came next to him and hugged them both.

“No. I will cal him. I will call Dru. He said he knows a way.” Jor-El gave Kal to Lara.

“He’s out of his mind, Jor. His ways are not rational. Do you think he will suggest to you a proper way to fix things?” Lara was begging her husband.

“Yes, he will. I am calling him now.” Jor-El picked up the phone and called Dru-Zod.

He picked up.



Clark was still chasing Pete who was running way faster than his friend. He went further then he was supposed to in the back yard. He entered one of the small forests in the park next to their school. He jumped over a log when he shouted “You will never catch me, Clark. You never do.”

Clark was significantly behind when he answered “I will, you will see. I will catch you today.” He squinted his eyes because he tried to concentrate to go faster. ‘I will’ he said to himself.

He tried to go faster when all of a sudden he saw the log in front of him and tried to jump over it. He jumped so far away that he reached Pete and pushed him on the ground.

Both were laying on the ground when Pete said “WOW! Clark, what did you do?”

Clark looked at his legs and replied “I have no idea, but I am scared.”

TO BE CONTINUED...........

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Good start! I quite enjoyed the Jor-El stuff and I’m interested to see where everything’s going.

I did notice a few grammar mistakes throughout the issue but other than that it’s solid.

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@tommythehitman: I am glad you liked it, my friend. You will soon see where this is going and how things will progress.

Do you mind pointing them out to me, so I can fix it up. Thanks. :)

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@tdk_1997: When I get chance this weekend I will. ;)

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@eto: Thank you. There will be more of it in the next few issues as well.

Yeah, as long as you have passion and desire to write a certain character, you are welcome to join. The basic concept of this project is to write, the character you have chosen, in the way you would have liked him to be written. So, basically, you can change up his whole origin or you can stick to his roots but change other aspects of his history.

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@tdk_1997: I liked it but you jump narrative from being almost panel by panel descriptions at the start then moving back into prose.

Let’s see part 2!

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@batkevin74: The description in the beginning of the issue was a big difficulty to me. I wanted to open up the story with a view on Krypton but I did not know how exactly to describe it.