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The Flash Issue 2

"Welcome to Gorilla City!" Part 1

Written by Bodhi Ouellette

Central City, The Allen's House; Monday:

The sunrise shined through the windows into the bedroom where Barry Allen, also known as the Flash, and his wife Iris West-Allen inhabit. Barry woke up, and he turned to the other side of the bed to see a overly cheerful Iris staring straight into his eyes.

"Mmm….Good morning, Iris," a still drowsy Barry said. "You're still here?" Iris nodded.

"Why's that?" Barry asked. "I would've thought you'd be off to work by now." This was especially surprising to Barry. Iris usually woke up early enough to get to her work before anyone else could.

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"I would've," Iris responded, "But while I was in the bathroom getting myself ready, I figured something out. Something wonderful, Barry."

"We won the lottery?!" he said sarcastically. Iris couldn't help but laugh at Barry's joke.

"I wish…" Iris joked. "But no. It's not the lottery. It's something much better than that."

"Honey, I don't know how you could get any better than winning the lottery."

"Oh, believe me, I think it can."

"Well, are you going to say what the big news is?"

Iris figured he might as well show him. She held up a pregnancy test, with the results showing a green plus sign. Barry looks at the results, rubs his eyes and looks at it again. Barry was speechless.

"Is that what I think it means?" Barry asked.

"Yes, Barry," Iris answered. "You're going to be a father!"

Barry's mouth was wide open, and his eyes were frozen staring at the pregnancy tests results. Iris was a bit worried from this reaction. But she didn't expect to see Barry's response. "YES!" he yelled out. He jumped right out of his bed in excitement. He speeds over to Iris and starts dancing with her, but too fast enough for her to catch up.

"Whoa! Slow down, Barry!" said Iris. "You're taking this news better than I thought you would."

"Are you kidding me?!" said Barry. "I mean, this is fantastic!"

"I'm glad you're excited, and I am too," Iris brings her arms around Barry's shoulders. "We're going to be parents, Barry!"

Keystone City; The West's House:

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

The alarm clock had been going off for about five minutes, as our 15 year old Wally Allen smacked his arm onto the alarm clock which stops the alarm from continuing. Wally rises up from his bed and stretches his arms and releases a large yawn.

"Ugh… Monday…"

Downstairs in the Kitchen, Rudy and Mary West, Wally's parents are already up. Rudy is sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast, wearing a simple polo shirt and pants, while Mary was at the stove cooking Wally's breakfast for him when he would finally get up from bed. A still drowsy Wally enters into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Wally," greeted Wally's Mom as her son entered into the kitchen.

"Morning, son," his dad also responded.

"Ah… morning, Mom. Dad," Wally yawned.

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"Here's your breakfast, Wally," Mary said, and she hands him a plate of eggs and bacon.

"Thanks, mom," said Wally, and he began to dig into his breakfast. The phone ranged, and Mary walked over towards the phone and picked it up.

"Hello?" asked Mary into the Phone. "Hi, Iris! How are you?"

"So, what's going on at school, today?" asked Rudy.

"Oh, the usual stuff," Wally answered. "English this, Math that, run that many miles in 10 minutes. You know how it goes."

"What about your grades? How are those right now?"

"Last time I checked, I was passing all of my classes."

"And when was the last time you checked your grades?"

"Um… I think it was a month ago?"

"Wally…" Rudy said sternly.

"Alright, alright, I'll check to see if I'm good in my classes. Don't worry."


"You're what?!" Mary blurted out. "Oh, that's wonderful!"

Rudy turned around from his chair to stare at his wife. "What is it, Mary?" he asked.

"Your sister is pregnant!" Mary said.

"Pregnant?" Wally asked. "You mean, I'm getting a cousin?"

"That's great news!" Rudy said. "Let me talk to her." Mary hands her husband the phone. Wally looks down at his watch to notice that it was 7:25. His school started it's day at 7:30. Wally quickly ate the rest of his breakfast in haste. Once he was finished with his breakfast, he grabbed his backpack and was just about to head out of the door before he looked back at his parents. "Gotta go! Love you both!" And just like that, Wally bolted out of the house.

Wally wasn't as fast as the other speedsters, but he was still fast enough to arrive near the front doors of his school in 15 seconds flat. The Keystone High School was large, with over four floors, including a basement, and covered about half a block.

The size of the school is to accommodate the fact that it's the only high school in the city. To make sure no one caught him speeding into the school, he stopped himself about a block away from the school, and walked the rest of the block to his school.

When he arrived at the front entrance, he heard the voices of his two best friends; Peter Jaspin and Linda Parks, who noticed Wally entering into the school behind him. Peter had messy dirty blond hair, and was dressed in a loose t-shirt and jeans, while Linda was more well dressed, with wavy black hair, and wore a button up shirt and a patterned skirt.

Wally always had a massive crush on Linda, and the sight of the typical Linda that he's use to seeing always reminds him why he even had a crush on her in the first place.

"Hey, Wally!" his friend Peter called out. "How you doing?"

"Great, as always," Wally responded with.

"What did you do over the weekend?" Linda asked.

"A whole lot of sleeping," answered Wally. "But, I did get some news from my Aunt this morning. She's pregnant."

"Really? Oh, tell her I said congratulations!" said Linda.

"I will, if I remember that is."

"Did you study for the test in Mr. Weisman's class?" Peter asked.

There was a long pause after that question. Wally had to try to process what Peter had just told him. "Crap!" he thought. "Was there really a test today, and I didn't study for it?" "There was a test?" Wally asked.

"Yeah. He said it was gonna be today, remember?"

"Uh… yeah! I sure did!" Wally said, clearly lying through his thick teeth. "I wouldn't forget about anything like that. Nope. Not at all…"

"... You didn't study for the test, did you?" said Linda.

"Nope," Wally said ashamedly.

"Ugh, Wally," said an aggravated Linda.

"Hey, hey! It's no biggie, really. I can probably get my way through the test. It's not like I'm failing his class or anything…"

Streets of Central City:

No Caption Provided

Bart Allen was suppose to be at school today. Ever since he traveled to present time, Barry and Iris took him in as a member of their family. Bart didn't feel like he was obligated to go to school, because he was from a different time period. All the facts they'd be telling him, he already knew, plus important history dates that hasn't even happened yet.

He figured why bother. Instead of going to school, he thought he would travel around the streets of Central City, to learn more about modern day society front and center, and not by sitting down in a classroom with a teacher who probably didn't care for their job enough to give a damn. It was certainly better than learning about algebra. Besides, Bart hated being confined. He was always on the go, never wanting to stop moving.

No Caption Provided

Bart was a bit shocked to see so many similarities to present day Central City and the future Central City. There were well known buildings and monuments that were still in place in his time. Not to mention that there were still "good parts" and "bad parts" of Central City. Right now, Barry was in the bad part. Homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks, really shady people with black jackets, and thugs wandering around with their pants below their waste.

And then there was Bart, wearing a simple jacket and hat, with a backpack and dark grey pants. Most people were peculiar about the presents of some young teenager roaming around these parts of town, thinking that he should be in school, getting some education. But to Bart Allen, Impulse and speedster from the future, this was his education.

Bart walked passed an alleyway, when he noticed three teenagers, two guys and one girl, wearing hoodies. There were bags on the ground besides the three teens, full of cans for different types of graffiti. Bart's curiosity made him enter into the alleyway to confront those three teens.

"What'cha guys doing?" Bart intruded on the three teens work. The three teens looked over at Bart feeling hesitant at his appearance, fearing that he might get them in trouble.

"Uh… nothing?" The girl full of lip and nose piercings spoke out. "This has none of your business, kid. Maybe you should get lost."

"But I wanna know what you're doing," Bart persisted. "Wow, cool art you've made there."

"You… you think so?" the Girl said.

"Definitely. What do you use to make that art with?" asked Bart.

There was a long pause. The girl just stared at Bart in disbelief. How is this kind not aware about graffiti? Was he raised under a rock? To her, and to her friends, that's where he just came from. "You've never heard of graffiti before, kid?" she finally spat out.

"No… I lived a sheltered life." Figured, she though. The girl was right on the mark with that.

"Aw, man," one of the boys spoke out. "That must've been real hard on you, kid."

"Eh, you get use to it," Bart simply answered. "Can I try this graffiti stuff out?"

"Sure," the girl said. She hands Bart a can of graffiti to him. Bart walks up towards the wall and begins to spray the graffiti onto the wall. As he learns more about the graffiti, he starts to paint faster, with his super speed. The final result was of a picture of a incredibly detailed drawing: Bart RULES! The three kids were amazed by Bart's speed and abilities.

"Holy crap!" said the other boy, with his mouth wide open from what he saw what Bart did. "You got yourself some speed!"

"This stuff is so freaking crash!" Bart yelled out in excitement.

"Crash?" The girl asked.

"Yeah, It means good, or awesome," Bart explained.

"Crash, eh?" one of the boys said. "I like it. Sounds new and hip."

"I'm Bart, by the way, if you couldn't tell by the thing behind me."

"I'm Keighley," she told him. "And this is Josh and Carmine. You know what? Why don't you come with us and we can do some more graffiti stuff around the city?"

"Now that would be totally crash!"

Keystone City; Nursing Home:

A small moving truck pulled over and parked right outside of a nursing home. Behind the truck was an old brown car that parked behind the truck. Jay Garrick, the original Flash, and his wife Joan exited out of the car. A staff from the Nursing Home came out and approached them.

"Hello there," the staff member said. She stuck her hand out for the two to shake.

"My name is Jennifer, and welcome to the Rooker McCoy's Nursing Home here in Keystone. Are you from around here?"

"Yeah, we lived in Keystone City for years now," answered Jay.

"Well, I see you've got your moving truck here," said Jennifer. "I'll get some more of our nurses to help you bring in your things. Come with me, I'll take you to your room." Jay and Joan followed Jennifer into the Nursing Home lobby.

After a few glimpse of the lobby, she brought the two to show them their new home. It looked like any other nursing home, with dull light colors covering the top have of most rooms, with the bottom half being colored in a darker color, with a fancy designed wood carving separating the light and dark colors all throughout the nursing home. To Joan, it felt like home, but to Jay, it was the exact opposite.

An elevator ride three stories up later, Jennifer brought Jay and Joan to their room. It was very spacey, with two beds already set up, with the rest up for the two's belongings.

"Well, here you are," said Jennifer. "This'll be where you'll be staying. Our staff should be coming up with your stuff right now. I'll be back shortly." Jennifer left. Joan walked over towards one of the beds and sits on it, touching her hand on the rough blankets. "It's a nice place," commented Joan. "Makes it feel very homey."

No Caption Provided

"It doesn't feel like home to me," said Jay. "I feel like I'm in prison."

"Oh, stop it," Joan said. "It may not be home, but it's comfortable." She looked up at Jay with a barren face on him. "Jay, I know you're worried about me, about my Alzheimer's, and I appreciate that. We're going to get through this, Jay."

"I know, I know," said Jay. "It's just… you have Alzheimer's. There's no way to try to get rid of it, you have it for the rest of your days. I… I'm just afraid of the day that you'll forget about me, about whom I am and what I do."

"I understand. Then let us enjoy the rest of our days here… together…"

Central City Police Department:

Barry Allen was sitting at his desk with a big huge grin on his face, working through data analysis, when a fellow worker of his, Patty Spivot, a female around Barry's age with a pixie cut hair and glasses and Barry's assistant in the lab peaked into Barry's work area.

"Morning, Barry," greeted Patty.

Barry looked up to Patty. "Morning, Pat," Barry responded back with.

"Why the large grin?" Patty asked.

"Big news, Pat. I'm going to be a father."

"Oh, that's great!" Patty said. "Have you said told the others about it?"

"Not yet. I needed to get this work done, before the Chief rides my butt about it."

"Well, most of us are about to watch a special press conference being held outside of Central City."

"Really?" Barry asked, as he got up from his desk and proceeded out of his work place with Patty. "What for?"

"You know that place that they've been building a few dozen miles outside of Central City?"

"Yeah, isn't that just some large Disneyworld like park?"

"Well, apparently it's a city."

"A city? Wouldn't have they said something about it?"

"Apparently it's been kept in secrecy for all this time."

"Hm... That's odd." Barry and Patty them joined in with the small group of their co-workers and friends, including intern Kristen Kramer, Crime Lab Director David Singh, Forensic DNA specialist James Forrest, and Captain Frye. James turned around to see Barry and Patty joining in.

"Hey, Barry!" said James, "How you doing?" The rest of Barry's friends turned around to greet him as well.

"I'm fine, and I've got great news too." Barry was about to talk, but was cut short when Captain Frye hushed them all and told them to pay attention to the television screen. The Press Conference was starting…

On the screen, a podium was set up, in front of a large gate; behind it was a large city like location. There was a large crowd full of anxious reporters wanting to get into the announcement of a secret city not revealed to have been in construction. The Channel 8 WJBO logo appears in flashy red and white colors, which then transitions to a shot of Iris West-Allen there at the scene for the Press Conference.

"Good afternoon, Central City," Iris said to her viewers. "I'm Iris West-Allen reporting to you live outside miles away from Central City, where a surprise Press Conference was announced today by a spokesperson for the founder of this mysterious city. The press conference is about to start any minute now, so stay tuned. Am I able to say something, Jake? Alright, then, well I have a very special announcement; my husband and I are expecting a child."

As soon as she says that, the rest of the staff stared back at Barry to give him a lot of compliments for the news given from his wife through the television. Someone pointed back at the television to see that the Press Conference has begun.

Walking towards the Podium was a large gorilla, walking on just his feet and in a suit tailored to fit his size. He adjusts the microphone and begins to speak. "Greetings, ladies and gentlemen," said this large gorilla capable of speaking in coherent sentence. "Oh, no," Barry thought to himself. "It's Grodd."

No Caption Provided

"For those of you who might be surprised about who or what I am, my name is Gorilla Grodd," he explained. "I am a part of a race of Gorillas experimented on in Africa, given high intelligence and many more powers given. After we were gained our freedom I wanted to give my own kind a new home; one where they could live and feel like human beings if they wanted to join with me. And so, I built this city. I am proud to announce to you this entire wonderful city..." two other Gorillas climbed onto the gate, and pulled off a drape which covered the top of the gate, revealing the sign 'Gorilla City' in black and grey colorings.

"Welcome, to Gorilla City!"

To be continued in The Flash Issue 3!