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The Sons of Batman Part 1

By Ivan Krolo (ekrolo2)

Lieutenant James Gordon and Sergeant Harvey Bullock sat silently in his car as they observed the entrance to a liquor store at the opposite end of the street. They were waiting for Saul Falcone, nephew of the infamous Carmine Falcone to come out and hopefully lead him to a warehouse where a rumored shipment of weaponry was due to arrive that very same night. Bullock sighed and pulled his lighter and a cigar which he intended to light until Jim reached out towards his face and plucked it out of his mouth.

"Hey! What's the big idea?!"

Jim scowled at his partner before whispering "Are you crazy? We're trying to keep a low profile here and you wanna light a cigar? The point of tailing someone is to make sure he doesn't notice you following him."

He gave the cigar back to Harvey who promptly placed it in his pocket for later.

"Geez sorry for making an honest mistake, it's just that we've been sitting here, in the dark, for an hour now, and this bozo still ain't come out, you even sure he's in there?"

"Positive, *he looks back at the store* according to my sources, he goes here every Wednesday to play some poker with a few buddies of his, after a couple of hours he leaves, then goes on to do a job for his uncle like the good dog that he is."

"I hope your "sources" are right Jimbo cause id hate to spend my one night off staring at a cheap ass liquor store, what's so special about this shipment anyhow?"

"Apparently this isn't just a regular shipment of guns and ammunition, word on the street is that Falcone ordered a batch of something called "Venom" from a small island country known as Santa Prisca. This drug is rumored give the person taking it inhuman speed, strength and endurance and Falcone want's it so his boys can take out the Batman. If we can get our hands on some evidence like a photo of Carl taking it or a sample, we can get it to Dent and hopefully start locking these sons of bitches up."

"Falcone is probably losing it if he's ordering some fancy, schmancy drug to fight a psycho in a bat costume."

"Ironically that "psycho" is getting more done than the entire police force in this whole city. I swear it feels like every cop in this town is either crooked or too much of a coward to do anything about well… anything, hell you're the only guy I could convince to help me out on this."

"Well, Jimbo you did save my ass in that gunfight a few weeks back so I owe ya one."

Their conversation ended when Carl Falcone finally exited the liquor store, got into his car and drove off to the shipment site, Gordon turned on his car, and the two followed him through the desolate streets of Gotham.

The drive was a short and uneventful one; Carl seemed oblivious to their presence and drove normally towards the Gotham Docks, a large dilapidated series of warehouses that were barely standing much like the rest of Gotham.

Carl Falcone continued to drive down the dock, passing several seemingly abandoned warehouses until he finally stopped and parked his car next to one at the very end of the docks. Jim and Bullock parked about 40 feet away from it, got out of the car and slowly moved in closer to find a possible entry point.

Darkness shrouded most of the docks but, the warehouse, where the shipment arrived, was lit up like a Christmas tree, illuminating the surrounding area and giving the two officers a chance to see what they were up against. The place had at least a dozen guards armed with M-16 assault rifles protecting it.

"Yo Jimbo, look over there."

He tapped on Jim's shoulder and pointed towards a series of metal containers and crates lined up next to the side of the warehouse.

"You see those crates? If we can sneak past those bozos we might have a shot of getting on the roof and hopefully getting a nice bird's eye view of the place."

"It could work, but we won't be able to sneak past those guards, were gonna have to lure them away if this is gonna work."

"It shouldn't be a problem, they're cut off from the others so if we can take out silently the others probably won't notice."

"Alright then, I'll go draw their attention, you try to get behind them and were gonna take them all out of once."

Jim slowly walked up to the warehouse, the shadows that protected him gave away to the light illuminating from the building and with it revealed his position on the guard's.

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"You there! *He shouted and pointed his gun at Jim and walked up to him slowly with his two friends guarding his back*. What the hell do you think you're doing here?

"Geez can't a guy just take a nice stroll without some asshole punks pointing their guns at him in this town?"

The three guards were now standing only a few feet away from Jim, the one, who called out to him, was the closest while the other two stayed farther away.

"Say that again?"

"You heard me, you little asshole, now how about you take that gun and shove it where the sun don't shine."

The guard snarled at Jim and moved in closer, placing the barrel of his gun a few inches away from his face, at that moment Jim noticed Bullock was now standing in between the other two with a rock in his hand hovering over one of them.

He took a quick glance at Jim, who nodded his head and without a moment's hesitation brought the rock down on the guards head, knocking him out, his partner managed to see him go down, but not fast enough to stop Bullock from pouncing on him and punching him in the face. The last guard turned around and saw his partners unconscious with an angry Bullock standing before him.

"You son of a bitch I'm gonna-"

"You won't be doing anything for a while."

Jim placed both his arms around the man's neck and caught him in a headlock, he tried to escape, but it was no use, the pressure applied from the headlock caused him to quickly lose consciousness and fall to the ground.

"That went well."

"We're not out of the woods yet, let's get these guys somewhere where their pals won't find them and take their guns, if we get spotted were gonna need them."

Bullock nodded and the two carried the three guards away from the warehouse and placed them in a nearby dumpster, the two officers put the assault rifles over their shoulders and proceeded to climb the warehouse until they reached a small window at its top.

The two looked through the window and saw a massive operation going on inside with dozens of crates of Venom and even more people running around placing the stuff inside large 18 wheeler trucks with Carl Falcone personally managing the entire thing. Jim opened the window and took his camera out.

"Come on, hurry up will ya! The boss wants this stuff moved as fast as far away from here as humanly possible and I swear to God, if the Bat gets here before that can happen because of you incompetent little shits ill make your lives a living hell so MOVE YOUR ASSES!" Carl's yell echoes throughout the warehouse.

"Charming." Says Jim.

He filmed the entire operation as it went down, from Falcone screaming his lungs out at his men, to close up footage of the Venom itself as well as the trucks from Ace Chemicals being used to distribute it. After about 15 minutes of filming, Jim finally stopped and placed it back in his pocket.

"We got him; we finally got one of these sons of bitches."

"Yeah, yeah save the celebration for later, now we gotta-"

Several loud screams were heard coming from inside the building, the two turned their attention to what was going on and they saw several, men on the ground with large, crude bat shaped Shuriken embedded in their limbs and backs. Jim immediately pulled out his camera and started filming the ordeal.

"You think you're some badass don't ya Batman? How about you stop being such a pussy and show yourself already?!"

The only response, Carl received was Batarang that cuts into his hand, causing him to drop his gun, he clenched his bleeding hand and looked around frantically and noticed his men were dropping like flies.

As Jim watched the ordeal go on down, he realized this could not be Batman. He had seen pieces of the Batman's equipment before, those Shuriken were black and perfectly crafted, but these were crude and silver. He also saw several figures attacking those men from the shadows all at once, all of whom wore crude makeshift Batman costumes.

He tried to run out of the warehouse ignoring his injured men who were lying on the floor, but he found himself unable to when, one of the Batmen pounced on him and started punching him repeatedly with brass knuckles. This went on for only a few seconds, but for Falcone, it seemed like an eternity as each punch felt like it was going to crack his skull.

"That's enough J! We don't kill remember?"

"Yeah…. I remember….."

He climbed off Carl and meet up with the rest of his team in the center of the warehouse. Upon seeing those, in a bright light Jim's eyes widened as he realized these were nothing more than teenage boys or young adults posing as the infamous vigilante. He continued to film until he had turned his head to the right and noticed Harvey was gone.

"Harvey?! Where are you?"

"Don't worry; you'll be seeing him real soon."

No Caption Provided

Jim spun around and caught a glimpse of one of the boys posing as Batman before the kicked him across the face, knocking him out cold.

To be continued in Batman #2! So stay tuned!

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