DC Re Created: Legion Of Superheroes #2

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Wow, I'm really f*cking late.


The United Planets Association Headquarters

Planet: Earth


“So, what is the status of your Legion, Mr. Brande?” An older woman asked R.J. Brande as he stood in the middle of a great room surrounded by several council members of the United Planets.

Brande cleared his throat before replying, “I’m not exactly sure…my bodyguard got me out of the building as soon as possible.”

The woman stood, “You aren’t sure? So, you let them get away! They know where I live you dimwit! They could expose us and all of the Legion Operation!”

“Mrs. Wazoo, please. I will have Stealth hunt them down and finish the job.” Brande said fearfully.

Mrs. Wazoo lowered her voice and took a deep breath, “No, you have done enough. I will get my Legion to do the job. Hopefully they aren’t as incompetent as yours. Please leave, Mr. Brande. Please tell them to come in, as well.”

Brande quickly walked out of the room, outside awaited the New Legion along with Nura Nal, “Winema said to come in.”

The New Legion walked in, Saturn Girl spoke, “Hello Mrs. Wazoo, we have her.” Nura walked to the front.

Winema smiled, “Nura! It is an honor to meet Nural’s best and brightest!”

Nura smiled at her being called the best and brightest, “Thank you Madame. While I am very thankful for your team of…soldiers retrieving me, what do I have of service to you?”

Winema stepped down from her booth and walked up to Nura, “You are here because I want you to be a part of my Legion, a secret team of agents I hire to take care of threats that I can’t take on myself. You will be a hero my dear.”

Nura smiled, “I wouldn’t have a problem with that.”

Winema pulled a shirt pin from her pocket; on the front it had a slanted L, “Welcome…Dream Girl.”

2 Hours Later…

Saturn Girl led Dream Girl to their room; they were both dressed in their pajamas and prepared to flop into their beds after a long day of touring, but they heard a loud crash behind them.


A hole appeared in the wall behind them; they both flew forward and smashed into the back wall of their room.

Saturn Queen glided into the hallway that led into their room, she looked at Saturn Girl and Dream Girl on the ground, “Come on girls, the fun hasn’t even started yet.” She grinned as she heard a voice from behind her.

“Come on, we came here for Brande and I’ll be dammed if I’m leaving without his head.” Adam Orion said as he walked into the hallway, several guards came running toward the breach.

The guards had been on high alert about the previous Legion, so they fired instantly when they saw the faces of Orion and Saturn Queen. Although the bullets didn’t reach them as Saturn Queen put each of the bullets into a personal force field and launched them right back at the guards.

Saturn Girl saw the guards die and screamed; she launched a strong psychic blast at Saturn Queen, making her sting. Unfortunately Saturn Girl’s powers weren’t enough to go against Saturn Queen and she fainted at the strain it took to try to attack her.

Saturn Queen walked toward Dream Girl as she backed into a wall, but Timber Wolf came running toward her and threw her outside. Timber Wolf commanded to Dream Girl, “Quickly, go to Mrs. Wazoo. Get her out of here, now!”

Dream Girl went off to escort Mrs. Wazoo as Adam Orion took a knife from his pocket and held it in the air, “Now, where do you think you’re going missy?” Orion said as he walked towards her.

Dream Girl quickly turned around and ran the other way as Adam Orion chased her, she reached a dead end as he closed in on her. Before she knew it, he grabbed her and tied her up, he quickly threw her onto the ship before he went on to find Brande.

Brande and Mrs. Wazoo closed themselves in a room in attempt to hide from the Old Legion, but they were quickly found as Spider Girl smashed the door open with her hair and walked into the room, but a loud sonic scream came from behind her, instantly sending her flying across the room and knocking her out.

A young black male walked into the room, Mrs. Wazoo instantly recognized him and kissed him on the cheek, “Tyroc, you are a lifesaver. Where is the rest of the Legion?”

“They are fighting off Lightning Lord and Saturn Queen, although I am not sure how much longer they can withstand them, we must leave, now.” Tyroc said as he led them to a small pod, “This will send you to the Space Station, if you notice any suspicious activity, please notify us and we will come as soon as possible.”

Mrs. Wazoo nodded her head and walked into the pod along with Brande, it shot off into the sky and Tyroc turned around to face Lightning Lad, “Who are you?” Tyroc questioned.

“Lightning Lad, I’m a part of Brande’s Legion, is he secure?” Lightning Lad asked.

“Yes, they should arrive at the Space Station soon.” Tyroc responded as he heard a female voice talking over his radio, “Tyroc, the hostiles have retreated, everyone is safe. Although Dream Girl is M.I.A, we believe she may have been captured.”

Tyroc yelled, “Damn it!” as he looked at Lightning Lad, “We have to find her, gather your squad and I’ll gather mine. We do not stop looking for her, she is crucial to finding out what Echo’s plan is. Our Legions will meet tomorrow in the Briefing Room.”

Lightning Lad nodded, “We’ll be there.”

Old Legion’s Spaceship

Location: Milky Way


Saturn Queen circled around Dream Girl, who was tied to a chair and had her mouth taped, “Aww, so sweet. So innocent, it’s a shame Brande brought you into this mess. However, you are very powerful, well, I’m sure you know that. So tell me Mrs. Nal, tell me all the vile, disgusting, gut wrenching things that I’m going to do to you.” Saturn Queen laughed as she grabbed a knife from the table sitting near her. Dream Girl screamed out through the tape as much as possible as tears poured down her face, she struggled to get through the tape and eventually gave up. Saturn Queen laughed once again as she ran the knife down her lip, “I’m going to have fun with you.”