DC Re-Imagined Martian Manhunter #7

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Maxwell Lord sat nervously in his chair. He wouldn't normally enter a building in this district. Hell he wouldn't even be in this city. He'd lived in Washington DC all his life and when he'd applied to work for the goddamn CIA they'd sent him here of all places. Something about needing an agent on a matter of global security. He'd been flown to New York in a private plane. It was first class all the way, he was after all going on a potentially dangerous mission for them. He'd arrived in New York City a few hours ago and was shaking off a case of jet lag when he finally arrived at his destination. His first thoughts had been to just carry on walking. After all the building looked pretty run down and probably had a dozen or so tramps and psychopaths inside, however he'd sucked up his fear and walked inside like any patriot would. However when he walked inside it looked nothing like he'd expected, it was clean and polished with a receptionist sat behind a table. The receptionist had glanced at him and simply said:

"Take a seat. Mr Steel will be seeing you soon."

Max had listened and sat down on the chair next to him. Which lead him to his current situation. He'd been sat down for nearly 20 minutes he'd been sat here and he was starting to get bored. After what seemed like hours a man walked out of a room and waved at him to come with him. Max got up and frowned as the receptionist said:

"Mr Steel will see you now."

Max walked past her and rolled his eyes. Clearly the woman wasn't paying attention. He walked into the room behind the man and looked around. In the room was a small hunch backed man looking over a table covered in... body parts. He looked around the rest of the room and saw some kind of machine that looked like something from a Science Fiction Book from Marble. The man in front of him stopped and grabbed a remote from a table next to him.

"Mr Lord I presume?" The man asked.

"Yes I was told to come here. I'm not sure why."

The man clicked the remote at a TV screen and a movie started to play. At least it had to be a movie since nothing like this could happen in real life. The screen showed two people. One a scientist and the other a security guard, the scientist activated a strange device that started bursting energy and then suddenly a green skinned alien appeared. It killed both the scientist and the security guard in under a minute then flew away with their bodies.

"This footage was found from security cameras in a New York City lab five years ago." The man said. "The scientist's body was fished out of the Hudson two weeks ago."

"So that isn't just a movie?"

"No. That was an actual alien killing actual people. Nobody knows about this. We've made sure of that, but the goverment formed this group right here as a response team to these clearly hostile aliens. We believe the alien has been hiding among our society ever since. Our resident scientist Dr Zagarian is working on a weapon to capture the alien and discover what he knows." The man held his hand out for Max to shake. "My name is Sargent Steel. Maxwell Lord welcome to Checkmate."

Max shook Steel's hand but asked:

"Why are you called Checkmate?"

"The head of the project thought it sounded cool. He said it like Oh we're all pawns in a game of chess, each of us is expendable. We're all defending the Earth which is our Queen."

Max just stared at Steel for a few seconds.

"Yeah the guy's been moved to Arkham for a few years. His idea was good though." Steel said.

He glanced at Dr Zagarian and looked annoyed for a second.

"Zagarian! How's the weapon coming along?"

Zagarian looked exhausted and was covered in blood. Probably not his own.

"It's nearly done! I'm taking the necesarry precautions to make sure he doesn't just turn evil the second I activate him!"

Stell looked back at Max.

"Sir why is he covered in-?" Max started to ask.

"In blood? Zagarian believes the only way to get his monster working is to use dead body parts. Which is why fishing Dr Erdel's body out of the Thames has been most helpful to our operation. Any more questions?"

Max sighed and rolled his eyes. Being a secret agent was getting stranger by the second.


J'onn awoke off the floor with the help of several monks and M'gann.

"What do you mean you're my daughter?!" J'onn demanded to know.

M'gann smiled and shifted back to her natural white form.

"The White Martians have been interested in you for a while Uncle J'onn. You cured your race of the weakness to the Great Flame. You stopped us from taking complete control over Mars. We were... interested in who you were and wanted to create our own version of you. So we took some DNA from you. Remember that Green woman a long time ago? All Whites can shapeshift. She took DNA from you as you slept and fled during the night. However the Whites wanted their own version of you so they took some of HER DNA as well. They created me by using an old White ritual to their god Slat Stein. He created me. I helped turn the tide of the war in my sides favour. We were winning because you were careless one night and had a bit too much to drink. My lord Slat Stein eventually sent me here to this world to create an army to help fight against your race. I did so and then you arrived here!"

J'onn pondered what the white had just said. As his duty to his race he would have to leave his issues with the girl aside for now. He had to learn more about the army she'd been creating. He would have to earn her trust. Something he could not do at this moment in time.

"So do you want to become more powerful or not?" She asked. "Come on! Let's get to training!"

She walked into the building she had walked out of a few minutes ago. J'onn frowned and followed her. He glanced at the small monks walking around like nothing had happened. This planet was so small and weak. Yet so precious. If Malefic was allowed here he would ruin everything special about this world. J'onn would do anything to stop that. Even if he had to ally with the White Gods themselves...

The End of the storyarc!

So that was the set up of the storyarc next issue will be dealing with Maxwell and J'onn finally meeting. See you then! And iff you haven't already be sure to try out the rest of DC Re-Imagined!