DC Reinvented: Green Lantern #4 (of 5)

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"Look! I know that many of you aren't happy about a human being leader but..."

"ENOUGH!" Kilowog yelled as he flew straight up in front of Alan Scott's face."You're not the ONLY Alpha Lantern who wanted to be Head of the Corps!"

"What are you suggesting Kilowog?" Alan asked cautiously.

"How do I know that YOU didn't kill Sinestro? Nobody knows who did it. For all I know YOU could have done it!"

Alan Scott gritted his teeth.

"If you're trying to pick a fight you came up on the right-"

"Poor, poor Kilowog... so pathetic... so weak..."

Alan Scott and every single other Lantern looked up towards the giant shadow flying towards them.


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"ATTACK!!!!" Atrocitus screamed as he lead his army downwards towards the Green Lantern Corp. "ATTACK FOR PARALLAX!!!"


Coast City, Earth...

"Y'know..." Hal muttered as he created a hard light shield out of pure willpower. "You're not as strong as you claim." He muttered as a violet sword clashed on top of it.

"KILL YOU!" Star Sapphire yelled as she quickly morphed her sword into a chainsaw.

"Wow. Aren't Sapphires supposed to be powered by love? You seem rather pis-"

Star Sapphire sneered as she turned her chainsaw into a rope and tagged it around Hal's back before pulling him over.

"Ma'am. You're currently in violation of Sector Code 37. Violation of a Green Lantern's personal space. I recommend y-"

"Carol!" John Stewart yelled as he pulled his helmet off. "What the hell are you doing?!"

Carol Ferris glanced towards John for a second causing her face to soften for a second.

"John." Her face firming up again. "Now's not the time."

"For crying out loud Carol! The guy's not trying to hurt anyone!" John yelled. "He could've killed me back there! Yet he didn't!"

"This is Daily Planet Live reporting of numerous Green Men appearing in Coast City, saving lives and fighting crime! The question is... who created these people?"

"See?! He's... he's not a bad guy..."

Carol Ferris opened her mouth as if she was about to say something only to frown.

"Get up." She said as she pulled the rope off of Hal's body.


Carol Ferris' body slid down from the hole in the wall she'd created. Hall deactivated the giant boxing glove he'd created and walked over to her body.

"Thanks for the assistance Citizen!" Hal said as he picked her body up from off the ground. "I'll remember you the next time I need a hand!"

John Stewart watched in stunned silence as Hal flew out of the hole in the wall while carrying Carol Ferris' body.

"What the hell...?!"



"Your Corps is weak Atrocitus..." Alan Scott muttered as he blasted a Red Lantern directly in the face. "Your attack's failing."

Atrocitus screamed in rage as he blasted acid fire directly into Kilowog's face, his lifeless corpse fell to the ground as his ring left his finger.

"You're going to lose this battle Scott!" Atrocitus screamed as he flew directly for Alan. "I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY FOR MY FAMILY!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about Atrocitus." Alan said as he fired a beam of energy into Atrocitus' chest sending him flying backwards. "But for what you've done here I'll see you burn in hell!"

"Oh no Alan... he won't..." A loud voice said. "but you will."

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Awesome! Can't wait for more :)