DC Re-Imagined The Flash #4

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Barry Allen panicked in the corner of his mother's apartment as several Crime Scene Investigators examined the apartment. Usually Barry was with them, however not this time. Barry had ran here around an hour ago while looking for a place to hide as The Flash. He'd arrived at his mother's apartment and waited for his mother to answer the door. After a few seconds he vibrated his hand through the door and opened it from the inside, only to find his mother's dead body on the floor. Barry had phoned the police immideatlly afterwards.

"I'm sorry Barry but there's no evidence here." A cop said sadly to Barry, who'd changed out of his costume.

"What?! You can't just give up!"

"That Flash dude was last seen in the area maybe he had a part in it."

"What?!" Barry said. "That's perposterous. The Flash is dead I looked around his apartment this morning!"

"I don't know, man. Can these super freaks even die? It doesn't seem to have happened before."

Barry would have replied if it wasn't for the woman he saw slipping through the police yellow lines.

"Barry!" She shouted, walking carefully so not to mess up the crime scene. "Are you okay?"

"No Iris I'm not. My mother has just been murdered!"

Iris West, Barry's long time girlfriend was also Keystone City's head reporter. They'd been dating for nearly two years and it was going well enough. Barry was trying to get enough money for... well let's just leave that for now.

"Barry... I am so sorry. I couldn't imagine what you're going through."

Barry wiped a tear from his eye and glanced over his shoulder at the other cops getting ready to leave.

"Okay so we've got it scheduled down as a murder but we have no evidence. We'll give the report in to the chief."

Suddenly the cop's radio made a static noise and a female voice said:

"All units we have a have a hold up at a fairground. a man in an orange costume walked out of the hall of mirrors carring two guns. All units please respond."

The radio turned off followed by a cop saying:

"Screw that, probably one of those super freaks. I don't get paid enough for this."

Iris turned around to say something to Barry only to see he'd disappeared.

"Hall of mirr- Barry?!"

Iris looked around the apartment but couldn't see Barry anywhere.


Eobard Thwane watched on a nearby rooftop as Allen zoomed out of his mother's apartment. Thwane wondered if Garrick was inside of Allen's mind, or if he'd chosen the simpler route and gone straight to the Speed Force. The voice in Thwane's own head confirmed this fact. Thwane couldn't wait until the inevitable finally happened and he could choke the life out of Barry's neck. He was only doing his duty but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy it. Especially cosidering who he was going to kill. He cared not for anyone on this world, everyone would die and fill up the graveyards on this world. He knew that everyone would die, he had already forseen it. He glanced at his wrist communicator. Apparently he had to create a mudslide near a village in South America. He smiled and ran across the rooftops. He loved his job.


"Do you know who this guy is?" Barry asked out loud as he zoomed towards the fair ground.

"No idea kid. I'm guessing when everyone heard I'd died they got their ray guns and walked outside to cause some mayhem." Jay Garrick said inside Barry's brain.

Barry hopped over the fair's fence and saw a man in an orange costume firing wildly into a crowd. From the look of his weapons they seemed to be energy based and from the looks of the moving bodies on the floor, they probably weren't lethal. Nether the less this man was breaking the law and hurting innocent people. Barry was taking this man down. He ran at the man and punched him, however his hand went straight through him as the man turned to glass and smashed on the floor, Barry stared at his hand confused for a second. He was confused and had no idea what he'd just done. As he stood still he felt a blast of energy hit him in the chest and knock him to the ground. He looked up and saw multiple versions of the same man. He remembered what the radio had said about mirrors earlier. All of the mirror men raised their guns at him as their leader smiled and shouted:

"So you being dead was a lie, wasn't it Flash?! Oh well I'll still kick your ass from here to Metropolis! You've made a mistake coming here! You've made a mistake coming unprepared! You've made a mistake facing THE MIRROR MASTER!"

Barry rolled his eyes. This is what he needed, he thanked the Speed Force for this loser. He stood up and raised his fist at the badly dressed super villain.

"I must admit, you catched me by surprise there. I am SO happy you decided to get out of bed today. I needed something to punch and my last punching bag just didn't scream enough."

Barry watched as the man raised his energy weapon at Barry and fired...

To be continued...

Okay so Flash 4 (Technically 5) yeah so Flash is going against Mirror Master next issue and the origin of Thwane will be revealed. Heh, heh, heh. Anyway be sure to comment below and if you haven't already check out the rest of DC Re-Imagined!