DC Re-Created Event: Underworld Unleashed #4

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#1  Edited By waezi2

(I'm taking over from Tommy. Sorry it took so much time, but I had to figure out what to do with this, and I had trouble getting into the writing do to having a couple of balls in the air. Hope you enjoy.)

The Himalayas...

"I'm just a guy with a cold gun..." Snart muttered for himself. "Never asked for any of this magic #¤%&" He looked at the horrifying ghost that one moment ago was an ally.

"You have been tainted by the lord of Chaos, Corrigan."The Spectre's cape grew longer and wrapped itself around Deadman."Do not fight me, and I shall try and save you. Or at least end your misery."

The ghost laughed. The green clothing that bound him was now shredded to pieces.

And then he punched the Spirit Of Vengeance. And made him trip over.

"D-D... Deadman just made the Spectre land on his tail?!" Doctor Thirteen looked more confused than scarred.

"I told ya, it's Corps Feeder now!"

"WHAT TREACHERY IS THIS?!" The Spectre grew larger, as he looked down at the ghost ones known as Deadman. "How can you possibly... How..."

"I just got promoted, Casper!" Corps Feeder laughed taunting. "Like you are God's right hand, I am now the Devils! I'm your equal, Aztar!"

"We shall see about that!"

"Oh, I'm not gonna fight ya, Spooky! I have duties to fulfill for the new bossman!" And then, Corps Feeder disappeared in a green flash.

"What just happened?Deadman just... punched me?" Secret, still rather rattled over how a ghost can be punched.

"... I guess Neron got himself a new flying monkey." Thirteen said.

"And we are running out of time. We must open that gate, NOW!"

"HOW?" Cold had about enough. "It's not like we can say; open Sesame,and..."


Complete silence. Everyone looked at amazement at the now open gate to the underworld.

"Well..."Thirteen finally broke the silence. "Hell has a sick sort of humor, eh?" He turned to the spirit of the dead girl. "Secret, you have to go to Gotham. Tell Jason that I need our secret weapon."

"Got it, Doc." She said, as she teleported away.

"Let's just get this over with!" Cold said, as he entered the door.

And then, everything turned white...

Gotham Cemetery...

A bright green flash lightened up the dark, empty graveyard. Corps Feeder was now in the middle of the resting place for all the diseased citizens of Gotham City.

"Get up, lazy corpses of Gotham!" He yelled, as over-dramatic as possible. "Pick up your bones and what little of your flesh that is left! Rise for Neron, the Lord Of Chaos!"

And so they did. Hundred of corpses dug them self out of what was suppose to be their final resting place. Ash re-animated the cremated bodies that they once were.

"Your new lord, Neron, needs your service, cadavers! Go to Gotham, and make the rest of the citizens join your army of dead. So demands the Spirit Of Living Dead! Oh, but not you two." Corpse Feeder pointed at two of the corpses, who then walked over to their master. "I have special plans for you, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne."

In a realm beyond our own...

Captain Cold looked around. Wherever he looked, all he saw was white. Not white as snow, just... nothingness. Everything was completely blank. And more importantly, he was alone. Neither the greyghost, nor the others where anywhere to see.

Cold scooted, hoping to see something. All of a sudden, he saw what looked like a small house. He ran, hoping to find help form whoever were inside. As he got closer, he realized that it wasn't a house, but an old trailer. The door was unlocked, so h entered.

"Hello?" Cold had a feeling he knew this trailer. "Anyone here?"

"Sure there is." someone said. "I'm exactly where you left me, aren't I?

Cold turned around. There was a blond girl, with a sad look in her eyes. And Cold knew her.

"... Li... Lisa? Is that you?"

"Sure is, Lenny. What, you dont recognize your own little sister? Then again, you left me here years ago, so I assume you forgot all about me." She said with no emotions in her face.

"Lisa, I... Lisa, you HAVE to understand! I was leaving home so that I could join the Black Riders. I didn't want you to end up as a criminal like me. You had a future, for Christ sake..."

"So you left her with me, right Lenard?"

Another person was now in the trailer. He had not entered it by the door, he was just there now.

And it weren't just any man. Captain Cold had faced the fastest man alive without blinking. He had never been afraid o anything in his life but THIS man. The possibly worst human being Cold had ever met.

His father.

"I always knew you were weak, Lenard!" His father was taller than he had remembered. "Just like your mother, that b%tch! And she left me you and this little snot nosed brat!"


Their father stroke Lisa in the face. She didn't react at all. And then her face started to crack.

"NO!!!" Cold grabbed after his cold gun, but it wasn't there anymore. And then he realized that his father wasn't tall. HE was the one who were short. Where Captain Cold once stood was now a fifteen year old Lenard Snart, as he once were, the day he left home to become a Juvenile delinquent.

"PLEASE!" He yelled with his voice in breaking. "don't hurt her!"

"What are you talking about Lenny?" His sister said, still emotionless, as she took off her shirt, revealing her naked over-body. It as cracking apart. "The damage has already been done."


"I must admit..." Thirteen said, as he looked around. "I expected more fire and a couple of damned souls."

Thirteen looked around. There was nothing. A huge pile of nothing. And worse, he was alone.

"You gonna do better than this, hell, if you wanna scare me!" He yelled, hoping for a response of a sort.

Nothing came. He was alone.

"Hello, Terry."

Thirteen almost had a stroke. Out of nothing came a man right in front of him. And Thirteen knew him.

"... Leonard? Is that you?"

"Come, we have a train to catch!"

The big nothingness that Thirteen was in a second ago, was now a train-station. HE and Leonard Starr, his dead partner, stood in front of a train. He looked around and saw a sign saying "Paddington".

"... No..." Thirteen had a bad feeling about what this was leading too. "Not that..."

"Come now, Terry." Leonard pulled his arm. Thirteen was horrified as he realized that he didn't try to object. "We dont have all day."

The train was empty. They sat at a bench close to the door.

Then, Leonard said; "remember the vampire crisis in London, couple of years ago?"

Thirteen didn't say anything, but he did remember. Possibly too well.

"CADMUS had us send to England. You, being the magic expert, and me as your muscles. Remember when I told you, that attacking the bloodsucker on the train was a bad idea? That there was too many people who could be harmed? Remember telling me that with the garlic gas, that he would be harmless as a kitten?"

Thirteen nodded.

"I suppose you were right. But unfortunately, that kitten had a explosive vest. A stroke of luck that you survived."

Thirteen wimped.

"Hey!" Leonard pointed at the door. "Look who we have here!"

A red-haired woman entered the train.

"Her name is Mary." Leonard said. "She had just recovered from breast cancer."

"I know what you are trying to do..." Thirteen grinned his teeth. "But it's not working..."

Leonard went on. "And there, we have Joseph. He graduated from a product design course. His boyfriend Marcus misses him."

"... Not working..."

"There's Harry, his daughter is a druggie now. And Ronald and Ginny , they were going to have twins. And there is Hermione, she was going home for her mother's birthday party..."


"Ah!" Leonard pointed at the last passenger. "There he is! The bloodsucker!"

The vampire opened his jacket and revealed the west with the explosives. And then, he blew up, and everything went black...

As Thirteen opened his eyes again, he once again stood in front of the train with Leonard.

"Come now, Terry." Leonard pulled his arm. Thirteen was horrified as he realized that he didn't try to object. "We dont have all day."

"This... THIS IS NOT REAL!" Thirteen got his arm free from Leonard. "All this... it's just... a trap! When someone enters the underworld, they are trapped like this, correct? None of this is real!" He pointed angrily at a completely calm Leonard. "Not even you! It's all going on in my head!"

"Of course it is happening inside your head." Leonard responded, as if he was asked what day it was. "But why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"


"Terry, are you going to be difficult, or are we going inside that train?"

"I... I..."

Thirteen entered the train.


"I see... The white severity..."

The Spectre looked at the field of nothingness. And he was not impressed.

"It is powerful magic... for humans. Not the Spirit Of Vengeance! I am beyond fear and self-pity. One cannot torment the Wrath Of God so easily."

"Then leave."

"That, I intend to do."

"What's holding you back."

"... Nothing..."

The Spectre looked around.

"... Who is it?" He finally asked, seeking the one that dared questioning his power. He had talked with someone, but he didn't know who it was. This was the second time today he was confused. Something he was not used to.

"Show yourself, demon! I have slain your kind before, and I will happily do it again."

"I'm not a demon, Spectre. I'm trapped here as much as you are."

"SHOW YOURSEF!!!" Spectre yelled with a voice that could shatter the earth.

"If you insist."

Jim Corrigan appeared.

"What is the meaning of this, Corrigan?"

"Hey, it's not my fault. I'm trapped here as much as you are."

"You, maybe. But not me!"

"No, ESPASIALLY you! We are connected."

"I'm not a human! Hell's power does not affect me."

"But I am."

"... What?"

"Sorry, but we are bound together. If I'm trapped here, so are you."

"No... NO! It can not be!!!"

"Sorry, but it is. Looks like our everlasting damnation is each others company. Gonna be a looooong eternity..."

"There's Harry, his daughter is a druggy now. And Ronald and Hermione, they were going to have twins. And there is Ginny, she was going home for her mothers birthday party..."

Doc Thirteen were about to watch the greatest mistake of his life for the 17 time now. He had been blown to kingdom come every single time, only to wake up and enter the train once more, and repeat this seemingly endless cycle of death and misery. There was nothing he could do, he had to watch all those poor people die, over and over and over and...

Snap out of it!

No Caption Provided

Thirteen found himself lying on the ground. He looked up, and saw Batman holding some sort of plant in both hands.

"... What the... How did you get in here?!"

"Your welcome." Batman replied, as he threw the plant away.

"Well, I AM grateful, but... How did you get into the underworld?" Thirteen grabbed the hand Batman offered him, as he got up.

"The Mirror Of Teleportation." he explained. "Found it in the House Of Mysteries."

"Well, lucky for me... Wait, I came here with..."

"I didn't come alone, Doctor." Batman said, as he waved a hand at a cowboy, who were looking after Captain Cold. He had a plant attached to his chest as well. A woman with a sword was having a conversation with the Spectre.

"So, you have a plan?" Thirteen asked. He had heard tales about Gotham's Dark Knight. HE might have a better plan than he had, since Thirteen's was with holes.

"I thought the best way to handle the crisis, was to get the the source, and then improvise."

"... So... You have nothing?"

"I have the Mirror Of Transportation, the only way to get in and out of Hell. You entered by a door you can't use again."

"... Fair enough... I actually thought the Spectre could get us out."

"You were wrong. He was the first one we had to free."

"And "we" are?"

"Katana and Jonah Hex."

"... Hex?" Thirteen raised an eyebrow. "As in the western hero?"

"We are in a demonic real. Weird is relative."

"I suppose... But we must get to the... WOW!!!"

Thirteen finally looked past Batman's shoulder, seeing the horrific world he had entered.

No Caption Provided

"... Well..." Thirteen finally said. "Sure, it's big enough... but look at the location!"

Batman gave Thirteen a grave look. "... Jokes, doctor?"

"Helps me being alive... Wait, how do you know I'm a doctor?"

"I know that you are Dr. Terrance Thirteen, and that you are head of CADMUS' Magic Division. It's my job to know a great deal of things."

"... Okay, I will just accept that for now. But as I said, I have a plan, but we need to find the center of this inferno."

"Ah know a shortcut." the undead cowboy said. "Follow me!"

"You been in hell before?" Katana asked, as she draw her blade, seeing a... thing coming at them.

"Sure. Where did ya think Ah ended up the day Ah kicked the bucket?"

The undead roamed the streets of Gotham. Only five creatures of magic was available as the cities defenders: Ragman, the Collector of Souls. Nightshade, Sorceress of Shadow. Enchantress, the girl turned Wizard. Blue Devil, the movie star demon. And Detective Chimp- the Monkey PI. Together, they were Shadowpact, a team made by the Phantom Stranger. They were given the task of defending Gotham City from the terror of Neron, lord of Chaos, as he had selected this town as the starting-point of his quest to expand his realm on the human realm.

"So what the devil am I suppose to do?" the immortal ape asked, as he watched his comrades slay the dead of Gotham.

"Why don't ya throw a banana after them?" Enchantress giggled, as she made the walking corpses burst into flames.

"You think this is funny?" Nightshade asked, as a zombie tried to bite her neck, without much success.

"Heck yeah! it's like Left 4 Dead!" She replied.

"That's it!" Blue Devil said, as he got his spear free from the corpse ha had just stabbed. Needless no say, the dead one was not finished yet. "After this, I'm outty! I will go to LA. Maybe I can team up with Black Lightning or something. Normal super-stuff..."

A gigantic wave of flames appeared in front of the five heroes, and all the zombies turned to ash in less than a second.

"Wow!!!" Ragman was stunned. "Enchantress, that was badass!!!"

"Um... That wasn't me..."

"Hey, your superheroes, right?" A grey spirit had appeared. "You can call me Secret. I brought some backup." she said, and waved a hand at a yellow demon.

No Caption Provided

"Gotham's fate is cruel and dark

Hell-lord Neron here has made his mark

He wishes to rule the futile man

but he shall not, says Etrigan!"

The demon grabbed hold of one of the undead, and ate him. Everyone looked at the Etrigan feasting.

"...Did I mention he is one of the good guys?"

The members of Shadowpact looked at Secret with a look of disbelieve.

"... Well... sort of... from time to time..."

"Um... guys?" Rag-Man said, as he pointed at a entirely new threat. "Who is that giant with the green cape?"

No Caption Provided

"Welcome, people of Gotham!" A gigantic Neron looked down at the city in chaos. "Welcome to my new kingdom! Underworld on Earth!"

Meanwhile, in the Underworld...

seven different kinds of colored blood painted the ground, as a group of heroes, a spirit of wrath and a petty thieve made their way through the inferno inhabited by evil creatures. Finally, they had reached their destination; the center of the underworld. They had found Neron's throne.

"Alright..." Doctor Thirteen said. "Here comes the hard part."

"Hard part?" Cold asked. "You mean getting into the center oh hell was easy?"

"Neron is in direct connection to his kingdom, am I right, Spectre?"

"That is correct."

"My theory is, that we can hurt him from here. I have a spell, ritual actually." Thirteen opened his belt-bag, and found a piece of chalk. "I can make him vulnerable to attacks from here. I will stay here and perform the ritual, and you guys should have a fair chance of hurting him. Not for long, but it's all we have. Spectre, when that happens, you must seal him, like we talked about earlier.

"That, I can not do."

"Sorry, what?"

"Neron has a herald now. Boston Brand. As long as a potion of his power is inside him, his essence will still be on Earth."

"Then, the ghostman must be finished of?" Hex asked.

"Correct, but fighting him will take too much of my energy. I wont be able to fight Neron as well."

"I may have a solution." Batman said. "Katana, your sword seal souls, correct?" Katana nodded.

"... Actually, that might just work..." Thirteen said, after thinking it through. "A soul is magical by principle. So a being of pure magical energy is pretty much a walking soul!"

"Then we keep Neron occupied, and when he is weak, Katana will strike." Batman said. "But someone must stay behind, in order to protect you, Thirteen."

"Sounds like a job for me." Hex reloaded his guns.

Batman handed Thriteen the mirror of transportation. "Use it to get out. Gotham City!" He said, as the mirror expanded, and opened a portal to Gotham. He, and everyone else but Thirteen and Hex went through.

"Well?" Hex said, as he shot down a demon, that came flying at them. "Get started on the hocus pocus, Doc!"

To be continued...

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@waezi2: I was going to get started on Outsiders, but I'm going to wait after this is done. I loved the issue. I'm just trying to figure out how doing both Outsiders and Black/Blue will make sense continuity wise.

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@johnny_blaze: I will try to make the final issue as fast as possible.

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Nice, very different from the usual superhero story. Wonder how you're going to set up the final issue.

(Is Doctor's Thirteen's train on platform 9 3/4? :P)

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@maccyd: Thanks. Hope I wont disappoint.

(Let's hope that's not the case. "And Ronald and Ginny , they were going to have twins.")

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#7  Edited By waezi2

@johnny_blaze: I forgot to ask: I'm writing an epilogue at the end of next chap, with a sort of sneak-peak to series to come. You wanna write something? And is it okay that I write the one to the "Brother Eye" thing?