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The green being known as J'onn J'onzz hovered unseen over the Hudson river, he'd been in that still motion for the last few hours and he hadn't shown any type of emotion on his face other than frustration. His eyes widened as he finally located what he'd been searching for and using his new found telekinesis lifted the soaking bloated remains of police detective John Jones out of the water. He frowned as he placed the body over his shoulder and flew back to his apartment building.


Chief Taylor frowned as the coffin was lowered into the ground, they had found his body three days earlier. From what he'd heard you couldn't even call it a body anymore. Somehow police detective John Jones had driven his car while under the effects of alcohol and off of the George Washington Bridge. At least that's what the detectives he'd sent there had said, It was strange they'd returned almost as if they were in a trance. Taylor had, had them checked out but they'd turned out clean. Taylor watched as his coffin was covered in dirt and bid a final farewell to the man that used to be called John Jones.


J'onn J'onzz sat on top of the mountain man called Everest just like he had done for the last 5 years. He sat with his eyes closed as he let his telepathic abilities scan the entire world learning everything there was about the planet. In these 5 years he'd telepathically scanned everyone in America and he had to admit he was touched. This... world had so much life. People discovered, they saved, they created. It was so different from Mars. If Malefic arrived on this planet he would ruin everything special about this planet, J'onn stood up for the first time since the beginning of 5 short years ago, he floated up into the air and pondered his next move. He'd learned about the people of Earth but except for when he'd been posing as a detective he hadn't experienced it first hand. It was like reading a history book, you learn about the place but never feel it first hand. Something was different though due to his extensive use of his telepathic powers he felt more powerful while when he first used his powers he'd barely been able to read people's minds in the next room he could reed minds far beyond Earth reaching even up to... Mars. J'onn quickly searched the minds of Mars inhabitants looking for his step brother. After several minutes of searching he finally located Malefic and telepathically shouted to him.

"BROTHER!" J'onn screamed both physically and mentally.

"... J'onn?" Malefic asked inside of J'onn's mind. "Brother where are you? Are you some kind of White Martian trick?!"

"Brother, I'm on a planet called Earth. I was brought here during our visit to Lord Hromneer's temple. I'm seeking a way off of this world to return to Mars."

"J'onn. I... don't know what to say."

"Then don't say anything, I'll contact you soon. At this range It's hurting me badly."

"Then I suggest you learn to cope with the pain brother as you have a lot of explaining to do and I am not a patient man."

J'onn paused for a second before he simply stated:

"On that brother, we can agree."

J'onn automatically released his mind of the strain of telepathic communication and rubbed his bold green head. He wondered how to increase his durability and pondered this query for a few seconds. Suddenly without a word he flew without a sound East.


A few minutes later J'onn arrived at a strange valley shrouded in mist. If a person was to attempt to use normal means such as driving or walking down the cliff chances are they wouldn't survive. Only the best would survive.in this place of hell. J'onn was forced to squint to see the strange temple in the middle of the ethereal mist he slowly floated there and landed just outside of the gates where he was greeted by a man wearing nothing but a robe and wielding a large wooden stick. He bowed as J'onn landed before him and the gates opened automatically. J'onn walked into the temple surrounded by smaller monks all bowing as he walked in his normal unchanged Martian form, he watched as the building in front of him's door opened and the silhouette of a woman appeared. She walked towards him and placed her hand on his cheek.

"Greetings J'onn, I've been expecting you." The woman said.

"You're different from everyone else I've scanned. You don't seem surprised to see a Martian standing before you. Who are you?"

The woman smiled

"My name is Megan Morse, these are my pupils, I've been alive on this planet for 108 years and I don't look a day over 20."

"That doesn't answer my question. WHO ARE YOU?! I couldn't read your mind. That's never happened to me before, I want answers now!"

Megan smiled as her eye suddenly changed color. What had had originally been blue had changed to White Martian red.

"Come on Uncle J'onn." She mocked. "Can't a girl have a few secrets."

To be continued...

Hmm Miss Martian, too soon? Let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to check out the rest of DC Re-Imagined!


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I cant wait too see what you do with Miss Martian, just don't mess her up... Or you will pay the Iron Price for it.

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@ekrolo: You're going to make me watch Twilight aren't you? Any thoughts over all?