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Viceroy, South Carolina, 2018

"You should've just taken the money, Mitch," Dennis Tagliare commented to his lawyer friend who dangled upside above a vat of chemicals. "But for some reason, you didn't. You grew a backbone and rolled on. Why?"

"Look, I'm sorry Den," Mitch Shelley panted, his face red from hanging upside down for so long. "Just let me down and we can talk about it."

"You talked to the cops, the Feds, the papers, you squealed like the pig you are!" Dennis grabbed the lever that held the chain to the roof that Mitch swung from. "We offered you enough money to forget about it, and you didn't. So now, you gotta go away."

"Look, I'm sorry. I'll recant! I'll disappear!"

"Oh you'll disappear alright," Dennis laughed as he pulled the lever which began lowering Mitch towards the bubbling chemicals. "You go in the vat and then this place goes up in flames. They'll never find you, Mitch. You'll be the new Jimmy Hoffa."

"Please! I'm begging you! I'll do anything!"

Dennis chuckled and lit his cigarette up with an acetylene torch. "Always with the begging. Nobody ever takes it like a man, they all become scared little girls."

"Please Den! Don't! I can fix this," Mitch whimpered. "I need time."

"You aint got time, Mitch!" And with that Dennis jammed the switch down sending Mitch plunging into the vat. Mitch Shelley screamed for dear life, but to no avail. The heavy chain around his leg dragged him towards the bottom and soon he was sucking into his lungs and stomach the putrid cocktail of chemicals. His eyes burnt, his skin peeled, as he drowned in the toxic soup.

"Gasoline and firecrackers have been spread out, boss."

Dennis Tagliare nodded. "Good, get to the boat. We can crack a few bruskis as we watch this place go up like the Fourth of July."

Dennis and his cohorts left, and in almost cinematic fashion the chemical warehouse exploded behind them.


About 69 Million BC, in what will be Afghanistan

Mitch Shelly screamed as the column of light around him subsided.

“What the…” he checked himself over. He wasn’t dead, at least he didn’t think so. Slowly he stood up, he was on a rock plateau in the middle of nowhere.

“This doesn’t make any sense!” Mitch scratched his head and looked around at his unfamiliar surroundings. The air tasted weird, the sparse plants looked weird, the large lizard staring at him…Mitch froze as the Tarbosaurus eye him curiously.

“It’s a T-Rex!” Mitch yelped. “I gotta be dreaming! It's a %$#!g T-REX!!"

The large carnivore sniffed the air and stomped forward, the ground shook. Mitch screamed and ran like a scared rabbit, which trigger the huge dinosaur into pursuit. Soon the beast was upon him and Mitch screamed as it snapped him in two and gobbled him up.

To be continued...

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Woah! Interesting setup. I’m curious about what’s going on and Mitch seems interesting in the sense that he isn’t a paragon of virtue.

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That is a quite nice opening issue. I like the direction.

Did you intend on it being so short or the next chapter will be longer?

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I never heard of this dude until the New 52, Suicide Squad run. But I'm certainly interested

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