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CHAPTER 1 - Never Stop

Written by: TDK_1997
Words by: TDK_1997
Artwork by: Greg Capullo

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The night was barely beginning, the rain was falling down on Gotham’s streets. There wasn’t a single soul outside. The homeless were gathered like mice around their ‘campfire’, trying to warm themselves. They were not speaking, it was too cold to talk to each other.

All of a sudden a loud noise was heard:


It was the Batmobile. It parker near the alleyway where the homeless were located. The top of the car opened and after a few seconds the Batman jumped out. He was so fast that they barely saw the movement. It was because he shot a grappling hook to the top of one of the buildings. It drew him upwards.

The homeless gathered around the car.

HOMELESS PERSON 1: Sweet ride, maaan. I would do anything to drive something like this.

HOMELESS PERSON 2: Hey! Don’t get near it. I’ve heard that you’ll get electrocuted by this thing.

One of the homeless was going on top of the vehicle to try to get inside. However, when he got closer to it the top closed itself.


The homeless started laughing at him because as the top closed itself, he got frightened and fell on the ground. While this was happening Batman had already entered the building he was headed to.

He was walking around a dark apartment, lighting it up with a small flashlight that he was holding in his right hand. The cowl was falling down from his shoulders, covering most of the front of his body.

BATMAN: Penny One, do you read me? – his voice sounded calm.

PENNY ONE: Yes, Master Bruce, I do read you. What is your request? – the voice on the other was with a British accent.

As Batman was looking around the living room, examining everything with just his eyes, he replied:

BATMAN: This is correct building, right? The call to 911 came from this apartment?

PENNY ONE: That is the correct building and apartment. You are at the right place. – Penny One responded.

BATMAN: Good job,…Alfred. – Batman responded with relief and clicked on his ear. The connection between him and Penny One went dead.

Batman left the living room and entered the only bedroom in the apartment. The apartment floors were dirty, untidy and there were all kinds of bottles all over the floor.

He entered the bedroom and clenched his free fist. On the floor of the bedroom parts of the family were scattered all over the place. The blood of their bodies was covering almost the entirety of the room. The parts were of a male, a female and their child, at least that was what Batman could recognize. On the walls there were carvings, marks, as if the killer had carved how many he had killed. It was just three.

BATMAN: Zsasz! – Batman said to himself silently.

He then approached the open window near the bed. He heard footsteps going down the fire exit. He soon followed.

BATMAN: Zsasz, STOP RIGHT THERE! – Batman shouted as he jumped on the fire exit.

Zsasz was already down on the alleyway. He was running, breathing heavily. Batman did not go down floor by floor. What he did was jump from the 6th floor down to the alleyway.


BATMAN: LISTEN TO ME ZSASZ! Stop before it’s too late.

ZSASZ: Shut up, freak! – as Victor Zsasz said it a maniacal laugh followed.

Batman started running after him. His body was moving silently even though the Kevlar he was wearing added to his weight a sufficient amount of pounds. He was moving like a cat due to him many years of training. However, as he was closing down on Zsasz his footsteps started to get heard. They were becoming louder and louder, his anger could be felt through the air.

When he reached Zsasz he jumped towards him, pushing him down to the ground. He grabbed him and they both started spinning like a wheel compiled of human bodies. When they stopped, Batman was on top of Zsasz, blocking his hands with knees.

BATMAN: Why did you have to do it, Zsasz! They weren’t bothering you. – Batman’s voice was calm, compared to his expression it was a weird sight.

ZSASZ: Oooo, no. HAHAHAH, they were just keeping me warm for the night, but I knew that their blood will be better for warmth. – his voice sounded hysterical.

BATMAN: RARRRGHHHH! – Batman started punching Zsasz with heavy punches. He wasn’t stopping. Blood was going everywhere. Batman’s costume, especially his gloves, were getting covered in red, the colour of blood.

Zsasz stopped making sounds. He started choking on his own blood.

JIM GORDON: THAT’S ENOUGH! – as Jim Gordon approached with a police crew he tried to stop Batman with words.

Batman looked back at Jim Gordon then at the lying body underneath him. He saw the bloody pulp he left. He stood up and walked towards Gordon.

BATMAN: Make sure this beast is put behind bars. Make sure he never comes out again. – his voice was growling.

Jim Gordon put his hand on Batman’s shoulder, looked at him, then released him and went straight to Victor Zsasz.

JIM GORDON: I will try to do so, my friend. Take the night off, will you.

BATMAN: I will try do so. – Batman’s voice did not change its intonation.

He walked away from the alleyway and headed down to where his car was.



Batman was driving the Batmobile towards the Batcave. He was squeezing on the steering wheel, he still seemed angry from what previously happened with him and Victor Zsasz.

ALFRED: Master Bruce, is everything fine? You seem bothered by something. – Alfred’s voice appeared from the car’s intercom.

BATMAN: It’s nothing, Alfred. I am just trying to calm myself down. Why are you listening when I stopped the connection? – Batman’s voice seemed more relaxed.

ALFRED: I try to my job as best as I can, Master Bruce. It is not really listening secretly when you are actually doing your job. – Alfred sounded ironic.

BATMAN: Hmm. – Batman smiled slightly.

All of a sudden ,while driving the Batmobile, Batman heard an explosion go off right above him. When he looked up he saw a building catch fire and from one of its windows a figure came out flying baring something in its hands.

The figure was quick and even through the closed windows of the car Batman could hear the sound of a bee, slightly enhanced.

BATMAN: Firefly. – Batman said to himself and steered the wheel towards the building.

Batman got out of the Batmobile and looked at the building and afterwards to Firefly.

BATMAN(inner voice): I guess the night isn’t over.


Jim Gordon was sitting on his desk when he heard a knocking sound on his window. He got startled and looked back. Batman was on the outside of the window.

Jim Gordon opened up the window and let Batman in.

JIM GORDON: Did not expect to see you again so soon. – Gordon sounded surprised.

BATMAN: I am not going to take long. I have left you another piece of crazy upstairs. I know you colleagues don’t think well of me. – Batman’s voice was passive.

He started walking again out of the window when he turned back and said to Gordon:

BATMAN: We have to do a better job, commissioner, We have to keep these lunatics out of the streets.



The Batmobile entered the Batcave roaring through. The sound could be heard from miles if there was anyone to hear. The bats in the cave got startled and started flying chaotically.

Batman parked his car, walked out of it and took off his cowl. He walked up the stairs towards the computer hanging on the wall and sat down on his chair. Alfred was waiting besides the computer with dinner in his hands.

ALFRED: I have prepared dinner for you, sir. Or should I say, maybe breakfast? – Alfred was trying to be ironic again.

BATMAN: I am not hungry, Alfred. – Batman started staring at the monitor with a stern face.

Alfred put the pot he was holding next to the computer. He then sighed heavily and started walking towards the exit of the cave.

ALFRED: When I signed up for the job I did not sign a contract that said I should see you dead. I promised to myself when they passed away that I will always look after you. – Pain could be heard in Alfred’s voice.

Batman leaned back on his chair. He stood like that for a few seconds and turned around to Alfred.

BATMAN: I cannot allow the same thing to happen to anyone else. Not after they were murdered. – he made a brief pause and continued – Tonight more than one family was taken away from this world because of lunatics. People who know nothing about pain. They don’t care about people’s suffering.

Bruce Wayne stood up and went closer to Alfred.

BATMAN: I cannot rest. Not until I have stopped every single one of them. – Batman finished his sentence, turned around and sat back on the chair.

Alfred stared for a while at the chair and the figure that was seating on it. He sighed and continued:

ALFRED: I understand you. But you need to ask yourself, what is becoming more important, being who you are or being him. Stop for a second and ask yourself, master Wayne.

Alfred then took the stairs up to the mansion and left Bruce Wayne down in the cave, staring at the computer screen.

TO BE CONTINUED,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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@tdk_1997: Personally I’m not a big fan of scripts, I prefer story as it conveys emotion and description.

Batman’s a little too harsh unless that’s deliberate and it’ll soften in this arc, you’ve got his obsession for stopping crime down well.

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I do agree with Batman in regards to the script format, I think the issue would have benefitted more from the aforementioned prose method. Regardless the story seems interesting and like the way you’ve made use of some of Batman’s lesser villains.

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@tommythehitman: @batkevin74: I will take notes for the next issue guys. I thought that writing in this way would be easier for people to understand everything and that the dialogue would benefit a lot more. However, since you guys are not that big of a fans of this style, I will change it back up. LOL

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@tdk_1997: I like the use of Alfred.

other than script format, I like it!

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@eto: I can promise you that Alfred will have a really central stage in my story going forward. He is one of my favorite Batman supporting characters, so I really am trying to right him well.

Notes taken, guys. Will change the script format for the next issue.