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Justice League Issue 0

"Business as Usual"

Written by Bodhi Ouellette

It was a day they never thought would come…

The day they grew and expanded…

When they joined together for the first time, it was a day of unearthly violence, and destruction, by an unknown enemy more powerful than mere humans. But despite their persistence, the heroes won the battle, and proved to us that we were not the only ones in this world.

But now, they have a new agenda. To thrive as something more than what they were formed to do. They have grown stronger since, and have grown in ranks and in power.

Before the expansion they were labeled as soldiers for the Government. Warriors, vigilantes, magicians and scientists all recruited to fight for a common goal. A common ideal; to fight evil for America.

But America was not enough. America was not the only country that needed saving. And they realized this. They needed to fight for the other countries as well. They needed to form alliances with other of the countries teams, and forge new teams in the process.

Now they were idolized as more than just soldiers. They were now celebrities, inspirational figures, commanders and political speakers. Protectors of the common man, and defenders of the planet itself. The whole Earth is ruled by this team.

They used to be a League working for America. Now, they were more than just that. They were a company. They were the Justice League Corporation.

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The Watchtower; 2023:

What used to be a symbol for the power America had was now a symbol the rest of the world could share. The Watchtower is the main base for the main Justice League team, and the location for the Justice League Corporation, where the business stuff is also taken care of. Recent renovations of the Watchtower has allowed for the company to fully move its main operations in there as well.

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"Morning, boss!" Mr. Terrific greeted back. "Business has been slow so far, only a small threat going on in Coast City. It's being dealt with."Located right in the middle of the Watchtower was the Control Bay, which is how heroes and workers come in and out of the Watchtower with ease, as well as the place that monitor activity watch around the world so they can respond to such dangers as fast as they can. Operating this entire system was Mr. Terrific, a Justice League member who joined the ranks of the League sometime in 2018. He looked up at one of the screens which displayed an incoming transportation into the Watchtower. The incoming visitor materializes onto the Teleporter-Pad, and out came Maxwell Lord, the Justice League Corporation's C.E.O., running the whole business since its inception. Lord glanced up to see Mr. Terrific and others working around the main control system. "Good morning, Michael," greeted Lord."Glad to hear," said Maxwell Lord. "Hey, do you know where the cafeteria is? I keep forgetting the layout of this place.

"Sure thing; it's on Level Seven, so up a few levels."

"Thanks. Keep up the good work, Michael."

Maxwell Lord traveled his way through the Control Bay area, passing by other normal workers who help the Watchtower to function, and passing by the Engineer, another operator who works the machines and has been there since 2020. He greeted her when he went on his way to the elevator. Once there, he pressed the button up to the top floor. When it arrived at his destination, he exited off and made his way over to the many different coffee machines laid out on a table at the end of a very long lunch line. He grabbed his cup and began to pour a large decaf mocha, when someone approached him from behind. He looked back over to see The Flash peering at him.

"Hey Max," Flash greeted his boss. "How's your morning been?"

"Fine. Just need to take some coffee. What about you? How's the family?"

"I just dropped my kids off at school before I came over. Iris has got another big interview she's going to be doing."

"Oh, I was meaning to ask you this; the tenth anniversary of the invasion of the Kryptonians is coming up. I'm hoping to get an exclusive interview/retrospect going so it can be aired on television. I was hoping to have your wife be the host."

"That's a tall order, Max. I'm sure she'll take it in a heartbeat."

"Hey, all I needed to do was ask. You and your family take care, Flash."

"You too!" Flash sped off, and Maxwell took a sip of his decaf.

Lord finally arrived at his office, a large room, with plenty of space for filing cabinets, shelves with the many awards he has received over the years, and other miscellaneous objects personal to himself. Lord's obsessive compulsive disorder has made him develop a tendency to makes sure everything is clean and neat in his room every night he leaves it. Once he sits down in his chair, he spins the chair around to take a big glance at the Earth beyond.

He began to ponder about the life he has taken on over the past decade being a part of the company; how it's formed into becoming more than just a team of heroes run under a corporate empire and into something more; something bigger. But it wasn't big enough, and Lord had been contemplating for a while about making the company go bigger. But how?

His desk phone buzzes. Lord spins back around to press a button on the phone, leaning forward towards the speaker. "Yes?" said Lord.

"May I come in, Mr. Lord?" asked one of the employers in a very thick French accent. "I need to speak to you."

"Sure, Ms. Colbert," answered Lord. Entering into his office was Miss Catherine Colbert, the Justice League Corporation's new public relations officer, taking up her boss's old job when he was the JLA's PR officer working with the U.S. Government. She is wearing a blue sweater with a black skirt, leggings and black heels, and her hair was tied up in a bob. She wipes away something off of her forehead, brushing against her bangs. "Good morning, Mr. Lord," she greeted to him.

"Morning, Catherine," he responded back. "You're looking beautiful as always."

Catherine blushed a bit. "Thank you, Mr. Lord-"

"Please, call me Maxwell, or Max. I usually don't like having people acknowledge me as a mister or as boss. What do you need?"

"I just came to remind you that you have a board meeting at one o'clock."

"Anything else? What's the schedule for today?"

"Well, at eleven Black Canary is going to a photo shoot and interview for Justice Magazine; at three Superman and Green Lantern are to participate in peace talks between Egypt and Bialya here in the Watchtower; and at seven o'clock Aquaman and Wonder Woman are to be present at a United Nations meeting as a representative of Atlantis and Themyscira respectively. Also NASCAR called back, said they would love to have a competition held between Flash and the rest of the NASCAR drivers."

"Excellent, Catherine," spoke Lord, half paying attention as he began to doze off again in thoughts.

"Something wrong Mr. L- Maxwell?" asked Colbert.

"Hm? I apologize, I was just thinking about something…"

"About what, exactly?"

Lord got out of his chair and looked back out at space, as he leaned onto his desk. "I've been thinking about the company as a whole," explained Lord. "How I've lead the company and its direction that I want to lead it to next. But I'm not sure how exactly I should do it."

"Hm… is this a concern that you've had for a while now?"

"Yes. I'm just trying to think of how exactly I can do that."

"Maybe you can share those concerns you have with the Board Meeting later on today. See what they think about this."

"Agreed. It's best to discuss this at the meeting. Thank you, Catherine."

Catherine nodded to Maxwell. As she approached the door Maxwell turned back around to stare at Catherine. "By the way, I've been meaning to ask you this," said Maxwell. "You do know you have a phone in your office too. You never seem to use it whenever you want to contact me."

"I know," smiled Catherine. "But I feel that conversing between each other is better than talking through a phone." She left the room, as Maxwell starred in awe. Catherine had such a class that no one else had, and Maxwell admired it. He felt honored to have her working for him.

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Coast City:

Swarms of human sized mosquito like creatures purged through the made up shield ball that engulfed the portal that had been spawning them to begin with, which knocked back Hal Jordan AKA one of Earth's many Green Lanterns back into a brick wall. Even more of these creatures were flying out of the portal, as they began shooting everything on sight using their lasers coming out from their eyes. Everything the lasers touched, a trail of fire was left behind. With Green Lantern continuing to keep more from coming out, the heroes that were fighting off the horde was Hawkman, Adam Strange, Kimiyo Hoshi AKA Doctor Light, Captain Atom, and Zatanna Zatara.

A large swarm of these creatures were fast approaching at Hawkman, their razor sharp teeth thirsty for his blood. Hawkman swung his mighty axe right across three of these bugs, slicing their heads clean off, followed by a swing from his mace, smashing one of the bugs right into the ground. When two more followed suit, he swung his two weapons together, cutting the monsters in half. "These bugs are weak!" complained Hawkman. "I am ashamed that such a being could be made to be such wimps!"

"It also could be that you have the strength of forty bulls!" teased Adam Strange. "Not that I'm complaining though. I'd rather have you on my side then against us!"

"Well, at least you know who to call when you need a fly to smack. In fact, you have five people you can call, living under the same house!"

"I'll remind myself to add them on speed dial, then!" A creature then attacked Adam Strange, slashing at his chest. Adam, in retaliation, blasted him back with a shot from his gun. He noticed that a group of creatures were soaring towards him in a perfectly straight line. This allowed Adam to pull out another gun from his holster and aim right at them, and then began capping them away.

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Doctor Light was surrounded by these bugs, coming in from all sides and directions. She created a blinding light just as all of them were blinded by the bright light. Dr. Light escaped below while they were all distracted, but when they all gained their visions back, they see that a small white glowing ball was left behind. Before any of them could react however, the ball of white light exploded which absorbed the large group of bugs and knocked them all into each other.

Meanwhile, Captain Atom is defending Zatanna on a roof as she tries to find any kind of spell that could stop the swarm of bugs from invading. Captain Atom smacked a bug across the face, followed by another bug who tackles Captain Atom, clawing and trying to bite at him. But Captain Atom's symbol on his chest intensified, and erupted out was a blast of radiation, incinerating the bug. He got back up, and then blasted out another ball of radiation, charting the bug who was about to hit Zatanna. "Found anything yet, Zatanna?" advised Captain Atom. "Hal's struggling to keep more of these bugs from coming out."

"Still searching," answered Zatanna. "This spell book is as well organized as a rocketship manual with half of its pages ripped out."

"Keep searching," urged Captain Atom. "And fast. We don't know how much longer we can hold them off. Hal! How's it going over there?!"

"Pretty bad!" answered Green Lantern. "I'm having a hard time trying to make them not break my shields! They've already broken out three times! Even worse, my ring's slowly losing juice!"

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"Great," he muttered out. They were running out of options, and fast. Captain Atom was trained to come up with new plans and strategies quickly, as it's what made him a captain to begin with. He came up with a new plan. "Hawkman, Doctor Light, concentrate on keeping those bugs from coming out from the portal!" Captain Atom ordered. "GL, protect Zatanna till she finds that spell! Adam, you and I are going to fight off the rest of these beasts! Everybody understand?"

"On it!" said Adam Strange. Captain Atom followed Adam as they went out to fend off some more bugs. Green Lantern flies down onto the roof to keep Zatanna safe, while Hawkman and Doctor Light approach the portal sticking out from the road. Hawkman picks a car up from the ground and smashes it through the portal, exploding inside of the portal. Hawkman then attacked the bugs head on, using his mace and axe and slashing and hitting those who even attempted to go near to the portal. Hawkman then looked over to Doctor Light. "Hey, how about you make another one of those light bombs?!" suggested Hawkman.

"Ask and ye shall receive," responded Doctor Light. "Stand back. And close your eyes, too."

Hawkman flew up above to avoid the attack Doctor Light would send, as she threw many light bombs right into the portal. After a moment, they all exploded, omitting a bright white light out from the portal. This seemed to have wiped out a large amount of the bugs, as there were no bugs that came back out. Zatanna and Green Lantern then descended down onto the ground and ran up to the portal, sticking her arms out. "Chiudere il portale!" said Zatanna, and the portal closed in an instant like a zipper on a jacket. The four heroes all felt victorious as they defeated this threat. "Has the portal been closed?" said Captain Atom through the coms.

"Yep," said Zatanna. "We've closed the portal and now there are no more of those bugs spawning."

"Good job, team," complemented Captain Atom. "Now all we need to do is finish off the rest of these bugs."

"And clean up," said Adam Strange

"Yeah. That too," complained Green Lantern.

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Justice Magazine HQ; Los Angeles, California:

An magazine publisher, as well as an in house photo shoot place, it is a wholly subsidiary of the Justice League Corporation, and acts as the place to get all of your superhero fixes, such as what kind of diet Superman eats, or how Aquaman manages to have time to be a father and rule a kingdom at the same time, and other silly trivial information about the superheroes everyone knows and loves. Every month the magazine get's a few of the superheroes to do a few "pinup" pictures that they would make the front cover, as well as other photos they'd put in the magazine, as the "superhero of the month" motive. For the next month's issue, it's Black Canary's turn to shine on the cover.

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"More! Give me more, dear!" the photographer asked of Black Canary, holding a broken microphone and posing in a strong, yet sexy manner. You can look at her and just tell that she is assertive, and that she will kick your butt while still looking good doing it. Black Canary gave the photographer exactly what he wanted; More. She changed her stance, pushing her chest out and her chin up. The photographer smiled. "Excellent dear! That's it! Keep that up! Just a few more pictures and we'll be done."

A few more pictures were taken. When the photographer brought down his camera from his face, it signaled the end of the shoot. "Alright everyone, thanks for coming! And thank you, Ms. Canary," said the photographer. "You were a delight to work with, for someone who never modeled for magazines before."

"Well, when you wear a costume like this, it comes with the territory to look as sexy as you can," stated Black Canary. She made a few of the crew workers chuckle.

"Well, will show you the final pictures in the coming weeks," informed the photographer. "Safe travels, Miss Canary."

"You too!"

Dinah was now out of her costume and into her regular clothes. She approached her black Hybrid car, courtesy of her fiance, Oliver Queen, also known as Green Arrow. She pulls her phone out of her purse and dials up Ollie's number. "Hey, honey," she said through the phone. "How're you doing?"

"Hey, Dinah," Ollie responded back. "I'm fine; just patrolling the city with Mia and Roy. What've you been up to?"

"I just finished my photo shoot for Justice Magazine; heading back home now."

"Justice Magazine?"

"Yep. Front page cover too."

"Damn. Well, I guess I should keep my eyes out for when the issue drops. Tell me; how raunchy was the shoot?"

"If you mean in comparison between the two of us together; it was tamed."

"I am severely disappointed in them."

Dinah laughed. "Y'know, Ollie, it's not too late for you to rejoin the League."

"Sorry, Dinah, but no thanks," declined Ollie. "I'm done with those guys. It got too conservative for me to handle. Besides, I'm already a rich spoiled brat. Why add more money to my plate?"

"Well, it didn't hurt to try. Anyways, I should be back in Star City in a couple of hours. After we have dinner, we can a private session, you and I."

"Oh, boy. I like the sound of that."

"Dude, seriously?" interrupted Roy's voice. "Right in front of Mia and I?"

"Oh, sure, you complain about me talking about my sexual life, but you don't think I had a problem when you went on about the sex tape of- ah, never mind. Anyways, I'll see you later, honey."

"Gotcha. Bye, Ollie."

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The Watchtower:

Board Meetings: nothing of worthwhile ever came out from these that Maxwell wasn't either already aware of, or had already found a solution for the problem. This meeting was no different; the routine of one of the chairmen dumping out information on partnerships and licensing deals, who signed on, who backed out, what upcoming events are approaching, and what their fiscal year has currently gone. It was mostly good news, for the most part. But Lord was not expecting the bombshell that was revealed to him at that meeting.

"What do you mean we lost over 221 million dollars from the last fiscal year?!" bursted out Lord, almost fuming at the entire room full of members of the companies Chairmen of the Board, in a conference room, with a beautiful view of the Earth. Lord keeps the views of Earth through the Watchtower as a way to calm and relax him in stressful situations. But no view of Earth could stop Lord from revealing the bad news.

"We know," said one of the Chairmen, an older woman, platinum blonde hair, wearing a dark beige women's suit. She, like the other Chairmen, was as puzzled at the news as Lord was. "We checked hundreds, maybe even thousands of times to see if the math was correct. And it was. We lost 221 million dollars from just this fiscal year alone."

"How could've that happened?" questioned Lord. "What caused us to lose money?"

"Well, from our analysis we've gathered up, it appears that due to the Swarm Invasion that occurred last November, our stock plummeted, as you may have already known, so that was definitely a major factor in the loss of money."

"But over 200 million? What else could've caused this?"

The large flat screen TV displayed on the wall turned on to show a bar graph and pizza chart side by side of the recent net income, and revenue statuses for the company, as well as another graph showing the companies decline in the stock market.

"As you can see," spoke another Chairman member, "Our stock has plummeted over the past couple of months. Revenue for our merchandising has dropped, and we've been spending more money than we've been making money now."

"We definitely can't forget about the rising competition," said the first Chairman.

"Oh yeah. Infinity, Inc.," mumbled Lord. "Even after all of these years, Veronica Cale still has to get her hands into my business."

"They're not the only competition, either. There's also the WildC.A.T.S., and let's not mention about the international companies; The Great Ten's also adopted a similar concept over in China, as Russia with their Red Rocket Brigade. Word is that Europe also wants in on this business with their Authority team. Canada, South America, Africa, and most of Asia have no other interest in joining in this business. And right now, things aren't looking too good for us."

"You know what that means, right, Mr. Lord?" asked a different Chairman member.

"Yes…" Lord softly replied back. "We're gonna need to find a way to get our profit up."

Lord then prompts his legs up onto the table and leans back in his chair, with his arms behind his head. "So, who here has any ideas?"

The Board remained quiet. They couldn't come up with an idea as to how they might be able to save the company. Lord, on the other hand, had a big idea.

"If you people don't have any ideas at the moment, that's fine," Lord said, "Let me help you out with that. I think the company needs a new direction. Over the years we've become more about merchandising and selling our brands to make a profit. We've forgotten about the heroes. We need to find a way to make it so that the Justice League is the team you want to work for. Anyone have any ideas now?"

Still no one spoke, until Catherine stood out from over in the corner where she stood. "Why not spinoff?" said Catherine Colbert. Lord and all the chairmen brought their attention to Colbert.

Lord raised his eyebrows at Colbert's suggestion "Elaborate for us, please," said Lord.

"All right. Well, this company is mostly unaffiliated with all of the world governments since the first team to adopt the JL name, the Justice League of America. You say that many continents aren't interested in getting in this industry? Well, would they mind if we can make teams stationed in other continents around the world? We'll be able to get our respect back, as well as make sure those continents are safe from harm. Not to mention all the sponsorship we could get if we do form teams that are tied with the other governments."

Maxwell Lord pondered that statement for a long time. Considering the proposal Catherine Colbert gave him, he began to think through the possibilities of spinning off the Justice League into separate teams, made to protect a certain country. But Lord always thought bigger than that. This idea had potential. And Lord was 100% behind this.

"I'll do it," said Lord. "We'll spin off the Justice League."

"Sir," one of the Chairmen spoke out. "Shouldn't you think about this just a little bit more? Are you absolutely sure you want to do that-"

"Positive," interrupted Lord. "Spinning off the team into separate entities means we can maximize deals with governments, not to mention the extra sponsorship from our business partners. Let's also not forget, we'll be able to snatch up superheroes to be recruited on these separate teams, whatever they may end up becoming. So, all of those in favor for this decision?"

About half of the Chairman that was present raised their hands up. There were eight chairmen in the room in total. It was a tie. Lord looked at one of the Chairman who still seemed conflicted. "Mr. Dingus," said Maxwell Lord. "Are you still considering your options?"

Dingus was surprised to know that Lord could tell he was debating on the matter. He cleared his throat. "Uh, I… well, yes, Mr. Lord," Mr. Dingus revealed. "I'm still thinking this over, on such short notice."

"Hurry up, then," said Lord. "You're holding up the tie."

Mr. Dingus pondered more about his decision. When he figured out which side he wanted to be on, he cleared his throat again. "I'm sorry, Mr. Lord," Mr. Dingus declared, "But I'm going to have to say-"

Lord's sharp glance at Mr. Dingus made him stop talking suddenly, and his face became motionless and devoid. After a moment, Mr. Dingus went back to normal and looked back at Lord, "On second thought, I agree to this decision," corrected Mr. Dingus.

Maxwell Lord clapped his hands together. "Excellent!" Lord yelled out. "Then let's begin working. Ms. Colbert, arrange a full list of superheroes currently active around the world?"

"Yes, of course, Max," said Catherine. "I'll get right on that…"

A Few Days Later:

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Maxwell Lord was now standing in front of the Board Meeting, with most of the Board now present in the room. Catherine was standing aside with Lord as well, carrying a tablet. In between the two was a 55" inch television. Lord looked at his clock. "Urgh. Where are those two?" exclaimed Lord. "They're delaying our big presentation."

As soon as he said that, the glass doors to the Board room open, and in came Bruce Wayne and Carol Ferris, Board Members of the company, equal shareholders and both operate as the superhero identities Batman and Star Sapphire, and members of the Justice League Corporation. "Sorry we're late," Bruce apologized, struggling to button up his shirt, till he eventually gave up. "Both of us we're stuck in a bit of a... debacle trying to fly up here."

"It was messy," Carol added. They both took their seats. "And it wasn't a pretty sight. So what's this presentation you've created?"

"I'm glad you asked, Ms. Ferris," said Lord, and he turned over to Catherine. "This is a new business plan that will change the direction of the company. I'll let Catherine do the honors."

"Thank you, Maxwell," Catherine said. "For the past few days, Mr. Lord and I have compiled up a slideshow featuring the next big direction the company will be making." She flips to the next slide through her tablet, and the screen now shows a different slide, which shows a bunch of pie charts of recent fiscal year profits. "As you can see here, the past fiscal year has seen our profits go down 16.3 percent. The causes for this include the Swarm Invasion, which ended up costing all of the countries, in total, 67 billion dollars in damages. The rise in competition, such as Infinity, Inc. also hasn't helped either. But we have come up with a plan that should bring this companies interest back into the public eye."

She slides her finger on her tablet again to reveal the next slide, which shows a bunch of differently styled Justice League logos across the screen. Maxwell Lord spoke out this time. "This is the Justice League Initiative. We're spinning off the Justice League team and expanding it to around seven separate teams. These teams include; Justice League of America, Justice League Asia, Justice League Africa, Justice League A.I., Justice League Interstellar, and Justice League Dark. Each of these teams' names are pretty self explanatory; America, Asia, and Africa will operate in their respective countries and deal with the threats that occur there. A.I. will focus on computer and technological threats. Interstellar will have a team in space that will help defend the cosmos from cosmic threats, not to mention help bring the company into other ventures besides Earth. Dark will focus on the supernatural threats."

"That's six teams," Carol commented on. "What's the seventh team?"

"I'm afraid that's confidential, Ms. Ferris," Lord clarified, "But nevertheless, our game plan is to help venture the company even further by having these teams operate in their own places, yet still be fully associated with the JL Corporation. The teams have been finalized, and there's just a means of recruiting members."

Colbert swiped her finger again on the tablet to reveal the next slide, displaying the lineup for the main Justice League team, with pictures of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Star Sapphire, Blue Beetle, Stargirl, Hawk and Dove, Black Canary, Aztek, Animal Man, and Bulleteer. "This'll be the team for the main Justice League team," announced Catherine Colbert. "Though the lineup is a bit excessive, we made sure to include not only our big players, but also include some new members for heroes we believe deserve more limelight, to really showcase the newest players in the superhero field now teaming up with the biggest and best."

"All the teams feature a lineup with heroes we feel have the potential to become A-Listers," added Lord. "This is just an example of one of the many teams that showcases this mindset. Before we go on, do we have any comments?"

"I like what I see," said Bruce. "I'm behind this full front. What about you, Carol?"

"I'm intrigued as well," said Carol. "You two seemed to have planned this out thoroughly."

"Thank you for your compliments," said Lord. "We've already sent out letters to the team members who are not already apart of the JL Corp already, and we hope to get a reply from all of them soon. Now, onto the next team…"

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A Few Days Later; the Hall of Justice:

Located in Washington, D.C., the Hall of Justice was the first base of operation for the Justice League Corporation before fully adopting the Watchtower as the company's base, both team and corporate wise. Now the Hall of Justice acts as a museum for all the most interesting events that have happened involving the Justice League. Memorabilia's, documentaries, statues of the heroes and gift shops fill the building. It was also the place for press conferences. Today was one of those days.

A large summit had been called forth, where all of the superheroes that had been hired by the company would meet up with their respective team mates and get to know each other before they are presented to the rest of the world.

Flying down near the back entrances of the Hall of Justice was Courtney Whitmore AKA Stargirl, who was one of the many new heroes offered to be recruited into the Initiative. Once she landed on the white pavement, she walked up the steep stairs and entered the building through the back door. Inside was a large area filled with statues, and exhibits. Stargirl then noticed a sign in the shape of an arrow that was pointing to the left. It said "All New Justice League Members Are to Follow This Arrow."

"Good thing they gave us directions," muttered Stargirl. She followed the pathway the arrows sent her, turning right when she reached down the end of the room to enter a smaller hallway, with doors on both sides. Each of the doors had a name label on it, indicating which team is in which room. She passed Justice League of America, Justice League Interstellar, Justice League Africa… then she approached the door that just had plain old Justice League written on the door. She opened the door up and entered to find a round table, where all of the heroes were sitting around. At the table clockwise were Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Star Sapphire, Animal Man, Flash, Bulleteer, Aztek, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Hawk and Dove, Blue Beetle, and Black Canary. They all looked up and over to see Stargirl.

"Um… am I late?" asked Stargirl.

"Not at all," said Wonder Woman. "Please, take a seat."

Stargirl took the empty seat between Aquaman and Hawk. "Well… I guess this is everyone," commented Stargirl.

"That's right," Superman replied. "This is the new lineup; the new Justice League team."

"Quite a lineup, I'd say," Flash pointed out. "I know some of you new guys popped up pretty recently in terms of being a superhero. Since we've got plenty of time before we all have to leave, why don't you all tell us about your experiences and why you became a superhero and all."

"Sure," said Stargirl. "I guess I'll start first; my step-dad, Pat Dugan, was a member of the Justice Society of America."

"No way," Flash gawked.

"Yep. The Star Spangled Kid. I found some of his junk up in the addict when I was digging around. I was inspired, so I made my own costume like his and started going out to try and fight crime. Then I was given the Cosmic Rod from Starman, and from there, the Stargirl was born. When my step dad found out I had taken up his former identity, he built himself a set of armor and called himself S.T.R.I.P.E., and we work together as duo crime fighters. But he's retired again, so he can take care of my baby sister. Since then I've been protecting Blue Valley from criminals and the occasional super villain."

"Nice," marveled Green Lantern. He looked over at Hawk and Dove, who were both conversing with each other. "So what about you two, red and blue birds?" joked Green Lantern.

"It's Hawk and Dove," Hawk corrected. "We act as Avatars of Lords of Order and Chaos. Dove's Order and I'm Chaos."

"Got any cool stories to tell us?" Blue Beetle asked.

"The two of us were recently on a cruise ship," told Dove. "Hank and I were on vacation, actually, and pirates tried to raid the ship. Luckily, we took care of those pirates, right, Hank?"

"That's right," said Hank.

"I once had a nasty experience with pirates, looking to attack the city Atlantis, many years ago," explained Aquaman. "But as King of Atlantis, I dealt with the swine Pirates from harming my people and my city; skinned them alive and sent them to be eaten by the most vicious sharks in the seven seas."

"That's... a little bit more of an extreme example, but I can see where you're coming from, I guess," said Hawk. "What about Sun Guy right there? What's your game?"

Aztek turned to face Hawk. "Much like you and your partner I was also given my powers through the mask that I wear. The Q Foundation passed the powers of the mask down from my father to me when he died. All of my powers originate through this."

No Caption Provided

"We seem to have a lot of Avatars who've joined this team," Animal Man commented.

"How so?" asked Wonder Woman.

"I myself am an Avatar, of the Red, that is," claimed Animal Man. "I am able to communicate with animals; trust me, it sounds a lot cooler than that."

They all laughed. "It's a bit more complicated, but I feel like I would spare you the time that we don't have."

"Can you give us a summary of your powers, in ten words or less?" joked Star Sapphre.

"Yeah I can; Think Swamp Thing, but with Animals."

"That's actually pretty self explanatory," said Star Sapphire.

Superman looked over towards the Bulleteer. "What about you, Bulleteer?" asked Black Canary. "What's your story?"

"A very odd one," started Bulleteer. "My husband, Lance had visions of the two of us being together. He thought that his life wasn't as glamorous as he wanted it to be. So he created a smart skin that would've made the two of us invincible, not to mention eternally young. But when Lance tried it on, he... he suffocated. I managed to survive. Things happened- I became depressed, found out my husband was having an affair with a super powered porn star, tried to kill myself, and, well... now I'm the Bulleteer."

"Wow, that's... actually really depressing," said Flash.

"But, I have to admit; being the Bulleteer has been kick-freaking-ass. Being on the Justice League is everything I never wished for. And here I am now."

"As a long-term member of the Justice League," said Superman, "We're happy to be working with all of you new members; you and everyone else who've joined the other teams too. It's an opportunity that's bigger than anything."

The door opened up, and Catherine Colbert stood in the hallway with her tablet. "The conference starts in five minutes," she said. "Time for all of you to get into position."

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Outside of the massive main entrance of the Hall of Justice, the massive groups of reporters hurdle around the steep steps. The flashes from the cameras rattled on once Maxwell Lord came on and approached the podium set up. He tapped on the mic and cleared his throat. "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen," greeted Maxwell Lord. "The Justice League Corporation has been in operation for eight years now, and we couldn't be any prouder for the successes and services our heroes have served for the world. The risks these heroes take every day to protect the people from all countries in threats that seemed unbearable. Today I am happy to say that the company is having a great expansion. Today, I am proud to announce... The Justice League Initiative!"

From that signaled all the heroes to come out of the building in groups, and when they all got into position together, they stood together, with their respective members representing all of the newly formed Justice League teams.

"In total, we have seven teams that will operate together for a specific reason. Justice League of America, led by Captain Atom, will operate here in the United States to protect the country on the home front, as well as work with the U.S. Government to deal with the enemies that threaten the country. Justice League Africa, led by Vixen, will defend the country of Africa from all kinds of threats and help out in the rising illnesses that come in that country. Justice League Asia, led by Doctor Light, will be mainly based in Japan, and will protect most of Eastern Asia. Justice League Interstellar, led by Adam Strange and Martian Manhunter, will go out into the stars to assist the other species in protecting the galaxy from the extremely cosmic threats. Justice League A.I., led by Steel, will deal with the rise in computer threats and hackers who have taken on new shapes and forms. Justice League Dark, led by Zatanna Zatara, will face the supernatural threats around the world. Finally, we have the Justice League, led by Wonder Woman. It is the primary team of the Justice League, where the most powerful of the Leaguers will work with some of the more recent surfaced superheroes in the business, and will be dealing with the top dog threats that arrive on Earth; the ultimate defenders. We have handpicked and recruited over fifty new heroes to help fill the spots of these teams. We're very proud of this Initiative, and we hope to bring to all of you the same level of protection that we have brought over the years. Thank you and good day..."

The Justice League Initiative has been activated! Seven new teams are fully operational and will serve their purposes of protecting a country, or fighting a noble cause! Explore the adventures of these individual teams in the titles listed below, all planned to be launched in January!

Justice League #1 by Bodhi Ouellette

Justice League of America #1 by Mike Bernaschina

Justice League Africa #1 by 2ndBlackJedi

Justice League Asia #1 by Brian Benjamin

Justice League Interstellar #1 by Deadpoolzilla

Justice League Elite #1 by Deadpoolzilla

Justice League A.I. #1 by George Jones

Justice League Dark still needs a writer! If you're interested in this title, please contact us!

Tune in all throughout January 2015 to read all of these exciting new titles!

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A very interesting and entertaining premise and story!

I really enjoyed this issue.

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