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Static Shock Issue 1: Welcome To Dakota

By 2ndBlackJedi

A giant fist slams through a building, sending rubble to the streets below. A young man on a hovering metal disc ducks under it. He wears black pants, a blue jacket and a black shirt with a yellow lightning bolt through a yellow circle.

"Watch out!" He yells.

I know this looks bad. It really isn't.

The young man was followed by another who wore a green and white outfit with a helmet and various tech added to the suit. On his back was a circular device that clamped to him with four spider-like legs and he flew using rocket-propelled roller blades.

"Y'know, I never thought fighting a giant robot would go quite like this. Or look like this," The second hero called out to his friend.

Sure, it's different. But different is what we do.

Down below was a girl in a red outfit with a purple mask and cape that looked about the same age as the two boys. She was accompanied by a guy who looked a few years older and wore a tight, dark purple jump suit. The man's body stretched in proportions like rubber, forming a trampoline that caused the rubble to bounce away from a few civilians running away.

"I thought this area was evacuated already!" The stretchy guy said.

"Must've been some stragglers," the girl said as she acrobatically flipped around the debris.

I guess some introductions are in order, huh?

I'm the guy with the dreads and the blue jacket. The one-and-only, supercharged, high voltage hero: Static! The one in the air with me is my best pal, Gear. The other two are Rubberband Man and She-bang. They're my team and right now we're...hold that thought.

Static ducks under a swipe from the large mechanical creature just before a large rope wraps itself around him. He turns to see the giant, silver coloured robot that had the appearance of a certain Justice League member, Wonder Woman.

Weird, right? According to Gear's analysis, we've got two bad guys to thank for this. The first is Doctor Odium. He built a robot made of nanotech that nearly destroyed the whole West Coast. The second is Professor Menace. What he lacked in the Cool Name department, he made up for in robotics. Back before I was even born, he made a robot clone of Wonder Woman to challenge the original. Some genius thought it was a great idea to mix the two technologies in one big blender of villainy. The result? A huge, self repairing, super strong Wonder Woman robot with a lasso on a rampage.

Like I said, it looks bad. But really, it isn't.

"I got your back, bro!" Gear yelled as he threw a small grenade. It hit the robot's wrist, blasting a hole in it. The rope around Static loosened as the damage was repaired. The silver material glowed blue as the broken portion reattached. Static looked down to see She-bang and Rubberband Man in the WonderMech's path.

"Look out for its' boots!" He yelled.

"Did he say 'boots' or-" She-bang didn't get to finish her question before a massive boot slammed down in front of her. She backflipped away from the crumbling concrete. "Yep. Boots,"

"Gear! Does Backpack have anything else on this thing?" Static said as he tried shooting electricity at the robot, which simply repaired itself after each hit.

"Needs another few seconds!" Gear replied as a scanner whirred from the device on his back.

"Gotcha. Rubberband man, block the road while She-bang and I distract the WonderMech!" Static gave out orders to his teammates.

"Really? That's what we're calling it?" Rubberband Man's body started stretching, making him flatter as he took up the space between two buildings on opposite sides of the street where the battle was taking place. The WonderMech tried punching him and the blows were absorbed into his malleable form, though not painlessly. "Agh! Hurry up on that distraction, guys!"

She-bang ran a full floor up the side of a building then jumped to the WonderMech. She climbed up and the robot tried to swat at her. Static took that opportunity to weave around the silver titan's head.

"Backpack's got something!" Gear exclaimed as the scanner chirped. "The nanites are holding themselves together with an electromagnetic charge. If we disrupt it, the whole construct will collapse!"

"One electromagnetic disruption, coming up! Get back!" Static rushed in as Gear glided down to carry She-Bang away. Static charged up a ball of electricity in his hands and launched it at the WonderMech. Instantly, the robot was surrounded by an energy field that broke apart each individual nanobot from the whole. The WonderMech made a groaning sound as it collapsed into a fine silver dust.

See? Nothing to it. Not when you've got the best team in the world. Just don't tell the Justice League I said that. I'm still hoping they ask me to join.

Rubberband Man shrank back to his human shape as Gear landed with She-bang next to him. Static flew down and leaned out on his disc to high five Gear.

"One giant robot, taken down. Courtesy of us! Good job, gang," Static said with a grin.

"The police can clean this mess up, and maybe tell us where this thing came from. I gotta head off, I have a meeting with my agent in a half hour," Rubberband Man said, referring to the music career of his alter-ego, Adam Evans. "And I know you three have somewhere to be,"

Gear and Static winced as She-bang muttered "We're late for class again, aren't we?"

Okay, this.

This might actually be bad.

Three teens ran along the empty schoolyard of Dakota Union High School. The one in the middle, Virgil Hawkins, looks up at the clock on the front of the building.

"We are so gonna be late!" Virgil said.

"Maybe you two are, but one of us has a perfect attendance record to keep up," the girl on his left, Shenice Vale said as she put on a superhuman burst of speed, pulling way ahead of the other two.

"How did she manage a perfect attendance record?" the third teen, Richie Foley asked between panting breaths.

"Don't forget how much of a perfectionist she is," Virgil answered. "Come on, maybe if hurry, it won't be so bad. We've already got detention for most of the week."

"Hey, maybe we'll get lucky and Mr. McGill will have already bored himself to sleep by the time we get there!"

The two friends laughed at Richie's joke as they entered the school.

So yeah. Welcome to my life. Balancing superheroing with superstudenting. The scheduling can be a pain and the job is tough more often that I want to admit, but you know what?

I wouldn't want it any other way.

Unfortunately, actions have consequences. And the consequence of being late again is...

Virgil just stared at the clock on the wall as he waited for detention to end. A few seats ahead of him, Richie looked out the window, watching the track and field teams practice. Shenice was out there practicing with the girls' team, but Richie's attention wasn't on them. Virgil could guess what was on his friend's mind, but there was no talking in the detention room, as Mr. McGill was quick to point out on multiple occasions.

With a sigh, Virgil stared down at his desk. He started sifting through the stray radio waves in the area. Easy enough to do with his powers and it wouldn't catch any unwanted attention. He eventually located the police frequency and listened in. knowing his friend was likely doing the same with a small radio device in the earring he wore.

There was mention that the clean-up from this morning had just finished and Chief Barnsdale himself was on the scene. Virgil wished he could've helped, but he had somewhere to be. Now all he had to do was wait out the clock.

Chief Barnsdale is the, well the chief. Specifically of the Dakota Police Department. He didn't like me much at first but my magnetic personality wore him down. He lets me and my friends take on the bigger metahuman stuff around town and we even get to help out at a few crime scenes. It's supposed to be all hush-hush but the rest of the police don't seem to mind. Richie gave him a little thing he called the Static Signal. Not as fancy as the signal in Gotham, but it can send out an electromagnetic pulse that I or Backpack can pick up.

I'd still like a spotlight though. Just saying.

After detention, and homework, and nearly getting grounded Static and Gear land on the roof of the Dakota PD building. Chief Barnsdale waits for them, holding the remote for the Static Signal in his hand.

"You two are late," Barnsdale said.

"Sorry, Chief. You know how bad traffic in this town is," Static replied, trying to get a smile out of the chief. It didn't happen.

"Any leads on that giant robot we fought today?" Gear asked. "Do we know who built it?"

"Well, we know it involves work from past so-called genius supervillains. We can't confirm who built it, but we do know where its' rampage started," Chief Barnsdale stated. "The tracks lead back to a laboratory owned by Alva Industries. Now I know how you boys feel about Edwin Alva but according to their records, that lab was being used for crop research. They say the robot attacked them then stormed off,"

"You can't believe a word they say," Static said with obvious agitation. "I've already told you about the things I've heard and seen about him..."

"Things that you still have no solid evidence for." Chief Barnsdale retorted. "Regardless, I have to investigate based on facts. Not feelings,"

"Yeah, we know...Well, thanks anyway. We'll let you know if we find anything on our end," Static replies back, with a less happy tone. He flies off with Gear behind him.

"Y'know, bro," Gear said, once they were too far for Barnsdale to hear. "There's no reason why we can't go talk to Alva ourselves,"

"There's probably a few, but I seem to have forgotten them all," Static grins as he changes course, heading towards the tallest tower in the city. The headquarters of Alva Indutries.

A little background on Edwin Alva. He's the richest man in the city, owns a massive company that employs crazy smart people like Curtis Metcalf and he's a total jerk. That might not be the most professional assessment, but there it is. I know he's got his fingers in all kinds of bad guy pies, but he's smart enough to keep any of it from tying back to him. Even the vapour that gave me, and other people, powers at The Big Bang on Paris Island was made in his labs. Alva got off scott-free and the city was full of metahumans that people started calling Bang Babies. I remember the Big Bang like it was yesterday. How could I ever forget...

I'm getting sidetracked. Gotta focus on Alva. He's cunning, ruthless and knows just how much power he has. Can't be off my game now.

Edwin Alva, wearing an expensive suit and slicked back grey hair, walks briskly through the halls of his building. Anyone with any sense could tell he was in a bad mood. His hands were clenched tightly and his brow was more furrowed than usual. The incident today had been costly. Not only did he lose the tech that built the robot, the real lab had to be shut down and moved for a cover-up.

Bribes were paid and evidence was planted. The entire operation set him back quite a bit and he could only hope that the data they had recovered would be sufficient for future use. He would find and punish whoever was responsible for this. That was certain. Alva thrust open the doors to his office and closed them behind him. He was expecting a quiet night in the office. He was not expecting to see two teenage superheroes waiting for him.

"You do know breaking and entering is illegal? How did you get in here?" Alva asked. His voice was calm but there was anger below the surface.

"A tech genius and a guy who controls electricity? I'm insulted you have to ask," Static replied, keeping his cool.

"Mhm. Can I help you two with something or are you just here to be an irritation?" Alva said as he walked past them to his desk, noticing the open window behind it.

"We know that Wonder Woman robot came from one of your labs," Gear claimed in an accusatory tone.

"What you know is that that monstrosity set back progress on research to increase the health and vitality of food crops cheaply and cleanly. Anything else is speculation," Alva lied without a single change in his expression.

"Fine. Keep your secrets. But we've got our eyes on you..." Static huffed before getting his disc out. He rode off on it through the window and Gear followed behind him. Alva turned in his chair to watch them go and tented his fingers as he did.

"You let him off easy," Gear said to his friend, minutes later.

"Nahh, I let him think I let him off easy," Static said, tapping his head with a finger. "See he thinks we were just making empty threats. Acting bad when we had nothing. Now he'll lower his guard,"

"But we do have nothing!" Gear pointed out.

"Well...details, man. We'll figure something out,"

"Right...maybe this weekend, we can do some digging,"

"Sure. Oh! But I've got a date with Daisy this weekend. I've got your back though. I'll find the time,"

"Aight," Gear said with a nod. "Catch ya in detention tomorrow!"

"Yeah, you know it," Static chuckled as his friend flew off.

So that was my day. This city throws a lot at me but never anything yours truly can't take. I got my best friend, I got my team and I got the ability to create and control electromagnetic phenomena. Dakota's a big city, but it's my home. I know the ins and outs of it. Even if it looks bad, I know it really isn't. No matter what happens, I know I can handle it.

Hey...You ever get that feeling you're being watched? Alva musta creeped me out more than I thought.

As Static flew back home, he cast a look over his shoulder. He gave a small shrug, forgetting his paranoid feelings. Meanwhile, there really was someone watching him. A young woman about his age was hidden in shadows on a rooftop and stepped into the light as Static disappeared. She wore a purple outfit with short leggings and light grey armour. Her running shoes were similarly coloured and she had a thin, angular domino mask on her face. On her back, a large grey shield was attached to the armour.

She reached out, wanting to greet her old partner and friend but she had to wait. The hour of Dusk hadn't come yet.

To be continued...

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Virgil is a pretty freakin' awesome character.

Great and amazing stuff here.

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Not bad at all