DC Re-Created: The Titans #3

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#1  Edited By waezi2

Written by me and edited by TommytheHitman. Sorry it took so long, been busy...

San Fransisco

"Hand over the archer." Shimmer said with a cocky smile. "Or die."

"Death it is, then." Kaldur grabbed his water bearers, that took the form of blades. He charged towards Shimmer with his blades over his shoulder and swung them towards her with all his might.

Then they took the form of steam.

"The name is Shimmer, Aqualad. And I can transmute elements."

"... I see." Kaldur said. He putted his bearers back in his belt. Then he ran off. Bunker was so confused that he never saw the punch from Nano coming. He was sent tumbling down the street before he crash landed on the ground.

"For a thin guy you're... pretty strong." Bunker muttered as he slowly stood up. Nano said nothing as he approached him slowly. "I bet I'm stronger!" He yelled as he covered his hand in rocky material.

"Hmmm... What... What is going on?" Arsenal was back to his senses. He looked around to see he was now in an ambulance. With a young girl looking at him with concern.

"It's okay." Kiran said. "Your friend in purple has got it under control."


The Ambulance shook as Bunker smashed into the side.

"Sorry guys!" Bunker yelled as he created a Psionic Brick and flew directly into Nano.

"Or... he might not." Kiran muttered with a slight smile. Roy stood up slowly. "You're in no condition to fight, Mr... Red Arrow?"

"The name's Arsenal." Roy said. "Besides. It's just my right wrist. I've got..."

"You thought I forgot about you?!" Mammoth was charging toward the ambulance. Roy reached for the explosive arrow in his quiver before realizing his quiver was hung up on the Ambulance door. He watched helplessly as Mammoth bore down on them. Then he slammed into a shield made out of light.

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"What the...?!" Roy forgot for a second that his wrist hurt like hell. He noticed that Kiran was pointing towards the Shield of light with a look of concentration. "Anyone in Frisco who ISN'T a damn meta?!?"

"A what?" Kiran asked.

"... A superhero."

"I call myself Solstice." Kiran said cheerful.

"Good for you. Now take him down!"

"... I cant do that..." Kiran made a nervous smile. Mammoth kept pounding her shield making a large Banging noise.

"As in you can only make shields? Try and crush him with one!"

"as in... well... I'm a... pacifist..."

"A PACIFIST?!" Roy yelled. "You're a superhero, for Christ sake!!!"

"Well, I mostly do stuff like helping out in car accidents and..."

The shield started to crack.

"Look... Solstice... We don't have time for this! On the count of three, you turn off your shield, and fly into the warehouse. Find Cyborg, he needs help."


"Two, THREE!"

Mammoth tripped, as he putted too much weight in hitting the shield that wasn't there anymore. He quickly got back on his feet, but Solstice managed to fly past him.


Mammoth looked at his chest, and then at Arsenal. He was stood in the Ambulance doorway and had thrown three little darts into Mammoth's chest.

"And what was THAT suppose to do?" Mammoth asked with a huge grin on his face.

Arsenal smiled as he pressed an button on his right glove. "Wait for it..."


Roy knew that it wasn't enough to kill Mammoth, but good enough to knock him out until things had settled down. And it was satisfying to know that the brute was gonna fell that one tomorrow. Unfortunately, it was a small victory, considered that Bunker still needed him to save his ass from Nano and Shimmer, if that was even possible with a handful of darts and his left hand.


"Boss, hurry up! The cops are coming!"

"Will you be quiet, Gizmo? I'm concentrating on holding this child under my control."

"I dont get it, Psimon, you usually dont have trouble with anyone like this."

"His brain... it thinks fast. I cant put it any other way than it's hard to "grab" his thoughts. It's not like he is immune, but it will take some time." Psimon started to sweat, as he tried to take control over the young speedsters body. "You will have to by me some time, Gizmo... Go and keep the police busy"



Gizmo heard the sound of a door being kicked in.

"Form a group, he said..." Gizmo mumbled angrily for himself, as he looked trough his utility belt for gadgets. "Let the others do the fighting, he said..." He started his jetpack, and flew down the stairs. He was so irritated that he didn't noticed Kiran entering the room where they had strapped up Cyborg.


"What's the mater with you?! You running low on purple or something?" Arsenal threw his last dart at Nano's arm. It appeared that it didn't bother him. And Arsenal was so dizzy that he forgot that it was a gas dart.

"Not exactly." Bunker formed two purple fists. "It's the chica, she affects my bricks so the wont stay for long."

"Well, what can we then do?" Arsenal threw a stick after Shimmer, but Nano grabbed it in the air.

"Well..." Bunker gulped, seeing his energy-made fists faded away. "... Dios te salve, Maria. Llena eres de gracia..."


The fight instantly stopped, when Kaldur appeared on top of what looked like a tornado made out of water.

"And for the record, "Shimmer," I am not a Lad, nor do I have a direct connection to my king, even though it would make me proud to be. I am a warlock of Atlantis, trained in the ancient art of magical combat! I am TEMPEST!"

Arsenal made a relieved smile. "He enjoy this a bit too much."

"... Shimmer?" Nano said to his partner. "Can you transmute that much water?"

"... No..." Shimmer and Nano raised their arms in the air. "We would like to surrender, please."

Back at the warehouse...

Gizmo threw another of his gadgets at one of the police officers, that turned into a long steel-cable that wrapped around his entire body. Unfortunately for him, Gizmo was of guard when he got knocked in the head by one of the cops batons. Getting their guns with his magnet was apparently not enough.

"Mikron O'Jeneus, you are under arrest." After getting his jetpack of his back, Lieutenant Cameron placed a pair of handcuffs on the little man. "You have the right to remain silent..."

"You will leave my college alone." Psimon had entered the room. Next to him was the young speedster. "Before ANYONE in the room even thinks about getting back their guns, I would like to remind you all what happened the last time. Also, this young boy, who are now under my control, is capable to move at the speed of sound, and I will make him beat anyone to death at the blink of a eye, if..."


Psimon landed with his face against the floor. Cyborg had entered the room. "You know something, Psimon? You talk too much."


"Wow... we did it..." Impulse gasped as they watched the Fearsome Five being taken away by the police. "We did it guys!" He yelled with a smile.

"Yes... we did." Arsenal said with a frown as Solstice wrapped a bandage around his hand. "Perhaps... we should do this again sometime?"

"Wait... you mean like a superhero team?!" Bunker asked with a huge smile on his face. "Hell yeah!"

"But if we're going to be a team.... we'll need a name." Solstice said quietly. Light shining from her body.

"True... hmm... Impulse. You said you came here looking for the Justice League right?" Bunker asked. Impulse nodded. "Well since you found us instead... what if we call ourselves Young Justice?"

"You're kidding right?" Arsenal asked with a slight chuckle. “With a name like that, we might as well call us self The Super Friends.”

"Well then what would you call us Mister 'I have no powers' Arsenal?!"

Arsenal was quiet as he thought about the question.

"What about... the Titans?" Cyborg interrupted. “That was the name of my old football team.”

“YES! We are going to be the Teen Titans!” Bunker said with a smile.

"Get rid of the Teen and we're fine." Arsenal replied. "I'm 19 and Cyborg probably doesn't age at all."


"So we're the Titans?" Kaldur asked.

"Yes Tempest..." Impulse said with a smile. "We are the Titans!"

To be continued…

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Good stuff. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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